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Using your aspect ratio, calculate the final dimensions you want your image to be. For instance, if using an aspect ratio of 4:3, and your width is 12 inches, your height will be 12 x ¾ = 9 Inches. Step 2 Now that you have your width and height, go to Image> Image siz Resize your image. Select the resize tool to change the shape and size of your canvas. Choose an aspect ratio option. Under the resize options, you'll see Standard sizes which highlight the most commonly used aspect ratio options The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. A photo with an aspect ratio of 4 by 3 is turned into. Choose the Rectangular Marquee tool (top left). Select Fixed Ratio from the Style list

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You can easily calculate the aspect ratio of any frame size with a calculator - it's just basic maths. However, there's no need to calculate an aspect ratio in Lightroom. Just use the 'Enter Custom' function for the aspect ratio in the Crop tool, and enter your picture size (for example, 20x16) Clive, the Crop tool is an excellent tool for setting an aspect ratio. It can add canvas as well as crop. Set the aspect ratio in the Options bar, and hold down the Alt (Opt) key while dragging out a corner handle, and it will create a border using the background colour (Myself, Garry Coyne, and Jim Michealson at MAX last year Open the image in Photoshop and go to Image > Image Size. This will show the width and height of the image (change the units to 'Centimetres' if needed) and the resolution (make sure this is set to Pixels/Inch). Here we have a typical A3 poster design Choose the Rectangular Marquee tool (top left). Select Fixed Ratio from the Style list. Set the width and height of your desired ratio (but don't choose measurements). Choose the portion of the image you want to keep Calculate the Aspect Ratio (ARC) here by entering your in pixel or ratio . Change the image aspect ratio via this Ratio Calculator . The pixel aspect calculator makes it extremely easy to change any W:H format with custom a width or height

Therefore, 16 centimeters wide and 9 centimeters high image as well as 32 centimeters wide and 18 centimeters high image has the same 16:9 aspect ratio. How to Use Our Calculator. In order to find out the aspect ratio of an image or video, both width and height should be known in advance With that said, if you have images that need pixel aspect ratio correction, I suggest batch processing the images in Photoshop using an action that applies a 'Square' value to the 'View/Pixel Aspect Ratio' setting. That will most likely give the image files the XMP and EXIF data they need Now you know the aspect ratio of your image. If you want to adjust your image aspect ratio, you can use Photoshop or another editing tool and upload it again. Or, use the cropping tools in Ads Manager. Learn how to customize your ad creative for placements. Learn more: Aspect Ratios for Placements. Preview an Ad in Ads Manage About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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The Constrain Proportions option lets you maintain the aspect ratio (the ratio of image width to image height). If you select this option and change the image size and resolution, the image does not stretch or shrink. The Resample Image option lets you change the size of an image without changing the resolution Entering the new aspect ratio into the Width and Height fields. Photoshop automatically resizes the crop border to match the new ratio: The crop border has been resized to the new aspect ratio. But in this case, changing the aspect ratio isn't the only thing I want to do In the toolbar on the right of your image, choose a preset crop, or click 'Manual' to enter the aspect ratio in the labeled field. Then, click anywhere on the image to begin your selection To demonstrate the use of content aware scale I will use this seascape image of mine which is cropped to an aspect ratio of 3:4 portrait and change it to a 4:3 landscape aspect ratio. If I resize the image horizontally using the standard Photoshop image size menu option you can see how badly distorted and unusable the image becomes

Then, remove anything from the Resolution box. When Photoshop is told to crop to a fixed size/ratio and is not told the Resolution to use it crops to the size requested, it doesn't resample the image, and it simply adjusts the Resolution of the final image to suit the image. It might sound weird but it works to let you crop to a fixed ratio Cropping can be done for 2 reasons: 1. To change the physical size or aspect ratio of the canvas for print, multimedia use etc. 2. To change the composition of the image: To focus on a portion of the photo, while removing distractions To do this, I can look at the Options Bar at the top of the screen, and unclick the Maintain Aspect Ratio button (link icon) that sets the proportionality of the object. Transform image 5 With that deselected, I can grab a side handle and drag it without changing the other sides How to prepare images for Facebook - technical info on aspect ratio, resolution, what to do in Photoshop/Lightroom Lets start by looking at Facebook wall posts. Currently, Facebook walls have a total image preview area of 476 x 476 pixels, so to maximise your image's potential viewing space, a 1:1 (share) aspect ratio will work perfectly

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They can adjust either the width or height. When they do the other dimension should auto adjust to maintain the aspect ratio. When a user updates the width field I get the adjusted height like so: aspect ratio = original width ÷ original height adjusted height = <user chosen width> ÷ aspect ratio Is this correct Photoshop offers a couple of ways to crop an image, but the crop tool offers more control, with options to straighten, set a specific aspect ratio, correct perspective distortion, and even fill in. Once you choose your required aspect ratio, Photoshop will automatically enter the width and length box measurements. After entering the required aspect ratio, the image will jump to the 4: 5 (8: 10) aspect ratio option Frame aspect ratio describes the ratio of width to height in the dimensions of an image. For example, DV NTSC has a frame aspect ratio of 4:3 (or 4 width by 3 height) and a typical widescreen frame has a frame aspect ratio of 16:9. Some video cameras can record various frame aspect ratios Why is there no way to filter by specific aspect ratio (4:3, 3:2, 16:9, etc) in Lightroom like there is in Bridge? There is a filter called Aspect Ratio which filters only by Portrait, Landscape and Square options. Except for the square option, these are not aspect ratios, they are image orientation

Aspect ratio measures the relationship between the width and height of a display, sensor, or image. A common aspect ratio is 16:9, which means it's 16 units wide and 9 units high. There are many. Upload your image or images. Upload the photo or image that you want to resize. You can choose a file or paste a link from Giphy, Twitter, etc! Select a new size. Select your aspect ratio, cropping style and background color. You can also adjust the image to a custom size

• Aspect Ratio Drop-down Menu: These are presets for some popular aspect ratios in photography. The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of its width to its height - for instance, a typical DSLR camera has an aspect ratio of 3:2, an 8×10 print is 4:5, and so on. Again, in the spirit of K.IS.S., I rarely use these presets - preferring to manually enter the values for Width. Each image has a unique shape- this is called aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of an image is the relation of its' width to height. For example, your HDTV at home most likely has a 16:9 aspect ratio- for every 16 inches of width we gain 9 inches of height thus creating the widescreen format/ display For more specialized purposes, you'll also find aspect ratios like 1:1 (square), 5:4, 7:6, and 16:9 (panoramic). Adjusting Aspect Ratio in Editing Software Even if you only have access to cameras that shoot in 3:2, it's easy to change an image's aspect ratio in Photoshop or Lightroom. To crop an image in Photoshop, just select the Rectangular.

Importantly, when you compare the 3:2 aspect ratio of the image taken with a digital camera to the 5:4 aspect ratio of a common photo print you will find they are very different. You can see below that in order for a 3:2 image to fit in the 5:4 aspect ratio that is printed, a significant portion of the 3:2 image will be lost due to cropping In our aspect ratio calculators you can calculate aspect ratio value of an image or object, even new sizes for images that you want to resize. You can use our aspect ratio calculator to convert the size of an image from original one to another sizes keeping the shape of the object and make him look natural without stretches Click Edit & Create, Crop & Rotate, Aspect Ratio. Select the 16:9 aspect ratio, and move the box around to get the part of the image you want to crop. Click Done, and voila, the image has been.

Aspect ratio measures the relationship between the width and height of a display, sensor, or image. A common aspect ratio is 16:9, which means it's 16 units wide and 9 units high This Photoshop script will resize any image's canvas so that it has a 4:5 aspect ratio. You can change the aspect ratio applied by changing arWidth and arHeight. The fill color will be set to the current background color. You could create an action to open a file, apply this script, then close the file to do a batch process Browse other questions tagged search-engine google-search aspect-ratio google-image-search or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog The unexpected benefits of mentoring other

Aspect ratios are dimensionless 8X10 and be 8X10 inches or 8X10 miles. If you need to match a print size, choose an aspect ratio for cropping that matches the desired result. Image pixels until printed are dimensionless too. When you crop in LR or elsewhere, you define a certain set of pixels that have a width and height in pixels Then, hit the back button on the top left. This will allow you to save your image. When prompted, hit save, And just like that, your image will be saved with the correct ratio and resolution. You can find your finished image in your Photoshop Express folder. Happy snapping, Am Doing this will help your image when zooming will keep the image aspect ratio. Method 2: Hold Shift + click on the corners of the image and move the mouse. This will help you scale the image to the size you want, small, regardless of the aspect ratio. However, your image may be stretched or shrunk when you zoom in too much How to Change Image Resolution in Photoshop. It is easy to increase or decrease image resolution in Adobe Photoshop. Let me take you through the steps. Step 1: Finding the Image Size. First, find the size of your image by opening the image size dialogue box. Go to Image > Image Size or use the shortcut Opt + Cmd + I (Alt + I for Windows)

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The Trick for Keeping the Same Aspect Ratio When You Crop. Okay, let's say you want to crop a photo down in size, but you want to keep the aspect ratio the same as the original photo from your camera (so when you crop, the photo will be smaller in size, but it will have the exact same width-to-height ratio as the original photo) Aspect ratio is the relationship between the image's width and height. When cropping your photos, consider the context of the photo, the composition of the layout, and how well photos balance visually with the surrounding chunks. We recommend picking one of the following image aspect ratios: 1:1 image aspect ratio. 3:2 image aspect ratio Resize an Image. To resize an image in Photoshop, go to Image>Image Size. This dialogue box will open: As you can see, the Pixel Dimensions section at the top shows the current image size in pixels. The next section shows the document size in inches. We can change the pixel measurement to percent, or the document size measurement to picas. Using Aspect Ratio. If you want to get a more precise result when you crop in Photoshop, you can change the aspect ratio of your image so it's exact. In the Options bar, you can click on the Ratio dropdown to look at the aspect ratio presets. Once you select one, Photoshop will automatically set your crop border to this ratio

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  1. In Photoshop choose ImageImage size Turn OFF resample. Shrink Image Without losing Quality Using Photoshop elements Open any image with adobe photoshop elements. If you select this option and change the image size and resolution the image. Click Scale to change the image size without losing. This can bring issues when you are uploading the file.
  2. The images resized by QuickResizer look a lot better because they are resized to aspect ratio, not distorted like the ones resized by Photoshop. Go ahead, click on the button below to find out how QuickResizer can save you hours of manual work in resizing images: Show Me How To Resize Multiple Pictures With Aspect Ratio
  3. Cropping ratio. Photoshop's first settings option - and one of the most important ones - is the ratio of your crop. The ratio of your crop is the dimension size you want your image to be. Say you want your image to have a ratio of 5:7, but it's currently 16:9
  4. Remember that different standard sizes have different aspect ratios. So if your image has an aspect ratio of 3:2 (remember, that's a 4×6 inch photo), you will experience some cropping if you resize it to an 8×10, which has an aspect ratio of 5:4. How to choose the right image resolutio
  5. 1. We use a method to bulk download all images into a single folder from the Shopify store. We resize the aspect ratio in a local program in bulk to have square 1:1 ratio images (where the blank space on the longest side is filled in with white space). Then we add all the images to a temporary image server to create a hosted URL

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Learn how to prepare your photos for printing at the proper aspect ratio without needlessly inflating image size. However you share your images, pay attention to how the image looks after compression. If you're not happy with it after the compression process, experiment in Lightroom Classic until you find the right balance of quality and file. Use these tools to crop and resize images to fit the correct aspect ratio for uploading to your GoMotion site Why Aspect Ratio is Important. What might be confusing is that common print and framing aspect ratios do not always correspond with the ratios used by camera manufacturers. Printing an image without first selecting an aspect ratio leads to unwanted cropping or unexpected borders. Some cameras allow you to change the aspect ratio in-camera 2. Click the resize icon. Click the resize icon, a small tab will popup. Select the pixels option and make sure 'Maintain aspect ratio ' is checked. 3. Input the desired size for the image. Just input the required values. In case your dimensions mismatch by some pixels, then you can input them manually. In that case, uncheck the 'Maintain. Photoshop: How do perform unrestricted cropping? I have searched Google and this forum, but I cannot find the setting or technique that allows me to crop an image with without any aspect ratio restrictions. In Elements there is an option to do just that

To crop an image in Photoshop on a Mac, click the Crop tool from the left sidebar. Then choose the aspect ratio you want to use at the top of the screen. Click and drag the corners of your image to crop it, or click and drag in the middle to move the selection Golden Ratio & Golden Spiral in Photoshop. 1. Open the picture in Adobe Photoshop. Hit C to enable the Crop box. 2. Now, click on the Grid options in the top to get the dropdown menu for different grid overlay options. 3. Here, you will have two options to apply the Golden ratio photography composition technique Twitter image sizes for ads: Single and multi-image tweets: Minimum 600 x 335 pixels, but use larger images for the best results. Website card image: 800 x 418 pixels for 1.91:1 aspect ratio. 800 x 800 for 1:1 aspect ratio. Max file size of 20MB. App card image: 800 x 800 pixels for 1:1 aspect ratio. 800 x 418 pixels for 1.91:1 aspect ratio The image is probably the wrong aspect ratio. You'd need to crop it to the correct aspect ratio first, then scale if necessary, while maintaining the aspect ratio, or the image will be distorted. You can't rescale (resample) raster images without some degradation in quality In order to visualize how an image might be cropped when a specific aspect ratio (or several aspect ratios) are needed, in the Develop Module select the Crop Tool (R). Then, choose Tools > Crop Guide Overlay > Choose Aspect Ratios. Check to enable as many aspect ratio overlays as desired. Some additional shortcuts/features: • [

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16:9 aspect ratio. To find the aspect ratio of a video or image, just measure its width and height. The aspect ratio can then be expressed as width:height. If the picture is 24cm wide and 18cm tall, the aspect ratio can be expressed 24:18. The aspect ratio is expressed in terms of the intended display dimensions Double-click the photo you want to crop. 3. Click Edit in the toolbar. 4. Select Crop from the top toolbar. 5. Crop freeform or use a ratio. For freeform cropping, drag the selection rectangle by its edges or corners to achieve the desired size. To use a set ratio to crop, select its size under Aspect When sharing photos and videos on Instagram, there are two main things to keep in mind: aspect ratio and size. Instagram Aspect Ratio (Dimension) Aspect ratio refers to the width of a picture in relation to its height. It's expressed as a ratio, like 4:5 or 9:16, where the first digit represents the width and the second digit represents height The Crop Tool. The Crop Tool allows you to quickly adjust the aspect ratio of your image. You can set the crop to exclude parts of a photo (just make sure that Delete Cropped Pixels is not checked so you don't lose any information!), or you can extend an image beyond its original size and filling in the empty space automatically with tools like Content-Aware Fill or the Clone Stamp Tool Go to Edit menu > Profile . In the 2nd Life tab, click the thumbnail next to Photo . Use the texture picker to find the texture you uploaded, click it, then click Select . You'll see that because you used a 4:3 aspect ratio to start with and this particular profile picture is also 4:3, the image again shows its correct proportions

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750. Before we get to today's tip — I just released my annual Holiday Gear Guide for Photographers over on my daily blog today. You can check out all the goodies and gift ideas right here.. Now, on to today's tip, which comes to us from the always awesome Terry White, and it's on how to use Lightroom to create HDR images, panoramas, and 360° images Aspect ratio - An image's aspect ratio is its width to height ratio expressed as a number, like 3:4. Maintaining a consistent aspect ratio prevents images from becoming distorted. For example, if you reduce the width of an image by half, you must also reduce the height by half To resize an image on Windows, you can use the built-in Photos app, Microsoft Paint, or a premium app like Photoshop. Menu icon A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines animating black image overlays on the respective sides that you want to have changed A.R.s on, or adding a black video (using the new item button seen in the lower left panel of the editing workspace) and having an animated rectangular mask that's inverted in the center of the video One would change the resolution of an image particularly for printing purposes, because the quality of the print is dependent on the resolution of the image. 1. With Photoshop open, go to File > Open and select your image. Tip: You may right-click and save the tiger image below to use it as a practice image. 2. Go to Image > Image Size . 3

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Photoshop, Basic Image Manipulation Note: Cropping to a precise /custom aspect ratio is beyond the scope of this tutorial. Select the Crop Tool on the Toolbar. Eight tabs will appear around your image. Click and drag the eight tags to create the cropped image that you want 3. Drag the cropping tool over your image to see the different possible crops. In Photoshop, you can use the Crop tool and choose the appropriate aspect ratio from the menu on the top left. The crop box will then be appropriately sized, and you can get an idea of how your print may look if a client orders a print with that particular aspect ratio The aspect ratio of an image is its width divided by its height. It may be applied to two characteristic dimensions of a three-dimensional shape such as the ratio of the longest and shortest axis. This calculator calculates the aspect ratio and number of pixels in an image. Pixels and Aspect Ratio Calculator Aspect Ratio. Aspect ratio is the SHAPE of the image, and is described as the ratio of the image's width and height dimension. Aspect ratio is NOT about size, it is only about the shape. An 10x8 inch print is the aspect ratio of 10:8 (10/8 = 1.25), but the fraction is reduced to be expressed as 5:4 (1.25), which is the same SHAPE as a 5x4 inch.

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It is important to know that an image ratio is not the actual size, in pixels or inches, of the image. As an example, a square format image that is 1,000 x 1000 pixels would have a different aspect ratio of 1:1. Also, an image that is 500 x 500 pixels has the same 1:1 ratio. The images are different sizes, but they have same aspect ratio If you need to fit an image to a new aspect ratio—for example, if you need to print a 4x6 version of a square image—it's best to crop the image to the new aspect ratio. Simply resizing the image to match the new aspect ratio will result in image distortion. Rotating images. Sometimes an image may be rotated the wrong way. This can happen if. What is Aspect Ratio? relevant xkcd, because there always is. Put simply, an aspect ratio of an image or video is simply the relation between its width and height. For films and television, there have been dozens of different aspect ratios in use throughout history, but filmmakers today have generally settled in on a few popular ones Aspect ratio refers to the relationship between something's width and height, and is commonly used to describe computer and TV displays, camera sensors, printed and digital images, and more.. There are many common aspect ratios in use today — for example, many movies are produced in 16:9, and that aspect ratio has become popular among computer displays as well Pixel aspect ratio is the width to height ratio of a single pixel in a digital image. A computer display usually has a 1.0 pixel aspect ratio, making a square. A standard television will have a 0.9 pixel aspect ratio. While a widescreen television will have a 1.2 pixel aspect ratio

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Most camera sensors have an aspect ratio of 3:2, but some are 'squarer' with a 4:3 ratio. (Image credit: Sony A1) TVs and computer screens. You'll get a different ratio with the picture on a high definition TV. Though actual screen sizes vary, the picture itself is made up of 1920 pixels on the long side, and 1080 pixels on the short side An aspect ratio is a proportional relationship between an image's width and height. Essentially, it describes an image's shape. Aspect ratios are written as a formula of width to height, like this: 3:2. For example, a square image has an aspect ratio of 1:1, since the height and width are the same

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  1. ed by the film size, starting with Imperial sized images, such as 10 x 8 plate photography, then down to 35mm photography
  2. Aspect-Ratio matters the most. Aspect ratio is primarily dictated by the size of your camera's sensor, taken from the width and height of an image (W:H). The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. It is commonly expressed as two numbers separated by a colon, as in 16:9
  3. Change the Width to 1600 px and you'll see the Height and Scale % automatically adjust to the same aspect ratio. Changing the dimensions of an image is a great first step towards optimization. Check out the file size in the left side of the window. The image now weighs in under 1 MB, which is a good improvement
  4. Go to Image>Image Size. In the image size panel, adjust the size and click OK. Go to File>Save as, rename and choose output format. Once the Save action is ready, click the Stop button to pause the recording. Go to File>Automate>Batch. Choose the Resize action, choose file from folder, then click OK to bulk resize images in Photoshop
  5. To find the aspect ratio of your image: Find the dimensions of your image in pixels. Learn how to find them. Calculate the relationship between the width (the first number) and the height (the second number). Images that are 1,600 pixels x 900 pixels or 3,200 pixels x 1,800 pixels are in the 16:9 aspect ratio

I'm starting with the landscape version of the image first and in the figure below you can see how I've trimmed the image to the appropriate size and aspect ratio. Now we need to tell Photoshop that we want it to generate image assets automatically based on the layers in our document. So choose File > Generate > Image Assets As mentioned before aspect ratio deals with width and height. It basically describes how square (1:1) or wide (16:9) or image is. It's expressed as a figure, like this: width:height (width always comes first). The aspect ratio of the 35mm frame is 3:2. All fx and dx digital SLRs, regardless of sensor size or megapixels, use the 3:2 aspect ratio Initially, the image will be locked in a 1:1 aspect ratio, so click the chain link icon in the middle of the Width and Height text boxes to remove this. Next, type into one of the text boxes to resize the image in pixels

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The aspect ratio of an image displays the proportional relationship between a photo's width and its height. It is most often shown as two numbers separated by a colon, as in 8:9. It is important to note in the process of resizing your image, you may want to lock the aspect ratio to ensure the quality of your photo stays the same Understanding image aspect ratio. An image's aspect ratio is the ratio of its width to its height. For example, an image that is 200 px by 400 px has an aspect ratio of 1:2. An image that is 150 px by 450 px has an aspect ratio of 1:3. Images can be different sizes and still have the same aspect ratio

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To maintain the aspect ratio, click the icon in the yellow box above, so you don't distort your image. To save your changes, press Enter on your keyboard or click the check mark in the navigation. How To Merge Layers In Photoshop By Blending Mode Click to check the boxes next to Scale Proportionally and Resample Image to save your photo's aspect ratio and automatically apply the changes. For example, if you choose to scale proportionally and update an original photo with the dimensions 100px x 100px to 75px, then the other field will update to 75px to maintain the original aspect ratio For this tutorial, we used Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. The exact steps may vary for other versions of Photoshop. First, determine your ideal image aspect ratio and if your image needs to be cropped — this will be dictated by what type of photo it is, and where it will be used on your site (main product image, product thumbnail, homepage banner.

Welcome to the forum. Another thought not addressed by Jim. If you set the camera Aspect ratio to 16:9 in the camera and shoot RAW, the camera sensor will still record the full 3:2 image. The full 3:2 image will be written as RAW and any JPEGs including embedded thumbnails will honor the 16:9 setting in the camera What to do if you already start editing, and find out the video is not in the desired aspect ratio as you wish? Maybe you want a 16:9 video, and suddenly discovered that your video is 4:3. Or, maybe you want to create a 1:1 square video for Instagram by changing the aspect ratio settings via sequence settings in Premiere

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  1. We can use only important tools for making passport size photos in PhotoShop. Now you need to go on the below path:-Go to image > adjustment > curve tool (Shortcode M), a curve tool will open. 1. Curve Tool (Make The Photo Lighter or Darker) If you check, you will find many options in this tool. Every option has its own importance
  2. See below for upscaling images if your works are too small. Below are the specs for each aspect ratio and size. Note: Don't confuse PPI (Pixels Per Inch) with DPI (Dots Per Inch), which refers to the approximate number of ink droplets the printer heads spray onto the media
  3. You can crop to change the aspect ratio of the image, for example to make a 3:2 aspect ratio image fit on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen. 2. Images are always cropped¨ when you change the aspect¨ ratio of a shot before taking it.¨ In such cases, the cropped pixels are never recorded; instead the overall resolution of the image is less.

The first way of resizing an image is great and simple to perform. Obviously you should launch Adobe illustrator. Click on the <file menu> and choose <open>. Now you have to choose a picture which you need to resize. 3) Click on image. 4) Move on top, here is a control panel, on the right you see <transform>, so click on it, the window will. Hi, I'm Justin Reznick and in the following course, we're going to break free from the aspect ratio. The idea that our cameras, with a sensor size of 2:3, 3:4 or 4:5 dictates how we present our. The ideal size of your eBook cover art is a height/width ratio of 1.6:1. This means that for every 1,000 pixels in width, the image should be 1,600 pixels in height. To ensure the best quality for your image, particularly on high definition devices, the height of the image should be at least 2,500 pixels. Ideal dimensions for cover files are.

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  1. This tool resizes PNG images to any size. It only has three configuration options - the new width and height of the image, and the ratio preservation option (also known as aspect ratio lock). If this option is on, then resizing one of the dimensions will proportionally adjust the other dimension so that the width/height ratio stays constant
  2. In this video, Adam Gibbs shows us how we can blend multiple images together in Photoshop. Unlike focus stacking, where it's your focus distance that's racking from one range to another, this technique is similar to HDR, except that both of the images have the same overall exposure. Adam used different shutter speeds for these two images.
  3. The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of its width to its height. It is commonly expressed as two numbers separated by a colon, as in 16:9.For an x:y aspect ratio, the image is x units wide and y units high. Widely used aspect ratios include 1.85:1 and 2.39:1 in film photography, 4:3 and 16:9 in television, and 3:2 in still camera photography