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Features related to Niantic Wayfarer are accessible for certain experienced players of Niantic games. Whether you can submit a suggested Wayspot edit, submit a Wayspot nomination, or review nominations and edits is determined by the level of your account in Pokémon GO and/or Ingress Prime Product Support. Product Support. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Pokémon GO Ingress CATAN: World Explorers Niantic Kids Niantic Wayfarer Support / About Niantic Wayfarer / Question; Upgrades. Niantic Wayfarer Upgrades allow you to fast-track Wayspots you've nominated by reviewing others' nominations. Reviewers are awarded one Upgrade for every 100 Agreements reached. When you earn an Upgrade, you can choose one of your existing nominations to upgrade.. Niantic Wayfarer: November AMA. Hi folks, Thanks so much for your great questions and your patience as we navigated the US Thanksgiving holiday to bring you answers to your top 30 questions: split into the top voted 15 general questions and 15 criteria-specific questions. Adding support for additional information, including a supporting. Niantic Wayfarer - Niantic Wayfarer. YouTube. Welcome to Niantic Wayfarer! By participating you can help shape future adventures for yourself and others by mapping interesting locations across the globe. Continue with Google. Continue with Facebook

Niantic Wayfarer: September AMA Hi folks, Firstly, let me thank you for all of the interest in continuing the AMA. I hear you that there is a hunger for more information beyond these questions and I am working on securing more support for maintaining the forum and addressing your questions and concerns here How to contact Niantic Wayfarer Support? Question. Close. 2. Posted by 10 months ago. Archived. How to contact Niantic Wayfarer Support? Question. For discussion of Niantic Wayfarer. 10.2k. Reviewers. 117. Reviewing. Created Oct 10, 2019. Join. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Product Support. Contact Us. For advertising and sponsorship inquiries, please review the Business page and use this form to contact us. For game support, please review the Product Support page. Please refer to the relevant form below for location removal or modification requests. Thank you 0 points. Most recent by NianticKN-ING April 2020 Location Edit Appeals. Editing Wayspot Location (of recently accepted nomination) rfontaine12-PGO. Niantic 120 views 11 comments. 0 points. Most recent by NianticKN-ING April 2020 Location Edit Appeals. Diamond Camp. RollingOldie-ING Niantic 79 views 2 comments. 0 points. Most recent by VideoGamePhenom-PGO April 25 Wayspot Photo Appeals. Blurry Photo. WayfarerMSE-PGO. Niantic 52 views 5 comments. 0 points. Most recent by VideoGamePhenom-PGO April 25 Wayspot Photo Appeals. Edit a wayspot to the correct location >10m

Pokémon go Wayfarer badge reset. Investigating. Rbuisson-PGO. Niantic 2K views 46 comments. 5 points. Most recent by DestroyerrTJ-PGO June 18 Report a Bug. Series of Invalid Portals in La Hoya, Almeria. Blaumut-ING. Niantic 97 views 4 comments jar006-ING Niantic 39 views 1 comment 0 points Most recent by NianticKK April 21 Location Edit Appeals Gainesville, Florida, USA: Gainesville Retreat Center PlumbousGasBag-ING Niantic 109 views 12 comments 3 points Most recent by EvoldicA-ING April 21 Invalid Wayspot Appeal RuiAndradeSousa-PGO Niantic 155 views 6 comments 1 point Most recent by BarkBarkBoBo-PGO June 15 Russia Wayfarer Challenge INVALID WAYSPOT APPEAL: sculpture removed HelvetiaZH-PGO Niantic 48 views 1 comment 1 point Most recent by NianticGray June 15 Invalid Wayspot Appeal How Niantic Murdered my Wayfarer Community (and how they can revive it) Six months ago, my supply of new waypoint submissions was used as soon as it became available. I reviewed 50-100 submissions a day in Wayfarer and my nominations were processed in a matter of weeks - sometimes faster. Local trainers and friends frequently discussed. You can still edit the Title, Description, and the Supporting Statement of the Nomination at this time. When it moves to In Voting, it has received reviews and can no longer be edited through Niantic Wayfarer. These edits that you can make are not the edits voted on through Niantic Wayfarer Reviewing. Edit Reviewin

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Nomination cannot be Upgraded as Upgrades Available. Niantic 44 views 2 comments. 1 point. Most recent by NianticKK March 16. Wayfarer result is inconsistent. Niantic 88 views 4 comments. 13 points. Most recent by NianticKK March 12. Safe pedestrian access is not a static attribute Discussion Problem with Niantic Wayfarer Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/0 Niantic Support. 20,499 likes · 369 talking about this. Official Niantic account for general support-related news & info for Ingress, Pokémon GO & Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. For 1:1 support, submit..

Agents, Operation Portal Recon is now Niantic Wayfarer! Effective immediately, Agents eligible for Operation Portal Recon will now be redirected to Wayfarer where you can log in using the verification method you used to on your Operation Portal Recon account SUPPORT. Offer Redemption. UPDATES. October 15, 2019 Community Note: Niantic Wayfarer beta coming soon! Trainers, As you may have read on the Niantic blog, we are very excited that the beta version of our new tool—Niantic Wayfarer—will soon enable Pokémon GO Trainers to review nominations for PokéStops and Gyms,. No support tools or transparency. Effectively submitting Wayfarer content is tricky. The community provides resources - maps, FAQs, grids, etc. - but these are unofficial and not always up-to-date or accurate. Not being able to work within the coded guidelines of the Waypoint system means that good nominations are shot down for bad reasons

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