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Choose from Over 5 of the Freshest Hosta Bulb Varieties. Plant Hosta Bulbs in Fall. Shop Online Now & Save Save Big & Get Free Shipping On The Finest & Freshest Hosta Roots. Choose from our Best Selling Flower Bulbs or Try Something New this Season Unlike traditional hosta varieties that produce pale lavender or soft white flowers, Purple Sensation features rich purple flowers edged and striped in snowy white. The perfect follow-up to your spring-blooming bulbs, hostas make great ground covers and attract beneficial pollinators to their bell-shaped blooms. Product Details Hostas - hosta plants. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with a product's performance within the first growing season, we encourage the customer to contact our Customer Service Department Think hostas are only grown for their foliage? Purple Sensation will change your mind. In the summer, clusters of purple flowers with white stripes and edging open above the oval-shaped, glossy dark green foliage. The leaves' rippled edges and twisted petal tips provide texture to the shade garden. 1-2 eye roots

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  1. iature hosta, 'Silver Threads and Golden Needles' has bright gold leaves that are streaked and splotched with green and silver. Depending on its exposure to the sun, this plant can show different characteristics from leaf to leaf and plant to plant. This hosta flowers mid-summer with light purple blooms
  2. First Frost Hosta - Perennial Shade Garden Flower Bulb Root, Blueish Green and White Leaves. 4.1 out of 5 stars 98. $15.95 $ 15. 95. FREE Shipping. Elwyn Hosta Elegans 100 Seeds Hosta Sieboldiana, Huge, Blue-Grey Hart Shaped Leaves. 3.4 out of 5 stars 7. $14.99 $ 14. 99. FREE Shipping. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days
  3. Most Americans can buy hosta and rest assured they will trive in their shade gardens. All named hosta you may buy from us come planted in a 3 pot. The Hosta By The Handful that are not named and are shipped as bare-roots. Hosta - 10 Mixed Hosta. Item #: O-10. $25.00. Hosta - 25 Mixed Hosta. Item #: O-25. $50.00
  4. Hosta plants on sale. We have hundreds of hosta varieties on sale. Many of our hosta plants are marked down from 10% to 75%. See our special link- HOSTAS ON SALE!. All available from greenmountainhosta.com
  5. Hostas are shade-tolerant plants that are native to Northeast Asia and the Russian Far East. They're also known as Plantain Lilies. These plants are perennials and taxonomists suggest that there are almost 45 species of Hostas. In the US, this plant grows in hardiness zones 3 through 9. Different Types of Hostas Plants Hostas are [
  6. Lamium PURPLE DRAGON Live Perennial Shade Plant Ground Cover Great in combination with Heuchera, Hosta and Astilbe. dannypleasantgardens. 5 out of 5 stars. (4,409) $10.00. Add to Favorites
  7. Purple leaved plants are incredibly popular in garden beds, especially when combined with bright flowers or with bright leaved plants like yellow or white. The color of a purple leaf plant can run the spectrum from a nearly black dark purple to a soft pale lavender. Customer favorites include setcreasea, purple leaf dahlias, purple cannas, and most of all, the purple leaf heucheras

Hosta is relatively drought tolerant, but it's still a good idea not to let them dry out too much. Dig and divide the plants every three to five years in the early spring just as the plants are putting out new growth. Slugs, snails, deer, and rabbits like hosta almost as people do so use appropriate measures to keep these unwelcome guests at bay When it comes to listing the best plants for shade, hosta has to be at the top! America's most popular perennial, the hardy hosta is known for its broad, textured foliage that comes in hundreds of colour combinations. Versatile and easygoing, hostas thrive in planting zones 3-9, require little care and fit in just about anywhere—including. The ultimate goal of breeding purple-petioled hostas is to produce an upright plant with rich regal purple color that runs up into the veins at the base of the leaf. Add a bright white back to the leaf and you have the perfection of the purple running all the way into the white

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Hostas (Hosta spp.) are America's most popular perennial garden plant for very simple reasons: Hostas are one of the few plants that thrive in shade, and they are extremely easy to care for and propagate.Unlike many perennials that must be laboriously lifted and divided every few years, hostas are content to simply grow in place without much interference at all Flowering in summer, the purple or white hosta flowers can be combined with other summer flowering plants with white or purple flowers. White, cream, and yellow variegated hostas stand out best when surrounded by solid green plants. Blue hostas stand out best when set off with complementary colors like pink and white flowers Hostas, also known as Plantain Lilies or Funkia, are hardy perennial plants ideal for shady garden spaces. Beyond arriving in a sensational array of colors, sizes, and forms, these lush beauties are long-lived, reliable, and super easy to grow


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150Pcs Hosta Flower Seeds Garden Perennials Ornamental Lily Shade Color Green. $3.00. + $2.84 shipping. + $2.84 shipping + $2.84 shipping. Hosta Purple Flower Purple Seeds Garden Perennials Ornamental Lily Shade Hosta 1. $3.73. + $3.84 shipping + $3.84 shipping + $3.84 shipping. Picture Information. Hover to zoom Purple Sensation Hosta. SKU. 54254. Out of Stock. $10.00. Spring Planting: this product will be shipped late April through May according to your hardiness zone. Hosta . Large mounds of pure green leaves that have a lovely crinkled edge. The flowers of this hosta are uniquely showy with large dark purple, star-shaped blooms Hosta Roots (Fall-Planted) - Wide Brim Pre-Order • Ships October 2021. Perennial, similar to the Fire and ice, but lighter green leaves. Produces purple flowers, which is an added bonus. Mid Summer Blooming, Easy to Grow, Pollinator Attractor. Note: Fall-Planted Hostas Ship to All Zones Beginning in October Get free shipping on qualified Hosta Flower Bulbs or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. Purple. Assorted Colors. White. Blue. Pink. Mature Height (in.) 12 in. 18. 20. 18 in. 20 in. 24 in. 24. 36. 8 + See All. Water Requirements. Twice a week Once a week VAN ZYVERDEN Hosta Rainforest Sunrise (Set of 3 Roots) (4. The shade-tolerant hosta perennial is easy to maintain, making it a foundational plant in gardens around the world. At Jackson & Perkins, we have hosta bulbs for sale to suit any preference, environment or style. Explore hosta bulbs in a range of colors, textures, shapes and styles. Consider the popular 'Mini Skirt' Hosta, featuring a two.

First Frost Hosta grows to a medium size with bluish green leaves surrounded by creamy gold margins that fade to white as the leaves mature. If you are a hosta enthusiast this is a must have addition to your shade and or hosta garden. Planting tip: Hostas are great for masking withering foliage of spring blooming bulbs such as tulips and daffodils The ultimate goal of breeding purple-petioled hostas is to produce an upright plant with rich regal purple color that runs up into the veins at the base of the leaf. Add a bright white back to the leaf and you have the perfection of the purple running all the way into the white These large Hostas are 23″ to 29″ tall and make great specimen plants or accents on the shaded side of a shrub border. Gold Standard - large Hosta growing to 22″ tall and 36″ wide with seersuckered, yellow-green leaves that have irregular dark green margins and may fade to white by the end of the summer Spring bulbs are ideal companions for hostas. Eligible candidates include early-bloomers such as miniature daffodils , scilla , muscari and fritillaria. To stretch the season into early summer, consider adding alliums as well. When these spring bulbs finish blooming, the leaves of your hostas will quickly cover up the fading foliage Hosta 'Purple Passion' (ex: Jonathan Lehrer) - is of unknown parentage but was registered by R. Benedict in the late 1980s. 'Purple Passion' forms a dense medium-sized mound 17 tall by 41 wide. The flowering scapes rise up to 33 tall in July to mid-August. The bright purple flowers are outstanding

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The hostas are usually blue in color but during the summer, the color can change to blue-green. Hosta Sum and Substance. This is one of the classic giant hostas that are widely grown. These plants can grow to a height of three to four feet and a width of around six feet. The hostas have leaves that can grow up to two feet in size Over 1,000 Hosta Varieties! When we say we love hostas, we really mean it! Come see over 1000 hostas in one place! We're also available for garden tours for Garden clubs. Give us a call! Robust & Ready To Flourish. We deliver hosta plants that are strong and robust, bursting with energy and ready to plant in your Fall garden For lush ground cover plants with attractive foliage, shop Hostas from Spring Hill. Hosta flowers bloom in late summer and last until the first frost. Live Help. 513-354-1509; X. Search. Enter Item Number or Keywords. Not sure what it is? Load a photo in our search bar! My Cart 0 Item(s) $0.00 Colossal Blue Hosta. A Giant in Your Garden! Large blue-green, heart-shaped leaves make quite a statement in shaded areas of your landscape. At 30-36 in height, these beauties will impress everyone who sees them. Pale lavender to white flower spikes appear in midsummer for 2-4 weeks. Zone 3-9. Height 30 - 36 inches. Bloom Time Midsummer Hosta. Hostas are an exceptionally diverse family of woodland plants. Grown primarily for their fantatstic foliage, many also have lovely blooms, some of which are quite fragrant. They are able to tolerate a wide range of conditions, but generally prefer bright light in shaded areas. Although some hostas can take a small amount of sun, we know.

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  1. This plant produces a light purple flower in late summer. It grows well in partial to full shade and should be watered regularly. Bressingham Blue . The leaves of the bressingham blue hosta have very deep veins and are cup shaped. This is a very large variety of hosta; each leaf is approximately 15 inches long and 10 - 12 inches across
  2. Search Results. It's difficult to find a garden without this versatile East Asian native. Lush foliage in diverse colors, heights and textures, coupled with its ability to excel in deep shade have captured gardeners' hearts everywhere. Shop our selection of Hosta plants below. Filter
  3. Hosta Mighty Mite 2. (7 ht x 18 w - $15.00) This VERY distinctive collector's Hosta has wavy and twisted dark green glossy foliage that looks plasticAWESOME! Has speckled dark red scapes and flowers that are striped and speckled lavender. A good grower and does well with morning sun
  4. Allium 'Purple Sensation' bulbs produce plants with reddish violet balls 4-5in across, borne on 20-30in stems in late spring. This is the earliest of the large-flowered Alliums and also among the most affordable. Outstanding with silver foliage, and with Bearded Iris or Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla). Late-spring. 3 per sq ft
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Explore the vast selection of miniature hostas for sale at an affordable cost on pineforestgardens.com. We offer high-quality miniature hosta plants. Shop Now! Dwarf, Miniature and Small hostas are valued for their use in containers or planted in the garden. You can buy hostas here at our online hosta catalog This hosta is called Filigree because of the contrasting green veins in the foliage. It is also known as the White Feather Hosta. The intriguing white leaves of this one-of-a-kind variety gradually turn green in the weeks after opening. Lavender, funnel-shaped flowers sit atop scapes up to 20 tall

Space the bulbs according to the mature width of the variety. (Example: a Hosta with a mature width of 20 plant half that, or 10 from the next bulb, a Hosta with a mature width of 48 plant 24; from its neighbor, etc.) Hostas like plenty of water and additionally, the larger leaved varieties may also need more water Wild violet is a low-growing, cold-hardy perennial with pretty bluish-purple flowers and heart-shaped glossy green leaves. Wild violet plants form an attractive ground cover, and they spread quickly, making a gorgeous carpet of green and purple colors. This violet grows between 6 and 10 (15 - 25 cm) in partial shade Smokey grey green leaves with wavy edges on top of reddish purple stems Good grower. Pale lavender flowers from purple stems mid to late summer. Plant in partial sun to full shade. Medium size hosta Hosta are generally purchased as pot-grown plants. If a friend or neighbour has an attractive, mature example, this can be divided to make new plants, so you might be able to source new plants in this way for free. It is a good idea, whether new plants are wanted or not, to divide hostas every four or five years Do hosta plants have flowers? Yes, they do. Hosta plants grow flowers, and some are lovely and fragrant. But hosta plants are known for their gorgeous overlapping leaves, not for hosta plant flowers. Read on for information about flowers on hosta plants and for an answer to the question: should you let hosta grow flowers

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Blonde Elf Hosta displays curly, golden foliage that is spear-shaped. The small plants have a high tolerance to sunlight, and its mound looks majestic with its lively gold color. Besides being an eye-catcher, it surely is a vigorous grower. The Hosta grows up to 8 tall and 24 wide and of course, a purple flower in mid or late summer Hosta plants come in a variety of colors and sizes. Their lush foliage and affinity for shade make them ideal additions to robust, shrouded gardens. Hosta Plants: A Guide to Growing and Caring for Hostas - 2021 - MasterClas Use hostas to bridge gaps in seasonal perennial bloom. Variegated hostas with white or cream margins paired with other white flowering plants glow in moonlight gardens in the evenings. Hosta leaves emerge just as spring bulb foliage starts to fade, hiding it from view. A single hosta in a container is dramatic and sculptural Hostas, also known as Plantain Lily, originally came from Japan, China, and Korea. Introduced to the United States in the mid-1800's, the Hosta is a shade tolerant foliage plant. Hostas are a perennial with ornate leaves that vary widely in size, with the smallest varieties called miniatures

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  1. g bulbs, hostas make great ground covers and attract beneficial pollinators to their bell-shaped blooms. Zone 3 to 9
  2. g in early summer and won't stop until frost. Use this showy and easy shrub as an accent or backdrop in the garden, or as.
  3. iatures no more than a couple of centimetres tall. View our Hosta Plant Profile >

Hostas can be left undivided for many years and should not be divided any more frequently than once every 3 to 5 years to allow the leaves to reach maturity. The plant needs to be protected from the wind to prevent damage to its leaves. 'Blue Mouse Ears' was named Hosta of the Year in 2008 by the American Hosta Growers Association 3. Dig holes and plant the hostas. For each hosta, dig a hole in your prepared garden bed that's about 2.5 feet (76 cm) wide and 1 foot (30 cm) deep. Place one hosta in each hole, making sure the roots don't become bent or tangled. Fill the hole loosely with soil, but do not pack the soil around the roots You will received 10, one year purple sensation hosta plants in this order. The plants shown in the pictures are for information only. The actual size of plants shipped will vary with different growing seasons. Order will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday in 48 continental states only. The plants will be trimmed and shipped barefoot 100pcs Hosta Plants Seeds Fragrant Plantain Flower Fire and Ice Shade White Lace Bonsai Home Garden Ground Cover Plant Seed Easy to Grow, Plant, 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. 100 Purple Giant Allium Giganteum Beautiful Flower Seeds Garden Plant The Budding Rate 95% Rare Flower for Kid. 2.3 out of 5 stars 272. $5.70 $ 5. 70

Hosta 'Time Traveler' is a 2018 Plant Delights Nursery introduction of a sport of Hosta 'Stitch in Time' that we found in 2008. Hosta 'Time Traveler' is one of the most unique hostas we grow, since each round, corrugated golden leaf appears to have a pointed, white-edged hosta leaf sown in the middle Feb 25, 2015 - Hosta Blue Mouse Ears aka E. Deckert 00. Grows in Light Shade. Flower Color is Purple/Lavender and blooms in Summer. Hardiness zone 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a. Knecht's Nurseries & Landscaping, where plants and people meet

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Hosta Wide Brim #1. $ 9.99. Add to Cart Quick View. Hosta Victory #1. $ 12.99. Add to Cart Quick View. Hosta Fragrant Bouquet #1. $ 9.99. Add to Cart Quick View Hosta 'Purple Heart' is a 2012 introduction by Gary Gossett of Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon which grows into a medium size Hosta. The leaves have thick substance and have red petioles with the colour extended up into the base of the leaf, which is quite unusual. The leaves have a lovely glossy appearance. Compared with two existing, widely. The Dark Green One with Purple Flowers: H. ventricosa. This one also has shiny heart-shaped leaves that almost glitter. The flowers are a deep purple, and will make lots of seed pods. This hosta is easily spread by seed, so is the most likely choice if you find a hosta growing in your woods. Can also grow to 30 across or more Native to the Japanese mountain valleys, Hosta gracillima (Plantain Lily) is a dwarf hosta used by many hybridizers to produce miniature hosta cultivars. Known as the 'small rock hosta' in its native Japan, this clump-forming perennial features lance-shaped, wavy-margined, glossy, deep green leaves, paler underneath. It produces purple-dotted scapes, about 10 in. long (25 cm), in late summer.

HOSTA. Shop Hosta Plants. Type Large Leaf Small Leaf Assorted Medium Leaf Color Blue Green Pink Purple White Yellow Mix Name Price Low to High Price High to Low Most Popular Botanical Name. View by: HOSTA. Filter your results. Type Large Leaf Small Leaf Assorted Medium Leaf Color Blue Green Pink Purple White Yellow Mix Sort By Price Low to High. Hostas. A favorite shade and foliage plant, hosta is also called plantain lily. There are approximately 45 species of hosta, each sporting large striped or uniquely shaded white, golden or green leaves. Plants produce flower stalks during the summer with white, lavender or purple flowers Hostas or Plantain Lily has about 40 species and thousands of cultivars. All hostas have unscented flowers except for the H. plantaginea variety. The plants vary in size, color, shape and leaves with the majority having flat leaves while the rest have leaves that are wavy, ruffled, embossed or pleated

509 Craig Lane Georgetown Ky 40324 Text to (859) 396-0801. All plants are grown in containers Cash, Checks, MasterCard & Vis Hosta leaves may be rounded to oval, heart-shaped or strap-like. The leaf may be flat, have a wavy edge or have an interesting puckered texture. Hostas are also grown for their flowers, which are produced from early summer to fall depending on the species and cultivar. Flowers may be white, lavender or purple Winter). Hostas are easily grown and with minimal care can flourish in the shade garden. The beautiful foliage of hostas are the main feature although hosta plants also host flowers that range in color from white,lavender, and purple. Many varieties of hosta plants are also fragrant blooming and heat tolerant

Plants characteristically form a rosette of leaves, and flowers varying in color from lilac, pink, purple, green, or yellowish green are produced on unbranched racemes (clusters). Usually a green stripe runs down the length of each flower petal. It doesn't really resemble a hosta, but the characteristics are close enough for people to make the. Hosta x 'Eola Sapphire'. SKU. 04147. A special selection for the shade garden with striking, seersucker-like, metallic blue-green leaves. Larger than others, this dramatic hosta is sure to attract attention. Slender spikes of purple-white flowers appear in summer. The thick, heavily textured foliage is resistant to slug damage A superb compact selection with more heat tolerance than other popular varieties. This sport of 'Francee' features glossy, bold, dark green foliage with gleaming white edges. Great for brightening a full or dappled shade border. Herbaceous perennial These hardy, versatile plants fill even your toughest spots and corners with texture and color. Rich green foliage, heart shaped to nearly round, these plants spread anywhere between 20-36. A pleasing diversity of textures and colors. The hosta are mildly fragrant with purple or white blooms that appear atop tall stems, lasting two weeks in. Plantain Lily Halcyon Hosta Halcyon. As low as $17.32 Sale $14.72. Per Bag of 3. A sturdy and compact hosta, 'Halcyon' has blue, heart-shaped leaves with heavy ribbing and towers of lavender flowers. A handsome choice for the shade garden, 'Halcyon' is an exceptional way to add texture and dimension to plant groupings

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HOSTA Purple Heart. Elegant compact cultivar. Elongated lime green leaves. Vivid red stems extending into red veins in the leaf haft. Neat habit. Lavander flowers June-August. Ht 60cm Sp 40cm. Shade. Moist soil Other common names plantain lily 'Purple Heart'. Family Asparagaceae. Genus Hosta are clump-forming herbaceous perennials with simple, ovate or lance-shaped leaves, often attractively coloured or variegated, and erect racemes of nodding, funnel or bell-shaped flowers in early summer. Details 'Purple Heart' is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial It's difficult to find a garden without this versatile East Asian native. Lush foliage in diverse colors, heights and textures, coupled with its ability to excel in deep shade have captured gardeners' hearts everywhere. Shop our selection of Hosta plants below. Filter. Sort By Alphabetical Popularity Price (low to high) Price (high to low Hostas are a perennial group of plants that are known to be highly tolerant to shading. These foliage plants are in the genus Hosta and contain a great variety of species. Japan, China and the South Korean islands are among the countries that were known to harbor the original forty types of the hostas

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  1. How to Grow Hosta Plants in your Garden Gardener's HQ Guide to Growing Plantain Lily, Funkia, Day Lily, and Giboshi. Hosta is a genus of hardy perennials that like to grow in shady areas of the garden and reach heights ranging from 8 to 90 cm (3 to 36 inches).. They have beautiful leaves ranging from blue to green, and bell-like flowers often of pink, white, and bluey purple
  2. I have long had a love affair with hosta plants. The plants favor shade to partial shade locations, sites that are often difficult to populate with beautiful flora. They are easy to grow and produce gorgeous foliage, paired with spring sprites of purple flowers. Springing from bulbs, they add luxurious color and lush greenery to low light.
  3. g, bold foliage plants in shades of yellow, green, blue, and white with stripes, mottling, and numerous variegated patterns. Hostas are classified in
  4. Purple to maroon-plum wide overlapping petals with glowing yellow-green throat.... read more Daylily 'Earth Angel' yes Perennial Plants 6308 Hosta Forms an impressive clump of giant blue-green leaves with wide creamy white margins and deep ribs. Rounded heart-shaped leaves up to 16..

As for the hostas' foliage color, consider three or four blue-leaved varieties to set off a pink or purple-blooming hydrangea or gold-leafed types to set off purple flowers Hosta. USDA Zone: 2-9. Plant number: 1.278.150. Hosta are among the most popular of perennials for shady areas, with hundreds of varieties now readily available. Plants form a sturdy mound of foliage, topped with lily-like blooms. This smaller selection has narrow, glossy leaves that start out gold centered with a green edge, change to light. Hosta 'Pathfinder' is a compact variety with thick, slug-resistant, creamy-white foliage edged in dark green. It grows 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Zones 3-9. Patriot Hosta with dark green leaves and white edges. Credit: Greg Scheidemann Mouse-Ear Hosta Information and Care. The blue mouse-ear hosta grows into a compact little mound with near-perfect symmetry, so it is a beautiful addition to gardens, especially small spaces. It will produce showy, pale purple, bell-shaped flowers on stalks in midsummer. Mouse-ear hosta care is as easy as the care of regular-sized hostas Hosta plants naturally thrives in shade, but some varieties will do better in shade than others. Autumn Frost is certainly among the most popular medium-sized hostas for shady gardens. Its blue leaves with yellow edges will keep your garden looking amazing, and this plant will grow even if it's completely in the shade

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  1. Hosta Sum and Substance performs best outdoors in a perennial garden when planted in part to full shade. These gregarious plants bring vibrant, lively color to any shade garden. Unlike other hostas, Sum and Substance is very large, 2 to 3 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide. As a result, they make large, bold additions to any garden
  2. Hosta plants - in pots and to dig up. $3 to $5 per plant ~~~~~ Purple shamrock patch to dig out, size 6 by 6 -- $10 Hardy, easy to grow. They come back after each winter. One of the most interesting features of this plant is that its leaves are folding, like little umbrellas
  3. yes Perennial Plants. 6111 Hemerocallis Lilac-purple 6 flowers, moderately recurved, with ruffled plum-purple petal edges. Broad plum-purple eyezone and yellow-green... read more. Quick View
  4. Hosta Albomarginata ( Hosta undulata) is a flowering shade perennial beloved for its pale green leaves with white margins. The color of the foliage will fade if the conditions are too hot or too sunny; at most, this hosta can tolerate morning sun but thrives in full shade. Hostas are known to be very versatile and hardy plants, but they prefer.
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Hostas produce white or purple blooms on long stalks that extend well above the clumping foliage in late spring or summer. Though the foliage is the main attraction, they attract hummingbirds and bees while blooming. Hosta varieties include fast, medium, and slow growing plants Hosta is a genus of about 30 species of perennials in the family Asparagaceae, native to northeast Asia. These shade loving plants are widely known for their attractive and lush foliage in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Although they are generally grown for their foliage, their beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers will just add more charm Model #76077. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 2.5-Qt Echinacea Cone Flower Perennial Plant 3-Pack. Model #4112. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 2. 2.5-Qt Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan Perennial Plant 3-Pack