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The Iceberg of Trauma Includes Oppression I wrote an earlier version of this post about oppression as trauma in 2019 and revised it in 2020. That's when I added the resources for learning more at the bottom. It's important to keep learning as well as acting for growth and change The conversation shifted to model of the Iceberg of Oppression. According to Peters-Golden, the system of white supremacy was perpetuated in three layers: the personal that forms the visible part of the iceberg, the institutional that is just under the waterline, and values that support these institutions The Iceberg Model. Nov 12, 2019—West Kelowna, BC: If Indigenous resurgence is an iceberg, policy change and activism are the visible tip, while relationship and connection are the massive piece beneath the surface. The colonial legacy of fragmented relationships and internalized oppression is at the root of the lateral violence in our. Oppression Tree vs. Oppression Iceberg COCo developed the oppression tree because we were getting somewhat frustrated with the limitations of the oppression iceberg (no shade to AORTA, we love your work!). For us, the tree has been a more rich metaphor. Facilitating the Oppression Tre

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  1. This is the Oppression Tree! We developed it because we didn't feel like the iceberg metaphor articulated the complexities of oppression, privilege and power clearly enough. The image of the oppression tree can be used to illustrate the complexity of oppression & the cyclical nature of the different micro & macroimpacts on people
  2. Oppression always begins from outside the oppressed group, but by the time it gets internalized, the external oppression need hardly be felt for the damage to be done. If people from the oppressed group feel bad about themselves, and because of the nature of the system, do not have the power to direc
  3. The Amy Cooper video represents the submerged portion of the racist iceberg that causes more damage than the portion that is visible. Systemic racism must be rooted out of police departments. That won't happen until systemic racism is rooted from American society. That requires honest effort from everyone
  4. The iceberg model may not be your favourite model if you're a purist about complexity science. But it works. I offered a simple iceberg model and my client seized on it, waved it around and started using phrases like going deeper in the iceberg. It happens every time I share it; people love it

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  1. Iceberg Essay: The Mysteries Below the Surface. My feet are grounded to the moss-covered rocky pathway. The cold air whips my face, and the white Arctic light reflects off the water below. In front of me, lie majestic icebergs, each one powerful, beautifully stark, and unique. While some icebergs are wide and rounded, others have jagged edges.
  2. Anti-Oppression 201: Levels of Oppression T r a i n e r N a m e s : L e a r n i n g O b j e c ti v e s : W h a t ski l l s, kn o w l e d g e , a n d a t t i t u d e s sh o u l d l e a rn e rs t a ke a w a y f ro m t h i s se ssi o n
  3. Navigating the Iceberg of Oppression is a four-part intergroup dialogue series for Black and Brown folks to reflect on the effects of oppression on their well-being. Book via email Purpos

Tools for Having Difficult Conversations about Systems of Oppression And that's just the tip of the iceberg. #BlackLivesMatter: A Longform Reading List Riese 11-26-14. 12 Books White People Should Read in Preparation for Becoming a Minority in Britain by Adam Elliott-Cooper & Ashok Kumar Iceberg of Oppression. The basic idea here is that the most obvious forms of oppression (a sexist joke, refusing to hire someone due to their race, etc) are just the tip of a larger structure hidden from view, like an iceberg. Above the water in plain view, on the individual level, we see specific acts between people Racism is often understood as being an expression of a system of oppression which has its roots in a history of power and the subordination of non-white groups. While this is true, that is only..

The Iceberg Personal and Structural Levels of Oppression Personal Level How people treat one another Structural or Systemic Level Wealth Power Status Present Reversible Individual More visible More accessible to personal experience More accessible-to-change Intention plays a role At the Waterline: Examples: Attitudes Stereotypes Mistreatment Joke The same formula holds true for all forms of oppression. The dominant group has its mistreatment of the target group embedded in and backed up by society's institutions and other forms of power. Internalized Oppression The fourth way oppression works is within the groups of people who suffer the most from the mistreatment. Oppressed people. Sea Change: Navigating Oppression. Oppression hits us at multiple levels. Explore the emotional consequences and learn to navigate oppression in this short video. Thanks to AORTA for inspiring us with the ship metaphor and thanks to Cora Foxx for animation, Anthony Meza-Wilson for voice over, and Cheyenna Weber for production and scriptwriting Figure 1. The AORTA Collectives Iceberg of Oppression. - Anti-oppressive desig But it is only the tip of the iceberg of the actual meaning of oppression and exploitation of the broad majority of women. Male-chauvinist violence also means domestic work as a double-shift for working women. It means carrying out the responsibility for the non-productive members of society, children and elders, foisted to working women by the.

A Curious Tale of an Iceberg with a Hacked Tip Practitioners of the dark art of bigotry find a perfect camouflage behind impenetrable walls of denial to mask their wicked ways. The likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been observing a deafening silence on the victims of oppression Intersectionality is normally applied to individuals who face multiple levels of oppression, such as Sojourner, Laverne, and Ever. However, my identity as a blind white man is a little different. In my case, it is oppression and privilege that intersect, not multiple levels of oppression Racial oppression in the U.S. is the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper global phenomenon of white privilege that has for too long been conveniently ignored. It should not be at the center of global discussions on white supremacy, argues Chandran Nair

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Not only the tip of the iceberg's a problem. We must melt the whole thing. more than leftwing or rightwing, he hopes to highlight Truth), Oppression and Liberation (intersectionally, for. Most of us recognize and stand solidly against overt expressions of racism such as racial slurs, violence, cross-burnings by the Ku Klux Klan, and practices of blatant racial segregation and discrimination.But overt racism is only the tip of the iceberg. More often, racial discrimination is disguised and shows up in subtle ways (covert racism) such as implicit biases, microaggressions, and. Resources. Here is a small selection of resources we've created over the years. Please feel free to use, share, and engage with them freely. We request that you always remember to credit AORTA. We are a small worker-owned co-op, and our funding comes almost entirely from our fee-for-service work Protests are also just the tip of the iceberg. Victims of police violence resist oppression every single day. They do so by questioning unconstitutional stop-and-frisk practices, by contesting police harassment, and by resisting unjust police practices

In reducible epistemic oppression, inertia is primarily caused by social and historically contingent factors, whereas in irreducible epistemic oppression those factors are just the tip of the iceberg. Source: Dotson, Kristie, 2014, Conceptualizing Epistemic Oppression. Social Epistemology, 28(2), 2014: 115-138, p. 134 Working from a belief that ending violence can only happen when we end oppression, she has also created pedagogical models like the Proximity to Whiteness tool and the Iceberg of Oppression to assist in better grasping the concept of oppression as a disease and violence as symptoms of that larger illness Opinion: The Anti-Gay Law is the top of the ice-berg of Oppression in the Republic. Yesterday, the prolonged time for making it illegal to be homosexual or gay in the Ugandan Republic came into effect. This was passed in Parliament and was a part of the new Sexual Offences Act of 2019. This has been in the making since the early drafts in.

Systems of Oppression The term systems of oppression helps us better identify inequity by calling attention to the historical and organized patterns of mistreatment. In the United States, systems of oppression (like systemic racism) are woven into the very foundation of American culture, society, and laws. Other examples of systems of. iceberg. • There is a part that is observable above the surface. • And there is usually a much bigger part that can't be seen - it is below the surface • Above the surface is leadership style and team management techniques. • These can change to fit the situation Gary Weaver (1986) uses the image of an iceberg to explain these many layers of culture (see figure below). Like an iceberg, part of a culture is above water in that it is visible and easy to identify and know. This part includes surface culture and elements of folk culture-the arts, folk dancing dress, cooking etc Healing from the Effects of Internalized Oppression, from the Community Tool Box. To Equalize Power Among Us - tips for keeping your privilege in check from Tools for Change. Creating Democratic Culture, from Tools for Change. Concepts for Creating Justice: Looking at Power Relationally, from Tools for Change. Challenging Oppressive Moments

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The bottom of the iceberg, the larger part that holds it in place, is personal identity. Individual character must be deep and well formed to give balance and stability to the leader's performance. He calls it the integrity factor. Like internalized oppression, integrity takes shape in communities Police Violence: the Tip of an Iceberg. The Convention offers individual groups a tool to fight and prosecute State oppression, domestically but given the reluctance of North American lawyers to address the government under the Convention, internationally as well The Benefits of Being Male Exercise. Please stand up (or if unable to stand, indicate in some way) if: 1. Your forefathers, including your father had more opportunities to advance themselves economically than your foremothers. 2. Your father had more educational opportunities than your mother. 3

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Institutional Oppression is the systematic mistreatment of people within a social identity group, supported and enforced by the society and its institutions, solely based on the person's membership in the social identity group. Institutional Oppression occurs when established laws, customs, and practices systematically reflect and produce. But this is also the tip of the iceberg of the larger system of racial oppression that is conducted through the states, through the police, through the courts, through the prisons. And this is the context in which people now interpret these shootings Iceberg Slim, also known as Robert Beck,was born as Robert Lee Maupinin Chicago, Illinois on August 4th, 1918.He spent much of his childhood in Milwaukee and Rockford, Illinoisbefore returning to Chicago as a teenager.. His father having abandoned them, Slim's mother supported the family by working as a domestic and operating a beauty shop

South Africa: History of Oppression and Struggle. The story of Soweto (June 16, 1976) has been told in many versions. In the author's opinion the true meaning of Soweto lies in the annals of the history of that country's bloody struggle against foreign rule. The Soweto eruption was a mere tip of the iceberg. That the cause of the outbreak. This section describes the main challenges and solutions that surfaced during our session, which followed an iceberg model designed to identify low-hanging fruit to do anti-oppression work in the performing arts presenting field. Gatekeeping was identified as a structural form of oppression Newsletter culture, oppression, prejudice, society, The Iceberg Model Post navigation. The Cycle of Socialization: we are not born racist. SPACE2 Model for fighting bias. Related. Female stereotypes in the workplace That's the Tip of the Iceberg | Opinion. Tabby Refael , co-founder of 30 Years After Her activism offers a critical platform for Iranians to fight oppression, while allowing viewers outside of. The Iceberg of Racism. Two-minute video describing one of the key content areas of the ROJ Antiracism Analysis. Preface to Set Free. A description of the Iceberg of Racism from a book written by the founders of the ROJ Antiracism Process (formerly Damascus Road). The Cage of Oppression. A diagram of social identities with privileged and.

Tucker Carlson Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Right-Wing Media's War on Truth. Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on October 21, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. The poisonous influence of the right-wing social media can in part be measured by the attention it gives to a host of far right. Unfortunately, it's a form of oppression that keeps growing in the United States as we speak. The Brennan Center for Justice issued a report last month stating that 253 bills with provisions restricting voter rights were introduced in 2021 across 43 state legislatures. Georgia is really just the tip of the iceberg I taught Robert Iceberg's Slim Beck's compact gold and purple book, Pimp: The Story of My Life, in my first college class 14 years ago My interviews with young Muslims show that some understand consumerism to be only the tip of a greater iceberg of oppression. Society pushes minorities to adapt their culture, faith, ethics, looks. A 21-year-old Florida State University student has gone viral on TikTok for sharing what she said is her story about being pushed out of a sorority. JJ Jordan told BuzzFeed News she hopes this opens up a much bigger conversation about systems of oppression. She's also shedding light on other toxic values of Greek life she said she observed

Red Hive Collective is a local Utah based media platform that encompasses diverse subjects of political interests such as local issues, grassroots organizations, and social struggles. more The anti-oppression framework itself was synthesized in the field of social work and is described as a tool to understand and respond to the complexity of the experience of oppression . In other words, the anti-oppression framework understands good as that which strives to end one or more forms of oppression Institutional Audism. Institutional oppression or systemic oppression (racism/audism/etc.) is defined as the systematic oppression of particular identity groups (race, gender, class, disability, etc.) through established laws, customs or practices that create inequalities in order to benefit the privileged groups in power Racism. It turns out that black students are much more likely to be suspended from preschool than white students. They make up 18% of all preschoolers, but represent almost 50% of all preschool suspensions. Compare that to white kids, who make up 43% of all preschool enrollment, yet represent 26% of those receiving suspensions

With roots in India, caste is a systematic structure of oppression and social hierarchy transplanted to the United States. Anti-caste organizers like myself have been working to end caste oppression around the world for decades. The Cisco case is the tip of the iceberg of how deep caste discrimination is rooted in South Asian American. Oppression - A relationship that exists between groups where dominates benefit at the expense of subordinates reinforced by a system of social inequity. 33. Patriarchy - A belief that men are superior to women. Culture is male dominated, centered, and identified. 34. Passing - An attempt by non-whites with light-skinned privilege to skirt. But to those who are behind enemy lines, the oppression is a battlefield on a graveyard. The tip of the iceberg is mass incarceration that affects Texas today and has yet to alleviate or be abolished. At Lane Murray Unit in Texas, the land is ruled by genocidal extermination of Black people and transgenders

So much pent-up anger, so much frustration, so much hurt from oppression, all bubbling over into attacks and destruction. Thursday night was just the tip of the iceberg The Atlanta shootings are the visible tip of the iceberg. If we want to transform the world towards collective liberation, we have to understand the nasty, harrowing history of oppression that sits underneath the surface of the water. Take a look, and tell me what you find. Chris Meng PO '23 is from Lewisburg, PA Interview with Veronika Kracher: Incels are the tip of the patriarchal iceberg Incel is a portmanteau of involuntary celibate - an online cult, in which tens of thousands of frustrated young men let their hatred against women run wild

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Colonial policies of oppression and ideals of genocide are still imbedded in our political system and in our healthcare system and in our child welfare system and in our justice system. All I can hope is that our iceberg of recovered children will rip though those systems and bring them down like the fucking Titanic The meme showed an iceberg floating in the ocean. On the top, the text read what the world sees teachers doing; underwater, what they're actually doing. Playing on the tip of the iceberg metaphor, the meme brings awareness to the myriad of visible and largely invisible, or unnoticed, work done by teachers at all levels

Let's be honest: to combat anti-Blackness in America, we don't need allies. We need abolitionists. White allies must move beyond hashtags and DEI professional development training to begin to scratch its surface effectively. According to The Anti-Oppression Network, allyship involves engaging in efforts that emphasize social justice. By the Editors The Charlotte NC chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), an organization for white antiracists, just called for disbanding in order to build solidarity among all groups. This is a very significant step forward. As former active members of Charlotte SURJ, we are disbanding this chapter. We're calling for the redistribution of AORTA is a worker-owned cooperative devoted to helping our movements renew a stronger sense of liberatory vision, values, and purpose. We bring an intersectional analysis of systemic oppression and movement building, lovingly pushing communities and organizations towards: Deep democratization and collective governance. Leadership development It has transformed its military intelligence Unit 8200 into a startup incubator, aggressively promoting its capacities, including the very fact that they are rooted in the oppression of the Palestinian people. In 2020, Israeli cyber firms received approximately 31% of global investment in the sector. Acquisitions of Israeli cyber companies.

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Confucius Institutes are only the tip of the iceberg. The CCP's ambition to take over the world has manifested in the creation and spread of the CCP Virus (COVID-19) Johan Galtung was the founder of peace studies, and peace studies is a very interdisciplinary research methodology, and the framework that he developed was that a lot of the violence that we experience, and I have experienced in my life, which includes war and political oppression and direct violence, is the tip of the iceberg of what violence is

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While Chhaupadi needs to be abolished as soon as possible, we must also realize that it is only the tip of the iceberg. A serious offense that has been outlawed by the Supreme court of Nepal, it is an extreme form of systemic oppression that denies the dignity of many young girls and women during a natural, biological process Let's be explicit: racial oppression in the U.S. is the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper and more harmful global phenomenon of white privilege that has for too long been conveniently ignored

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BIPOC—pronounced bye-pock—is a term you probably started to see on social media or in the news over the course of 2020. The earliest origins of the term were found on Twitter in 2013, but use of the acronym spiked in May 2020, coinciding with the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery Mary McLeod Bethune felt that education was the path out of oppression. Bethune was a highly influential feminist, educator, and activist for social change and equality in America (Banks, 1996). It is important for both our male and female students to get a more balanced education about the history of our country and our world On stage delivering a speech, my iceberg flips to Phoenix, a style marked by high energy, humor, and PowerPoint slides with pictures of baby animals. And under stress, my iceberg rotates into Dragon mode, and I am decisive, action-oriented, sometimes pushy. Facilitating a group discussion on intersectional dynamics and systemic oppression Their stories are just the tip of the iceberg. And the companies that are part of this new hospitality industry, which add to the oppression of people caught in their lairs, must be run out of business! There is an inherently dangerous component to the success of such businesses, as implicit in their very existence and profitability is. The apparatus of oppression has become increasingly arrogant, deploying the same defamatory websites to announce the charges against independent journalists, and set the dates of their arrests weeks in advance. This is what happened with journalist Suleiman Raissouni, editor-in-chief of the daily Akhbar Al-Youm. One of those websites published.

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This advice can be applied to efforts to understand any other group suffering from a history of oppression, such as Latinx people, Spanish or Hispanic people or indigenous peoples The writer showed how the oppression of the white-dominated society pushed some black males to pimping and drug dealing. The whole book shows the reality of the streets and the black life of that time period. The interesting thing about this book is Iceberg never tried to justify himself or his action SLPP's Corruption, Oppression And Violence. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. But, what happens when both elephants are quiet? The grass must speak out. Therefore, it is with great disappointment and sadness that the demise of the New Direction government would come from within its ranks. This legacy of a house divided forms the. This woke language is like the first hint of the wizard blatantly revealing himself, the first sight of the iceberg. And it is Gnosticism. Classic Gnosticism. These systems of oppression. The Exeter Book's Riddle 33 depicts its subject, an iceberg, as a warrior woman who can cause damage to ships with her physical prowess and powerful curses. This article discusses the riddle's union of woman and iceberg from an ecofeminist perspective, exploring the deep-rooted andro- and anthropocentric anxieties that lie behind it. It explores the riddle alongside some of its analogues.


A concrete example of that occurred when I questioned a friend's posting of a white supremacy iceberg. a terrible form of oppression, are being viewed through a lens of authoritarianism. The National Anthem and Black Oppression By Hae Won Lee The Star-Spangled Banner has long been a source of national pride that is thought to commemorate all of the individuals, men and women, who have fought, risked, or even lost their as an iceberg in the ocean. The tip of the iceberg that is visible to the human eye is the first vers

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The other video described America as a system of oppression, accused Donald Trump of fueling systematic racism, presented Obama and the Clintons as anti-racist heroes, and promoted ideas about America that, in Lohmeier's view, seemed intended to justifyviolent riots. Lohmeier was disturbed Editor's note: In February 2017, while marking African American History Month, former President Donald Trump praised Frederick Douglass as an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more. Below are some excerpts from a speech on the meaning of the Fourth of July delivered by Douglass in Rochester, N.Y., in July 5, 1852, with special thanks to. Speak Out allows readers to comment on the issues of the day. Email Speak Out at speakout@southtownstar.com or call 312-222-2427. Please limit comments to 30 seconds or about 120 words and give. [Editor's note: The following is excerpted from a speech regarding the meaning of the Fourth of July delivered by the abolitionist and advocate Frederick Douglass in Rochester, N.Y., July 5.

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The problematic events in Croatia are only the tip of a huge iceberg of Holocaust distortion which is spreading throughout post-Communist Eastern Europe. Another reason is their oppression. Unfortunately, these glaring statistics represent only the tip of the iceberg regarding transgender oppression and transphobia in society. Clearly, a massive gap exists between counselor competency and the lived experiences of transgender people. Our helping profession must make a conscious shift in its understanding of gender as it relates to. Module 3: Exploring Root Causes: Iceberg Activity She is the co-host of Decolonize Social Work, a podcast about social work, oppression, and liberation. Drew Bowing, MSW, CSW is the current shelter program manager at GreenHouse17, an advocacy agency committed to ending intimate partner abuse in families and the Central Kentucky community..

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As Stalin did not trust Polish people: Jakub Berman - Jewish communist -Between 1944 and 1953, he was considered Joseph Stalin's right hand in Poland - he was in charge of the notorious State Security Services - apparatus of oppression responsible for the torture and murder of Polish heroes like Pilecki, who fought against the German occupier, Berman was also responsible for propaganda, and. Dylann Roof Is the Tip of the Racism Iceberg: White Millennials are Perpetuating Racism. By David A. Love. With the election of President Obama in 2008, Americans were lulled into a false sense. The imposition of Afrikaans in Bantu schools was simply the peak of the iceberg of oppression, degradation, and violence, which for the white controlled media was able to present it as the sign of the coming revolution As such, I am deeply impacted by intersectionality, a theory which asserts that people are often disadvantaged by multiple types of oppression, such as racism, homophobia and classism. Kimberlé Crenshaw, a lawyer and a scholar on critical race theory, coined the term in 1989 when she published a paper in the University of Chicago Legal Forum.

Indeed, Assad has tried — and failed — to challenge interests within the regime. He backed attempts to cut corruption in the customs directorate, in which systematic bribery adds to the price of imported goods. A new director was appointed with an anticorruption mandate, and surveillance cameras were installed It wants to know: Is the district doing enough to aid its students in resist[ing] systems of oppression? If you're rusty on anti-racism, Some people are describing obviously racist behavior as the tip of the iceberg — calling people racist names or threatening people on the basis of race. Then there's the part of the iceberg. According to military combat veteran and recently fired DEA agent Mark Ibrahim, he is facing major charges for being outside of the Capitol on Jan. 6, where he destroyed no property, hurt no one and stayed out of the building while others breached it.. Ibrahim told Fox News host Tucker Carlson he was in Washington on Jan. 6 to keep the peace after having been invited to travel that day by. Over the past 19 years, according to the government's One Stop Crisis Centre, only 3.5 percent of rape cases went to court under the Prevention of Oppression Against Women and Children Act 2000. To that end, a first step for leaders is to learn about how systems of privilege and oppression—racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, classism, heterosexism—operate in the wider culture. Numerous.

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