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Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Zippos Circus and animal rights Zippos Circus was represented on the Government working group on the new ANIMAL WELFARE BILL - helping to set new standards for circus animal welfare. Q: I have heard animal rights people are against the use of animals in circuses, even horses Zippos Circus have been exposed by Animal Defenders International, for keeping their horses in trailers without exercise for hours on end. ( From ADI) 'The way that young girl brandished the whip was obviously scary to the horses' 'When the man raised his hand the budgies flinched. Every time!' Zippos Circus and its animals. 11 Aug. Posted on August 11, 2017 August 16, 2018 Author steel city scribe 5. Last night I went for the second time to the circus. My first visit was in 1961 and all I now recall is a strongman gripping rope in teeth to lift a donkey in a harness. The show must have been low key as circuses go, not only for being. The cruel Zippos Circus will be in Windsor, 29 th October-3 rd November, Zippos has a bad record when it comes to animals. Please read through this site exposing Zippos circus with an open mind. Please say no to Zippos! Royal Windsor Racecourse Maidenhead Road Windsor Berks SL4 5JJ. Thursday Oct 29th, Friday Oct 30th, Saturday Oct 31st, Sunday.

ANIMALS will not be performing at Zippos Circus when it comes to Hove seafront this summer. This comes after a petition calling for the circus to drop its use of budgies and horses was signed by more than 5,000 people and backed by Brighton Pavilion MP, Caroline Lucas Animals are not for our entertainment and should not be made to perform in the circus. We want Brighton and Hove City Council to repeal, revoke, and/or reject any proposed or confirmed licence provided to Zippos Circus for their 2017 scheduled tour, and any tour thereafter Zippos Circus have been exposed by Animal Defenders International, for keeping their horses in trailers without exercise for hours on end. Zippos Circus don't care about animals and their performances have been described as 'boring' and 'degrading' by audience members. Find out more about Zippos and Circuses The name 'Zippos Circus' is a registered TradeMark and is the trading name of WOC Ltd. WOC Ltd. VAT Reg. No. 677 4641 94. Registered company address: 8 King Edward Street, Oxford OX14HL. WOC Ltd. Company No. 03370265. Zippos Circus, Circus Headquarters, Enborne, Newbury RG20 0LD Tel: 07774 811 811 Email: info@zippos.co.u glasgow antispeciesist action did a demo against zippos circus that forces horses to perform tricks in a loud stadium filled with noisey screaming people. th..

Book tickets at http://www.zipposcircus.co.uk/ British ringmaster Norman Barrett has been inducted into the International Circus Hall of Fame, one of the cir.. Does Zippos Circus use animals? ANIMALS will not be performing at Zippos Circus when it comes to Hove seafront this summer. This comes after a petition calling for the circus to drop its use of budgies and horses was signed by more than 5,000 people and backed by Brighton Pavilion MP, Caroline Lucas

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Animal abuse in the circus is scrutanised whenever its visible in this country. Elephants on their back legs and tigers jumping through hoops often grab the. Zippos Circus, Royal Windsor Racecourse, Windsor, October 29th until November 3rd 2009; Zippos Circus, Wembley Stadium, Wembley November 6th until November 16th 2009; Say 'No' to Zippos Campaign; Links. RSPCA; The Captive Animals' Protection Societ ANIMALS will not be performing at Zippos Circus when it comes to Hove seafront this summer. This comes after a petition calling for the circus to drop its use of budgies and horses was signed by.

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Zippos Circus, London, United Kingdom. 49,681 likes · 481 talking about this · 4,581 were here. See Britain's favourite circus! Book Zippos Circus tickets at zippos.co.uk To get a discount of up to.. NOTE: Zippos Circus are also using horses, budgerigars and a dog to perform for entertainment. We feel just as strongly that these animals DO NOT belong in a circus! Please share this petition and keep sharing; the more signatures we get the more likely we are to get something done! Thanks for your support Performers are also the crew when not in the ring as they help put up the tent and care for the animals. Animals. And this is where the latest controversy has started. Yes, Zippos Circus has animals in the circus. Zippos Circus is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year so they know about running a successful circus This video is about My Movi

Zippos Circus to return to Hove Lawns as Council rejects animal rights campaign to ban the show. 21/9/17 Zippos Circus is delighted by Brighton and Hove City Council's decision, made today, 21 September 2017, not to alter its Animal Welfare Charter following the presentation of a public petition earlier this year by animal rights activists. Brighton and Hove City Council decided it would not be imposing a blanket ban on animal circuses in the city. To date in Brighton, show animals are permitted.. Animals are not here for our entertainment and should not be made to perform in the circus. We want Brighton and Hove City Council to repeal, revoke, and/or reject any proposed or confirmed licence/permission provided to Zippos Circus for their 2019 scheduled tour, and any tour thereafter. Their use of domestic animals, including horses and budgies is not necessary, and while Zippos claim they fo

Zippos Circus Has Domestic Animals. Many years ago, Zippos Circus made the decision to include animals in their shows and wanted to demonstrate the best care for animals to set the highest standards for the industry. They have included horses for many years and there is always a fenced-off outdoor space for the horses so the public can see them. Founder and director of Zippos Circus, Martin Burton, sprinkles his fabulous tales of big top life with some tidbits about Islington clowns. Interview by Nicola Baird. I spent a year in intensive care after a fire eating accident, admits the unflappable Martin Burton, 59, so I promised my mother I wouldn't do it again. Zippos are strong advocates of excellence in Animal Welfare and have asked successive Governments to introduce legislation force the external regulation of Circus animals by independent vets and other animal experts. To date no such legislation has been offered, and Zippos is still waiting ANIMAL rights activists have failed to close down the famous Zippos Circus. They targeted local councillors with a petition claiming it was cruel to have animals in circuses but were turned down flat. It will return to Brighton, UK, in 2018, after councillors at Brighton and Hove City Council ignored their pleas Zippos Circus is one of a minority of touring circuses in the UK to still use animals as part of their shows. We believe the practice of using animals in circuses is unethical, outdated and unnecessary and urge Sheffield City Council to ban all animal circuses

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animal cruelty takes place in Zippos Circus - rather the animals enjoy. their life and performances and give great pleasure to their trainers and. my audiences. To what do you attribute so many full houses? A great show of course but much more than that Zippos Circus is a brand But when Zippos Circus pitches up in Elgin next week, it will feel extra special for the man regarded by many as a real life greatest showman. For it was in a tent pitched on Elgin's Lossie Green that 83-yearold Norman made his circus debut decades ago

Labels: Academy of Circus Arts, Amanda Holden, animal rights, Big Top, Circus animals, Martin Burton, Zippos. Sunday, 9 June 2013. Inside the BBC's Big Top with Amanda Holden. Lights! Camera! Action! Digging through the archives, I found these behind-the-camera pictures from the making of the 2009 BBC 1 circus sitcom Big Top Tickets for events at HAMPSTEAD HEATH, Lower Fairground. Event information and dates for HAMPSTEAD HEATH, Lower Fairground between Friday, 16 Jul 2021 and Sunday, 18 Jul 2021 The fact Zippos survives today is testament to how they've adapted what is expected from a circus. Of course sad, exotic animals are a big no-no these days. You can expect to see horses and budgies animal wise, that's it. To say the performers treat them well would not be fair to the performers as professionals, you can see they Read Full Revie

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  2. Zippos Circus invites Rotary Clubs in each town to come to the circus to raise funds for their chosen charities and causes. In this way, Clubs around England and Scotland have raised thousands of pounds with the help of Zippos Circus and through the generosity of their audiences
  3. Zippos Circus Unchained. by Katharine Kavanagh 20th September 2014. 18th February 2016. Peckham Rye, London; 12th-14th September 2014. **Originally written for This Is Cabaret. Ukrainian strongman Hercules with Zippos Circus IMAGE: Piet-Hein Out. Gone are the days of the three ring traveling circus in Britain but, last weekend, I caught up on.
  4. Zippos Circus is at East Ham Central Park. 6 hrs · London, United Kingdom ·. We're in the papers as apparently, not everyone dresses up when they go for their Covid vaccination. Well, we did! ☺️. We are still running socially-distanced shows which means there as not as many tickets available. So, we've added an extra show tomorrow at.
  5. We Love Traditional Circus with Animals in Scotland. Winsford Town Council. Recent Post by Page. Zippos Circus. July 1 at 7:27 AM. Use discount code FSC430 to save up to 30% off Streatham Common tickets. Zippos Circus. July 1 at 4:38 AM

Zippos Circus, London, United Kingdom. 49,572 likes · 497 talking about this · 4,446 were here. See Britain's favourite circus! Book Zippos Circus tickets at zippos.co.uk To get a discount of up to.. Tickets for events at SLOUGH, Wexham Circus Site. Wexham Circus Site, Uxbridge Road, Church Lane Junction, Wexham Circus Site, SL3 6LN

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  1. In recent years the Council has allowed Zippos to use their land. Yet there's clear, irrefutable evidence that there's huge public concern about the continued use of animals in circuses; we also know more than enough about the suffering endured by circus animals because of stress and confinement
  2. In case there is any confusion, WILD animals have never featured in Zippos Circus and never will. Just DOMESTIC animals like dogs, cats horses and budgies. Thanks. Reply. Jennie. September 18, 2016 at 6:59 pm We loved the animals and could tell that they were very well cared for. The relationship between humans and their animals was very clear.
  3. Zippos Circus, Oxted. 49,332 likes · 564 talking about this. See Britain's favourite circus! Book Zippos Circus tickets at zippos.co.uk To get a discount of up to 30%, Like this Page and use discount..
  4. g budgerigars. As a younger man, he was a bareback rider, famous for his Ben Hur act where he would stand astride two horses while others ran in the opposite direction.
  5. ANIMAL rights campaigners have demanded tourism staff stop selling tickets for a circus which is due to arrive in York next week. Zippos Circus, which includes horses and budgies among its.
  6. Zippos Circus, London, United Kingdom. 49,705 likes · 429 talking about this · 4,603 were here. See Britain's favourite circus! Book Zippos Circus tickets at zippos.co.uk To get a discount of up to..
  7. Travelling circus life is likely to have a harmful effect on animal welfare as captive animals are unable to socialise, get enough exercise or exhibit natural behaviours. Many animals develop behavioural and/or health problems as a direct result of the captive life that they are forced to lead

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  1. This event is now in the past - Zippos Circus at STREATHAM COMMON on Saturday, 03 Jul 2021 at 12:00 PM. Find more Zippos Circus performances
  2. This event is now in the past - Zippos Circus at SLOUGH on Saturday, 10 Jul 2021 at 3:00 PM. Find more Zippos Circus performance
  3. Zippos Circus The Big Hat Tour is appearing all around the UK until the end of October 2019. Adults (aged 15+) from £9; Children from £7.50; Kids under 2 FREE (if they don't have their own seat). Advance booking is recommended - book online and check tour dates at www.zippos.co.uk. Linking up with Truly Madly Kids for Cultured Kids
  4. The Zippos Circus shows are performed in the Megadome which is the newest and biggest circus tent in the UK so there's space for everyone. The tent is heated and, goodness, that's important after a few hours at Winter Wonderland. The tent has comfy seating and a theatre style atmosphere. You can sit within a few feet of the performers and.
  5. Kathryn Flett. Sat 19 Sep 2009 19.01 EDT. Eleven years ago last week I woke up in Peckham Rye on a misty, mellow morning, made some coffee and drank it on the steps of my bunk wagon, the.
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  1. 4. The Cleveland Circus Fire. Although there were no human fatalities, the Cleveland Circus Fire of 1942 was a horrific event that caused the deaths of over one hundred circus animals. A fire of unknown origin started near the menagerie tent of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
  2. Our afternoon with Zippos Circus. Jo. 16th October 2017 In Focus. On Thursday Zippos Circus rolled into town, and on Friday morning I was amongst a select few taking a peek behind the scenes as part of the free Animal Open House event. This event is open to all the public. During the session we were introduced to the ringmaster, Norman Barrett.
  3. The only animals involved are budgies in Norman Barrett's part of the show. Tickets for Zippos Circus cost between £7.50 for kids or £9 for adults and £27.50 for the best seats in the house/tent and if you use the code ZIP50 you can get 30% off the price of your tickets. Personally, I'd recommend buying ringside seats if you can
  4. Zippos Circus, London, United Kingdom. 49,690 likes · 475 talking about this · 4,598 were here. See Britain's favourite circus! Book Zippos Circus tickets at zippos.co.uk To get a discount of up to..
  5. Zippos Circus truck: Seema Hakim Workers at Zippos Circus woke up on Monday morning to find animal abusers scrawled over one of their trucks and across the entrance of the circus. Animal rights protestors had been handing out leaflets on Wennington Green in Mile End on Sunday afternoon before the evening show

The family are big animal lovers and have rescued many creatures from miserable lives. BuzzFeed News visited the circus and spoke to Zippos Circus director Martin Burton about why he added the. 2011 - Media outcry over ADI film of Anne the elephant being beaten at winter quarters of Bobby Roberts Super Circus. 2012 - Animal welfare minister Lord Taylor announces ban on wild animals in circuses in 2015 and Circus Licensing Scheme in interim. 2013 - Peter Jolly's Circus and Circus Mondao become only two UK circuses licensed to use. But sadly, not all animals are safe. This ban only applies to wild animals in circuses, not domestic animals like horses, birds, dogs and cats. Right now, Zippos Circus is touring with domestic animals and will be in Scotland from 5th June. They have 11 venues lined up across Scotland for their cruel shows 3 reviews of Zippos Circus wasnt expecting much when i took my 10 yr old recently,but i've got to say it found it quite enjoyable.As did my 10yr old. The artist/performers are very professional,extremely skillful.and the show even provides a few gasping moments. The food is resonably priced (£2 hotdog,£1 tea etc

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I know a lot of people are concerned about animal welfare when it comes to circus acts and I can understand why there may be some concern, But it is clear that Zippo's animals are well loved and looked after. At each destination Zippo's hold an Animal Open House where visitors can go and see the animals in their own surroundings Zippos Circus Sparks Green Protest. 25 September 2014. Performing animals still used. Members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party - including Mark Dawes - joined protesters outside Zippos Circus in Barkingside to protest against the circus using animals in its performances on the opening night, Thursday 25th September Martin Burton: 'Circus is not just a job, it's a way of life'. Features Apr 27, 2017 by Nick Smurthwaite. Like moths to the flame, people are surging towards a big neon sign saying Zippos. Top tables: Celebrate local & seasonal food at the Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Festiva

See more of Zippos Circus on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Zippos Circus on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Moscow State Circus. Circus. Scotlands Favourite Circus. Company. A WORLD of Circus. Book. irvin leisure. Local Service. Await Further Instructions Siegfried Fischbacher half of large animal magic team Siegfried & Roy; Norman Barrett MBE and his amazing budgies: Zippos Circus; Monkey circus that is a very cool show for kids and adults; Circus Show in Russia; CIRCUS Haunted House Walk Through - Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Halloween 2019; Circus. Gymnasts. Amazing !!! Universal Soul Circus. After beginning his performing career as Zippo the clown in the 1970s, Martin Burton started Zippos Circus in 1986 as a non-animal show comprising four clowns, two jugglers and a pianist, with a stage instead of a circus ring. Zippos is now one of the UK's top three circuses, touring the country from April to October

Britains oldest Circus Ringmaster Norman Barrett of Zippos Circus in the ring at Horsham, clown parrots performing animals ringmaster circus skill balance teamwork humor entertainment Illustration depicting a French Arab circus master 1850. Circus ringmaster Daniel Renz mourns for brown bear Nena in Kassel, Germany, 19 April 2009.. Animal circuses are inherently cruel and subject animals to unnecessary suffering for the sake of entertainment. Promoted Stories. Surely a good circus should be able to rely on the performances. Zippos, currently running a circus in Hove, declined to comment this week. Moscow State Circus director John Haze said: We don't use animals at all, in any of our shows. We choose not to because at the end of the day you have to go to the best sites, and people's perception of animals in circuses is that it's cruel

The most recent example in the UK is the mobile phone company Orange who were apparently persuaded to drop a promotional ticket offer to the UK's Zippos Circus by the self proclaimed vegan animal-rights group The Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS).Orange who were apparently persuaded to drop a promotional ticket offer to the UK's Zippos Circus • The Academy of Circus Arts is currently holding auditions for its 2009 course. For details go to www.academycircus arts.co.uk or call 07774 60 80 90. Share or comment on this article Zippo's Circus Jigit Review Incredibly, I have never actually been to the circus before so when offered the chance to visit Zippo's Circus in Coventry, I was really excited! I was even more excited about the prospect of taking Sophie & imagining her wide eyes as each act came into the ring. NB: Circuses have quite a bad reputation when it comes to animal welfare, which is one of the reasons.

Circus, Zippos Circus, Duffy's Circus (Northern Ireland), Courtney Brothers/Royal Russian Circus (Northern Ireland), Moscow State Circus and Circus Tyanna. Most people who go to a circus with performing animals are unaware that, behind the scenes, there is a sad story of cruelty and suffering Circus master Gerry Cottle now supports ban. An unexpected ally in our campaign to end the use of animals in travelling circuses has come to the fore - circus impresario Gerry Cottle. Read more ADI denies approval of Zippos Circus The SPCA inspection to Zippos Circus edited from the STV series Animals 999. Via: OnlineSchools.org Astley's Legacy was formed to counter the misinformation and propaganda spread by animal rights activists With Zippos Circus now in Southsea, the Southern Animal Rights Coalition (SARC) have promised protests for the duration of time the animal circus is in the area, as well as working with groups in Horsham and London where the circus visits next.Zippos is one of only eight British circues' that continues to include animals in its performances, using horses, birds and dogs

Lesbemums: Winter Wonderland, Zippos Circus, Mr Men & Little Miss [AD] On the rare occasion we went to London as a child, my fondest memory was always the wonderful window displays in places like Oxford Street and Regent Street at Christmas time. They always looked so grand and somewhat magical Zippos Circus: Legacy Launch at Blackheath Common London Brazilian comic, acrobat and showman Paulo Dos Santos poses 30m high on Zippos Circus Big Top, Blackheath, London. 'Little person' Paulo, who is under 4ft tall, will be one of the stars of the show which begins its nationwide tour of 'Legacy' tonight

The academic panel concluded that there appears to be little evidence to demonstrate that the welfare of animals kept in travelling circuses is any better or worse than that of animals kept in other captive environments - Executive Summary of the DEFRA Circus Working Group 2007 Join us on Facebook The WELFARE of Circus animals Blackheath, London; 28th March 2016. This season's show from Zippo's Circus is a classically modelled big top tour that, in a celebration of the company's 30th anniversary, revisits the spirit of variety entertainment that I fondly remember from growing up with Saturday night television in the 1980s. This is a show for all ages, and the Mega Dome tent is stocked with up-to-date technical. Greens call for boycott of Zippos Circus. 11 September 2014. It is very disappointing to see that Zippos Circus is coming to Barkingside in Redbridge later this month. Zippos Circus are one of few circuses in the UK that continues to use animals, the majority of UK circuses do not use animals

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Zippos Circus, Glasgow. June 2015 That has probably been the biggest change in circuses over the years, the increased concern for animal welfare meaning that large animals are no longer the main attraction and I'm sure few would complain about this. Moscow State Circus Programme A couple of years later, Taba Maluenda began working with animals during circus shows in South America and Central America. It was in 2004 when he joined Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. After the final performance of Circus Xtreme, 'Taba's Tigers' (owned by Feld Entertainment) were sent to a big cat sanctuary AN animal rights campaigner protesting outside Zippos Circus has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. Two other protesters are set to be questioned over the incident, including a 30-year.

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  1. The world-famous Zippos Circus has returned to London two years after it was badly disrupted by animal rights protesters. Zippos Circus announced that it would be returning to the capital's Hampstead Heath after breaking a 15-year run in 2017 following sustained hostility and abuse from activists the year before
  2. gs. Thrills, kid-friendly clown routines, risky acts with no safety net and slightly crap popcorn
  3. Circus Thoughts From Circus People. animals. Show Reviews 'Any Port In A Storm', by Giffords Circus. by Katharine Kavanagh 15th May 2017. 'Celebration', by Zippos Circus. by Katharine Kavanagh 10th April 2016 8th May 2017. Behind the Scenes. Circus Reunion 2016

Nell, 12, meets Scooby (a riding school rescue horse who now stars in the circus with Nicky de Neumann) and Martin Burton, owner of Zippos Circus. The death-defying acts on motorbikes, horses, trapeze or ropes are as much a part of the circus's appeal as the carefree life on the road The Zippo Circus is set to be in Guildford this week and at Hampstead Heath, London, later in the month, but with the use of circus animals come serious debate. Over 750 people have already signed a petition that started on the 5th October to see the circus banned due to implications of animal cruelty 2020 Oct 15 Oct 20 2020. Zippos Circus. Guildford, Bannister's Field. 2020 Oct 08 Oct 13 2020. Zippos Circus. London, Broomfield Park. 2020 Oct 01 Oct 06 2020. Zippos Circus. London, Peckham Rye Park & Common

This topic will always be open to debate. Zippos maintains a strong policy towards its animals. They are vetted and inspected by local authority vets. There is an Open Day at most venues where you can watch training in action and ask questions. Zippos Circus Websit When we opened Zippos Circus, it was an entirely non animal circus, relying heavily on the clowns, and a stage rather than the circus ring. The original cast was 4 clowns, 2 jugglers, and a. Animals are not here for our entertainment and should not be made to perform in the circus. We want Brighton and Hove City Council to repeal, revoke, and/or reject any proposed or confirmed licence/permission provided to Zippos Circus for their 2019 scheduled tour, and any tour thereafter (Zippos Circus employs no animals, instead relying purely on the fabled yet glamorous circus freak of the human variety.) The show got its gears turning with a whistle-tooting Zippo, the ringmaster. He was absolutely adorable and hilarious. As far as clown crushes go, he would definitely make the cover of OK! ZIPPO! magazine or similar Zippos Circus is currently touring the country and we were fortunate enough to be offered four tickets for the event. Now I have to say it has been many many years since I last visited a circus. I was never a lover of the animals in a circus and back when my children were young the circus was full of animals

Moscow State Circus booked as Zippos' 30-year big tent run on Hampstead Heath comes to an end. Camden New Journal The independent London newspaper. Search inpu Did you know Zippos Circus holds an 'Animal Open House' on a Friday at 11am when families are able to see animals in their quarters, and their trainers will be on hand to answer questions. Admission is free, families are asked to register in advance via the email link below. For more info and to book, click her Zippos Circus has announced that it will be returning to the fairground site in East Heath Road later this month. The City of London held discussions earlier this year as to whether circuses with animals would be welcomed back without imposing a ban Dear Mummy, even though I'm only 4 I've seen my fair share of circus acts however I was totally awe-struck by our recent visit to Zippo's Circus. It's the number one circus in London and we caught the troupe as they toured around the South of England. While visiting Guildford the circus came to tow Well, thank each and every one of you who has signed we have now reached 10,000 signatures! We're also pleased to share with you that Zippos will not have cats as part of their act anymore which is FANTASTIC news!! We are sure that this petition and each of your signatures was a contributing factor in this decision, so thank you all so much. We hope that Zippos will stop the use of ALL animals.

GALLERY. Romeo and his siblings give Zippos Circus 10/10. Shannon gives Zippos Circus a K-Rating of 8. Junior gives Zippos Circus 10/10. Ashton gives Zippos Circus a K-Rating of 10. Cats at Zippos Circus. Photographer-Piet-Hein-Out—Tel-0031612574451—www.circusphotographer.com. LOAD MORE circus bookings had been made for 2019 in the city. He noted that in the past council animal welfare officers had inspected the conditions for the animals at Zippos and found them to be suitable. The Animal Welfare Charter set out the council's policy on the use of animals on council owned land with an exception for horses and ponies and unde Zippos! Merchandise from the UK's No.1 Circus Eliasjonathan - Animals-dinosaurs - jigsaw puzzle album. Tiniest-giants-discovering-dinosaur-eggs-exhibi

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Zippos Circus, London, United Kingdom. 49 676 харесвания · 471 говорят за това · 4577 бяха тук. See Britain's favourite circus! Book Zippos Circus tickets at zippos.co.uk To get a discount of up to.. By AmazingVision. $19.07. Tags: circus, circus animal, circus animals, circus, circus lover, life is a balancing act, mouse, mouse, mouse on unicycle, mouse riding unicycle. Life Is A Balancing Act Mouse Riding Unicycle Gifts Framed Art Print. By yourgiftshoppe. $94.28

Wild circus animals face total ban within two years | UKThe show goes on as Zippos Circus beats bid to shut it downZippos Circus 2016 – About London Laura - London and Beyond