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Moose Hunting in British Columbia with Lehman Creek Outfitters. Our guides are highly qualified, with many years experience hunting moose in the region. The majority of our hunts are for moose and much of the Lehman Creek area provides ideal habitat for this species. Since 1993 our success rate on moose hunts has been an average of 80% though. Northern British Columbia Trophy Moose Hunts. The extreme northern region of British Columbia is rich in-game and has some of the best trophy moose hunting in North America. This is where the Canadian sub-species meet the Alaska-Yukon sub-species along an invisible line along the BC-Yukon/NWT borders and we hunt for the largest of the Canadian. We hunt an expansive wilderness that's home to a dense population of moose and trophy quality that can't be rivaled. Hunters can expect bulls in the mid 50-range, while some are certainly larger on these remote, British Columbia moose hunts. In 2016, our moose hunters were 100% success and 60% of those went record book Canadian Moose Hunt 7 day 2 on 1 - $8950. Canadian Moose Hunt 7 day 1 on 1 - $10950. NEW Shiras Moose Hunt - view hunting rates for current pricing. View our Hunting Package Prices and current specials. View more photos in our Photo Gallery. Call them now at 778-349-0105

This hunt commences mid October and ends mid November for a rifle hunt. Archery offers an excellent opportunity to harvest a good bull during the rut. There is plenty of excellent moose habitat here with the chance of harvesting a bull between 40 and 55 inches. Great to combine with mule deer. S.C.I. recognizes these moose as SHIRAS Our Moose Hunts. Our 3000 plus square mile guide territory is located in the heart of the Lakes District of Northwest British Columbia. We have some of the finest habitat and moose hunting BC has to offer. From rich farmland, high mountain valleys, remote swamps and hundreds of small to large lakes this area has it all

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5 day hunt (6 nights) 2 on 1 $4115 US; 5 day hunt (6 nights) 1 on 1 $5145 US; $1200 US for second bear; Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt. Cancelled for 2020. Fall Mature Bull Moose, Wolf Combo Hunt. Sept 10th to Nov 5th. 7 day hunt (8 nights) 2 on 1 $7468 US; 1 on 1 hunt is $9015 US; $2500 trophy fee if you shoot a moose and an elk; Trapping Adventure Northern BC Moose. The Largest Canadian Moose are found in Northern British Columbia. After crossing the Yukon border, they are considered Alaska Yukon Moose. Kawdy Outfitters is located on the Yukon border at the headwaters of the Yukon River drainage. Our moose carry Yukon moose genetics but are geographically considered Canadian Moose Nanika Lake | British Columbia Guide Outfitters. Nanika Lake Outfitters (NLO) is a family owned and operated 3rd generation hunting outfitter providing fair chase spot and stalk hunting adventures for Mountain Goat, Canadian Moose, Mountain Grizzly, Black Bear, and Wolf. From remote fly-in hunts to semi-remote base camp or tent camp hunts, NLO. Located in the world famous East Kootenay region of British Columbia, we have exclusive guiding and outfitting rights for 2 pristine wilderness areas encompassing 6 major river systems, over 80 lakes, and countless streams. 22,000 acres of our territory is a remote alpine wilderness park where we are allowed to hunt A Classic Northern BC Hunt The average antler spread of our moose is 45-55 inches with the occasional one reaching 60 inches. If you hunt moose for a living you better have a wolf management strategy and trapping wolves in our guiding area during the winter has paid off for us in a big way

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  1. The moose season in our area runs a full 9 weeks between mid September to mid November. With a 9 week season, 5 different camps to hunt from, and one of the best areas in BC to hunt moose your search for a great moose hunt has led you to the right place. I believe in customizing each moose hunt to each hunters ability, expectations, and budget
  2. Moose Hunt Standard Our moose hunts are ranging from a typical northern BC fly-in hunt for big bulls to a drive-in meat moose hunt with a trophy opportunity. The Driftwood Valley Outfitting area has two (2) functioning landing strips for wheel planes and seven (7) different fly-in lakes with camps out of log or wood cabins
  3. Moose and caribou hunting in British Columbia HOME ABOUT US MOOSE CARIBOU TRAVEL SCHEDULE & RATES GALLERY. LEHMAN CREEK OUTFITTERS Eli and Terra Hatch Box 32 Anahim Lake BC V0L 1C0 Canada. 778 763 0074 eli@lehmancreek.ca. Schedule & Rates
  4. Welcome to Backcountry BC and Beyond's Cassiar hunting concession. We offer some of the best hunting in British Columbia or anywhere in North America. Located in the Northwest corner of British Columbia, roughly 80 miles from Alaska and 40 miles from the Yukon, lies some of the most remote, pristine and game rich wilderness in the world
  5. Cold weather causes the moose to feed more during daylight hours and on bitterly cold sunny days they often bed in the open to absorb warmth from the sun. The colder it is the better the hunting is and hunters need to be dressed for severe Canadian cold, but the rewards far outweigh the short periods of discomfort
  6. Our camp is situated on the Bowron River approximately 50 miles East of Prince George, in the central part of British Columbia. We are a family run business and have been in operation since 1964. We welcome you to come and join us for some of the best moose hunting in BC Canada. We have been guiding this area for over 50 years, and I, Scott.
  7. Our moose hunts are ranging from a typical northern BC fly-in hunt for big bulls to a drive-in meat moose hunt with a trophy opportunity. The Driftwood Valley Outfitting area has two (2) functioning landing strips for wheel planes and seven (7) different fly-in lakes with camps out of log or wood cabins

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BC Hunting Guides Outfitters, British Columbia, Canada. Black bear hunts, BC moose hunts, sheep & mountain goat hunts, mule deer, lynx, bobcat & cougar hunts. Southern British Columbia has long been recognized as one of North America's premier cat hunting destinations. Big mature toms tip the scales at 170 - 190 lbs, with 14 to 15 inch. Canada Moose Hunts. The Canada Moose in our hunting area is as large as this species come since we are at the very northern boundary where Moose are considered Yukon Alaska Moose. Bulls within our hunting concession can grow antlers exceeding 65 inches wide (165 cm) and our average is usually about 55 inches (140 cm)

Video from a September 2012 Canada moose hunting trip. The moose that stands up first is actually the smaller of the two bulls bedded down there. If you look.. Here at Cougar Creek Lodge, located in British Columbia, Canada, we offer Moose, Black Bear, & Mule Deer combination hunts on one of the largest hunting territories in North America. In past seasons our hunters have harvested trophy moose, bear, mule deer, and cougars, and we are looking forward to an exceptional upcoming hunting season. Enjoy your visit to our website, then call or email us. SE. British Columbia, BC Outfitter #4, Offering hunting options for: Elk; Moose; Grizzly and Black bear; Whitetail & Mule Deer; Mountain Goat; Cougar in Southeast British Columbia in the Kootenay region. We are the exclusive outfitter in a territory encompassing approx. 600 sq. miles of pristine mountain terrain

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The Largest Canadian Moose are found in Northern British Columbia. Our harvested Moose have an average horn size of 54, although we have taken bulls at 60 or better. The majority of our moose hunting is in the open alpine country, along the meadows of the rivers and around the network of lakes in the area Trophy Zone Outfitting offers great mountain hunts in southern Alberta and southern British Columbia. We also offer a few hunts in northern British Columbia. We have a very wide variety of different species to hunt including Mule Deer, Whitetail, Moose, Elk, Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Blackbear, Wolf, and Lynx

Like moose, mountain caribou bulls will become more visible later in the season, during the rut. If you are interested in a moose and mountain caribou combo hunt, this is a great time to do it. There's No Bad Timing. Whenever you're able to go moose hunting in British Columbia, it's going to be a memorable adventure The moose that we hunt have both Yukon or Alaska style racks, as well as some of the southern styles. Our Moose are some of the largest bodied in all of Canada, with some weighing in excess of 1400 lbs. We provide the ultimate experience in hunting these big game. We have produced Boone & Crockett class moose with several of our trophy moose. Big game hunting lodge in British Columbia, Canada. Moose hunting, black bear hunting, mountain goat hunting, grizzly bear hunting. Remote enough to be a welcome break from urban life, make Babine Guides and Outfitter your next hunting destination Shiras Moose Hunts. In Southern Alberta we have both bow and rifle SCI Shiras Moose rut hunts. In 2005 we took the world record SCI Shiras Moose with a bow. This bull was a 59 inch 13*13 scoring 503 3/8ths. He was not the only big bull located here and we have seen bulls over the 60 inch mark. We currently only have 2 rifle and 2 archery tags.

The Moose hunting in the Driftwood Valley area is some of the best BC has to offer with mature bulls growing to over 50 with some individuals exceeding the 60 mark. Our 11 different camps are well equipped and offer a comfortable base to hunt out of. We have quads, side by sides, boats, ARGO and 4x4 trucks in the different locations Over 70 percent of the moose population lives in Northern BC, with a population of about 170,000 animals. The balance of the population are scattered in pockets throughout the southern sections. Discover the Best Methods and Strategies to Locate Moose Spatsizi River Outfitters operates in remote wilderness parks considered the jewel of Northern British Columbia. The parks contain both Pacific and Arctic watersheds, allowing us to hunt a variety of habitats, for Moose, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat and Mountain Caribou. We run a select operation taking a maximum of 3-4 hunters in each camp, and.

The Chinchaga River Valley situated in northwestern Alberta produces some of the finest moose and black bear hunting in all of Canada. Chinchaga River Hunts is the most experienced guiding and outfitting company in this Northern Alberta Region. As professional outfitters it is our goal to provide our clients with the highest quality hunts, best services [ Late season moose hunting requires you to go deeper into the forest away from the openings. Be sure to carry a map and GPS or at the very least a compass for to ensure your safe return. Moose hunting in November can offer its own challenges. Moose Hunting Tips Resources. The Moose Hunting Tips Book - The Ultimate Guide to Moose Hunting can help. BC Guide Outfitters strives to provide top quality family and selective hunting packages for the discriminating sportsman. Hunting Packages We offer a full slate of BC species including Canadian Moose , Black Bear , Rocky Mountain Goat , Rocky Mountain Elk , Whitetail deer , Mule Deer and Timber wolf

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  1. Two giant 70 inch moose harvested on the same hunt is unheard of. Add to that , a third bull in the 60 range in 5 days and you have an Epic hunt of a LIFET..
  2. Our History. Inzana Outfitters was established in 1964 as a big game hunting destination in North Central British Columbia, Canada. Paul and Marilyn bought Inzana Outfitters in 1998 and moved all operations to their private ranch near Pinchi Lake, which is located in the southern end of the 3000 sq. mile guiding territory
  3. in British Columbia. Found across almost the entire interior of the province, they are most abundant in the central and sub-boreal interior, the northern boreal mountains, and the boreal plains of northeastern British Columbia. Moose are also common in mountainous valleys, except for a few dry southern valleys like the Thompson and Okanagan
  4. Over 3000 square miles of remote Northern BC hunting terrain awaits you and your sense of adventure. Circle M Outfitters offers professional guiding and outfitting for Mountain Goat , Moose , Caribou , Black Bear and Wolf ; plus winter Trapline Adventures , backcountry Horse Trips and excellent Fishing
  5. Fraser and Krista both have studied mountain goat, mountain caribou, Stone's sheep, moose, elk and wolves all over Northern BC. In 2011 Fraser and Krista purchased the Guide Territory from renowned Outfitter Dennis Smith of Bear Paw Guide Outfitters and are continuing the backcountry hunting tradition he started over 30 years ago

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Tahltan Outfitters - The Best in Wilderness Guiding. Sheep. Goat. Moose. Caribou. The scenic country and majestic animals of Northern British Columbia combine to offer the hunting experience of a lifetime. Join us this year for an unforgettable adventure! These hunts take place in an area with good road access, so unlike a moose hunt in British Columbia or Alaska, there's no need for a float plane charter or long boat ride on a hunt with us. Since we have guaranteed Moose tags, there's no need to spend years accumulating bonus points or deciphering a complicated lottery system in states like. In addition to the southern British Columbia operations we have another area in Northern British Columbia with exceptional Canadian Moose, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf, Lynx and also take out clients on Trapline Adventures in pursuit of fur bearing animals while hunting Wolf and Lynx Join us as we hunt for mule deer in British Columbia during 2018. Make sure to LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE. Also, as stated in the video, and ideas of what you would.. Smoky River Outfitting, located in the Northwestern Region of Alberta, Canada offers moose hunts, elk hunts, mule deer bowhunts, whitetail deer hunts, and wolf & coyote hunts. We are one of the most successful hunting outfitters in Alberta as far as potential and percentages of trophy big game taken. We have been in the outfitting business.

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  1. Most of the hunting area consists of the rugged coastal mountains that Southern BC is known for. Resident pressure is limited in the area. Harvested timber blocks in the low valleys and avalanche shoots provide exceptional black bear habitat and the rugged mountain peaks are ideal goat terrain
  2. About BC Guided Hunting. We provide guide and outfitter service in Northern British Columbia. We have a high success rate on all our BC Hunting species. Our area is filled with big game animals including: Moose, Grizzly & Black Bears, Mountain Goats, Caribou & Timber Wolves. Read more »
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  4. BRITISH COLUMBIA BEAR AND MOOSE HUNTS (250) 963-9612. BOWRON RIVER GUIDING. BEST SUCCESS RATE IN BC. Home. Gallery and Testimonials. Hunts and Pricing. Spring Bear; Moose; About Us. FAQ. Contact. More. 2 on 1 SPRING BEAR MAy 25 - June 30. This is a 5-day luxury hunt. Black bear are plentiful, with trophies ranging up to 7 feet. The bear have.

Moose Hunting. If you're looking for the quintessential Canadian expedition, consider a Wilderness Air Escapes moose hunt. Our client return rate is more than 90 per cent, thanks to the magnificent boreal forest, our eleven incredible outpost cabins, and of course, the possibility of bringing down a majestic moose From Cranbrook to Corner Brook, there's good news for hunters in every province and territory. Across Canada, the most popular animals with big-game hunters are deer, elk, moose and caribou. While deer and elk populations are mostly doing well nationally, moose and caribou are facing challenges. The outlook is also spotty for less common big game, such as pronghorn antelopes and mountain goats.

Hunt with an outfitter that has a proven track record - over 35 years in the same territory! Brent is a third generation guide/outfitter. He knows the area extremely well, has 1st class guides, great accommodation, high success rate on elk, goat, bear, moose and deer, and will make your hunt one to remember for a lifetime Featured Moose Hunting Guides & Outfitters. Contact: Mark Werner. 778-349-0105. Click here to e-mail. Location: British Columbia. BC Guide Outfitters. BC Guide Outfitters operates its Moose and Bear hunts within a 900 square mile plateau of prime Moose and Bear habitat. We have over 200 lakes and 3 major rivers This area covers some 3,000 sq miles of superb hunting, fishing, sight-seeing, horseback riding and boat. The Northern portion of the area is hunted by horseback into spike camps for Dark Stone Sheep, Goat and Moose. The southern portion is great for Goat, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear and Grizzly roam freely over the territory

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  1. Moose Hunt Details. Cost is $8495 US + tax for our 7 day hunt and include: One Professional Guide per hunter. Optional wolf hunting. Flights from our floatplane base in Silver Falls, Manitoba. Excellent meals, shore lunch and beverages. Moose and fishing license and allocation fees. Private cabin with bathroom
  2. At Scoop Lake, we hunt from August 25th to October 15th due to the fact that in our geographic location, Northern BC, our goats have excellent hair during this time of the year. Our goats average 9-9 1/2 inches. You can combine a Mountain Goat hunt with Moose, Caribou, Elk, Black Bear and Wolf. Our most common combination hunt is Goat and Moose.
  3. Limited hunting pressure, a good food source, plenty of cover and exclusive access are all keys to a quality moose hunt! We are 100% successful on our moose hunts. We operate our moose hunts during the rut/calling season which is a very exciting hunt. We have a limited number of moose hunts available so booking early is important

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British columbia. Hunting grizzly bears rank at the top of most bowhunters and rifle hunters wish list. Primitive Outfitting offers a limited amount of hunts for trophy grizzlies for both bow and rifle hunters. Our area boasts of some of the best habitat for black bears and grizzlies in the province with a prolific salmon run in the fall which brings bear in for miles Hunting for moose in the north is something everyone needs to experience. It's such a rewarding and exhilarating feeling during all aspects of the hunt. Join us and let us help you take this majestic animal off of your bucket list. The hunt - 6 days of hunting and 7 nights of northern sleep. (Example: get to camp on Sunday, hunt Monday to. British Columbia offers some of the best elk hunting in Canada. DB Outfitting is a Family Owned operation in BC with experienced guides and a strong history of success. Due to the 6-point regulation, the elk herds are improving in British Columbia and chances at a trophy class bull elk are high

A September moose hunt can be combined with black bear and wolf to make the most of your hunt in Canada. These hunts are sold on the basis of 2 hunters per guide with high success rates on past hunts. All terrain vehicles and Argos will be the main sources of transportation. In some cases 4X4 trucks will be used *The hunter may pay 25% if the hunt is more than a year away, and the next 25% one year before the hunt is scheduled to begin. *The final balance is due 90 days before the commencement of the hunt. *All deposits can be paid by cheque, wire transfer or bank draft. *Trophy fees are payable in cash or bank draft before the hunt begins MOOSE HUNTING AREA. Our Moose hunts take place in the forests and fields of North Western Alberta in Peace River Country. Our area has arguably the highest moose population in Alberta with the trophy potential being very high. We have been operating here now for many years and have been successful due to our quality area and the knowledge we. BC big game hunting guides outfitters. Guided trophy hunting trips, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goats, Caribou, Canadian Moose, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Grey Wolf. Canada North Moose Hunting (7 days) 2021 We are experts at providing you the best Canadian Wilderness hunting or fishing trip possible! Over the years, the Burntwood Lake Area has proven to have one of the highest concentrations of Bull Moose in Manitoba. Our average over the past 26 years is an outstanding 60% success rate

Explore Moose Hunts. We have an impressive success rate for moose hunting in Alberta, scoring an opportunity rate of 98% on archery hunts over the past thirteen years, and 100% opportunity on our rifle hunts. With imposing bulls varying in size from 35-45 inches - and even 50 inch bulls obtainable - Northern Edge Outfitting's exciting. British Columbia #2: **Call for Pricing and Date Availability. Hunt the Kootenay region of southern B.C.This hunt for trophy Shiras moose will complete your moose slam.This area consistently produces 40-50 bulls with 55 plus bulls being a real possibility Elk hunting in the Peace Country has earned the reputation as a sleeper, due to the growing Elk herd populations, rise in age class, and increase in Read More > Moose Hunts. Moose hunting in this zone has experienced the same wonderful results as the Mule Deer. Once Again the government biologist implemented a Read More >. The moose hunting in our area of Saskatchewan has been remarkable for at least the past five years. In fact, approximately 90% of our hunters have had the opportunity to take a bull moose. This kind of success is no accident; we have quality guides, a large hunting area, access to remote lakes by floatplanes and a willingness to relocate.

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  1. Moose Hunting in Canada. British Columbia is home to the Canadian sub species of moose, these moose can be found anywhere from the heavily forested willow swamps to the high valley basins. During the calling season in Sept/Oct the bulls are in rut and in search of females, this can make for an exciting hunt!.
  2. Moose Hunting in British Columbia. British Columbia is home to the Canadian sub species of moose, these moose can be found anywhere from the heavily forested willow swamps to the high valley basins. During the calling season in Sept/Oct the bulls are in rut and in search of females, this can make for an exciting hunt!.
  3. Moose Hunting British Columbia. We have quality Canadian moose hunts available that can be combined with other species to make a once-in-a-lifetime combo hunt. Mountain goats are quite plentiful and success rate on them runs around 75% as an additional trophy. Premiere Moose Hunt

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Request Info. or. Call 1-800-346-8747. This trophy Canadian moose hunt takes place in central British Columbia in the heart of the vast Canadian Wilderness. Our outfitter has access to over twenty five thousand square miles in his hunting territory. This territory has one of the highest moose populations in all of North America October Moose Hunting. Moose season is closed in most of Alaska, with the exception of a few areas, but remains open in prime areas of the Yukon and British Columbia. The leaves have fallen from the trees, and visibility in the forest is far better. It is prime time to hunt caribou, elk, grizzly, and brown bear Okay, let's try this again. My thread was one of the ones that was deleted. So, my 2 buddies and I were successful in our Shared Hunt LEH for bull moose in region MU 5-1 for Oct. 15-31. While I'm not looking for advice on honey-holes pointers towards an area will be gladly accepted via PM. I will be doing extensive online (Google Earth) scouting and plan a few trips this summer and in.

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6-9 early season moose hunting. So it looks like the southern Region 6 Oct moose bow season is no more. You know, because if the vast numbers of archery moose harvest in southern Region 6 that is affecting the populations. I've always hunted moose during the rut Fire Mountain Outfitters. Fire Mountain Outfitters offers first class fly in hunts for Western Canadian Moose, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat & Mountain Caribou in the Majestic Cassiar and Taku Mountains of north western British Columbia next to beautiful Atlin Lake. Bordering the Yukon to the north and Alaska just to the west, our 5000 square mile. Moose Hunting in Northern Yukon. Experience the thrill that comes with moose hunting in the Northern Yukon. There may not be a better opportunity in the North to obtain a record book Alaska-Yukon Moose. Vast tracts of superb moose country in the Blackstone area still remain untouched A two-week horseback hunt in British Columbia yields a whopper moose, an edgy horse, and a lesson in riflescopes. In a tiny hotel room in Smithers, British Columbia, sorting gear for a two-week hunt that would begin with a bush-plane flight the next morning, I felt like a lottery winner who hadn't yet claimed the prize

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The area of Tahltan Outfitters offers prime habitat for large Canadian Moose. The Moose found in our area are larger than the average Canadian Moose due to the fact that the hunting area is a mere 60 miles from the Yukon border bringing the influence of the large Alaska/Yukon moose 1 on 1 BULL MOOSE HUNT $12500. Ten-Day Deluxe Hunt. For those of you who want the best, this is a 10-day hunt of a lifetime. Prices include your private guide and all the facilities of the Bowron camp. There are a maximum of 5 hunters at one time on this hunt, and we can serve you on an individual basis. The hunt is at a choice time of year.


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Fire Mountain Outfitters offers guided Western Canadian Moose hunts in Northwestern British Columbia south of Whitehorse in the Yukon. Call 604-900-9732 for questions or to book a hunt Experience the thrill of calling in a bull moose! Hunt from our lodge or one of several remote cabins. We offer fully guided hunts for non-resident and BC resident hunters. BC resident hunters with a draw in 7-12 can also opt to just rent our cabins or equipment. Pricing by Request Agassiz Record Bull Moose. In the area that Agassiz Outfitters has exclusive hunting rights for, the Provincial record for a bow killed moose (210 5/8) was taken by one of our guests. As well the largest rifle and bow killed moose in Manitoba in two other consecutive years were shot in our area also by our guests Due to limited access, our area promotes one of the best hunting areas in British Columbia with little resident pressure and a large area to spread out our hunting operation. Access to the country is via float plane to our multiple lakes outfitted with cabins or wall tents with the use of either horses or boats to hunt for Moose, Caribou, Stone.

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A non-resident Ontario Moose hunting license is $460 and the export fee for the meat is $35. Non-resident hunters can only get Adult tags through a lodge or outfitter. Bull Moose Hunting Tags and Cow Moose Hunting Tags are limited. If an outfitters has run out of adult tags you can still obtain a calf hunting tag as they are plentiful During your hunt, you will also see a great variety of other wildlife species. Hunting elk is best during the month of September which is also their rutting season. Rocky Mountain Elk are available in 10-day hunts and in a 14-day multi-species hunt. You may wish to add moose or caribou to your hunt on a trophy fee basis Moose occasionally produce trophy-size antlers when they are 6 or 7 years old, with the largest antlers grown at approximately 10 - 12 years of age. In the wild, moose rarely live more than 16 years. Moose are generally associated with northern forests in North America, Europe, and Russia. In Europe, they are called elk Hunt #2: Northern British Columbia hunt in one of the most remote areas in North America. Located about 225 air miles northeast of Smithers. Small outfitter, taking only a very limited number of clients. Hunt can be combined well with trophy moose, mountain caribou or stone sheep. Great hunt, book early! Backpacking required on most goat hunts Member of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia. We are a big game hunting lodge on Babine Lake in British Columbia, Canada. We offer moose hunting, black bear hunting, mountain goat hunting, grizzly bear hunting, mule deer hunting, wolf hunting, and trapline trips. With nearly 4000 square miles of prime hunting area in the heart.