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Dwarf Mondo Grass This specialized mondo grass only grows to heights of two to four inches. The leaves are slender, and the plant has a petite look that makes it attractive for use as ground cover in your flowerbeds. Dwarf mondo grass is resistant to cold weather and pests as well Dwarf Mondo Grass is the miniature version of the other Mondo Grass offered at Homedepot.com. Dwarf Mondo will only get 3 in. - 4 in. tall and wide with slender green leaves which make for a low maintenance unique look in the landscape. Dwarf Mondo is often used as groundcover and as an accent mixed in with rock walkways

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Plant standard and black mondo grass 6 to 12 inches apart and dwarf mondo grass 2 to 4 inches apart, depending on how fast you want the area covered. Through propagation by division, it's possible to create an entire border from just one plant, although it will take years. The only thing mondo grass is truly picky about is watering Dwarf Mondo Grass. Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus' SKU. 06312. This dwarf variety, only half the size of others, creates a lush groundcover of dense, dark green, grass-like clumps. Excellent as an edging plant or tucked into rocks for a pleasing contrast. Striking in mass plantings in the landscape. Evergreen Dwarf mondo grass is a ground-hugging, carpet forming spreading plant. This short mondo grass cultivar only grows to between 3 and 6 (7 - 15 cm) tall with a similar-sized spread. Dwarf mondo grass has small, thin spiky-looking dark green 'grass' blades Standard mondo grass reaches a mature spread up to 1 foot wide within a year or two, but dwarf mondo grass needs two to three years under ideal conditions to reach its spread of 3 to 4 inches...

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  1. A closely related variety is called dwarf mondo grass. Dwarf mondo is more closely cropped than regular mondo, growing only 2-4 inches in height. This variety has no blooms and prefers a well-drained soil and full shade. It tends to spread more slowly than regular mondo
  2. Dwarf Mondo Grass botanical name is Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus'. There is also mondo grass which grows up to 15 inches tall. Dwarf Mondo Grass Care Plant in well-drained soil and water regularly to establish
  3. Super Dwarf Mondo Grass is the perfect choice between the cracks in paver patios or gaps between stepping stones and works equally as well as a massed groundcover under trees and shrubs. It is the perfect choice as an underplanting for Japanese maples and other unique specimen plants. Super Dwarf Mondo Grass is very easy to grow in shady to.

Dwarf Black Mondo Grass is resistant to pests and disease, low maintenance, and can be grown almost anywhere in the US. Growing to about 8 inches tall and up to 12 inches wide, Black Mondo Grass is a distinctive addition to any landscape! Black Mondo Grass FAQ Caring for Black Mondo Grass 1382160100P. Add greenery and richness to your garden with this dwarf, evergreen perennial. The Dwarf Mondo Grass eventually forms a dense mat of dark green, grass like foliage. It is ideal as a groundcover between pavers or stepping stones, under trees and in low traffic areas. Use it as a low maintenance garden border or for pond edging This is the type you'll come to expect when you hear Mondo Grass - Ophiopogon Japonicus is the most common type of this grass. It has an average height of 6 to 10 inches but has been known to be as tall as 12 inches. The great thing about this species is that it grows upwards of 15 inches wide per plant Mondo grass grows best in slightly acidic soil. If your soil pH is lower than 5.5 or higher than 6.5, you should treat the soil to change the pH. To lower the pH of basic soils, work in bark chips. Dwarf Mondo Grass - 18 Count Flat of Pint Pots We love this tough little grassy plant! If a low-maintenance evergreen carpet of deep green is what you need for a lawn, as a groundcover, or to fill the gaps between stepping stones and pavers, Dwarf Mondo Grass is your plant

Dwarf Mondo Grass will grow to be only 4 inches tall at maturity extending to 6 inches tall with the flowers, with a spread of 8 inches. When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 6 inches apart A beautiful dwarf variety, which only half the size of others, creates a lush groundcover of dense, dark green grass-like clumps. Exceptional as an edging plant or tucked into rocks for a pleasing contrast. Striking in mass plantings in the landscape. Evergreen. Size. Choose an option 4 Pack 4 9 Pack 4. Clear Mondo Grass has many attributes which continue to makeit a popular groundcover (Fig. 1). The dark green, six to 8-inch-tall, grasslike mounds are comprised of amazingly sturdyplants, tolerating full sun (except in the Deep South) to deepshade, drought or periods of standing water, an ability totolerate some foot traffic, and a seeming immunity to mostinsect pests or diseases A black foliage form of Dwarf Mondo Grass stays around 2-4 and is perfect as edging along a walkway or tuck into crevices of a wall. Dwarf Mondo Grass. Black foliage. Clump-forming. Size. Plant SKU Size. 4

Ophiopogon japonicus - dwarf mondo grass. APPEARANCE: Popular low growing strappy plant great for highlighting borders, mixed plantings or for just a nice woodland setting this plant is a great choice.Beautiful white flowers massed on a short growing bush. USES: Great for rockeries, small gardens and border planting. PLANTING: Plant in well drained soil in full sun to part shade.CARE: Mulch. Dwarf Mondo Grass is an evergreen groundcover that looks like turf...very deep green turf that is! Get all the details below! Dwarf Mondo Grass - 6 Pack of Pint Pots. 1 Review(s) 5 0 5 WRITE A REVIEW It has an average height of 6 to 10 inches but has been known to be as tall as 12 inches. The great thing about this species is that it grows upwards of 15 inches wide per plant. One may also ask, how tall is dwarf mondo grass? Dwarf Mondo Grass botanical name is Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus'

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Dwarf Mondo Grass botanical name is Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus'. There is also mondo grass which grows up to 15 inches tall. Dwarf Mondo Grass Care. Plant in well-drained soil and water regularly to establish. Once established, Mondo Grass is drought tolerant. Mulch new plantings, after applying a pre-emergent herbicide to control weeds Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon Japonicus 'Nanus') This is a specialized type of Mondo Grass. It grows to only around half the size of the other species in this family (around 2 - 4 inches). Ophiopogon Japonicus is the most common type of this grass. It has an average height of 6 to 10 inches but has been known to be as tall as 12. Buy Dwarf Mondo Grass. Dwarf Mondo Grass maybe the shade lawn-free yard that you've been searching for.Plant dwarf mondo grass in filtered sun to shaded areas and don't worry about mowing again. Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana' growing to only half the size of regular mondo grass.The tufted grass like clumps are slow growing up to 6 inches tall and evergreen

Home / Nursery / Ground Cover / DWARF MONDO GRASS DWARF MONDO GRASS $ 24.50. 18 ct. flat of 4″ pots. Categories: Ground Cover, Nursery. Description Does well in a range of soils: Shade/Partial Sun: Ground Cover: Average water: Great Foliage: Ornamental Grass: Height: 2-3 Inches: Related products. Nursery RED OLEANDER $ 22.50. Nursery BLUE. Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonica) - Like liriope, mondo grass retains a much smaller size, 6 inches (15 cm.) by 8 inches (20 cm.), and is a great addition to areas lacing in space. Prairie Dropseed ( Sporobolus heterolepsis ) - Prairie dropseed is a fascinating ornamental grass that tops out at 24-28 inches (.5 m.) in height with a 36- to. Mature height for Dwarf Mondo Grass is 2-6 inches. Mature width for Dwarf Mondo Grass is roughly 3 inches. An exceptional ground cover plant. Dwarf Mondo Grass prefers to be grown in full shade. Drought tolerant! Do not over water your Dwarf Mondo Grass and be sure the soil is not overly moist/soggy Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon spp.): This 4- to 6-inch (10-15 cm.) plant is bright green with blue flowers in the summer. Dwarf mondo grass does well in full sun or partially shaded areas. Best for USDA zones 5 through 9 with well drained soil. It is deer and rabbit resistant when used as groundcover or in rock gardens Mondo grass is a slow-spreading grass that forms a lush, cushiony turf with white flowers and blue berries. It is small enough, reaching only 12 inches tall, for rock gardens and along border fronts. It is perfect for groundcover locations as well. Plant dwarf mondo grass with organic matter from spring to fall

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Dwarf Mondo Grass. Plant Type: Ground Cover. This tiny form of Mondo Grass stays around 2-4 and is perfect as edging along a walkway or tuck into crevices of a wall. Dwarf Mondo Grass. Dark green foliage. Clump-forming Dwarf Mondo Grass (O. japonicas var. nanus) Smaller variety of the Common Mondo grass that grows to a height of around 10 cm. Black Mondo Grass (O. Planiscapus 'Nigrescens') Great variety for contrast in pathways or around bright edges. This variety has deep purple to black leaves and grows to a height of about 10-25 cm I notice that as the Mondo Grass spreads, some 'clumps' will have a longer, finer blade of grass along with the 'regular' size Dwarf Mondo. Perhaps an occasional mowing will help keep the space at the desired length, all at about the height of the Dwarf Mondo Grass. Positive: On Jun 15, 2009, flymarvin from Greenville, SC wrote Grass Dwarf Mondo Botanical Name: Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana' Common Name: Dwarf Mondo Zone: 5-10 Height Average: 2-3″ Spread Average: 8″ Habit: Dense, clumping, low growing Culture: Sun to Part Sun Foliage: Dark green grass-like foliage Flower: None Comments:..

Mature height: 2-3 (Dwarf Mondo/Monkey Grass) Great foot-tolerant, no-mow turf substitute choice. A low-growing, dense and lush evergreen ground cover with dark green grass-like clumps of leaf blades that will thrive in sun or shade. 2-3 tall. Specifications. Brand: Classy Groundcovers Ophiopogon japonicus, commonly called mondo grass, is an evergreen, tuberous-rooted, rhizomatous, perennial of the lily family. It typically forms an arching clump to 8-12 tall and as wide of narrow, linear, grass-like, dark green leaves (each leaf to 8-15 long and 3/16 wide). It is native to woodland areas in Japan and Korea Buy Dwarf Mondo Grass online. Dwarf form of Mondo grass. The dark green leaves are stiffer and only half as tall. Forms tight little clumps and spreads slowly Mature Height: 2-3 Inches. Mature Spread: 2-3 Inches. Hardiness Zone: 7-10. What's My Hardiness Zone? Get Zone 9-Pack Dwarf Mondo Grass in Tray (L5449) Subject to credit approval. Get 5% off your eligible purchase or order charged to your Lowe's Advantage Card. Valid for purchases in US stores and on Lowes.com. 5% discount will be applied after all other applicable discounts. Customer must pay applicable sales tax. Offer cannot be used in conjunction.

Ophiopogon japonicus -- Mondo Grass Page 3 October 1999 Use and Management Often used as an edging or border grass, Mondo Grass is quite useful as a groundcover where its creeping underground stems quickly provide a rich green carpet. It contrasts well with Gardenia, Hydrangea, and other light to medium-green shrubs Quite pleasing to the senses as it ripples in the wind, this dwarf Mondo Grass is perfect for planting between stepping stones, in small areas around patios and courtyards or in Asian gardens. Grows up to 3-6 in. tall (7-15 cm) and 4-6 in. wide (10-15 cm) to form a weed-proof mat. The roots are tuberous and this plant spreads slowly via stolons Mondo grass looks great in a rock garden or along borders. Browse varieties to find the right one for you. Perhaps the cute dwarf variety only grows to about 2-3 inches in height. FIND AT FAIRVIEW GARDEN CENTER. Click to Enlarge Dwarf Mondo Grass or Japanese Lily Turf. Ophiopogon japonicus is a traditional groundcover used in Japanese gardens. Plants grow up to 12 inches tall and 15 inches wide, forming small soft clumps in the garden. The leaves are thin and strap-like and are a deep green Mondo Grass- Dwarf Green 'Nana' Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'/ Subtropical Plants. Mondo Grass- Dwarf Green 'Nana'. Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'. Pricing. Grade. Height Indication. Price. 1l pot. $7.50

It also shares with liriope the requirement for good drainage. Plant mondo grass between 4-12″ apart and dwarf mondo grass, 2-4″ apart. Water and Fertilizer For Mondo Grass. Water mondo grass thoroughly when the top 1-2″ is dry, customarily, depending on weather conditions. This should be about 10-14 days Ophiopogon japonicus nana 'Dwarf Mondo Grass' - 1 Gal $7.99 Zoysia tenuifolia Korean Grass - Flat $24.99 Euonymus japonicus 'Aureo-Marginata' Golden Euonymus - 5 Gallon $26.99 $19.9 Similar to the Dwarf Mondo Grass 'Nana' (which grows only 2-3 tall), this variety has a mature height of 6-10. If you are considering purchasing this plant in bare root form, please read about bare root plants so you know what to expect Dwarf Mondo Grass: (Ophiopogon japonicus Nanus) Dwarf Mondo Grass is a dense evergreen perennial grass with a mounding habit. Grows 3- 4 inches tall, 6 inches with the flowers. With a spread of 8 inches, dwarf mondo grass does best in partial shade and prefers evenly moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing water

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Zones 6-11. Height 12 to 15. Spread 12 to 15. Full Shade to Partial Shade. Dark green clumps of grass-like leaves makes Mondo Grass, Ophiopogon japonicus, an excellent evergreen groundcover or edging plant. Small spikes of lilac-colored flowers appear in summer. These are evergreen in most parts of the country and provide a low. Ophiopogon japonicus, Kyoto Dwarf, Dwarf Mondo Grass: At about half the size of the more common mondo grass, this plant is considered a dwarf variety. It features short, deep-green blades. They fold over and almost look like a head of hair! This decorative grass forms slow-moving runners both above the ground and below Once separated, you can replant at 4″ intervals to provide a good cover. You can grow mondo grass from seed, but it is time-intensive. Black mondo seed has a low germination rate. It's also slow to germinate, and can take anywhere from 30-150 days. Since it's a slow-growing plant, preparing enough starts for a ground cover takes a while Jul 20, 2021 - Explore Ms CAM's board Dwarf mondo grass on Pinterest. See more ideas about mondo grass, dwarf mondo grass, grass

You can use a roller over the seeded lawn, which will encourage seed germination from good seed-to-soil contact. Consider planting a species of monkey grass called dwarf mondo grass. This species stays short naturally. All other species of monkey grass grow between 10 to 15 inches in height, depending on the variety Upcoming roadworks and access to Texture Plants. From Jul 2021 until Mon 4th October 2021 work will commence on the installation of a roundabouts at the Springs and Marshs Road, and Shands and Blakes Road Intersections.. This work will affect access to Texture Plants. There will be NO access to Marshs Road from Springs Road during this time Dwarf Mondo Grass . This dwarf form of Mondo grass is yet another versatile ground cover. Ideal around pavers or pots and a great edging plant. Will grow in sun to semi-shade in most types of soil. Hardy. Evergreen. $7.99 each A very low maintenance dwarf mondo grass that clumps to 5 cm in height with short dark green curving foliage and tiny white flowers within the foliage in summer. Suitable for a range of soils. It is very frost hardy and tolerates sun to semi-shade. Excellent for edging or underplanting. Ophiopogon japonicus Nana (Dwarf Mondo Grass Dwarf Mondo Grass. Creates a lush groundcover of dense, dark green grass-like clumps. This evergreen dwarf form is only half the size of the species. Excellent as an edging plant or tucked into rocks for a pleasing contrast. Filtered sun. Slow growing clumps 4 to 6 in. tall. Division

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  1. Height: 2-4. Width: 3-6. Light: part sun to part shade to full shade. Salt: good salt tolerance. Deer: do not usually eat. Zone: 7-11. Notes: Dwarf Mondo grass like regular Mondo Grass, is a low growing spreading member of the lily family. It thrives in low light areas where grass won't grow. It can also be used as a border or.
  2. Dwarf Mondo Grass. BOTANICAL NAME. Ophiopogon japonicus. 'Nana'. HEIGHT 3-6″. WIDTH 12″. EVERGREEN. COLD TOLERANCE 10° F. SOIL TYPE Well drained
  3. Dwarf Mondo Grass foliage Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Dwarf Mondo Grass Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder Dwarf Mondo Grass Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus' Plant Height: 4 inches Flower Height: 6 inches Spread: 8 inches Spacing: 6 inches Sunlight: Hardiness Zone: 5b Description: Dwarf mounds of narrow dark-green foliage; bell-shaped.
  4. Full Sun. Max Height. 6 Inches. Price. $3.49. This is the dwarf variety of Mondo Grass. It stays very small and grows at an extremely slow pace which is perfect for a border plant along a walkway. Mondo Grass can take full sun to full shade. Qty
  5. Dwarf Mondo is a low-growing evergreen mondo grass that slowly spreads by short underground stolons to form a 6-inch clump. The blade-like arching leaves are an attractive dark green and the berries that follow the flowers are bright blue. It is resistant to deer and rabbit damage. Plant in average moist well-drained soil in partial sun
  6. Dwarf mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) is a member of the lily family and thrives in warm temperatures (hardy to USDA zones 6a to 10b). Growing 2 to 4 inches in height, dwarf mondo grass is disease resistant and grows well in the shade, although it will tolerate full sun
  7. Find Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus') in Greensboro High Point Winston-Salem Summerfield North Carolina NC at New Garden Landscaping & Nurser

Mature Height: 4-6 in Light Requirements: Full Shade , Partial Shade Deer Resistant , Dwarf Plant , Evergreen Customers also viewed these products. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Previous page. New and Healthy DWARF MONDO GRASS 220 PIPS EVERGREEN GROUND COVER ROCK GARDEN BORDER NANA VARIETY For best results, cut the Dwarf mondo grass either early in the fall or early in the spring. This way of propagating the Dwarf mondo grass is not only easy but also cheap. A single clump can be separated in to 50 to 100 sprigs. You can get a clump from your neighboring yard or can even order the sprigs at a wholesale supplier

Dwarf Mondo Grass Ophiopogon Japonicus 'Gyoku-ryu' Type: Ground Cover Zone: 6-11 Height 4 Spread 4-8 Space: 6-8 Flower: White, tinted with lila OPHIOPOGON JAPONICUS NANA DWARF MONDO GRASS. Low growing evergreen Growth pattern similar to species Height 2-3 Hardy zones 7-10 Shade only in warmer zone Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus' (Mondo grass 'Nanus') will reach a height of 0.15m and a spread of 0.15m after 2-5 years. Suggested uses. Banks and Slopes, City, Coastal, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Garden edging, Ground Cover, Low Maintenance, Containers, Rock, Underplantin Dwarf Mondo Grass will grow to be only 4 inches tall at maturity extending to 6 inches tall with the flowers, with a spread of 8 inches. When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plant Dwarf Mondo Grass {3 1/4 in. Pots, min 25} $3.77 or less ($3.77 per plant). In stock. Add to Cart; Dwarf Mondo Grass {2 1/2 in. Pots, min 54} $2.97 or less ($2.97 per plant). In stock. Add to Cart; See photographs comparing average sizes of some bare roots and potted plant

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  1. Ophiopogon japonicus Gyoku Ryu aka Gyoku Ryu Dwarf Mondo Grass. Grows in Part Sun to Shade. Flower Color is White/Cream and blooms in Summer. Hardiness zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b. Characteristics: Edimentals, Deer Resistant Plants, Drought Tolerant Plants, Dry Shade Plants, Dwarf Plants, Groundcovers, Pollinator Plants, Medicinal Plants, Plants from China, Plants.
  2. iscent of grape hyacinths. Mondo grass can also make a
  3. After back filling and lightly compacting the 50/50 mix of existing soil and compost give your Dwarf Mondo Grass a good deep watering. This is not to be rushed. Most of the water you put on the plant at first will run away from the plant until the soil is soaked. A general rule of thumb is to count to 5 for every one gallon of pot size
  4. Dwarf mondo grass is a low growing, dark green plant native to Korea and Japan that grows together in clumps. Despite the name and appearance, this plant is actually a member of the lily family. People often use it for decoration in flower beds and to mark the borders of paths and gardens
  5. Mondo Grass is a groundcover or bordering plant that lets you throw away your shears. The advantage of Mondo Grass is that once they grow to their full height, they never grow any taller. Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies. Ophiopogon 'Dwarf' Mondo Grass $ 3.99 - $ 21.99
  6. Dwarf Mondo Grass - Similar to japonicus. Spreads slower. Mature height 2 - 3. Dwarf Mondo can be used for spacing between pavers / flagstones. - Pints sizes can be split into 2-4 plants. Spacing 4 to 8 inches (space bare root and smaller plants at 4 spacing) Available Sizes: Classic Pint 24 Plants Per Box 3.5x 3.5 container siz

Ophiopogon japonicus 'Mondo Grass' - Flat $29.99 $24.99 Ophiopogon japonicus 'Dwarf Mondo Grass' - Flat $29.99 $24.99 Ophiopogon japonicus nana 'Dwarf Mondo Grass' - 1 Gal $7.9 Find Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus') in Selma, North Carolina (NC) at DeWayne's. Skip to content. Just added to your cart. Qty: View cart () Continue shopping Submit. Close search. Online orders are processed by phone and will be confirmed within 48 hours of receiving the order during business hours Mondo Grass Spacing. Depending on the space availability, you can decide on the number of plants you require. Dwarf Mondo grass requires 3-4 inch spacing and the larger growing species need a spacing of 5-6 inches. If you use more plants, the area will get covered faster Compare. Name. This Item. 1-Quart Dwarf Mondo Grass in Pot (L5449) 9-Pack Dwarf Mondo Grass in Tray (L5449) 1-Quart Dwarf Asian Jasmine in Pot (L7375) 1-Quart Liriope in Pot (L7045) Ratings. Ratings

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Mondo Grass Spacing: 4-6″ Height: 6-8″ Exposure: Shade to partial sun. Evergreen, dark green 1/8″ leaf blades. Spreads by underground stolons. Insignificant white flowers in summer, bright blue berries in fall. Dwarf Mondo Grass Spacing: 4-6″ Height: 2-3″ Exposure: Shade to partial su You can find Dward Mondo grass and more at Houston Plants and Garden World. Open 7 days a week. Call 281-830-208 Black Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens) - If you have shady areas, you'll want to start Black Monda Grass seeds for a unique and attractive grass. Ophiopogon planiscapus Mondo Grass is considered to be a dwarf ornamental grass as it only reaches about 6 inches in height

Mondo Grass, with the non-inclusion of the Dwarf specious, it usually takes around a year or two to fully mature to its mature spread of 1 foot wide. In the case of Dwarf Mondo Grass, it takes it around about 2 to 3 years of a healthy life span to reach its maximum spread potential of 3 to 4 inches Dividing dwarf mondo grass helps maintain healthy growth. When the plant is 2 or 3 years old, dig it up and divide it into sections in early spring. Before new growth appears, dig up dwarf mondo grass with a garden fork. Pull the root ball into two or three sections with equal amounts of top growth Mondo Grass Ophoipogon japonicus. HEIGHT: 12-15 Mondo Grass and Dwarf Mondo Grass (shown above) are excellent in formal, geometric gardens. They look great filling in the green spaces between stepping stones and around smaller decorative areas. They can also function as a great border in tight spaces Common Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) This grass is the most commonly available grass. It is popular due to its deep green foliage and its compact growth form. The maximum height reached by this species is from 10-25 cm. Dwarf Mondo Grass (O. japonicus var. nanus) Smaller variety of the Common Mondo grass that grows to a height of around 10. Dwarf Mondo Grass is a compact clump forming evergreen ornamental grass with arching dark green foliage and small bell-like purple flowers that bloom atop of leafless stems in summer. The flowers are followed by pea sized blue-black berries that are often hidden in the foliage. Best grown in part sun and slightly acidic, moist well-drained soil

Dwarf Mondo Grass is similar in appearance to Liriope. The spikes of the lavender flowers are borne in the tufts of the leaves and so may be partially hidden. This cultivar is a slow growing dwarf reaching only 3-6 tall but can spread to 12 if planted in the ground Mondo Grass is available in different sizes such as tall and dwarf. It is used as a ground cover or edging plant and spreads through the use of rhizomes or tuberous roots. The foliage is strappy and grass like and depending on the variety can come in the colours of green, dark green, black or variegated Ophiopogon japonicus 'Common Mondo Grass' Common mondo grass is 6 - 8 height, also known as monkey grass (Ophiopogon japonicus), is an evergreen, sod-forming perennial.The scientific name is derived from ophis = snake, and pogon = beard, most probably referring to the flower spike.Mondo grass is quite often confused with liriope So master gardener Karen Williams relies on an alternative ground cover in her shade garden -- dwarf mondo grass. The tight clumps of dark-green, grasslike foliage are only 3 inches tall, the. Dwarf Mondo Grass. 4 Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' Fountain Grass. 1G / 6 Photinia. Red tips. 3G / 10 Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata' Japanese Cheesewood. 3G / 10 Prunus caroliniana. Carolina Cherry Laurel. 10G / 17 30G. Punica granatum. Pomegranate (Edible) 3G / 10 Rosa 'Radtko' Double Knock Out® Rose.

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  1. e 4 Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Minima Variegata', Asiatic Jas
  2. g evergreen with short and attractive dark green, strappy foliage. Growing to only 10cm tall, it is ideal for edging around pots, thin borders and in between pavers. Plant in a full sun to partly shaded position with moist well drained soil
  3. The Dwarf Mondo Grass plant makes for an elegant, lush ground cover of dense, dark green leaved grass-like clumping forms. The dwarf variety type of monkey grass is excellent as an edging plant or can be tucked into rocks or around stepping stones for nice green foliage contrast. Will help deter weed growth if planted as a border plant and.
  4. This grass has excellent resistance to disease and insect attack, decent drought tolerance and a low to moderate supplemental fertilizer requirement. The 'Low Work and Water' Dwarf Fescue Lawn Seed Mix is recommended for most regions of the country. Use 8-10 lb. of seed per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn area. More Information
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Dwarf Mondo Grass 100 Bare Root Ophinopogon Border Grass Liriope monkey Nana. $30.00. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 102 sold 102 sold 102 sold. Dwarf Mondo Grass /25 single plants/well rooted! $20.99 + $5.00 shipping + $5.00 shipping + $5.00 shipping. Height:4 to 6.

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Liriope muscari 'Isabella' | Alpine NurseriesQuality Growers, IncMondo Grass – Making a Lawn | Walter Reeves: The GeorgiaBOXWOOD - PLANTS FOR HOUSTON
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