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08-07-2007, 01:36 PM. Re: Best way to frame a L-shaped Deck. Those guys (Lavrans & Bill) have it right, put a solid beam from the outside corner of the deck to the outside corner of the house and hanger your joists off of it. Remember the top of this beam is at the top of the joists. We do this all of the time Then toenail the joist (using two 10d HDG nails) through the joist into the girder. Use special HDG L-shaped fasteners which are recommended in earthquake areas. Note: Place galvanized metal flashing on top of each joist before the deck boards are applied as this helps keep water from getting trapped between the decking and the joists, causing rot I meant to ask in that last thing about joist spacing requirements for our deck. It is an L shaped 8'x16' L wrap attached to 2x10 ledgers on the house. The joists are 2x6 x 8' treated. Thanks

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The deck is 18'x18' and 8 foot deep. There is a herringbone joist layout which means the corner board will be 12' and from there a few feet off turns I think to 10' on the diagonal. Wondered if there was an online estimator to put in the dimensions for an L shaped porch to make this a bit easier This L shaped deck runs 23' wide across the house and 24' deep. It features a unique 12' x 12' pergola, privacy wall, and a cascading staircase. This deck provides a lot of privacy. The pergola plans and details are included. Square Feet: 432 In some case, you will like these l shaped deck designs. Some days ago, we try to collected photos to find brilliant ideas, we found these are fresh images. Okay, you can use them for inspiration. Please click the picture to see the large or full size picture. If you think this collection is useful to you, or maybe your friends please click like/share button, maybe you can help other people. • Joists are laterally braced by roof deck • All joist design requirements are specifically stated on structural drawings • Loads are distributed to panel points BETTER PARTNERS. BETTER PRODUCTS. BETTER OUTCOMES. Steel Joist Institute • SJI Specification is a performance spec • References load table • Specifies how joist is to be.

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Square the mark with your speed square and cut it. This is the ledger board and it is ready for joist layout. Since the joists will be spaced 16 (406 mm) apart, measure from one end of the ledger and make a crow's foot mark every 16 inches (406 mm). Use your speed square to square each mark These deck plans (plan) are not considered valid unless approved by your local building inspector or structural engineer. Any use of any plan on this website is at your own risk. Consumer and builder accept all responsibility and liability for all aspects of the use of any plan found on this website Position an 8-foot-long piece of two-by-six treated lumber on the joists parallel to the ledger board, 1/4 inch from the siding on the house. One end of the deck board should be dangling over the. Most of our deck plans call for 2x8 joists. Joists are the floor supports that your decking will ride on and typically extend out from the house perpendicularly, between the ledger and face board, or with one end resting on the double beam. The simplest and strongest way to install deck joists is to use joist hanger brackets

How to Build a Deck: Framing & Construction. The process of framing a deck includes creating connections between joists, beams and support posts in order to build a code compliant deck structure. This in depth section will teach DIY builders to frame a deck, from installing a ledger board and frost footings to framing the perimeter of the deck To do so I fashioned a simple L-shaped jig from scrap wood that I screwed to the end of each joist during installation. The jig gave me the consistent joist spacing I needed against the house. These joists were catilevered, meaning they overhung the beams on each side by roughly 2-1/2 feet L Shaped Sun Deck. When you have living space below one of the best ways to waterproof the roof deck top is to use a thick 60 mil (that's 60/1000) vinyl deck membrane with a triple welded seam installed by a trained professional. This area is now extra living space making this L shaped sun deck an extra outdoor room

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The first edge design is the flush, which means you have to cut the decking close to the deck frame. In order to hide the cut edge, you could install a wooden trim. Overhang edge. Another option you have when installing the wooden decking is to let them overhang the frame. In this way, you will have a good water drainage, which means your deck. How-to-do-it-yourself patio/deck, connecting right and left skew joist hangers and corner joists.00:05 How to reinforce joist hangers.01:30 How to measure, c.. You create a long lasting, personal and artistically designed deck.Unlike wood, your Seven Trust WPC deck will always look like new and attractive. No painting or staining is required.Pest control, anti-moth, various colors to choose from, embodied with wood sense and wood texture, color can also be customized as clients require. 86-21-61182468 Our deck design software is super simple to use — just choose a sample template or, if you're feeling up to it, draw your own custom deck. Before you get started, get some deck design ideas from our 3D renderings. This will allow you to look at a variety of deck railings , deck posts and material options, including wood and composite decking If you want to help support Shannon to produce more videos like this, visit https://www.house-improvements.com/donateVisit https://www.house-improvements.com..

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One step up in appearance is diagonal or 45-degree decks. Your top deck boards sit across the joists. Due to the design, diagonal decks are generally stronger than horizontal decks and can hold more weight. However, as you might expect, building a diagonal deck requires more labor, since you have to cut all boards It depends. This is where your level of proficiency in DIY projects will influence the deck's shape and more. Easy decks: Rectangular with planks running perpendicular to the joists. No stairs or one short set of stairs (up to 3 stairs). Moderately difficult decks: Rectangular with planks running diagonally or an L-shaped deck Cut the ends of the boards at 30-degree angles, as necessary, for those joists that affix to the angled faces of the hexagon. Drive wood screws through the hexagonal frame and into the joists, at least two per board. Use joist hangers, instead, where the joists meet the frame at a 90-degree angle select A Calculator. We have a variety of calculators to help you figure out the dimensions and quantities of all the different building materials you will need on your job site. Find wood beam spans, deck joist spans, spacing and sizes, the number of balusters for your railing, the number of decking boards, or size and layout of footings for. Instead, your deck will consist of rim joists that make up the deck's perimeter, to be filled in with joists that will support the decking. If building a low-level deck that is connected to posts set within the framing, attach the rim joist to the posts using galvanized 10D common nails, or 3-inch galvanized screws

How to Make an L-Shaped Deck Bench. Whether you are building a deck for the first time or looking to enhance your existing deck, one of the simplest additions is a bench. An L-shaped bench works. Diagonal decking gives your deck a design-forward look that's sure to turn heads. Why Choose This Build. Elevates your deck's design. Can make a narrow space feel wider. Installation Tips for a Diagonal Deck. Joists should be installed 12 on center — note that this is closer than the standard 16 joist spacing for straight-laid deck. the deck and its host structure. Design a layout that's strong and relatively simple There are numerous ways to design and frame a deck structure, which typi-cally consists of the footings, the posts, the beams, the ledger, and the joists. I like to use framing layouts that suit the deck design and simplify the framing as much as possible

Install First Boards. Set the two boards on the joists with the mitered ends pressed against the spacer strip. Measure from the corner to the edge of the decking in both directions. When the two measurements are equal, the decking is at a 45-degree angle to the house For L-shaped decks, the layout starts from the corner where the two sections meet, and extends in both directions from that point. If the deck has an L shape, we start the layout at the corner where one area of the L transitions to the next Using the Extend Slope Downward Option. 1:35. Setting the Minimum Alcove. 7:08. Manually Roofing an L-Shaped House with Gable Ends. 4:36. Sloping Roof Plane Baselines. 11:58. Exploding Dormers Created with the Automatic Dormer Tools

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Roof decks are built on top of an existing roofs to provide landscaping to urban areas. The observation decks are elevated sight seeing platforms found upon a tall structure. They are made from wood, aluminum and composite material as shown by the photos on the subject of L shaped deck framing gallery Roof decks are built on top of an existing roofs to provide landscaping to urban areas. The observation decks are elevated sight seeing platforms found upon a tall structure. They are made from wood, aluminum and composite material as shown by the photos on the subject of L shaped deck pictures gallery L Shaped Deck Framing Detail. 09-23-2018, 10:18 AM. Hey All. I'm in the process of building a 400sq ft cabin and planning to put a deck the wraps around from the south side to the west where I have a sliding glass door. I've been going over some details in figuring the framing of this wrap around and how to address the corner

Consider creating a ramp layout with two or more landings to create an L-shaped or U-shaped design for safety. Using the slope requirements listed above, find the appropriate length of your ramp per the height of your deck from the ground. Ensure that the decking plank is flush with the edge of the joist. Secure the deck board in place via. L-Shaped Deck Framing. Question for you lot. I've built quite a few decks in my day but haven't actually been in this specific situation which is a wrap around second story deck. The deck is 10' out from the back of the house and then wraps around the side of the home to return a bit and then stairs to ground level

The layout is a simple 7' x 9' L shape with a 24 deep roadbed. Those who are alert will realize I'm using standard length lumber (1x2 & 1x4) and 1/2 plywood handypanels to minimize cutting. I've read numerour articles and seen numerous videos and now am confused. Some of the resources show risers or joists mounted to the tops of the l. The same principle applies to deck design. Before you install your first joist or deck board, you'll want to have a deck design that's completely planned out from the foundation to the ledger board. But you probably don't want to spend your entire spring or summer designing it. You want to go outside and build. So use SmartDraw's deck planner. The stage build project continued with joist installation (DECK JOIST INSTALLATION) and finally, the deck-floor installation (DECK FLOOR INSTALLATION). Below I'm packing up tools as we finished building this deck-stage in the summer of 2001. Below is the finished stage in use in 2005

  1. Check for square, then anchor the rim joists to the beam with screws. To mark the angled cut line, measure out from the corner an equal distance in both directions. Align a straight 1x4 with both measurements, and mark the header and the rim joist. Transfer the marks to the faces of the boards with a square. cut header and rim joist
  2. At the head of the deck, allow 16 1⁄2 inches (center of joist to center of joist) of membrane. At the gutter end, allow 19 1⁄2 inches for 2x6 joists; 22 1⁄2 inches for 2x8 joists; 25 1⁄2 inches for 2x10 joists; and 28 1⁄2 inches for 2x12 joists. For other joist spacings, you can gauge the membrane width by using a piece of rope or.
  3. Deck Boards Many carpenters use 16-penny nails to space deck boards. This creates a 1/8-inch-wide gap that forms a collection zone between boards and on top of every joist. It's nearly impossible to remove leaf litter from such a narrow gap. And once the organic matter is in there, it can induce rot in the deck boards and in the joists below
  4. Special HDG L-shaped fasteners can be used here instead of nails. This is especially recommended in earthquake areas. NOTE: Some builders, especially in areas of heavy rain or snow, also place galvanized metal flashing on top of each joist before the deck boards are applied
  5. Deck joist: There are 8 main deck joists, each crossing vertices and resting on the centre post, giving us a 2 foot cantilever to the deck. Each joist is 6 feet long and sits at an angle of 45 degrees from adjacent vertices. Note that the joists are pushed together at the centre post and as shown in the next step, four of the joists has been.

Canam Buildings and Structures Inc. (Canam) specializes in the design and fabrication of steel joists and joist girders, steel deck, purlins and girts, welded wide-flange shapes (WWF), load-bearing steel stud walls, as well as the Murox prefabricated building system, Econox relocatable buildings and Hambro composite floor system How To Build A Deck, Part 4: Building A Deck Frame And Framing 3 Jan 2013 Framing your deck will allow you to build a solid base for your deck. joists in conjunction with building codes, which will help support the floor joists. not lay out your tape & mark every 16 & sit joist on RIGHT SIDE of 16 This deck has some out-of-the-ordinary construction details that contribute to its unique look. For starters, the deck joists run parallel to the house and overhang the beams to form the cantilevered bays on both sides. Rather than a bolted-on ledger board, special long-tail joist hangers support the deck at the house DESIGN RIGHT ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION FOR DECK CONSTRUCTION BY ALIDE ELKINK, FREELANCE TECHNICAL WRITER, WELLINGTON AN L- SHAPED DECK addition is proposed for an existing house. It will be 6.3 m long in one direc-tion, project 3.0 m from the face of building and have a total area of 21 m² (see Figure 1). The finished deck level will be 100 mm below.

How to Build an Octagonal Deck: This is a 12 foot Deck I built in 2005. It has gone through 6 Canadian winters and one restain of the deck surface. This instructable will cover each step with pictures and the Bill of Materials. The costs shown are from 2005, with the total a yes. exactly what i did. One mounted to the wall, one supported by legs. I needed no cross bracing because it's an L shaped layout and the one L-girder was screwed into the other. A 2x2 leg at that point. the point i tried to make it the front one can be set back so the the legs are out of the way

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Joists are used as a base for the flooring and you need to do that part with extra care if you want to have a nice and leveled deck. For the joists we used 2 x 6 boards and we secured them additionally with corner brackets. You have to measure the length for each joist because the shape of the pool determines the length of the joist Step-by-Step Design Calculations for a Wood Beam for a Deck. In a previous article we tackled the design of the framing elements (decking, joists, support beams, and posts) for a 12′ x 32′ exterior deck for a mountain cabin. In that design we came up with four 3-ply 2 x 12 Douglas Fir - Larch (DF) beams, each 8 feet (ft) long; the inner.

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  1. Deck Drainage Joist Protection Outdoor Lighting Pergola Furniture & Outdoor Kitchens Fencing & Lattice Cornhole Fire & Water All Products. Design & Price DECK STARTER TOOL Design and price your ideal deck. You'll receive estimated costs, a materials list, your deck plan and retailers near you. Start Building
  2. Photo 13: Cut the deck joists to length. Measure from the rim joist the depth of the deck, mark the end joists and snap a line for cutting off the ends of the joists. (When measuring, don't forget to subtract for the 1-1/2 in. thickness for the rim joist.) Draw cut-off lines with a carpenter's square and cut off the ends with a circular saw
  3. g connectors, produced by Screw Products, Inc., 9401 Bujacich Rd, Bldg 1B Gig Harbor, WA 98332 include models that can be used with stair stringers to attach the stringer to the deck rim joist using through-bolts
  4. imum) must be nailed to a braced end wall or sheathed area and to each joist
  5. Step 2: Joist's and Paint Ok the three girders are set and bolted down , now paint all of the joist's with a green wood preserver, if you want it to last. now lay out your joist's start from one end and block each joist on all three girders as you go nailing everything, this should be the fastes part , the most rewarding
  6. Stairs Calculator. This calculator is intented as a guide. Even though we have based the calculations on the IRC, you must always check with local building codes to ensure there are no variances. For help, simply click on the (?) beside the section you need help with., Or watch this Tutorial Video

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  1. This low-level, pentagon-shaped deck with L-shaped staircase was precisely what my clients needed to enhance the visual quality of their campsite. portion of low-level pentagon deck, L-shaped wrap stairs with single railing in brown-treated lumber featured. The staircase provides easy access to the Durands' RV
  2. A full-depth rim joist is required at cantilever end of joist. ENG = Cantilevered span shall be engineered web_53adeck pg 2 of 4 (05/20) Solution: Refer to tables for joist, beam and footing size requirements. Example: a = 12 feet; Post spacing = 8 feet Use the JOIST SPAN table to find the acceptable joist sizes for a 12 foo
  3. scaled plans that reflect the actual shape of the deck. (see sample below) Applications and submittals for permits can be made in our office located at 935 2nd St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA or online at After receiving zoning approval and the approval of the submitted plans (typically 5-10 business days), the permit will be issued
  4. This will be updated through the design iteration once the joist size is finalized. Bridging self-weight is estimated as 0.25*Wtrib in plf, where Wtrib is the joist tributary width. The design span is taken as Ldes = L - 0.33 ft, where L is the centerline to centerline span of the member

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  1. Now we were ready to build the deck. It was going to be a wrap-around, L shaped deck running completely around two open sides of the party shed. Of course, I couldn't make it easy and didn't want the corner to be square, but rather almost rounded. Bob and Chris Setting Joists
  2. e how it's put together. That starts with the ledger board, which fastens the deck to the house. Then, make sure posts, beams, joists, deck boards, railings, fasteners and connectors are all stable and in good condition. Remove fasteners and inspect, looking for patterns of corrosion
  3. It doesn't require railings, stairs, or posts, but the essential elements of the deck—including the ledger, beams, piers, and joists—remain the same for all types of decks
  4. ated veneer lumber (LVL) or finger-jointed sawn wood flanges with a web of oriented strand board (OSB) to produce an I-shaped structural member. Both materials work together to resist deflection, bending stresses and shear
  5. Whenever you build a floor or deck structure you should look into using a joist hanger. In fact you would be using several joist hangers to get the job done. A joist hanger is designed to help the joists in the base of the floors anchor down to other parts of the infrastructure such as the beams. They allow for the structure to be stronger then.
  6. Unlike composite open-web-steel joists supporting simple-span metal decks, the new shear-connection-ready joist incorporates a flat-topped chord to allow continuous steel deck layout and field-installed shear connectors. The new joists are best used with medium-depth wide-fluted composite floor deck for maximum system efficiency
  7. After we have installed the deck stair railings, it is time to build and install the balusters. Consequently, you have to choose the design of your balusters before starting the project. In our case we have to build x-shaped balusters, as to fit with the rest of the house design, but you can adjust the designs, to fit your needs and tastes

and DLH-Series steel joists, and Joist Girders. New Millennium is also a Steel Deck Institute (SDI) load table tools and diaphragm design tools simplify roof deck specification. Architectural Deck 3.5 LS is a dovetail-shaped roof deck profile that . provides a clean, smooth lineal plank ceiling aesthetic while. The Gorilla Deck G3 system has two styles of edge trim channels: the C-shaped Finish Trim and the . L-shaped Fascia Trim, as well as an . I-shaped Splice Trim. The Finish Trim piece is used along the edges of the deck boards where the boards overhang the edge of the substructure rim joists by approximately 1 ½ (See figure 7) Here is a list of some common joist sizes and maximum spans. A span is the unsupported distance between two posts. A cantilever is the unsupported end of a joist that extends past the last support post at the edge of your deck. Maximum joist span of a 2X8 is 10' - 6 at 16 o.c. Maximum cantilever of a 2X8 is 24 at 16 o.c A full-depth rim joist is required at cantilever end of joist. ENG = Cantilevered span shall be engineered web_53adeck pg 2 of 4 (05/20) Solution: Refer to tables for joist, beam and footing size requirements. Example: a = 12 feet; Post spacing = 8 feet Use the JOIST SPAN table to find the acceptable joist sizes for a 12 foo Simple single step from deck. Sometimes there is a single step required down from the deck to the garden. This is easily achieved by building a box frame from the joist timbers (6x2in - 150x50mm) and fixing deck boards to the surface. Aim for 12in 30cm depth which is normally ok for two standard deck widths

Having a joist hanger to rest one end of the joist in makes it easier. Also make sure you start at the same end when you layout the ledger and the support beam. It's also important to install a rim joist on the ends of the floor joists. To get that straight, snap a line 1/2 in or so, and trim the joists. Now it's time to lay the decking Draw a to-scale design of your deck on graph paper to price accurately all the materials you'll need. Shape and Decking Patterns. A deck can be any shape you want, and in fact, simple changes like an angled corner or a 45-degree decking pattern can dress up a house with a long, plain wall Wooden I-joists provide a good balance of strength, cost, and ease of installation, and they are what we are using for the floor joists on the FHB House, with LVLs for beams and headers. Design information for TJI 110-560 joists. Designing the framing system for engineered lumber is a little different from dimensional lumber

On a deck you run them parallel to the house because. the deck is usually wider than it is deep and the. joists end up being shorter that way. Needless to. say, this assumes you gap the deck boards so the water. runs through. On a porch, you run the boards perpendicular because. you use T&G decking and you don't want water to collect in. the. Draw a plan for your deck. All you need to make accurate deck plans are a pencil, ruler, and graph paper. Draw your deck to scale on graph paper (typically 1/4 to the foot). You'll need at least a site plan, a plan view, and one or two elevations. You also may want to draw detailed plans for complex parts of the deck L-Shaped Straps; T-Shaped Straps; Flat Straps; Ties Light Rafter Ties; Deck Joist Ties; Hangers; Gable Plates; Fasteners and Washers. Connector Screw; Structural Wood Screws; Hex-Head Washer (IAPMO UES ER-192; US Patent 10,253,801) Decorative Washer (US Patent 835,979—can be paired with wood screw and washer combo) Make the Outdoors More Your 49 Backyard Deck Ideas (Beautiful Pictures of Designs) Welcome to our backyard deck ideas picture gallery. These wood deck design ideas feature a wide variety of decks of all types, shapes and sizes. An outdoor deck is a great way to maximize your home's living space and connect the indoor living area with your backyard

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  1. The L angle is a general utility-reinforcing connector with multiple uses. The durable design and fastening options of these load-rated skewable angles make them an ideal option compared to field-fabricated clip angles. The L angle has well-defined fastener locations, and testing ensures that the tabulated load values account for connection.
  2. For a basic, small deck, you can probably get away with using just three joists. One placed centrally with the other two positioned at centres between the outer frame and the central joist. You should attach your joists to the outer frame using joist hangers & galvanised nails
  3. We have two standard Panel depths of 185mm (for frames with joist spans up to 3.8m), and 235mm deep (for Panels up to 5.0m joist span). Can I have a lower profile frame for very low decks? Yes; you can have special 115mm deep frames, which are also available, except in Western Australia
  4. Deck shape Square or rectangular Irregular For multi-level, multiple beam and/or irregular shape decks, or decks of unconventional material, provide construction drawings for review. Read the Deck Design Guide for more information

The end band joist that caps off the ends of the deck's floor joists is spaced away from the house about 3/4 and is attached by toe-screwing 3 long deck screws. Joist hangers are not needed. Alternatively, you may use solid blocking the same size as the deck's floor joists and nail them in-between the ends of the floor joists Most deck plans I see call for attaching the railing posts to the inside or outside rim joists. I've already laid the decking, but have been thinking that handling the odd angles would be easier if the posts were attached directly to the decking (I don't want to cut out complex notches, and don't like doubled up posts) I do this because I like to create an L-shaped notch at the top of the post for my deck support beam to rest on the post and be through-bolted to the vertical part of the L

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Fasten the deck board to the joists with 2-inch deck screws (for 1-inch-thick lumber) or 2 1/2-inch screws (for 1 1/2-inch-thick lumber). Install the next deck board with two screws in each standard joist, spacing the two deck boards by about 1/8 inch apart. Install the remaining deck boards using the same techniques, spacing them evenly Chris, I've updated the design section of this blog entry to include additional details on my post design. I hope you find this adequate. As described in the post construction section, I needed three saws to shape these posts: a chop saw with a 10 inch blade to cut them to the appropriate over-all length; a table saw with an 8 inch blade to make the two depth-wise notch cuts (one at a funny. How to Design Footing for a Deck. Note: Areas of known poor soils require soils corrections and/or deck footings must be designed by a licensed professional engineer prior to the issuance of the permit. Please call the Blaine Building Department for soil information in your development at 763-785-6170 as the first step in planning a deck or porch d. Size and spacing of joists j. Type of lumber e. Size of deck k. Height of deck off ground f. Size of Beams l. Plans should be on 8½x11 or 11x17 paper Footings and Framing Footings shall be at least 42 deep, 12 in diameter. Footing forms shall be cardboard tubes. Deck footings are subject to frost heave

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i. Engineered Foundation: Stamped engineered plans with calculations are required for non-conventional foundation systems and/or sites with special soils conditions. 6. Roof, Deck and Floor Framing Plans a. Roof, Floor and Deck Joists: Show joist size, spacing, direction, support, connections, blocking, etc. b Nov 11, 2017 - Ultimate Deck Build 2016: Critical Connections—Part 5: Stairs - Fine Homebuildin 1. The frame construction calls for posts to be flush with joists. 2. I am also going to do a 2-board picture-frame the deck. The reason for the picture frame is because I would rather have 2 long running decking boards on the inside next to the pool running along with the pool's edge vs. many perpendicular deck boards up against the pool's edge Then cut the joists along the line you've made. Step 2. Measure a length of joist, and cut its ends in line with the next joists of the sub-frame. Next, screw it to each inner and outer joist using two countersunk coach screws. Step 3. Lay the deck boards that overhang the angled outer joist and screw them down Spantec individually design each deck system or give you the option to design yourself with easy to understand span tables. All deck kits are pre-cut made to measure, no wastage. Are delivered to site with easy to understand construction drawings, all bearers and joists are labelled with size, length and location referring to the drawings.

The maximum distance a deck joist can span between supports is determined by the joist's dimensions and species, as well as the spacing between joists....>> Deck Load Design & Calculations - Part 2 >> How To Build L Shaped Bench Seating With Storage Next: Build Bench Seats On Existing Deck. WPC Products Series 4 x 10 (Western red cedar, S-P-F, Hem-Fir, redwood, or Northern white cedar) Up to 12 feet. 4 x 10 (all species listed above) (2) Preparation and Layout. PREPARATION - First, prepare the ground under the deck by removing the sod. Slope the ground away from the house a minimum of l every 15 feet to provide drainage Composite joists (CJ-Series) and deck combine to create the longest open-spanning system available, reaching up to 60 feet and beyond. The strength of this system comes from shear studs applied to the steel joist in the field that become embedded in hardened concrete, creating a load-bearing system that deflects as a single unit You can't rest the deck on top of the ledger. You can rest the joists on top to the ledger. Is it recommended, no. Free standing if possible is even better. Ideally you will use a thicker then normal ledger, at least a 3x. Solid blocking over the ledger and hurricane ties connecting the joists to the ledger

Pergola and Deck - Design Tool - SoftwoodsHow To Make or Build A Winder Shaped Staircase - FreeTrex picture frame deck installationTotal Joist by iSPAN Systems LP24 FT Above Ground Pool Deck Plans - Bing images | poolFraming stairs, cut string too short

DESIGN G-533 Description: Lightweight concrete floor over corrugated steel deck, channel shaped steel joist with furring channels attached and mineral fiber blankets over, single layer ½ fire rated gypsum panels screw attached and finished with a joint compound, are designed for two hour fire rated floor/ceiling assembly UL Designed No. G-533 Dry-fit the deck floorboards on the deck framework to get a sense of how many are required to fit the distance from the house to the header joist. The last floorboard should be flush with the edge of the header joist. Leave a 1/8-inch gap between floorboards. Starting at the house, attach the floorboards to the deck joists with deck screws A deck with an integrated gutter system includes at least two separated joists and a plurality of planks. Each plank includes longitudinal grooves, is disposed above and supported by the joists, has an undersurface which is juxtaposed with the joists, and is secured to the joists. The deck also includes a plurality of unitary channels PrimeJoist produces significant economies in both design and installation when compared with conventional C Shaped joists. PrimeJoist's unique configuration delivers increased strength and stiffness, minimizing or eliminating the use of built-up joist sections in floor assemblies Draw a vertical line on the deck joists using a speed square. Once the layout marks are drawn on the deck, cut 2x 6 top rails to the correct lengths. Stand the top rails vertically around the exterior edge of the deck and transfer the layout marks from the deck rim joists onto the top rail. Use a speed square to draw light pencil lines At one time a large deck was in the plans. The deck was to have a ramp and then be on the same grade level as the floor of the shop sho that items could be rolled in throught the double doors. joists attached to 4 x 4s on floating concrete piers. L-shaped mount that will create a lip at the bottom of the joist