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PCWorld recently rounded up the best options available, and some (like Stardock's $5 Start8) even let you disable all charms—something Windows 8.1 doesn't allow. You can have the All Apps. This is a video showing you how to disable and fix some of the major problems when upgraded from windows 8.Software Download.http://www.startisback.com/ - 30.. How to disable Windows 8.1 Metro UI at /Go to Desktop. by Bret Stuart. on Jan 5, 2015 at 19:06 UTC. Solved Windows 8. 7. Next: Forgot password for Windows 8.1 . Microsoft. 519,351 Followers - Follow. 6088 Mentions; 724 Products; Gregory for Microsoft. Senior System Architect.

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You can disable only the Windows Explorer Ribbon. You can disable Metro start menu and Explorer Ribbon. Enable any of the disabled options. Display Windows 8 Lock Screen, Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, Sleep and Switch User options in Windows 8 Metro UI. Display Any application shortcut within the Metro UI (e.g. Google Chrome) In the right pane, double-click on RPEnabled key and change its value from 1 to 0. P.S. It is also possible to tweak system files, but we don't want that. Well, that's all. Now, log off, log back in and you will be using the Aero interface only, with a few small visual changes, like the new windows borders, new fonts and such Open regedit and go to the following to disable Metro UI and get back the classic start menu we all know and love: hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer - select..

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Boot straight to desktop and remove Metro UI elements The first thing you'll want to do with your new Windows 8.1 machine is set it up to keep Metro out of your way with its new settings... How do I remove/disable Metro UI What is Microsoft's preferred method/tool to remove Metro UI which serves no useful purpose on a desktop with 24 screen. Starting in the Desktop or Search screen would also be fine as that groups Desktop applications 1) Click on the Windows icon ( Start Menu ), click on the menu icon at the top to bring up the options. 2) Click on Settings. 3) In the Settings screen click Personalization. 4) In the Personalization screen click the Start option in the left pane, then disable Use Start full screen. 5) Close the Settings window, and then click Start again There is no official way to disable metro, but there are programs that might do what you need, just do a google search for them. Sunday, October 28, 2012 1:06 PM 1 Sign in to vot This is a simple video tutorial on how to Disable Metro UI in Windows 8.1, disabling the metro UI allows you to log in straight to the desktop.http://www.avo..

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The program offers the following functionality: Windows 8 users can either disable the majority of new features including Ribbon Explorer, the new Lock Screen or the Metro Start Screen, or they can only disable all Metro features. All that needs to be done on the user part is to select one of the options In Windows 8, Microsoft provided a touch gesture to close running metro apps. You just need to move the mouse cursor or your finger (if you are using touch-enabled device) on top of the screen and then click or touch and drag-n-drop the app thumbnail to the bottom of the screen. It'll close the running app permanently

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Restore the Start Menu and disable Metro UI in Windows 8. Once you do this, Windows 8 starts to look and feel a lot like Windows 7 The bad news: Windows 8.1 doesn't have a magic make Metro go away button. Desktop diehards will need to spend a couple minutes (really, that's all the time it takes) to tweak Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 update made Microsoft's Metro vision much more PC-friendly, but the newly universal desktop taskbar can block the UI in Metro apps. Here's how to make it stop The touch-friendly tiled start screen, aka Metro, that greets everyone in Windows 8.1 may be in danger of being demoted, if reports are to be believed this week. One report claimed that Microsoft. The solution is simple to open and start Microsoft Internet Explorer always on Windows 8.1 or Windows-10 desktop and disable Metro IE App! Start the MS Explorer in the Windows 8.1 desktop mode! The fastest way to do this is via shortcut Windows+R and the command iexplore ( see Image-1 Arrow-1) , click in MS Internet Explorer the IE.

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Windows 8.1 will include boot to desktop option to bypass 'Metro' interface. Microsoft is planning to change the way its Start Screen operates with the release of Windows 8.1. Sources familiar. Windows 8.1 will automatically update your metro-style apps by default, but if you need to see what's being updated, you can disable this feature Metro apps are pretty nice, but they absolutely suck on a Windows desktop with a mouse and keyboard. That's to be expected though, since Metro (also known as Modern UI or Microsoft design language) was created mainly with touch input in mind for Surface Pros and Windows Phones.. But many of the Metro-style apps and games on the Windows Store play rather nicely with a mouse/keyboard setup

Windows 8.1 file information and notesImportant Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 hotfixes are included in the same packages. However, only Windows 8.1 is listed on the Hotfix Request page. To request the hotfix package that applies to one or both operating systems, select the hotfix that is listed under Windows 8.1 on the page Luckily, one can hide or disable the Start button in Windows 8.1 with the combination of two software. Hide the Start button in Windows 8.1. Complete the given below instructions to disable or hide the Start button in Windows 8.1: Step 1: Download the latest beta version of Stardock's Start8 software. Even though Start8 is a paid software ($4. Windows 8.1 is the first version of Windows that comes with an Then enable Turn off Windows Defender on the right side panel. Windows 8 – How to disable the start menu opening on log on In previous versions of Windows only the desktop was shown Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. 8.1 & server 2012R1 MAY give you this. With 8.1 and Server 12 R2, you can probably start right into the desktop. But the start menu is still Metro. I don't think removing Metro with Microsoft tools will ever work

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Disable Windows 8 Metro Start Screen. Now that you have turned off Windows 8 lock screen and removed Windows 8 screen, we will now focus on how to disable Metro start screen in Windows 8. 1. Go to C:\Users\user profile\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup The way to disable the Metro view in the lately released Customer Preview will be added to this article within a few weeks. I hope this article has helped you, and getting you enthusiastic for Windows 8 as much as I already am! -----Ben Oostdam has been working with Windows systems since 1993. Worked for several companies as a system. Windows 8 has powerful search capabilities that rock, and I've come to appreciate them much more than the staid ol' Start button. Unlike the rest of the Metro interface, the All Apps screen is. Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle is a small 3rd party tool for Windows 8 that can enable or disable Start Menu (Metro Start Screen) in just one click. Of course this will also toggle Explorer Ribbon and Task Manager. If you prefer to sometimes use the Classic Start Menu, i.e, Windows 7/Vista Start Menu, then this tool is for you

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Although Metro is certainly a step in the right direction in terms of the devices on which many of us perform computing tasks, one suspects the majority of Windows users will be in for a massive shock when they try and get to grips with Windows 8 on desktops with mouse - especially those not having heard of the new Metro look, at all When Windows 8 starts, it displays a lock screen that you have to move out of the way before entering your credentials, and then you have to dismiss the Metro interface before accessing the desktop Change using the Metro interface: 1. Move your mouse to the bottom/upper-right corner to show the charm bar, and then choose Settings. 2. Next, choose the Change PC settings from the slide-out panel. 3. In the Metro panel, navigate to PC & devices -> Corners & edges from the left side. 4. On the right side, you will find four options: a

#Windows 8#Metro#Modern#apps#tips and tricks hot right now Windows 11 Won't Be a Forced Upgrade for Windows 10 Users: Microsoft says it'll be a seeker-initiated updat Timothy Warner Mon, Apr 23 2012. Sat, Apr 21 2012. windows server 2012, windows 8 3. In this article we will review some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Windows 8 Metro user interface for systems administrators. We'll also learn how to disable the Metro UI by using Windows Server 8 Beta (aka Windows Server 2012) Group Policy

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Metro Killer v1.0 Metro Killer disables the Windows 8 Metro User Interface, including new Windows 8 start menu and the Charms Bar. We recommend using Metro Killer with True Launch Bar to get access to your applications and get the Turn Off Computer button I Have an Touch screen Dell and Windows 8.1 Single language installed, When I move my finger from Right edge towards the middle, Windows 8 will bring up setting charm bar OR when i move my finger from middle top edge towards down windows 8 hide my application and bring up start menu Uninstalling the program is just a matter of going into Programs and Features. Get the download and read more about it on the My Digital Life Forums. This story, Disable the Windows 8 tiled start. In Windows 8 the process of uninstalling metro apps is rather easy. Therefore, when you have established the metro apps in Windows 8 the way you want, you may wish to prevent other users on the computer from uninstalling them. This tutorial will show you all the necessary steps to disable the uninstall metro apps feature

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No white icons on Metro screen task bar - posted in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1: I have installed windows 8 and it worked fine, but now I seem to have lost the white icon display on the Metro Page. DPI Scaling settings in Windows 8.1. The easiest way to open the DPI scaling options is to right-click on the desktop of the operating system (on the screen you want to modify the values for) and select Personalize from the context menu. Here you then need to click on Display under See also in the lower left corner of the screen. The Let me.

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History of Windows 8 How to Speed up Windows 8 or (8.1) - Free and Easy This Is What Windows 8 Looks and Feels Like Windows 10 (Beginners Guide) Skip Metro Suite - Disable Metro UI in Windows 8 Windows Store App tutorial: Exploring design principles of Windows Store apps | lynda.co The latest piece of information, courtesy of The Verge, claims that Windows 8.1 Update 1 will boot to the desktop by default, completely bypassing the 'Metro' interface You can disable only the Windows Explorer Ribbon. You can disable Metro start menu and Explorer Ribbon. Enable any of the disabled options. Display Windows 8 Lock Screen, Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, Sleep and Switch User options in Windows 8 Metro UI How To Enable And Disable Windows 8 Metro UI [Guide Less than nine months after Microsoft released Windows 8 to the public it released a preview of the upcoming updated version (Windows 8.1). When Windows 8 was first released many long time Windows users complained about the seemingly split personality of Windows 8 and its confusing interactions between the 'classical desktop' version and the new 'Metro' (or 'Modern') interface As hard to discover as Windows 8's hot corners are, in Update 1 Microsoft appears to be doubling down on making the screen edges special. Put the mouse at the top of the screen in a Metro app and.

After these six procedures, you can open any Metro app when you log on to your PC via the built-in Administrator account. Related Articles: Enable and Disable Administrator Account on Windows 8/8.1; 2 Ways to Rename Administrator Account in Windows 8/8.1; How to Get Administrator Privileges in Windows 8/8. Sometimes you need to disable or enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer (Windows 8 Metro interface) and I will show you how via this tutorial. The procedure is the same as other versions of Windows except the first steps navigating through the Metro interface, but it's still pretty easy. Watch the video above or follow the text guide below

Metro UI Tweaker is a freeware tool, designed to tweak a few settings that are unavailable to users in Windows 8. The tweaks being currently offered are: Disable Metro Start Menu; Disable Metro Ribbon; Disable Metro Start Menu and Ribbon; Enable Metro Start Menu and Ribbon; Add Power Options to the Metro Start Menu Screen; and Add any Application/File to the Metro UI Start Menu Screen Metro Suite - Disable Metro UI in Windows 8 15 Windows Settings You Should Change Now! First look at Windows 8.1 The first secret of great design | Tony Fadell Top 4 Windows 8.1 Secrets [Tips and Tricks]5 SECRETS ABOUT WINDOWS 8 [TIPS AND TRICKS] Learn Windows 8 in 3 minutes (OK, it's really 4) ? How To Enable The Original Start Menu In Windows. True confession: I hate Windows 8.1. The dual personality drives me nuts.Metro may be great for people with tablets, tiny fingers, and even tinier expectations Windows 8.1 is the first version of Windows that comes with an Then enable Turn off Windows Defender on the right side panel. Windows 8 - How to disable the start menu opening on log on In previous versions of Windows only the desktop was shown Windows 8, as you probably know by now, is dominated by the brand-new Metro interface. It appears when you first log in, and there's no official way to disable it

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Last November, Lance Whitney described all your shutdown options in Windows 8.1, including the ability to right-click the Start button, choose Shut down or sign out, and then click one of the. Windows 8.1 follows Windows 8 in typical Microsoft version 2.0 fashion, changing a bit of eye candy and dangling several worthwhile improvements -- but hardly solving the underlying problem. Windows Desktop Replacement. This section explains what happens when the Replace Desktop option is enabled, and why it is useful to administrators.. When enabled, the Replace Desktop feature allows the administrator to convert a standard desktop into a limited device similar to a Thin Client, without replacing the operating system

With Windows 8.1, this menu includes a 'Shut Down' option, and hovering over it also gives you the option to restart your PC, removing the need to return to Metro mode. 5. Quiet hour Windows 8.1 allowed you to boot to the desktop, but this option was hidden in the taskbar's properties window under the Navigation tab. By default, all Windows 8.1 PCs booted to the Start screen. Windows 8.1 Update 1 will boot PCs without touchscreens to the desktop by default, skipping that touch-first application launcher on.

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  1. Windows 8.1 Computer type Laptop System Manufacturer/Model Lenovo Thinkpad T430 CPU Intel Core i7-3630QM Memory 16gb Hynix DDR3 1600 Graphics Card(s) Nvidia NVS 5400m 1gb GDDR3, Intel 4000 Browser Chrome Antivirus Windows Defende
  2. In Windows 8 and 8.1, you have to hit the Windows key, which takes you either to the Start screen or the Apps view, depending on how you set up your PC, and start typing your search term
  3. This is interesting. Microsoft is planning to change the way its Start Screen operates with the release of Windows 8.1. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that the company is currently testing builds of Windows 8.1, known as codename Windows Blue, that include an option to boot directly to the traditional desktop
  4. Metro UI How To Disable Metro In Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Metro Guidelines acquire this windows 8 metro guidelines sooner is that this is the compilation in soft file form. You can entry the books wherever you desire even you are in the bus, office, home, and additional places. But, you may not habit to move or bring the autograph album print.

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Windows 8 is actually a nice upgrade for Windows 7 users, if it wasn`t for the Metro / Modern UI that Microsoft is forcing you to use - even if your PC does not have a touch screen. If you follow these simple steps, you can easily make Windows 8 work more like Windows 7 by skipping the Metro screen and adding a Start button Left clicking the Windows 8.1 Start button still takes you to the Metro interface, though; if you want an actual Start menu, you'll need to install a third-party app Skip Metro Suite 3.0 allows you to do two principal things: first, you can bypass the Start screen entirely, so after Windows logs on you find yourself at the more familiar looking Windows 8. Windows 8 has a new 'Start' screen (also referred to as Metro UI). If you ever want to access the traditional Windows desktop, you need to click on/tap a tile at this Start screen which takes you to the desktop. Whenever turning on or booting Windows 8, Windows 8 opens the Start screen automatically, forcing..

(If you don't see the Windows 8 Settings tab, make sure All Settings is selected in the bottom corner of the Settings window.) Check the box next to Skip Metro screen, then click the OK button. (In case you're wondering, Metro was the old Microsoft codename for the look and feel of the Start screen user interface. Windows 8/8.1 comes with a new interface, called Metro. Here there are different shortcuts to different applications and services of Microsoft Store; also, the Windows 8 Metro interface is designed to be more friendly with touch events (drag with finger or touchscreen) 1. Run Regedit. From the Windows 8 Start Screen, just start typing regedit without the quotes. The Registry editor appear on the left side of the screen. Tap it to launch regedit. 2. Adjust.

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But in Windows 8.1, tapping this key repeatedly will toggle between the current Metro-style app and the Start screen. There are free or cheap programs are available to restore the Start menu to its rightful place at the desktop, bearing names, like StartIsBack, Start8, Power8, Pokki, StartW8, and Classic Shell One of the main changes to Windows 8.1 built is that the start button from older Windows version is back. Initially when Microsoft released Windows 8, they removed the start button and it came with only Start screen.But this had a big impact on the users as many were not happy with the removal of start button. So based on the user feedback, Microsoft has once again added the start button back.

Included in clean installs of Windows 10 as well as upgrades to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. In some editions of Windows 10, it's included as an optional feature that you can enable. To do that, select the Start button, then select Settings > Apps > Apps & features > Manage optional features > Add a feature > Windows Media Player. In the Windows 8 Metro menu, if you type in SkyDrive you can access its settings menu by clicking on SkyDrive storage space. In each of these sections you can customize all your sync options, such as disable the default use of the service, automate your photo album synching, or limit how your machine connects to networks to perform. In Windows 8.1, Microsoft has included an option to disable hot corners. Simply go to PC settings, and then PC and Devices. You'll management tools under Corner navigation

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In Windows Vista, Win+T cycles the focus only between running apps. In Windows 8.1 Spring Update 1 (Feature Pack), it does the same trick. When the Taskbar gets the focus, it shows at once reliably every time. Once you press Win+T, you can also right click or Shift+right click to show the jumplist and context menu respectively for the Modern app Sync Metro/Aero Color (Windows 8/Windows 8.1) Apply the color of the Start Screen to window borders and vice versa. Operating system behaviour options: Disable Look for an app in the Store Notification(Windows 8/Windows 8.1) Disable Look for an app in the Store option when an unknown file type is opened After the reboot, Windows itself will delete swapfile.sys and from then on will act as it never existed. Pagefile.sys will still exist. No complaints in the Event Log. I haven't noticed any ill effects, Metro Control Panel still works (maybe, just maybe, it starts a tad slower). I don't have or use any other Metro apps. G Select the Enabled radio button to disable the lock screen. Now when you start Windows 8, you'll immediately see the Windows 8 Login screen, like the one shown in Figure G, instead of the Lock screen Click on Start to open the Windows 8 Metro UI screen and then select CONTROL PANEL as shown below. Step 2. In the Control Panel list scroll down to the last option and Click MORE SETTINGS. Step 3. Click and open System and Security. Step 4. Now under the System tab, click on View amount of RAM and processor speed

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  1. Windows Blue has been rename to Windows 8.1 officially and becomes free upgrades for the Windows RT and Windows 8 platform. The Modern Internet Explorer 11 Desktop in Windows 8.1 will comes with many great improved touch features, such as metro swipe navigation, import the tabs, and a tab syncing option
  2. New Windows 8.1 leak includes 'Metro' file explorer and improved multitasking. A new build of Windows 8.1 has surfaced on file sharing networks this week along with a host of screenshots providing.
  3. Here's how Windows 8.1 Update tries to give you the right UI on any device the update will continue to boot to the Start screen and continue to use the Metro apps as the default for opening.
  4. In Windows 10, there are different ways to enable or disable AutoPlay. It can be done using Settings, the classic Control Panel or the Registry. Let's review these methods. Disable or Enable AutoPlay using Settings. To disable AutoPlay in Windows 10, do the following. Open the Settings app. Go to Devices -> AutoPlay
  5. Snap view: The biggest change in Windows 8.1 is the expansion of the snap view feature that enables multiple apps on the screen at the same time. Windows 8.1 will let you run up to eight apps.
  6. Windows 8.1 keeps this setup and adds the alarm app as a special new type of lock screen app. Figure 1 shows the new Lock screen apps settings part of the PC settings screen. Like the detailed status app, each device can only have a single alarm app at a time

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Start Menu 8+ is specially designed for Window 8.1 and Windows 8. It disables hot corners and the charms bar and kills Metro. You can pin applications to start menu easily, can see recently used files for pinned applications and can perform a search on Start Menu 8+, like you are on Windows 7's Start Menu. It has a very simple and slick user. The Windows 7 driver I was using on Windows 8.1 just crashed all the time with Windows 10, and even with Windows 8.1 many Metro apps would crash so I couldn't use them. It was a 1024x600 screen too, but I used a registry hack to allow the graphics to switch to 1024x768 mode so the metro apps that didn't crash would at least start Useful Microsoft Windows 8.1 Tips & Tricks Part 3. Welcome to the third part of Windows 8.1 tips & tricks. This time, we will see how to disable Bing as your search engine, remove folders from My Computer, set your proxy settings, and turn off location services and notifications in this operating system

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The Windows 2012 R2 RSAT requires the Windows 8.1 client OS. There are a number of improvements in 2012R2 in particular with regards to hyper-v, directaccess, etc. Also (and this is the point for me in particular), Windows 2012R2 and Windows 8.1 have vastly improved PowerShell support (vs. Windows 7) for doing stuff from the command line

There was a leaked screenshot from the upcoming Windows 8.1 first update, revealing Modern UI (Metro) apps minimized to the taskbar in desktop mode, indicating that we might be able to run apps with the new interface in the traditional Windows environment, too. Now screenshots of the apps themselves are out, and they indeed show minimize and close buttons will be in store for Metro apps, when. Because they are relying on the semi-advanced controls within the Metro Side of Windows 8.1. They are located by going to the Metro Screen settings by clicking in the lower Right Corner and click the Gear Settings then Change PC Settings on the bottom in text, then PC and devices, and then Mouse and Touch pad....and finally the last. Windows 8 was all about touch -- which is to say, if you didn't have a touchscreen device, using Win 8 could be an aggravating experience. Windows 8.1 is different; it can still be about touch, but it's also a much more successful embodiment of a hybrid OS's true potential: choice.. Windows 8's defenders will point out that the OS has always been customizable -- which is only partly true In Windows 8.1/10 in the root directory of the system drive folders and drives and disable Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) in order to not to take up too much space in RAM and retrieve when Metro-style app is resumed by the user