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  1. I have a big nose. I had a boss that has a big nose. One day we were talking about having a big nose. He mentioned that when he was in high school people called him Pinocchio. If they said anything about his nose he would say yeah, your girlfriend likes to call me Pinocchio. She shits on my face and says lie mother fucker lie
  2. 2. level 1. kaystews. · 7d. I have a big nose and always hated it but getting my septum pierced made me hate it less. You should get it! I was always self conscious about it and now I feel like people look at the piercing instead of my nose lol. 1. level 1
  3. Search all of Reddit. Septum? Been thinking about it for a few months now, I'm scared of the pain and that the septum would be too big for my nose. I got my (first) helix a month ago, is the pain similar? Close. Not a fan of Septum piercings myself. Plus, it'd draw attention away for your eyes. You have nice eyes. 1. Reply. Share
  4. Is my septum pierced correctly? Is it right for my nose shape? Idk what size but it's a small hoop with big balls, it doesn't let me flip it inside. Does it look right, I think it'll look better with smaller jewelry that isn't as close together? Or is it just my nose? Thoughts
  5. Septum piercings just look kinda tacky and stupid on most people. I've only seen a few people who can pull it off and look good with one. Even some of the people who look good with one (that I know personally) have the whole I'm not like the other girls or I'm really edgy shtick going on. Yes, you're so edgy and unique you got a piercing.
  6. By the way, the septum ring in kinda big also for a healing piercing. I have a preference for the bigger diameters so I think it look good on you. Take care and I wish you quick healing :
  7. I think this piercing is really dumb looking. It looks like a cow ring. I have never seen a single person I think a septum ring looks good on. Its just not flattering. These piercings used to be rare. now tons of otherwise attractive people are getting them and screwing with their faces

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3. (and perhaps the biggest reason I don't think I personally could get a nostril piercing is because I have a very oily nose, and I am pretty sure I would be constantly plagued by keloids, which tend to look like huge pimples. So the reason I decided to get my septum pierced is because 1 The price of a septum piercing typically falls between around $40 and $90. There are a few factors that impact how much you pay for a piercing, like: the experience of the piercer. the studio and.

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  1. 3.) A septum ring is very easy to hide for school/work, which is why I chose it for myself. If you wear the horseshoe style jewellery, you can simply flip this up inside of your nose and it's.
  2. Top 5 Reasons To Love Big Nose. 1. Big Nose Is Actually Attractive. We may have guffawed in the idea of inner beauty in our younger years, but with maturity, we know it to be authentic. Beauty is all about the way you feel about your self, which can be reflected in the way you carry yourself
  3. Once you've had your piercing for a few months you will be able to wear a retainer ring which you can flip back into your nose to hide the piercing. Method 1 Hiding a Newly-Pierced Septum. How big should a septum piercing ring be? Choose the thinnest and most discreet piercing ring. The lowest width of a septum piercing ring is usually a 16.
  4. Nose piercing has two costs: one for the piercing procedure and one for the jewelry. Piercing your nose can often cost less than other body parts, like nipples or genitals. Nose rings made of.
  5. Septum ring and sex. Long back I read from monthly magazine that septum ring and sex are interrelated. Septum piercing increases sexual power and vigour for both men and women. Wearing silver or gold ring increases sexual power of a man. Hard erection and delayed ejaculation are experienced by men
  6. I got a septum piercing at 19 but took it out a year later since I was always flipping it inwards, anyway. I got a regular piercing at 21 it's been there since (I'm now 23). Like other fonts mentioned, it's a part of me now and I feel plain without it. I'll probably die with my nose piercing. I really want to pierce my belly button though

Nose piercings near a particular area of the nostril is thought to decrease pain during the menstrual cycle. Some also believe that it protects women against nasal infections. The nose piercing is widely worn in southern India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, by married and unmarried young women Feb 6, 2019 - ideas for multiple piercings nose rings, multiple piercings septum, multiple piercings studs, nose rings hoops, nose rings studs , nose ring simple, nose rings jewelry, septum piercing small, septum rings. See more ideas about piercing, septum piercing, nose piercing Get ready to declare your style with nose ring on both sides! Whether you want to look glam, punk, traditional, grunge, or if you just want to celebrate your family culture, double nostril piercings and triple nose piercing are the coolest way ever to say who you are. Nose piercings are a great way to add some style to your look and to express your attitude - as long as you have the right.

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  1. Septum Rings of Pure Gold. You can avoid several potential problems with septum piercing with nose ring if you stay with high quality 22k gold septum rings and other nose jewelry. After all, this jewelry is in your nose, and you certainly don't want to wear anything that's made with cheap base metals that could cause irritation or even an infection
  2. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Reddit WhatsApp. Jul 20, 21 12:20 PM. Free attorney for car accident. Read More. Septum Piercing with Nose Ring. Jul 20, 21 10:42 AM. Septum Piercing with Nose Ring. Read More. Types of Nose Rings Jul 20, 21 10:34 AM. Types of Nose Rings Read More. Nose Ring on Big Nose. Jul 20, 21 10:23 AM. Nose ring.
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  4. The best thing about a septum piercing aftercare reddit (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored. Like any septum piercing aftercare reddit, it requires care.
  5. For historical background on the septum piercing, it was and has been done in India for hundreds of years. It's nothing new. Same with nostril piercing. Both have become mainstream now. I don't have a septum piercing. Blowing your nose works the same way for everyone though. Piercings don't affect it

Location. Seattle, WA. Mar 10, 2012. #11. I got mine done in 97, got it up to 5/8 and then got my nostrils punched and stretched to 1/2 and shit was gettin a bit too crowded so I decided to take my septum out a few years ago, the hole is still about 1/2 though and sometimes I wera a big ass circular barbell thru it But this septum piercing helps with that. It's put a spell on me, allowing me to look at my face in full. I don't feel the need for surgery like before because the ring carries the weight for me Septal Piercing: This is a piercing that goes through the nasal septum where there is a sweet spot called the collumella—the area between the bottom of the nose and the cartilage. This piercing should not go through the cartilage itself because that would be painful

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The best thing about a septum vs nose piercing (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored. Like any septum vs nose piercing, it requires care and respect so it. No, not unless you're over 18 and don't live with him then you can. For example, I had to wait a few years to get my septum pierced because my mom didn't agree with me getting it nor was she going to pay for it, once I got a job and moved out, I g.. Piercing Retainers. Clear your schedule and head to Hot Topic for the best piercing retainers around. Maintain your piercing shape with body jewelry retainers you'll love like septum retainers and nose piercing retainers. Keep your body piercing discrete with clear piercing retainers available in all different styles Monroe piercings are cute, just not too large, usually hit or miss, can be really tacky. Dimple/cheek piercings. Multiple ear piercings. Snake/Spider bites. one cyber bite above the lip/Medusa. Overrated/ Not the biggest fan (some are not facial) -Septum, it looks uncomfortable and inconvenience but I do like certain aesthetics with it The septum piercing—one of the oldest and most common piercings—is making a comeback. The septum piercing has been around for thousands of years, originating with warrior cultures, most.

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At the time of changing septum piercing, you should apply some water or jojoba oil on the piercing area so that you can replace the jewelry smoothly and with less pain. Horseshoe is one such jewelry piece that you can hide easily all through by flipping it in upside down direction and gently pushing it right into your nose area The best thing about a septum piercing still hurts after 2 months (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored Step 2: Make It. Cut the pen in half, stick the magnets to the cut ends, then stick it in your nose. There are a few extra details, though. The magnets I had were counter-sunk, so I slipped pieces of bamboo through the holes and into the shaft of the pen. Hot-gluing the bamboo into the pen-shaft gave a stronger joint than just gluing the magnet.

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  1. g and if the septum of the nose is exposed from the upturned nose, it may not be the most flattering. For this nose, hands down, a traditional nose piercing.
  2. If you just had your body pierced and you start to notice a crusty material around the piercing site, don't worry. Crusting after body piercing is perfectly normal —this is just the result of your body trying to heal itself. 1  Dead blood cells and plasma make their way to the surface and then dry when exposed to air
  3. I love love love love love the website 99centjewelry.com- you purchase in a bundle, so you may have to purchase 10 of the same nose rings, but it is so cheap and worth it. The quality isn't terrible. Most of the rings I have bought come from there..
  4. The best thing about a satanic septum piercing (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored. Like any satanic septum piercing, it requires care and respect so it.

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  1. FAKE Septum Ring - 14K Yellow/Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver - Faux Septum Ring - Fake Piercings - Fake Nose Piercing. SampsonJewelry. 5 out of 5 stars. (17,955) $12.95. Add to Favorites. More colors
  2. utes it's first time experience for him three ladies watched my piercing.
  3. The best thing about a what to use to clean septum piercing (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. But that does not mean it is something to do on a lark or when you are, like, drunk or bored. Like any what to use to clean septum piercing, it.
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  5. LOL.I remember wearing fake nose rings in elementary school. It was a hit with the kids! Posted on 03-23-2006 16:52:49 by :) outmywindow: i play trumpet with a lip ringITS CALLED A STUD!however it did take me months to come up with that genious idea Posted on 04-02-2006 19:41:13 by rave
  6. False Septum Nose piercing (Magnetic) AstheticsbyDimeara 4.5 out of 5 stars (133) $ 14.99 FREE shipping Bestseller Add to Favorites More colors 16g, Rose Gold Clicker, Daith Jewelry, Septum Ring, Dainty Leaf, 100% Surgical Steel LitzyCo 5 out of 5 stars (1,316) $.
  7. Generally speaking, though, septum piercings are definitely a step up from your earlobes but are by no means excruciating 18G 2pcs Steel Septum Piercing Nose Ring. amazon.com. $2.89 SHOP NOW

Tats, nose studs and ear piercings have always been more common, but today we're witnessing the rise of the SEPTUM RINGS to the trend status. In 2013 it was on the runway, dangling luxuriously and opulently between the noses and upper lips of both male and female models, and then it was turned into a fad by celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Zoe. Mar 23, 2018 - Beauties with strong personality and expression and stretched septum rings from 8g (3.2mm). Feel free to submit your own facial pictures to express yourself. No nudes Chief piercing officer Brian Keith Thompson of Body Electric Tattoo, a parlor frequented by Beyonce and Rihanna, on everything you need to know before your next appointment. (Except explaining.

4 nose piercings . ︎ 486. ︎ r/piercing. ︎ u/85percentleen. ︎ Jan 12. ︎ report. My entire life I've been such a Manly man. While in quarantine my GF of 4 years and I talked about our feelings. I told her I've always liked hair dye, nail polish, and of course piercing but was always afraid of being judged Septum Piercing Men Piercings For Men Men's Piercings Facial Piercings Septum Ring Beard And Mustache Styles Beard No Mustache Moustache Hot Beards More information More like thi

The bridge piercing and the septum piercing are both considered nose piercings. He also wears a stud in his lower lip. 27. Sporty look with a lip piercing. You'll often see guys wearing side lip piercings rather than middle lip piercings. 28. Closed bead ring for the nostril. The nostril piercing is the most common nose piercing The tongue piercing will cost anywhere between $30 and $100. Often, this price won't include the jewelry. The tongue piercing is a delicate procedure that requires experience. Since the anatomy of the tongue dictates where the piercing will be placed or whether you can even get the piercing, you must choose a piercer who knows what they're.

Bump inside Nose after Piercing. Getting a nose piercing bump is a common concern. Bumps could occur inside the nose, on the piercing or next to the piercing. Here we are going to look at the bump inside nose that is caused by piercing the nose and what causes them. You are going to learn on how you can take control in case you find yourself in. 3 weeks ago. Ad by AdSpyglass.com. amma drawn by hodalryong. Anthro areola belly scales big areola big breasts bikini black sclera blurred background blush breasts brown hair camel toe clenched teeth clothed clothing collar countershade torso countershading cross-popping vein curvy figure detailed background facial piercing female hair hand on. #red lips #makeup #alternative #choker #septum piercing #body modifications #cheek piercings #double nose piercing #doublesnakebites #collared sub #girls with septums #girls with glasses #girls with piercings More you might lik Now - I know that on the photo from the front, it does look higher than it may be in reality, because my nose doesn't look as long and big as it actually is. But as you can see on the photo sideways; it is in fact placed kind of in the crease of the nose (not even sure if that's the word) and the ring fits snugly around the nostril..

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Jun 28, 2017 - PrettyGirls is a SFW subreddit dedicated to beauty A septum piercing doesn't seem like such a big deal. Look at it this way: It can be hidden, and if she gets sick of it or doesn't want it in the future, it can be removed and the scar won't be visible to others. Unless they take a close look up her nose. It could be worse - the scar would be more visible from an eyebrow/lip/nose piercing Septum piercing on a big nose? Is my septum piercing too low? Septum piercings - turn on or turn off? username2253227 Badges: 12. Rep:? #2 Report 2 years ago #2 personally i don't like them, u should be happy with ur nose the way it is and not want to. My Septum Piercing Experience. surgical steel septum ring with two balls in the front, so that I could flip it up my nose if I wanted to hide it. I then sat in a booth in the waiting area and awaited my turn. a septum piercing will be no big deal :) I hope it goes well! Alexis on April 03, 2015

Do people really think septum piercings are attractive at all? Who in the hell seriously thinks that looking like a bull makes you look hot. You see all these people with these and I just want to rip them out of their nose. Even if the chick is good looking, a septum piercing makes them unattractive Logan in my country it's a custom for certain caste people to wear nose piercing (not the septum one) They wear it as soon as they attain their menarche till they grow old like 70-80. And as a girl who has a lot of Brahmin friends let me they you they look so beautiful on those ladies be it 13 or 80 wanting to pierce my nose with a sterile safety pin but iv been told it could be bad because its nickel coated and infections in the nose CAN lead to the brain and cause strokes (but what is healthy these days anyways). like i give a shit anyways i just want the dam piercing. any thoughts? and.. 1. If you wear makeup, consider taking precautions. The very nature of the piercing means that your eyes will water - I was just fortunate that I was too lazy to wear makeup that day. 2. Eat before you get it done. Just like any other piercing or. I left with a gold septum ring, my nostril stud and the thrill of making visible a recently developed, very self-assured version of myself. I was asserting confidence in my queerness in a way that, for me, was bold. Just as my first nose ring had when I was 17, my septum piercing told the world I was a bit of a freak, and I was down with that

Girls love piercing their face and body, jewelry is the main reason. Similarly, girls love guys with nose piercings. The main reason is the look, confidence, and jewelry. You should get a nose piercing that suits you the best or the one you love the most. Wear jewelry that reflects your personality and carry it confidently Mar 6, 2021 - Explore David Brown's board Septum piercing men on Pinterest. See more ideas about septum piercing men, septum piercing, piercing Piercing the septum can have a lot of significance based on the culture and the wearer. Wearing a bone in the septum was for a fierce appearance. Aboriginals used septum piercings to beautify by using a long bone to flatten the nose. Septum rings are especially popular among warrior cultures If you're into body art, you might have considered piercing your septum — that delicate piece of cartilage in the middle of your nose that divides your nostrils. But the first, and most important, thing you need to know, is that it should be done by an experienced piercer who understands anatomy, according to Dr. Monica Kieu, a double-board certified otolaryngologist (ENT surgeon) and facial. Measure nose bones to the end of the shaft before the beaded tip. Nose fishtails are measured from the base of the ball or charm to the end of the barbell. For more help picking the right nose ring for you, check out our Nose Piercing & Jewelry Guide. We carry nose rings in 18G - 20G


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A deviated septum is crooked, and may protrude to one side of the nose. Roughly 80 percent of Americans have some type septal deviation that has most likely been present since birth. However, when the septum is perforated, there is an actual hole through the septum, allowing air from one nostril to spill over into the other one What difference does it make if one is male or female? The question in my mind is how one gets the snot off one's ring when one blows one's nose. Whether one gets a nose ring or a tongue stud seems to me to be a decision about whether one wants to.. 3. Choosing the right nose piercing and jewellery. There are several types of nose piercings: the nostril piercing, the septum piercing, bridge piercing, vertical tip/rhino piercing, septril piercing and nassalang piercing. The list of types of jewellery is extensive as well and includes hoops, rings, studs, screws and pins

With the Nose Ring! Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture.. Within groups of Western Cultures, this is a non-issue because they are the dominant culture and set the norms for what is acceptable. To wear a dirndl during Oktoberfest is okay because a) Germany is part of the. If you have taken your nose piercing to the next level with a septum piercing then this selection of septum clickers is sure to hold the perfect piece of jewelry for you. Menu. Close menu. NEW Arrivals; Belly Rings. Belly Ring Monthly Club. Handcrafted Belly Rings. 14kt Gold. Animals. Badass. Belly Chains

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I have had 6 piercings in total: eyebrow, regular nose piercing, septum, tongue, & both nipples. Of all these I would have to say my most recent piercing was the worst: MY SEPTUM! But to be perfectly fair I was moving quite a bit & was pierced through cartilage, my tongue did not hurt getting pierced but the healing was a b*tch I actually had a septum piercing before. This is so bad, but I pierced it myself on my 15th birthday Piercing it wasn't bad at all, it actually tickled a bit, but the days after piercing it, dear god, the pain. If you touch your nose even just a little, it feels like you just got punched in the face

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Adding weight to a piercing in order to gradually stretch it is a common technique in many cultures. While it's not practical for all piercings, most piercings can be weighted to some extent. However, there are a few things to remember: you should only wear weights in a completely healed piercing—one that is years old, not months Tattoos and body piercings used to be considered taboo, but not anymore. Today, getting a nipple piercing or septum ring is practically de rigueur and having a tattoo is the new norm. Though many men are jumping on the bandwagon, it seems as though women are the ones who are more apt to get pierced and tatted

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Watch as our friend Leah gets hers done! We tagged along as Leah went to see our awesome piercing professional friend James, at American Skin Art here in Buffalo, NY. James cleans the area around Leah's nipples to make sure everything is germ-free and sanitized. Clamps are used to make sure that the nipple and skin surrounding is held steady Body Jewelry & Body Piercings. No body is complete without the edgiest body jewelry available online at Hot Topic. Whether you are looking for earrings or some septum piercings, whatever your taste, we've got you covered. You will navel go wrong with these belly button rings! Raise the jewelry bar with some of the hottest barbell jewelry and. In some Hindu communities, piercing a woman's nose marks her as either married or ready for marriage. It is also believed by some that piercing the nose relieves pain during childbirth. In more primitive cultures, nostril or septum piercing is common and has carried a variety of meanings depending upon the region, tribe, or historical era A healing bump is a raised bump that typically just grows right above the piercing site. Healing bumps are generally skin colored and can be light pink while keloids look more like scars and can range from pink to a deep red. This article has some great information on what a scar is, why we scar, and some photos on the different types

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Put the solution in a glass, press the glass against your skin to form a seal, and hold it over your piercing for five minutes or until the water cools. For piercings like nostrils, ears, nipples, and some penis piercings, the entire body part should be submerged in the solution. SEA SALT. WATER. 1/4 Teaspoon Injury to the nose. A deviated septum can also be the result of an injury that causes the nasal septum to be moved out of position. In infants, such an injury may occur during childbirth. In children and adults, a wide array of accidents may lead to a nose injury and deviated septum. Trauma to the nose most commonly occurs during contact sports. What is Gauge? (pronounced /ɡāj/) Gauge refers to the thickness of the barbell going through your body piercing. The higher the gauge, the thinner the barbell. For example, a 22 Gauge (aka 22G) barbell is going to be very thin, and a 14G barbell is going to be thicker. Piercing jewelry ranges in size from 22G - 00G; after 00 Gauge, jewelry is.

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A perforated septum can occur for many different reasons. Some causes of a perforated septum include: previous surgery on the nose; trauma, like a fractured nose I may like the girl who has the nose ring, but I feel that women with nose rings are less attractive. You can like someone who is not attractive, but I think the person asking this question is referring to attraction with the word like. If I am. ( ≼ ≽ Tribal Gold Septum Ring ≼ ≽ )Women are meant to be a little wild. Show off that wild side and honor your femininity with a gorgeous 14k septum ring that gives you the best of both worlds. This solid gold septum nose hoop showcases a lovel.. There is a large cartilage present inside the nose which provides shape to the nose; this is called the nasal septum or septal cartilage which divides the nasal cavity into two parts- the anterior part which is also called as a nasal vestibule and posterior part also called as choana (internal nostrils) Cool Piercings Eyebrow Piercings Septum Piercing Tattoo Body Piercing Old Women With Tattoos Nose Bridge Piercing Icons Girls Forward Helix Piercing

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12Pcs 316L Stainless Steel Septum Piercing Nose Rings Hoop Cartilage Tragus Retainer Body Piercing Jewelry 8MM 16G Rose-Gold Tone & Silver Tone. 4.3 out of 5 stars 566. $16.99 $ 16. 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Thunaraz Oct 11, 2016 - Nose Piercings Inspirations & Information on which side, healing time, cost, procedures, problems and how to clean all with nose piercing Jewelry examples Media in category Topless women with nipple piercings. The following 200 files are in this category, out of 219 total. (previous page) ( next page) 1-beautiful-Renna-cropped.JPG 369 × 407; 38 KB. 16 pierced nipple.png 1,200 × 1,600; 1.14 MB. 2007 Toronto Pride.jpg 1,360 × 1,050; 1.04 MB. 2014 Fremont Solstice parade - Vikings 10. * Your septum jewelry, nose ring or stud or cartilage jewelry will be ready to ship in 5-7 business days. * All items are handmade, hence, the piece you will receive might be slightly different from the picture in my shop

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The Tragus Piercing is done next to the ear canal. So beyond the piercing and pain you can even witness a pop sound as the needle pierces through. Cartilage piercings are a bit painful. But amongst all in comparison to the helix, conch or auricle piercing. It hurts a bit more because the cartilage is thicker in area Feb 27, 2021 - Explore skinboi's board Septum on Pinterest. See more ideas about septum piercing men, septum piercing, men's piercings The best thing about a what does a septum piercing say about you (and the pretty septum jewelry that comes with it) is the fact that, unlike a tattoo, it is not permanent, and does not leave much of a trace if you decide to take the ring out for good. You know how to boost up the mood of other people through your energetic presence. Private accommodation to offer refund after 100 students. FAKE Septum ring, Nose piercings, double septum jewelry, Gold septum ring, fake nose ring, fake septum rings, Fast shipping LulinaShop 5 out of 5 stars (2,936) Sale Price $10.00 $ 10.00 $ 12.50 Original Price $12.50 (20% off.

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Apr 27, 2021 - Beauties with strong personality and expression and stretched septum rings from 8g (3.2mm). Feel... Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Septum Piercing Hidden Septum Piercing Girl Nose Bridge Piercing Double Nose Piercing Cool Piercings. Vortex 826A-42 Silver 42-Tooth Rear Sprocket: Automotive, Septum Jewelry,Septum Ring,Tribal Clicker,Bohemian Hipster Nose Piercing,Opal Septum Clicker Nose. inspiring design and a family atmosphere that is encouraged at every level of our company. Oasis Supply Spiral Birthday Candles Body Piercing Jewelry; ORNATE 14G BRASS HANGING SEPTUM 7.5MM RING DIAMETER NOSE BALI TRIBAL 5/8 LONG; ORNATE 14G BRASS HANGING SEPTUM 7.5MM RING DIAMETER NOSE BALI TRIBAL 5/8 LONG, 5MM IS THE USABLE SPACE,IT IS 14G (1,6MM) THICKNESS, 7,Our Featured Products,Large online sales,find your best offer here,Good product low price,Hottest Online. Covid-19 Variants: B.1.617.1 or the Kappa variant. According to the World Heath Organisation, the first samples of the Kappa variant was documented in India, in October 2020. The kappa variant is a double mutant virus. Two cases of the variant have been reported in Uttar Pradesh

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