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It's important to note that a Hindu airline meal (HNML) is a non-vegetarian meal. This is the best option for those that identify as Hindu and eat meat and meat products. If you identify as Hindu and are vegetarian, the best option for you is to order an Asian vegetarian meal (AVML). Sometimes, this is referred to as an Indian Vegetarian Meal. Hindu (HNML) - meal without beef Kosher (KSML) - meal prepared in accordance with kosher principles * Special meals available on flights from Warsaw. Special meals offer from other destinations can be varied. ** NPML meal does not contain nuts or its derivatives. The complex process of preparing meals and the loading procedure of the. Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal (HNML)- This meal is prepared according to the requirements of the Hindu religion. This meal is non-vegetarian and prepared in an Indian style and mildly spiced . It may contain: Lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. Does not contain: Beef, veal, beef sauces, and beef extracts ORML - Oriental Meal- The main course is a hot-flavoured dish in an Oriental style usually with beef, pork, domestic fowl or fish. PFML - Peanut Free Meal- ono peanuts, peanut butter or associated products. PRML - Low Purine Meal - a meal with a low quantity of purine, typically for people with gout

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hnml hindu ksml kosher lcml low calorie lfml low fat meal lsml low salt meal moml muslim meal nlml non lactose meal noml no meal required nsml no salt meal pfml peanut free meal rvml veg raw meal sfml seafood meal spml spec request vgml veg vegan meal vjml veg jain meal vlml veg lacto-ovo voml veg oriental meal chck aa chicken jpml aa japanese. Hindu Meal (HNML) This meal is prepared in accordance with Hindu dietary laws. It contains no beef, pork, raw fish or smoked fish. Menu sample. Jain Vegetarian Meal (VJML) This meal is prepared in accordance with Jain doctrine. It contains no meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, or root vegetables

Hindu Meal (HNML) Food prepared according to Hindu customs and respecting Hindu dietary practices and beliefs. Moslem Meal (MOML) Food chosen, prepared and served in accordance with Moslem dietary laws and customs GFML - Gluten free meal. HNML - Hindu (non-vegetarian) meal. KSML - Kosher meal. LCML - Low-calorie meal. LFML - Low fat/low cholesterol meal. LSML - Low sodium/salt meal. MOML - Muslim meal. NLML - Non-lactose meal. ORML - Oriental meal. SFML - Seafood meal. SPML - Special meal, food to be specified. VGML - Vegetarian meal The following special meals can be ordered on El Al flights: Chicken Meal (CNML), Fish Meal (FSML), Fruit Platter Meal (FPML), Vegetarian Vegan Meal (VGML), Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal (VLML), Child Meal (CHML), Vegetarian Asian Meal (AVML), Hindu Meal (HNML), Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML) - Only available only on flights Tel Aviv-Mumbai-Tel Aviv, Diabetic Meal (DBML), Gluten Intolerant Meal. Low Salt Meal (LSML) This meal is available for passengers requiring a diet low in salt or sodium. It can contain meat, poultry or fish with no added salt, eggs and egg products, milk and dairy products, rice and pasta (with no salt added during cooking), fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices

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  1. Hindu Meal (HNML) While it is widely perceived that Hindus are vegetarians, (thanks to Bollywood and India's top politicians), a little over the majority of Hindus (about 53%) are non-vegetarians. Non-Vegetarian Hindus prefer poultry, seafood, goat, and lamb as their sources of meat
  2. 1.Hindu meal (HNML, non-vegetarian): Out of respect for India's culinary customs and religious beliefs, these meals are prepared using lamb, poultry, fish, dairy products, spices including curry. They do not contain beef, veal, pork, raw fish, or smoked fish. 2. Kosher meal (KSML): These meals are sourced, cooked, and served according to Jewish.
  3. If your travel includes segments on other Star partners, definitely select AVML as other airlines Hindu HNML meals are NOT guaranteed vegetarian. However on those airlines AVML isn't necessarily Indian. UA AVML usually is. Just rode SFO-SIN Polaris and HNML was Indian curry, paneer, rice, chickpeas etc for the two main meals
  4. a meal Choose one of three complimentary dishes on every flight, with at least one vegetarian option and all dishes prepared in accordance with halal requirements. If you have a medical condition or an allergy, you may request a special meal
  5. for example AVML for Asian Vegetarian Meal, VGML for Vegan Meal, VLML for Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Meal, HNML for Hindu Meal etc) Make your meal request when you book your ticket, at least 48 hours in advanc
  6. Special meals. Passengers who require special food for dietary, religious or nutritional reasons have a choice of 11 different meals on Lufthansa-operated flights. Special meals can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure, provided that there is a confirmed booking in the required class. You have the option of ordering a special meal through.

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Lunch , Special meal: HNML Water (no description) Date added: 2019-06-25 // Flight #CX819 // Flight: 13:10 // Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Share this: Facebook Google+ Twitter Email URL AirlineMeals.net. Login or Signup. About/History. HFML - High Fibre Meal. HNML - Hindu Non-Vegetarian Meal- Traditionally flavoured meals that will likely contain lamb, poultry, fish or milk but absent of beef, veal or pork. JPML - Japanese Meal (served on Japan Airlines only) JNML - Junior Meal. Not a kid's meal, but not an adult meal, either Hindu Meal (HNML) Beef and pork will not be served. Mainly, boiled fish, chicken, mutton, seafood, rice, and fruits will be used. Ingredients will not contain alcohol. Muslim Meal (MOML) These are meals which have been prepared in accordance with the regulations and customs of Islam. They do not contain pork products, gelatin, alcohol. Note, all special meals must be requested at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled flight departure except for the Kosher meal type that must be requested at least 48 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. Baby meal can only be requested for infants less than two years old Galileo. Apollo. Description. N: Y: ACCA no description available: Y: Y: AVIH + animal in hold - checked as cargo: Y: Y: BIKE * bicycle: Y: Y: BLND -- blind traveler.

HNML - Hindu Meal ( No Beef) 11th April 2011, 11:01 AM #9: j.lin. SQTalk PPS Club . Join Date: 28-May-2010. Posts: 492 My experience recently on Lufthansa still served me indian veg dishes on both short and long haul sector although I have requested VOML.. Religious Meals; Hindu Non-Vegetarian Meal (HNML) This meal is non-vegetarian and contains meat (lamb, poultry), fish, and/or dairy products. It is a non-vegetarian meal suitable for those who do not consume beef, veal, pork, smoked and raw fish Table of special Meals. Meal Code Meal Name Details BBML BABY MEAL Suitable for infants less than 2 years old. CHML CHILD MEAL Suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old. HNML HINDU MEAL This meal is non-vegetarian, Indian style meal prepared according to religious belief and Hindu customs. KSM

Posts: 83. To be honest it sounds like an enhancement to me. Dropping both the Jain meal and the Hindu meal within 18 months but also claiming India is Ba's second largest market may be a little short sighted in my opinion. My parents have stopped flying BA to India over the dropping of the meal and have switched to Jet MEAL CODE DESCRIPTION ; Asian Veg Hindu Meal (Indian style vegetarian meal ) AVML: Contains vegetables, fresh fruits and dairy products. Does not contain any meat, fish or eggs. Mildly spicy to spicy. Prepared according to subcontinent taste. Hindu Meal (Indian style non vegetarian meal) HNML: Contains meat (lamb or chicken), fish, eggs and.

This meal is prepared according to Jewish dietary laws and requirements. The meals are purchased from reputable manufacturers in each port. HNML: Hindu Meal: This meal is suitable for guests who follow the Hindu custom. Can contain meat (lamb or chicken), fish, eggs and dairy products. Does not contain any beef or beef products AVML - Asian Vegetarian Meal HNML - Hindu Meal GFML - Gluten Free Meal DBML - Diabetic Meal *The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world's airlines, representing some 280 airlines or 83% of total air traffic HNML: Brahman Meal. Recommended for: passengers adhering to Hindu customs. Prohibited: beef, veal, pork, raw and smoked fish. Note: AVML (Vegetarian Hindu Meal) is automatically assigned if a Hindu Meal is requested. KSML: Kosher Meal. Recommended for: passengers adhering to Jewish custom HNML - Hindu Meal. KSML - Kosher Meal. LCML - Low-Calorie Meal. LFML - Low-Fat Meal. LSML - Low-Salt Meal. MOML - Moslem Meal. NBML - No-Beef Meal. NLML - Low-Lactose Meal. RVML - Raw Vegetarian. SFML - Seafood Meal. VGML - Vegetarian Vegan Meal. VJML - Vegetarian Jain Meal; Strict Indian Vegetarian Meal. VLML. Dietary Meal. DBML: Diabetic Meal. GFML: Gluten-Free Meal. LFML: Low Fat Meal. LSML: Low Salt Meal. LCML: Low-Calorie Meal. LPML: Low Protein Meal. PRML: Low-Purine Meal. Ethnic Meals. HNML: Hindu Meal. KSML: Kosher Meal - must be requested at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. MOML: Muslim Meal. ORML: Eastern Meal.

Find below a list of all special meals offered on our flights: Religious meals Hindu meals (HNML) This meal is for guests from the Hindu community and may contain one or more of the following ingredients lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, and dairy products. This meal will not contain beef, by products, veal or smoked fish products hnml hindu (non vegetarian) meal specific. ivml indian vegetarian meal (ua specific) jpml japanese meal (lh specific) ksml kosher meal . lcml low calorie meal . lfml low fat meal . lsml low salt meal . moml moslem meal . nfml no fish meal (lh specific). Fruit platter meal prepared with fresh fruits or dried fruits. GFML: Gluten free diet, avoids gluten, which is found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. HNML: Hindu meal containing no beef, veal or pork. Prepared with lamb, fish and other meats. Milk products allowed. KSML: Kosher meal conforms to the requirements of Jewish dietary laws. LCM Airlines offer three main types of 'religious meals' on board: Moslem meal (MOML), Kosher meal (KSML), and Hindu meal (HNML). MOML is meant to refer to halal meals, KSML to meals that conform to Jewish religious laws, and HNMLs are non-vegetarian meals suitable for Hindus. For full article go to Salaam Gateway: https://www.salaamgateway.com.

hnml. 육류(양 또는 닭고기), 생선류, 계란 및 유제품을 포함합니다. 쇠고기나 쇠고기 제품은 사용하지 않습니다. 아대륙인 고객의 입맛에 잘 맞도록 조리했습니다(약간 매운 맛~매운 맛). 힌두교도를 위한 메뉴입니다. 유대교식 (출발 72시간 전까지 사전 통보 필수. HNML. Hindu Meal. MOML. Muslim Meal. BBML. Baby Meal. ABP. Able Bodied Passanger. AFT. Aft part of the Cabin. AML. Aircraft Maintenance Log. CA. Cabin Attendant. CABIN READY/ CABIN OK. Cabin is checked and safe for take-off. CASEROLES. The hot meals for the meal tray. CIM. Cabin Instruction Manual. CLAIMTAG. Receipt for the passenger for. Dinner , Special meal: HNML Red wine and Baileys Irish Cream. Chicken Kabsa. Date added: 2020-02-08 // Flight #QR778 // Flight: 14:50 // Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XB Share this: Facebook Google+ Twitter Email URL comments powered by Disqus . AirlineMeals.net.

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Nonvegetarian Hindu Meal (HNML) This meal is available for passengers who follow Hindu custom. This meal is not vegetarian and prepared in Indian culinary style. It may contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, and cereals. It does NOT contain veal, beef or beef by-products, or raw or smoked fish. Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML Hindu diet (veget. only from Helsinki, Delhi and Goa; not available from Sapporo) (HNML) Meal is prepared respecting Hindu dietary habits and beliefs. Does not contain beef, veal, pork, raw or smoked fish. Asian vegetarian meal (AVML) Seasoned vegetarian meal with limited use of dairy products Hindu meal (HNML) Description. This meal is prepared according to Hindu customs and respecting Hindu dietary practices and beliefs and is suitable for non-vegetarians. This may contain one or more of the following ingredients: Chicken, fish, lamb, eggs, milk and dairy products

What does HNML stand for? List of 2 HNML definitions. Top HNML abbreviation meanings updated April 202 (HNML) A meal prepared according to Hindu customs and respecting Hindu dietary practices and beliefs. This is a non-vegetarian meal service that is typically cooked according to an Indian cooking style, i.e. spicy or curried Meals on board Buta Airways flights. Buta Airways serve onboard meals on all flights. Free menu includes sandwiches and water. Choice of sandwiches on board may vary depending on the season and flight destination. Also, several types of hot meals can be pre-ordered (see menu in the table below). You can order hot meals when purchasing ticket on.

Child-friendly meals arranged in a fun design will delight young passengers on board Lufthansa flights. Our children's menus Special meals. Lufthansa offers you a wide choice of special meals including, for example, vegetarian meals and meals for those on special diets. Our special meals Footer Hindu Meal (HNML) - This meal is available for members of the Hindu community who are not strictly vegetarian and eat meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. It may contain one or more of these ingredients: lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, and dairy products Special diet/meals: Select One AVML Asian Vegetarian Meal BLML Bland Meal DBML Diabetic Meal FPML Fruit Meal GFML Gluten Free HFML High Fiber Meal HNML Hindu KSML Kosher LCML Low Calorie LFML Low Cholesterol/Fat LPML Low Protein LSML Low Sodium MOML Muslim Meal NLML Non Lactose NSML No Salt Meal ORML Oriental PRML Low Purine Meal RVML Raw.

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Vegetarian meal that includes dairy products and egg products (VLML) Asiatic vegetarian meal (AVML) Hindi meal (HNML): contains no beef (when a meat meal is served) Jain vegetarian meal (VJML): contains vegetables following the Jain religion that forbids the consumption of meat and root vegetables HNML: A non-vegetarian meal prepared according to Hindu customs and respecting Hindu dietary practices and beliefs. Contains meat (lamb, poultry), fish, and/or dairy products. It is a non-vegetarian meal suitable for those who do not consume beef, veal, pork, smoked and raw fish. Other Meals Ever wondered what those special meals look like? Here's a peek at the Asian Vegetarian (AVML)/ Hindu (HNML)/ Muslim (MOML) meal choice on Air Canada's breakfast from LHR-YYZ. Vegetable curry (carrot, swede, parsnip, chopped tomatoes, tomato purée, onions, chix peas, garlic (fresh garlic, citric acid), olive oil, spices) >Couscous</b> (couscous, mixed peppers, red onion, spinach, chili.

Religious Meals. MOML Moslem Meal. All food supplied for our flight are ''halal' and there is no need to request a Moslem meal. HNML Hindu. Beef and veal products are avoided in these meals, generally meals are prepared using lamb, chicken and other meats, enhanced by the use of spices. VJML Vegetarian (Jain This is a strict vegan-vegetarian meal that does not contain meat, meat products, fish (including shell fish) or fowl, animal oils/fats, meat gravy, eggs or dairy products such as milk and cheese. Available on all flights. Hindu meal. This is a religious dietary meal with a spicy influence that is free of beef, veal, pork and derived products Introduction. To split an unassigned name element, enter SP, followed by the unassigned name element (0), the period, and the number of spaces to split. For example, enter SP0.2. Enter a Received From element. For example, enter RFMR PAX. Enter EF to end and file the split record. Enter ET to end the transaction The Other special meal (SPML) from our special diet options is suitable for most people suffering from peanut allergy as it does not contain nuts. However, we cannot unfortunately guarantee a fully allergen-free meal, cabin or travel environment on our flights. The onboard meals may contain traces of nuts and almonds RELIGIOUS MEALS: > KSML Kosher Meal > MOML Moslem Meal > HNML Hindu Meal III. VEGETARIAN MEALS. Share this link with a friend: Copied! Study on the go. Download the iOS Download the Android app Company About Us Scholarships.

No special meals are offered on these flights. Consult our Bistro Menu. For passengers in Club Class is possible to pre-order special meals on flights duration of 3 hours and more. Passengers can pre-order their special meals by calling 1-877-TRANSAT / 514-636-3630, up to 72 hours before departure Hindu meal. HNML. Spicy food, does not contain beef, veal, pork, can contain - lamb, poultry, fish, milk. Muslim meal. MOML. No pork, gelatin and alcoholic drinks. Kosher meal (currently not available) KSML. Food cooked with kashrut standards with verifiable kashrut certification Seafood Meal: SFML: This meal is for passenger who prefers seafood. It does not contain any meat products. Hindu Meal: HNML: This meal is available for members of the Hindu community who are not vegetarian and eat meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. It contains one or more of these ingredients: lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, and dairy products Hindu Meal (HNML) Beef and pork will not be used. Mainly, boiled fish, chicken, mutton, seafood, rice and fruits will be used. Ingredients will not contain alcohol. Muslim Meal (MOML) This meal will be prepared in accordance with the Islamic tradition and custom. Any pork products, gelatin, alcohol, extracted flavoring from alcohol, scale and.

The more common Hindu Meal (HNML) is meat free and vegetarian, but it does have limited use of dairy products in it, according to every carrier we checked. Other religious meal requests won't be any better. Kosher Meal (KSML) will avoid mixing dairy and meat, but expect one or the other HNML - Hindu meal; KSML - Kosher meal; LCML - Low calorie meal; LFML - Low fat meal; LSML - Low salt meal; NLML - Low lactose meal; VGML - Vegetarian vegan meal; VJML - Vegetarian Jain meal; However, please be informed that most budget airlines do not offer free food and beverage service. Please note that all requests are not guaranteed and.

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A passenger who has ordered a meal from the À la Carte Menu menu is also entitled to the free meals provided to Economy class passengers. 6. Passengers can order special meals and meals from the À la Carte Menu for one flight segment. 7. Meals from the À la Carte Menu must be ordered and paid for no later than 20 hours prior to departure. 8 An airline meal, airline food, plane food or in-flight meal is a meal served to passengers on board a commercial airliner. These meals are prepared by specialist airline catering services and normally served to passengers using an airline service trolley. These meals vary widely in quality and quantity across different airline companies and classes o Hence they take great pains to make sure that no minuscule animals are injured by the preparation of their meals and in the process of eating and drinking. Traditionally Jains have been prohibited from drinking unfiltered water. In the past, when wells or baolis were used for the water source, the cloth used for filtering used to be reversed. HNML Hindu Meal KSML Kosher Meal (Jewish) MOML Moslem Meal ORML Oriental Meal (4) Children Meals BBML Baby Meal CHML Child Meal (Years 2-6) (5) Other Meals FPML Fruit Platter SFML Seafood Meal (Light Meal) SPML Special Meal (Further instructions required). IATA aircraft type designators are trigram letter/digit codes used for aircraft models, like J41 (British Aerospace Jetstream 41) and 744 (Boeing 747-400).. Country codes. Digram letter codes are used for countries as specified in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.One additional code is used: code XU is used to specify part of Russia east of (but not including) the Ural Mountains

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HNML : Contains: lamb, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. Does not contain: beef and veal. *Non vegetarian meal prepared according to Hindu rules. Lacto-ovo Vegetarian : VLML : Contains: vegetables, fresh fruits, eggs, dairy products and pulses. Does not contain: protein base of animal origin. Asian Vegetarian : AVM The meal was labeled HNML, which I assume is Hindu/Muslim. The meal actually came with naan warmed in the oven. I was not offered another piece of bread from the main meals, but I was offered the strawberry ice cream dessert following the meal. Overall an excellent meal! Read more. Helpful

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HNML. Hindu meal * JPML: Japanese meal. Note: For use on American Airlines only. * KSML. Kosher meal * LCML. Low calorie meal * LFML. Low fat meal * LSML. Low salt meal * MOML. Moslem meal * NLML. Low lactose meal * RVML. Vegetarian raw meal * SFML. Sea food meal + SPML. Special meal * VGML. Vegetarian vegan meal * VJML: Vegetarain Jain meal Dietary Required Meals. A dietary required meal is a meal that can be requested for a customer's dietary requirements, medical needs or religious beliefs. You can use this guide to assist you in booking and servicing your customer's dietary required meal requests. Effective 16 December 2020 temporary changes to inflight services for.

Would you like to order a special meal? Kindly request your special meal at least 72 hours prior to departure or upon making your reservation. Turkmenistan Airlines offers the following special meals: Asian vegetarian (AVML), Diabetic (DBML), Hindu (HNML), Children's meal (CHML), Milk free (NLML), Muslim (MLML), Low on salt (LSML), Low on fat/low on cholesterol (LFML) HNML, a Hindu meal, prepared without beef, beef products and without pork. In preparing the meal all the traditional Hindu seasonings available on the Croatian market are used. round-trip one-way: Multi-city: adult (25-64) infant(<2) child (2-11) other passengers I am flexible +/- 3 days.

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HNML : Hindu non-vegetarian meal - Meal prepared in Indian style cusine under strict religious norms forbidding pork and beef. This meal may however have recipes composed of poultry meat (chicken), lamb, fish and eggs. MOML : Muslim meal - Basically a non vegetarian meal without pork products and alcohol, in any form HNML, a Hindu meal, prepared without beef, beef products and without pork. In preparing the meal all the traditional Hindu seasonings available on the Croatian market are used. Meals for children. BBML, meals for infants. A product originally packed by the manufacturer. Should the age of the infant not be mentioned, the aircraft receives mashed. Hindu Meal (HNML) Jain Meal (JNML) Vegetarian Meal (VGML) SPECIAL MEALS. Children`s Meal (CHML) Fruit Platter (FPML) Seafood Meal (SFML) For further details about TRANSOM Catering, please contact our Operations Team (24x7) on: Email ID: [email protected] Tel: +968-24355316 / + 968 24355317 Special Meal Regardless whether you wish to order a special meal for health reasons or religious beliefs - myAustrian Holidays is happy to provide the right meal for you. For flights lasting 2:20 h (or longer) we offer a selection of 14 different special meals , which are bookable free of charge for all Economy Class bookings on all short and.

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Vegetarian jain meal vjml hindu meal hnml muslim meal moml kosher meal. All emirates flights have at least one meal service time. What do they have on their menu. What are the contents of a vegetarian jain meal on emirates. What are some reviews of the asian vegetarian meals on emirates. Search type the country or HNML: Hindu meal *INFT : Infant, specify name and date of birth : JPML: Japanese meal (LH specific - need airline association) KSML: Kosher meal *LANG : Languages spoken : LCML: Low calorie meal : LFML: Low fat meal. HNML Hindu meal INFT Infant SSR code / infant's information KSML Kosher meal LANG Language(s) spoken LCML Low calorie meal LFML Low cholesterol, low fat meal LSML Low sodium, no salt added meal MOML Moslem meal NLML Non lactose meal NSSA No smoking aisle seat NSSB No smoking bulkhead seat. HNML. Hindu Meal. Suitable for Hindus, this is a non-vegetarian meal that does not contain any beef, veal, pork or their products. Typically prepared in an Indian cooking style. May contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. Should you require a vegetarian meal, a request for Vegetarian Hindu Meal (AVML) should be made

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Effective 19 February 2015, SAA changed the meals offered to our customers on flights with a duration of less than 2 hours. It will be for domestic flights to and from Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, East London and Maputo. Only these meals below will be available on these flights: SAA's meal policy remains the same for domestic Business. hnml ( non vegetarian hindu meal ) This meal is available for members of the Hindu community who are not strictly vegetarian and eat meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. It contains one or more of these ingredients: lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, and dairy products

From Japan: In-flight meal (CX636) Singapore - Hong KongSpecial Meals | At the airport/In flight [International] | ANAAirline Hand Held Snacks and Bakery Goods - Monty’s Bakehouseamadeus system infos | Meal | Frequent Flyer Program

HNML (Hindu Meal) Vegetarian food prepared in an Indian style which does not contain beef and egg. (We serve Hindu meal choices in our India flights for YC services.) RVML (Vegetarian Raw Meal)Contains only raw vegetables or fruits. VGML (Strict Vegetarian Meal)Strict vegetarian meal (No milk products Virgin Australia Meal Options The Virgin Australia menu varies depending on the type of flight and class flying in. Example menus can be found on the Virgin Australia website. Passengers on domestic flights flying in Economy will receive complimentary food, which will depend on the time of day and duration of the flight The main ground taken by the appellants in their appeal is that before the start of journey from Sanfrancisco to Delhi on 20.01.2005 they received a telephonic message from the daughter of the complainant to change the serving meal menu of Vegetarian meal to Hindu Meal (HNML) to her parents i.e the respondents and this request was received by. HNML Hindu Meal BBML Infant / Baby Meal KSML Kosher Meal LCML Low Calorie Meal LSML Low Salt / Sodium Meal MOML Muslim Meal NSML No Salt Meal NLML Non Lactose Meal PFML Peanut Free Meal SFML Seafood Meal VLML Veg Lacto-Ovo VGML Vegetarian KVML Vegetarian Kosher RVML Vegetarian, Ra