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Beautiful Key Chains Online Wholesale, Factory Prices, Large Products Collection,. 7 Years of Service to US Jewelry & Accessories Dealers, Professional China Products Vendo Welcome back DIYholics! In today's video I will be showing you 6 different ways you can start and end your friendship bracelets! This video was requested a..

Hey guys! In this video I show you a couple of ways you can make keyrings out of your friendship bracelets. Subscribe to my socials below! -----.. Step 2: Tieing the First Row. fold your yarn in half, and tie a knot at the fold. now, take the strand on the far left and tie a double half hitch on the string to the next one over (see pic). tighten that, and pull it up to the top by the knot. then, do the same knot to the next string and continue until there are no more strings to tie

The centerpiece of this friendship bracelet style best friend keychain is the glass cabochon charm at the bottom. My daughter wanted lots of different design choices for her best friend keychains, so I made these 21 pairs of different best friend circle designs she could choose from Chevron Friendship Bracelet Keychain: This is a great way to customize your keys, water bottles, and bags. Depending on the number of strands and length you choose, this project can take a few hours to complete. This is perfect for long car rides, and is easy enough for teens and some

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Method 1of 3:Tying One Loose End to a Looped End. Make a loop before starting your friendship bracelet. To make a loop, fold the threads in half and grab the threads where they're folded at the middle. Tie a knot in the folded threads about 1 in (2.5 cm) down to create a loop Hey guys! In this video I show you how to make a teardrop loop for your friendship bracelet. Subscribe to my socials below! ----- MY SOCIAL.. Gimp is the art of weaving plastic strings to create friendship bracelets. The material used in the process also is called lanyard, Scoubidou, craftlace or boondoggle lacing. There are different ways you can finish off a bracelet in gimp Hey guys! In this video I show you how to make a teardrop loop for alpha patterns. Subscribe to my socials below! ----- MY SOCIALS -----.. Slowly pull on these strands to close the gaps left in this Completion Stitch. Sometimes it helps to use one hand to push down on the stitch, while pulling the strands with the other hand. When completed, you'll notice it has a kind of rounded effect to the end of the stitch. What remains are leftover strands of various lengths..

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Tie a Friendship Bracelet to a Key Chain. bracelet key chain or any other type of jewelry you can think of. Make friendship bracelets : Double chain Then, wrap the other colors around one color until you reach the end, then push it up tomore. How To : Make a beaded 7 petal faerie flower pendany To add some shine to your friendship bracelets, start with a metal ball chain and then let the knotting begin! As you tie the knots, they twist around and form a double helix of sorts. You can make it with one or two colors and the connector on the chain makes it easy to wear your bracelet or give it to a friend

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Hey everyone! In today's video I show you guys how to make this really cute friendship bracelet for your hydro flask! It's super cute and easy to do so I hop.. By the end of the class, you will gain the skills necessary to create your own bookmark key chain and bracelet. You can do all three, or you can do just one. It doesn't matter. I'll teach you how to read a pattern. Make sure you understand how which what everything means. Um, I'll teach you how to start a bracelet, a bookmark and a key chain. How to Read a Friendship Bracelet Pattern. Cut 32+ of Omegacryl yarn or embroidery floss for each strand indicated at the top of the pattern underneath the capital letters. Tie strands all together with an overhand knot 3″ down and secure to fabric with a safety pin or to a hard surface with tape. Lay out the colors in your desired color. Every bracelet, necklace, choker, or anklet needs a clasp and a closure. What's the diff? The clasp is the grabbing end, and the closure is the end that is grabbed by the clasp. Read on to learn how to make my favorite hemp finishing techniques. But Before You Do, Here's Some Info That's Good to Know

Jun 18, 2021 - Explore Natalie's board Boondoggle Keychains, followed by 144 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about plastic lace, scoubidou, plastic lace crafts Keep the Cord 1 end on the left when you are done. Continue to alternate back and forth between the two cords to form the rest of the bracelet. 5-Strand Braid Friendship Bracelet Steps. Cut rope to 13 inches. Fray the edges of rope by gently pulling apart the ends. Fray 2 inches of each end. Bring the two frayed ends together and secure by wrapping scotch tape around the two pieces of rope. Add a bit of glue on (what you determine to be) the back side. Choose your first color of thread The gimp friendship bracelet is one of those unchanging friendship bracelet styles that will always be in fashion. I'm no gimp expert and I'm not a gimp history buff either, but it seems to me that the gimp bracelet has been a beloved craft of kids and teens throughout the ages Step 3: Finish the keychain bracelet. 1st, open a small jump ring and hook cord knot with lobster clasp; 2nd, open the large jump ring in step 1, and slide key ring into; Till now the braided keychain friendship bracelet is done. In this item, the colorful string jewelry can be worn as a decorative friendship bracelet and meanwhile is able to.

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How To:Weave a tri-color friendship bracelet. Weave a tri-color friendship bracelet. Take three strips of cloth, ribbons, lanyards or embroidery floss, and use the following tutorial to make a lovely three colored friendship bracelet. You can turn this into a necklace, or bend it into a loop to make a keychain How to make a twisted friendship bracelet!Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns to Try if you like it!This bracelet is pretty easy to make. The end result is ama.. End of bracelets by kleinevos 6 years ago The string-ends in petals of mandalas are just cut of and burned, or glued to the back of the petal. For bracelets the shaping-technique is much nicer BFF - best friends forever. You know the drill. Maybe you had a keychain or a half a heart necklace? Oh, better yet - maybe you had a friendship bracelet made of yarn promising that no matter what your friendship would prevail against all odds. Then time went by and you lost touch, maybe you had a falling out or maybe your friendship just faded away How to Begin a Friendship Bracelet. The first step is to make a few rows. These rows make the background on one end of the bracelet before the letters. I usually start out with five rows of the background color. To make a row, take your background color (light green) and make a forward knot with the string to the right of it

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Dec 19, 2014 - Explore Kenny's board How to make keychain's, followed by 205 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about how to make keychains, crafts, how to make Step 2: Add brass cord ends and make three more bracelets. 1st, combine the two ends of the green bracelet with silver brass cord ends using clear plastic stick; 2nd, repeat the above steps to make a yellow bracelet, a red bracelet and a blue bracelet. Step 3: Wrap the jump ring. 1st, take out an iron jump ring and wrap it with white nylon. Scissors. Magic Loops. Place a line of craft glue as close to one end as possible and three-quarters of the way down the back of the bracelet. Press the end of one Magic Loop to the glue so that the long end points up. Hold the loop in place until the glue dries. Wrap the loop over the top of the bracelet, around the front and under the bottom

Put your skills to the test and make an easy DIY rope tassel that will give your beach bag or keyring the perfect splash of color. HGTV Summer Camp: Rope Keychain. Step 1: Cut a 5-inch piece of twine or string, then tie a knot around the jump ring. Step 2: Choose 2-5 beads and add them to the twine. Set aside Paracord Bracelet With a Side Release Buckle: This tutorial will show how to make a paracord bracelet with a side release buckle. This can be worn as jewelry, and unlike chain, it allows you to store several feet or rope on your person at all times. When made on a larger scale, this can also b Make sure it lands in the back of your zig zag friendship bracelet when you get to it. When you're done making your bracelet, glue the knot and trim it all the way. If you run out of thread and don't want to add (or if you see you'll run out) you can do a braided end, or finish it off in some other quicker way 7. Keep finger weaving back and forth with your pinky until it is complete. Unloop all of your fingers and tie an overhand knot in the end. Your children will be kept busy making embroidery floss bracelets all summer. I used to have a bracelet making stand and sold them on my street corner for $.25 Tie basic macrame knots to make a key chain or bracelet. By Rachel J. 1/14/11 4:04 PM. WonderHowTo. This tutorial shows you how to do two basic macrame ties, which you can use to make keychains, bracelets, chokers and other types of jewelry. Add beads, charms and other decorations to your projects - macrame is cheap, easy and fun

3. Tie the second end of the bracelet into a knot. Make sure that the knot doesn't take up any of the length you need to wear the bracelet. 4. Trim away the additional string. If you still have a lot of string left over, you can snip it off with a pair of scissors Friendship Bracelet - Make a simple friendship bracelet from embroidery thread, scissors and a piece of cardboard. Friendship Bracelets - Your friends can make these friendship bracelets together. Friendship Pal Craft for Children - Make a cute friendship pal for your close friends to show them how much they mean to you How to Make Greek Wave - Friendship Bracelet Tutorial. More information in video.. This is a different way how to make Greek wave Friendship bracelet (without scheme). Bracelet looks nice from both sides. Add a commen 1. String your decorative beads. Use whatever beads you are designing your bracelet, necklace, or other piece of jewelry with. Thread your first bead onto the wire. Thread the extra tail of wire through the bead hole. Use your flush cutters to cut off the loose end of the cord as close as possible to the bead Apr 15, 2021 - Explore Flora Mimosa Bracelets's board Friendship Bracelet Tutorial (videos), followed by 9576 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about friendship bracelets tutorial, bracelet tutorial, diy friendship bracelets tutorial

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Sheehy tells the story of Martha, a graduate student, wife, and mother who felt sucked dry by an emotionally dependent friend. After unsuccessfully trying the usual stop-calling-and-drift method, Martha found a way to extricate herself while allowing the other woman to preserve her dignity Tape measure. Scissors. Tape or safety pin. *ALL ITEMS PICTURED ARE INCLUDED IN OUR FRIENDSHIP BRACELET DIY KIT! *. Step 1: Cut eight 32″ strands - four in each of the two colors. Tie all eight strands together about 3″ from the end, then tape or pin down your knot and organize your strands in the following order: A B A B B A B A Jul 22, 2013 - Explore Tara Brannagan May's board Craft - Rexlace, followed by 204 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about plastic lace, gimp, scoubidou

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Now, I know what you're all thinking: friendship bracelets are for tween girls. But my new hobby goes way beyond all that. You've never seen a friendship bracelet quite like this before. This is not a simple braided bracelet. It's not a candy stripe, and it's not even a chevron. This is an alpha bracelet. Just the name let's you know it's above. Hi, I'm Heide form The Lanyard Ladies, and today I'm going to show you how to make Chinese Staircase out of lanyard. So the materials that you'll need today, you can use a clipboard to help you, if it will make things easier, or you can hold it in your hand to make it. You're going to need five colors, approximately 30 inches in length you're.

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  1. utes by weaving with scissors, embroidery thread, and pencil. How To posted by Grace D. Difficulty: Simple. Cost: Absolutley free..
  2. How To: Tie a leather knot end for jewelry How To: Easy Infinity Square Knot Yin Yang Friendship Bracelet Tutorial DIY: Macrame Double Spiral Bracelet How To: Make a Rag Rug Friendship Bracelet How To: Macrame Leaves for a Friendship Bracelet (Nice on Both Sides
  3. Excellent lens- I always wondered how it would be possible to make those bracelets without using the loom because i used to make friendship bracelets by hand. loomerlover on June 12, 2014: Cool. Valerie Bloom (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on June 11, 2014: @nicenet: These are fun and easy patterns
  4. utes. For all of the details, and to get started making your own custom candy-stripe friendship bracelets, take a look
  5. Part 2of 3:Making a Box Knot: Method 2. 1. Place one strand horizontal and another vertical on top of it. Make sure they intersect at the middle of each strand. 2. Put your finger on top of the intersection. Take the ends of the horizontal strand and cross them over your finger. Bring them to the opposite ends. 3
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2 weeks ago I made a macramé friendship bracelet tutorial named How do You Make Braided Chevron Friendship Bracelet with Golden Bicone Beads, which is very similar to this one.Although they are both macramé beaded bracelet patterns and include same knotting skills, the beads added in another way here yet bring about entirely different visual effect Friendship Bracelet Hair Ties Gift for Best Friend. wiggle inspired bows sets, Handmade Shibori Silk Scarf. Star Wars Face Mask Holder Car Vent Clip Pick Your Favorite Design. gift personalized keychain letter M keychain gold keychain birthday gift, lace headband white lace baby girl headband Wide White Lace Wraparound Headband baby girl baptism baby lace christening naming day

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How to make beaded bangles: 1. Bend back. Bend back the tip of your wire about 8mm - or enough to form a comfortably sized loop. 2. Form loop. Using the round nose pliers, curl it inward from the tip to form a loop. 3 Grab your yarn and let's make something creative! This can be a bracelet, bag accessory or even a key chain. Created by InShot:https://inshotapp.page.link/Y.. (Thin Line) Solomon Bar Bracelet by TIAT DIY Friendship Bracelets for Beginners Square (Box) Stitch -Starting tutorial DIY Heart Friendship Bracelets DIY: 4 EASY FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS | jada draper Make a Mad Max Style Paracord Survival Bracelet THE ORIGINAL - Boredparacord.com How to Do a Box Knot How to make normal pattern keychains. 504. Feel Better Bracelet Friendship Bracelet Look For Rainbows When It Rains Sad Friend Gift Card Inspirational Wish Bracelet. 4inch differs due to manual measurement, Date first listed on : February 27, 10 M US Toddler - Label size 27 - inner length 17, Always receive a Gift Box or Pouch with every purchase so you can always give or receive, Aluminium and Plastic Without Interrupted Cuts.

This bracelet was handcrafted by myself using embroidery floss in six colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, turquoise, and navy. Measurements: End to end: 30 cm Start to end of pattern: 10 cm Width: 1.8 cm This bracelet can be easily tied on to the wrist or ankle by tying the braided ends togethe This bracelet was handcrafted by myself using embroidery floss in six colors: white, light blue, blue, dark blue, peach, and red. Measurements: End to end: 26 cm Start to end of pattern: 13 cm Width: 1.3 cm This bracelet can be easily tied on to the wrist or ankle by putting the twisted ends

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chevron friendship bracelet woven bracelet vsco bracelet gift for best friend thread bracelet Totem pole friendship bracelet. Totem pole friendship bracelet chevron friendship bracelet. INFO: This bracelet is made with black, white, gray, and light gray embroidery thread. SIZING: Starting loop and pattern - 6.25 inches Braided ends - 4.25 inches SHIPPING: This bracelet is ready to ship To attach a rhinestone chain to a friendship bracelet, start by threading a long length of string/Omegacryl onto a thin tapestry needle and tie a double knot at the end of your string. Place the rhinestone chain where you want it on the bracelet and sew between the first two stone settings going from back to front so that the knot ends up on the backside of your bracelet Also called a friendship or diamond or knife lanyard knot, this decorative knot is used in the paracord lanyard and paracord bracelet projects. It's similar to the knot used by the Scouts on their wood badge woggle. Tobias came up with a neat method of teaching this knot that involves poking the rope through holes in a piece of paper

Friendship bracelets are a form of macrame since the woven patterns are created by knots. It is traditional to make and give a bracelet to a friend as a sign of long-lasting companionship. As the maker ties the bracelet onto the wrist of the recipient, the recipient can make a wish on the bracelet. When the bracelet falls off, it is said the. A sliding knot is a wonderfully easy way to end off a leather, string, hemp, or corded necklace or bracelet. It looks neat and stylish, is a very practical closure, and is very easy to make. Read More. Treble Clef Friendship Bracelet. Make a DIY treble clef friendship bracelet. Read More. Thicker Bracelets At the end of the row you change direction with the long string again. Start the third row with a forward knot. *To make a nice clean edge you can end the row with a BF-knot and start the third row also with a BF-knot. Keep knotting like this till the bracelet is long enough, every uneven row like row 1 and every even row like row 2 Making Friendship Bracelets from Embroidery Thread Chevron Bracelet Need Help Advanced Zig-Zag Friendship Bracelet Friendship Bracelet Patterns: Chinese Staircase Candie Striped Bracelet -String Switch Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet - Step 8? Letters In Bracelets Help With Friendship Lacing Whee An 8-10 inch strand of boondoggle <OR> a safety-pin <OR> a push-pin. A lanyard hook <OR> a swivel hook. A paper-clip. If you've ever made a friendship bracelet using needlepoint floss you'll be familiar with the first step in doing this stitch. The Spiral and Diamond Braids both need to be ANCHORED at one end, while you are doing the stitch

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  1. Learn how to make friendship bracelets of threads or yarn, and start tying today! Your unique source of inspiration
  2. Make A Friendship Bracelet Loom: This tutorial suggests using a square piece of cardboard as the loom for crafting DIY friendship bracelets. You can set the threads coverage as per your preferred color scheme. Hit the tutorial now for step by step guidance. Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog
  3. If you've ever made a friendship bracelet using needlepoint floss you'll be familiar with the first step in doing this stitch. The Diamond and Spiral Braids both need to be ANCHORED at one end, while you are doing the stitch. If you're near a desk, chair, tree root, or something else made of wood, use the Push-Pin to create your anchor
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Step 4. Start stringing your beads onto the elastic. Separate each colored bead with a white bead. Put on a dark blue bead to represent the Girl Scout promise, a light blue bead to mean you are honest and fair, a yellow bead to mean friendly and helpful and a light green bead to show that you are considerate and caring Now you can start your friendship bracelet. Some people like to have a loop at the top of the bracelet, and two braids at the end. Some, like me, like a braid at the top and at the end. There is no bad or good way. Feel free to do what you like. For my last piece of advice and it will be for the diamond shape bracelet: stay focused

Peyote Stitch Bracelet Instructions. Step 1: Thread your needle with a comfortable length of beading thread. Attach a stop bead, leaving a 10-inch tail. Step 2: String 2A, 2B, 2A, 2B and 2A. Let the beads slide down your thread to the stop bead. Step 3: String 1A. Reverse direction and skip the last 1A strung in Step 2 20. Pom-Pom. These pom-pom keychains will definitely give you a pick-me-up and a fun spirit. Plan B has the tutorial and all the know-how on making these cuties for you - and the kids too! 21. Macaroons. Once Upon Her Dream created a keychain that will have girls' hearts melting everywhere Gimp, also known as craft lace, boondoggle and scoubidou, are plastic laces available in a variety of colors and commonly used to make lanyards and lanyard keychains. These braided ropes make excellent holders for keys and other small trinkets. A Friendship Bracelet I made up myself- I call it the checkerboard Keychain Loop: For this one, we used an old keychain, hot pink rope, and embroidery floss. Loop your rope through the keychain ring and then cross over so that there's another loop at the other end. Glue to secure. Over the place where you glued, wrap embroidery floss. Clasp with the other end of the keychain

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Funny Friendship Bracelet- This best friend bracelet is stamped a funny friendship quote we go together like drunk and disorderly and an infinite symbol on the each outside end. This We Go Together Like Drunk and Disorderly bracelet is the perfect gift for your close friend who loves to drink and get drunk together Friendship Wrap Bracelet. This is an easy friendship bracelet using Type 1 paracord and micro cord. Use our diamond knot tutorial to make the end knot. Wrap the micro cord around the type 1 cord and add beads as desired for your own look and design. Click here for Type 1 paracord Click here for beads and charms. Celtic Bar Bracelet This Braided Pattern friendship bracelet is hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in brown, orange, yellow and teal color. The length is approx. 7.5″ (18.5cm). A gold plastic button at one end as a fastener and a loop at the end. It can be used as a bracelet, anklet, bookmark, keychain etc

You can create a tie-dye friendship bracelet that wraps once or multiple times like ours. Use a cord end to secure the other end of the fabric, then attach a jump ring and keychain as a clasp. Your tie-dye friendship bracelet is complete and makes the perfect accent piece for fun in the sun, summer outfits Place 1 bead on the end of the string. Pass the needle and thread through the second from the last bead at the end of the first string of beads. Pick up another bead, skip one bead and pass your needle and thread through the next (fourth) bead. Continue to the end of the row. End the row by passing the needle through the first original bead you. Finger Knit a Friendship Bracelet Materials Needed 12 inches of yarn Scissors Ruler iPad to scan QR Code for How to Videos Make Beaded Keychain Follow directions in the bag to create a beaded animal keychain. Make a LED Circuit will go from one end of the LED light to one side of the coin cell battery. 5. Repeat this for the other side. Mar 18, 2019 - A tutorial on a double core bracelet setup with a single working end. Mar 18, 2019 - A tutorial on a double core bracelet setup with a single working end. Mar 18, 2019 - A tutorial on a double core bracelet setup with a single working end. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in. Sign up Scoubidou (Craftlace, scoobies) is a knotting craft, originally aimed at children. It originated in France, where it became a fad in the late 1950s and has remained popular. It is named after the 1958 song of the same name by the French singer Sacha Distel.. Scoubidou returned to fashion in various countries, including the United Kingdom, in 2004 and 2005

1. The Cobra Paracord Bracelet. This is the most basic paracord bracelet, the one that started it all. It is very easy to make and very simple, you'll be done making this bracelet in minutes! 2. Tire Tread Paracord Bracelet. The Tread Paracord Survival Bracelet has tons of uses, at home and mostly outdoors The friendship bracelet pattern we're using in this tutorial lets you choose whether you want one or two color ribbons in your design. We created two versions of the same pattern - Version 1 shows the pattern with a single ribbon color, while Version 2 shows the pattern with two alternating ribbon colors Create a Keychain *This is a new addition to the kit. If you don't have this item in your kit, please skip it. Decorate the keychain with an inspirational message or picture. You'll need: - Keychain - Scissors (not included) - Markers, pen, or other craft material - White blank card. Open the keychain, using a pin or other small tool

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Lanyard-making is not just for summer camp anymore. Lanyards are often braided using plastic lace known as boondoggle, which can be found in many different colors. Beginners can work with simple stitches, while advanced lanyard-makers can create intricate woven designs A handmade bracelet makes the perfect gift for the friendship day so now you can choose out of these gorgeous and stylish 28 DIY bracelets to make and celebrate your friendship with. These handmade bracelets would cost you only a few pennies but leave you and dear ones with endless memories to cherish for long Continue to weave the threads to the end of the bracelet, leaving two loose threads. Thread pattern output when tying the knot forward. Step 7. at the end of the knitting splitit Strands in a braid and tie a neat knot. For bracelet tie threads on both sides, so it does not crumble. You homemade bracelet (or keychain) is ready

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Jun 22, 2018 - Explore Anna Martinez's board Fishtail bracelet on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy bracelets, bracelet patterns, friendship bracelets diy Fishtail paracord bracelet. The fishtail paracord bracelet is another classic paracord bracelet. The bracelet is has a similar pattern found in friendship bracelets. This design is a great as a basis for advanced paracord bracelets. It is easy to make and you can choose to decorate it using stitching or lacing. Characteristics A piece of survival gear might not be part of your everyday wardrobe - but maybe it should be. And it doesn't have to look like gear either. Paracord bracelets are a tidy way to carry 3.5+ metres of cordage on your person. Plus, near-limitless design and colour combinations mean you can personalize it to your taste. If you're thinking it looks a little too much like a friendship bracelet, just. 60 Easy Paracord Project Tutorials & Ideas. Parachute cord also called paracord was invented by the military during World War 2. It's breaking strength is over 550 lbs. Paracord is made with nylon which won't mold or rot, and it's durable, virtually indestructable and washable. Since paracord had so many advantages, it soon became a.