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1100 W Happy Valley Rd. - PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85085. Tractors & Implements Parts. Diesel Engines Warranty Service Re: Kubota vs. John Deere vs. Yanmar - Which to Bu in reply to Karl, 12-29-2003 08:42:05 Around here Yanmar dealers are non-exsitant. Kubota , John Deere , Ford new - holland all good I looked at all three a few years back and with a hydro JD was the only one that you could hold the brakes on a hill and run the hydro pedal with the other foot However, Kubota tractors are widely regarded as high-performance, ergonomic machines. Nonetheless, with proper use and adequate maintenance, Kubota and Yanmar tractors can last for up to 20 years. Yanmar vs. Kubota Excavators. Kubota and Yanmar are manufacturers of some of the best mini excavators for the construction industry

Kubota vs. Yanmar Yanmar's YT347C diesel tractor and Kubota's MX4900 diesel tractor are frequently pitted against each other in tractor comparison tools. In a head-to-head matchup, Kubota comes out on top in terms of engine horsepower, fuel capacity, and PTO John Deere's Gator XUV Crossover Utility Vehicle is built with a Yanmar diesel engine with a total displacement of 854 cc and maximum horsepower of 22.8. The Kubota RTV-X is equipped with a Kubota D1105 OHV engine with a total displacement of 1123 cc and maximum horsepower of 24.8 And as two of the best-selling compact tractors on the market today, we wanted to see how the John Deere 3025E compares to the Kubota L2501. Priced around $19,000 and $14,000 respective, the John Deere 3025E and Kubota L2501 each bring nearly 25 gross engine horse power (HP), solid diesel technology, and a wide array of attachments This is the first Episode of Tractor Battles. in this episode we are comparing the john deer 3038E to the Yanmar YT235 This is the first video we have posted.. Therefore, much of the Kubota vs. John Deere sub-compact debate comes down to the features and accessories that each brand of tractor offers. Kubota Sub-Compact Tractors Pros and Cons The sub-compact tractors in the Kubota BX series come with rugged diesel engines offering between 18 and 25.5 horsepower

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  1. Well said. John Deere makes great lawn tractors and big ag machines but their heart doesn't seem to be in the compact tractor market. My X590 garden tractor is excellent; I really love it, but their economy line of compact tractors leave much to be desired. For compact tractors I'd go with Kubota or Yanmar, both Japanese purebreds
  2. They're the perfect size for most homeowners, with options sufficient to mow grass, till gardens, grade driveways, and plow through snow. There's a reason the sub-compact tractor remains a top selling category across the country, and the John Deere 1025R vs. the Kubota BX2680 makes for an excellent match-up
  3. Comparing Compact Excavators. Convert to Metric. Description. John Deere 35G. Yanmar ViO35-6A. Model to Compare Case CX37C Caterpillar 303.5E2 Doosan DX35-5 Gehl Z35 Gen:2 Hitachi ZX35U-5 Hyundai R35Z-9A Kato 35N4 Kato 35V4 Kato 35V4 Slide Arm Kobelco SK35SR-6E Komatsu PC35MR-5 Kubota KX033-4 Extendable Dipper Arm Kubota U35-4 Kubota U35-4.
  4. um construction, and John Deere does not recommend attaching a backhoe. In fact, John Deere does not produce a backhoe compatible with its 3E Series

View Specs for the John Deere 50G View Specs for the Kubota KX040-4 Model to Compare Bobcat E42 Caterpillar 304E2 CR Doosan DX42-5 Doosan DX50-5 Gehl Z45 GEN:2 Hitachi ZX50U-5 JCB 45Z-1 JCB 48Z-1 Kobelco SK45SRX-6E Komatsu PC45MR-5 Kubota KX040-4 6-in-1 Blade Kubota KX040-4 Angle Blade Mustang by Manitou 450Z NXT2 Rhino REX35 XCMG XE35U Yanmar. And as two of the best-selling compact tractors on the market today, we wanted to see how the John Deere 3025E compares to the Kubota L2501. Priced around $19,000 and $14,000 respective, the John Deere 3025E and Kubota L2501 each bring nearly 25 gross engine horse power (HP), solid diesel technology, and a wide array of attachments. John Deere. John Deere vs. Kubota Price. In my area Kubota was a better deal on a LX 2610 tractor than a similar size JD. There are only 3 brands here than have any amount of actual in stock tractors. I just found out that some toy dealer is going or already has in stock Mirinda tractors. They claim in ads the price will be low Yanmar, who has built subcompact and compact tractors for brands such as John Deere and Cub-Cadet, in 2014 announced it would be building and selling its own line of machines. Returning to the marketplace with its traditional red paint scheme, three models were initially introduced: the SA221, SA324 and SA424

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  1. How much horsepower does the Kubota MX Series have? The MX Series packs a 55.5 horsepower rating in the MX5400 and tops out at 63.4 horsepower in the MX6000. So how does it compare to the John Deere 4 Series? The Yanmar-built engine under the 4 Series' hood spreads a 43 to 66 horsepower range across eight models in the green machine
  2. See how YANMAR's ViO35 excavator stacks up to Kubota's KX040. Learn more at www.rulethejobsite.com
  3. Comparing Compact Excavators. Convert to Metric. Description. Kubota U35-4. John Deere 35G. Model to Compare Case CX37C Caterpillar 303.5E2 Doosan DX35-5 Gehl Z35 Gen:2 Hitachi ZX35U-5 Hyundai R35Z-9A Kato 35N4 Kato 35V4 Kato 35V4 Slide Arm Kobelco SK35SR-6E Komatsu PC35MR-5 Kubota KX033-4 Extendable Dipper Arm Kubota U35-4 Angle Blade LiuGong.

KUBOTA U17 Deere 17G Cat 301.7D CR Yanmar Vi017-A Engine Model Kubota D902 Yanmar 3TNV74F Yanmar 3TNV76 Yanmar 3TNV74F0 Horsepower (*SAE J 1995 Gross) HP / rpm 15.2 / 2300* 14.5 / 2400 17.7 / 2600 14.5 / 2400 Displacement cu. in. 54.8 61 40.0 61.0 Emissions Tier Level (EPA) Tier 4 Final Tier 4 Final Tier 4 Final Tier 4 Final. John Deere 1-Series vs Kubota BX. Neil from Messick's here with two subcompact tractors, a Kubota BX Series and a John Deere 1 Series. Generally, if you go and you compare most any Yanmar engine to most any Kubota engine, in most cases, you'll find Kubota's having about a 10%-15% torque advantage over a Yanmar counterpart

Compare tractors and see what premium performance looks like John Deere 7800 VS Yanmar F220D specs comparison. John Deere 7800 General Infos. Make: John Deere: Model: 7800: Country: United states: Production: From 1992 Until 1996: Price: 84,000 USD: Tractor type: John Deere 7800 VS CaseIH 9240 Yanmar F220D VS Renault 175-74 TZ. The TractorData.com tractor comparison tool can be used to view and compare two different tractor listings, side-by-side. It gives a listing of basic information and provides a link to the full specifications page. The information provided is believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. Consult a dealer for official information on all tractors.

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  1. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 13, 2013. I'm about to purchase a new/used tractor, I've been given many pros and cons for both John Deere 3032 hydrostatic and Kubota 3130 shuttle shift. I like the idea of hydrostatic but is it reliable for years or should I consider Kubota 3130 with shuttle shift. Kubota is used with 554 hrs, john deere is.
  2. Compare a John Deere 1025r tractor vs Kubota BX23s tractor. The John Deere 1025r tractor in this video is a 2018 model equipped with a model 120r front end.
  3. Tractor's, Kubota vs John Deere. Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, Apr 16, 2015. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Gator 45/70 Monkey+++ I've been looking at tractors for a couple of weeks and have it down to Kubota's and Deere's
  4. Proof that a John Deere saves you time! See how the John Deere, Kubota and Iseki high dump commercial mowers compare when it comes to raising and lowering th..

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Joined Mar 31, 2011. ·. 14,167 Posts. #2 · Apr 4, 2015. I guess it depends on how old you want to go. The older Bolens, Kubota, Yanmar and JD compacts are popular here. The Bolens and Yanmar can be hard to get parts for. The older JD tractors like the 855 were actually built by Yanmar for JD as are the smaller JD tractors even now Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:28 am Post subject: Re: Kubota vs Yanmar: We have a little Yanmar F-18 D. It is a gray market tractor, so finding parts for it has been a little tough! I however think that it is the best little tractor a person could ever ask for How much is the cost of a New Tractor and Tractor Prices of Kubota, John Deere, Massey Ferguson and more. April 24, 2020 Leave a Comment. Compact Tractor Cost: $9,000 - $11,000. Table of Contents. Compact Tractor Cost: $9,000 - $11,000. 50HP Tractor Cost: $30,000 - $60,000. Kubota Tractor Prices Need Your Input ! repower, diesel, m5424, Universal, used for sale, S29.2C, new Kubota or Yanmar-need your input on motor selection.. my email - jj_ramage at yahoo dot com. am placing a 3 cylinder at least 20 HP motor. It will be horizontally mounted as low as possible with a CV system tying to the prop shaft Kubota L4701 vs John Deere 3043E in Delmar, Delaware; The 3043D provides you with 42.2 horsepower, all thanks to a Yanmar-built engine. Our take? It shows a manufacturer's quality when they build their product from the ground-up, and the Kubota L4701 is built entirely by Kubota, for Kubota users. Talk about peace of mind

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Compare John Deere 4720 vs Yanmar Lx490 Farm Tractors. Related Comparisons. CaseIH Farmall 75A. vs. John Deere 4720. Cub Cadet Ex450. vs. John Deere 4720. John Deere 4120. vs. Yanmar Lx490. John Deere 4720. vs. Farm Pro 6010. John Deere 4720. vs. Kubota MX4700. John Deere 4720. vs. Kubota L4600. Popular Comparisons. Related Questions. Which. With a Yanmar-built engine, the John Deere 3025E trails just behind the L2501 with its 24.7 horsepower. Built from the ground-up by Kubota, the L2501 will never let you down. Both compact tractors have a standard hydrostatic transmission, but where the John Deere 3025E has two-ranges, the Kubota L2501 offers three-ranges

Kubota KX033-4 vs John Deere 35G in Delmar, Delaware; The 35G falls just short of Kubota's mark, putting up a 23.3 horsepower rating, courtesy of a Yanmar-built engine. You'll find that the 35G has a slightly higher auxiliary hydraulic flow and ground pressure rating, but that's where its victories start to fall off. Deep breaths Special equipment comparison, Kubota B26 vs. John Deere 110 TLB pros and cons - all this on portal pages dedicated to the world's best models of special equipment of Yanmar AF118 VS Massey Ferguson 3340 New Holland TC25 VS Cameco 110-T Yanmar AF118 VS CaseIH CVX 120 Yanmar AF118 VS New Holland row-crop TM140 Choose another tractor Search. Choose your tractor n ×. Make. Model. Search Please Support us by sharing this. Currently pricing out Kubota L3901 and a John Deere 3038e and just not sure which way to go. I have gotten both dealerships / tractors within 100$ of each other and narrowed it down to these two brands. I really want to like the John Deere; I think because I have always wanted to own one. However, a couple of things have me a little worried

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  1. Side-by-Side Comparison of Mahindra 2638 vs Kubota L3901 vs John Deere 3038e Series. If you want to find the perfect Compact Utility Tractor for you, let us help you compare 3 Compact Utility Tractors. We will take a moment and compare the Mahindra 2638 vs John Deere 3038E vs Kubota L3901
  2. d, but doesn't give you access to the control that the Kubota.
  3. GC1700 Series vs. New Holland Boomer 24. GC1700 Series vs. John Deere 1 Series. GC1700 Series vs. Kubota BX Series. 1700E Series vs Kubota Standard L Series. 2600H Series vs Mahindra Utility Series. 2700E Series vs John Deere 4M Series. 2700E Series vs Kubota MX Series. 4600 Series vs. John Deere 5E Series
  4. John Deere 60d versus kubota kx057-4 Deere is weird with there 6 ton class. The 50 is small and the 60 is big. I like my 161 but have only ran yanmar otherwise. Kubotas are more common. Thread Starter #10 Yes new models. The kubota would be a bradco auger whereas John Deere makes their own I wonder if the bradco is as heavy duty. I want.
  5. John Deere 3E Series vs. Kubota L Series. The John Deere 3E Series and the Kubota L Series Compact Utility Tractors offer similar dimensions, horsepower ranges, and configurations. We put them to the test and outlined a few key comparisons for you. Check out the outline and video below, and we think you'll agree that the John Deere 3E Series.
  6. utes drive of my house. I test-drove Kubota, John Deere, Kioti, Branson, New Holland, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson and TYM. Also looked at Yanmar, Case and McCormick but their specs did not work. Could not find an LS dealer nearby

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Ken is mistaken. There is only one line of John Deere that is made in India. The 5 series tractors that start around 65 hp and go up to 101 hp are made in Georgia, as are the larger tractors. I own a L4400 Kubota (44 hp), a JD 5425 (81 hp) and two older JDs just over 100 hp. All have been great tractors Kubota vs Deere vs New Holland. brokenarrow Join Date: Jan 2004 Posts: 1288 Wisconsin : 2004-03-28 81393 ( Yanmar, Kioti etc etc ) You know the HP range you want. I assume for a particular reason, so that being the case, I would really look at which tractor in that HP is the most comfortable and easy of use ( Location of FEL controls and. John Deere uses plastic polymers instead of metal. Similar to our Kubota vs John Deere comparison, there are differences in the makeup of the Mahindra and Kubota small tractors. $30,857 Kubota L5740 Tractor . Kubota uses traditional metal as the body skin for their tractors and is very heavy duty and built strong

The John Deere 4M Series sports a 43 to 66 horsepower rating, peaking in the 4066M, but features a Yanmar engine to reach its full potential. When you buy a Kubota, you're buying a product built from the ground-up by Kubota, something that goes a long way in the world of reliability and longevity Good Works Tractors. January 4 ·. Today we compare a Kubota L6060 to a John Deere 4066R (well to my 4066R to be precise). This will be a general comparison and if I can say so, a fair one. I do own and love the 4066r, but it was a tough decision for me as I considered the L6060 as well. We'll cover things like lift capacity (front and rear. The 3 cylinder Yanmar has been around for a long time and is the same thing put into the JD 1025R type compact tractors. The gas versions are more than twice the HP. A forum community dedicated to John Deere Gator owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, modifications, classifieds, and more TYM made the Cabela's tractors, LS makes the small New Holland machines, and the Bobcat tractors were Kioti. These brands aren't grey market, although you do occasionally see a grey market tractor made by one of them that ended up over here. Ryan Browne, Feb 2, 2018. #11. Duce, XP_Slinger and srb08 like this

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Fit for: Yanmar EX450, EX2900, EX3200, SC2400, SC2450 Cub Cadet John Deere JD Tractor Kukje Tractor Branson Tractor TTC5070000A9 Package Included: Ignition Key X 2 100% Tested Before Shipping to Ensure Product Durability, High Hardness and Resistance The John Deere dealer pretty much gave me the brush off. Kubota and Yanmar dealers service locally and carry parts. Kubota vs Yanmar in reply to Traditional Farmer, 03-05-2014 13:16:57 I guess I aint the only one with bad luck with the Kubota. [Log in to Reply] jm. 03-05-2014 13:06:54. If you need any further help, or have any questions about the Yanmar SA424, implements, tractors, or anything else, please contact your dealer, local mechanic, or call us at 602-734-9944.Please ask about our current new and used tractor supply.. If you are looking for old, vintage, classic, or new tractor parts, send us a part request.. Team Tractor Ranch - #1 Tractor Dealer in Arizona With a three-range hydrostatic transmission or gear drive transmission, the Kubota MX Series' Kubota-built engine puts power where you need it, when you need it. The John Deere 4M Series utilizes a Yanmar engine, capable of meeting your needs, but if you ask us, we prefer the reliability of one manufacturer over multiple Yanmar, founded in 1912 , was the forerunner in the compact diesel engine market. Designing their first diesel engine in 1930 and built the worlds first small horizontal diesel engine in 1933. By 1986 Yanmar had shipped over 100,000 tractors to John Deere alone. Yanmar is now one of the world leaders in the diesel engine market

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Find John Deere sub compact tractors here. 2. Kubota. Nipping at John Deere's heels is Kubota 's range of sub compact tractors. With a huge chunk of Machines4U search traffic and high brand awareness to boot, it's easy to see why they come in second place on our list. Kubota's BX (pictured) and B Series are a great choice for those who. Yanmar America Corp., a division of Yanmar Co. Ltd. is a global manufacturer of diesel engines and diesel-powered equipment for industrial, construction, and agricultural sectors. Ranging for almost 30 years, Yanmar manufactured the tractors for John Deere until it moved out of the industry. Currently, Yanmar manufactures diesel engines for. 5 Rugged Utility Vehicles: Comparison Test and Buyer's Guide. They have always been fun, hop-and-go transport for hunting, fishing and exploring, but these days, utility vehicles are also rugged. Case does the same, along with Cat, Kubota the list goes on. Every manufacturer thinks that the additive package they specify is the best for their engines. The companies who can meet the exact performance and additives spec that John Deere or Case requires, for the lowest price, gets the rights to put the John Deere or CNH sticker on the jug

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John Deere vs Kubota. If you're in the market for a new small tractor, you know there are a few options and brands to choose from. Two of those big-name brands are John Deere and Kubota. If you're thinking about either, there are a few differences to be noted between the two. By 1986 Yanmar had shipped over 100,000 tractors to John Deere alone John Deere 1 Series vs. Kubota BX Series. The John Deere 1 Series and the Kubota BX Series Sub-Compact Utility Tractors offer similar dimensions, horsepower ranges, and configurations. We put them to the test and outlined a few key comparisons for you. Check out the outline and video below, and we think you'll agree that the John Deere 1. I am not familiar with Mahindra tractors but I don't think I have to be in order to answer this question fairly straightforward. Buying a tractor depends on a whole lot of things that sometimes can be met by different brands of tractors. Price of. Nov 6, 2004. Messages: 132. Occupation: Owner, 2Vets, LLC. Location: Ellijay, GA. I'd appreciate anyone's opinion on the Deere 110 TLB vs. other compact TLBs, like the Kobota L35/L48 or even compact farm tractors with a bucket and backhoe. I've spent some time on rental Kabotas, and like them, but it looks to me that the 110 is a more.

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John Deere vs. Kubota for sub compact tractors (Yanmar) 990 with front loader, backhoe, back blade, 385 hours, and 'lifetime' free use of the seller's 3-pt attachments. I've only had it a little over a year but I'm happy with it. Basic machine, manual clutch, split brakes. I spent a good part of this past weekend moving snow with it Kubota BX vs. Deere 1025R. By timmarks. August 3, 2019. 21. 5146. We are attempting to do an in depth user oriented review and comparison of the Deere 1025R and Kubota BX 2680. We intend to cover practical items which might be missed by the specification sheet, or a quick dealer walk around. This comparison will take multiple episodes, so if. [Branson Tractors, Headquartered in Rome, GA. is a trade name for compact tractors built by the Kukje Machinery Company of South Korea. Kukje has been building agricultural machinery since 1968, and has supplied components for Yanmar, John Deere and engines for Cummins] courtesy of Kukje IND The MX Series sports a 55 to 63 horsepower range, topping out in the Kubota MX6000, thanks to its Kubota-built engine. The John Deere 4M Series offers a 43 to 66 horsepower range, split amongst eight models, and utilizes a Yanmar engine under each hood. Both tractor series come with standard 4WD and the Kubota MX5400 offers a 2WD option should.

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With tractor Compare tool you can choose from 30+ tractor brands and 500+ tractor models to compare. At TractorGuru tractor comparison you can Compare Mahindra tractors Vs John Deere tractors, Compare New Holland Vs Swaraj tractors, Compare Mahindra Vs Massey Ferguson tractors, Compare Swaraj Vs Eicher tractors, and Compare John Deere Vs Mahindra tractors Hustler commercial 60 zero turn mowers are great, get a 36 hp Briggs engine (the best). john on March 14, 2018: I had a Hustler for 6 years no problems with mower great buy. kennyk on January 06, 2018: I have owned a Scag for the past 15 years. I do a lot of city cutting, in between trees and houses 2019 Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick Worksite vs. 2019 Polaris Ranger Crew XP 900 EPS Side-by-Side Comparison Compare the 2019 Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick Worksite vs 2019 Polaris Ranger Crew XP 900 EPS. The 2019 Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick Worksite has an MSRP of $14,472, while the 2019 Polaris Ranger Crew XP 900 EPS has an MSRP of $15,899 Perkins, Cat, Cummins, Yanmar, Kubota, JCB, John Deere, Mitsubishi & Hino We are largest source of surplus Brand new and Re-manufactured industrial engines, Power units and Generators in USA. To see the list of engines we carry please visit the shop page

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John Deere 4005/4105: Kubota L3400: Mahindra 4110: New Holland Boomer 3040: Engine HP: 41.5: 35.7: 40.4: 40: PTO HP: 35: 28.5: 33.6: 33.3: Hydraulic Capacity (gal. Which tractor you should select depends a lot of whether you are buying a new tractor or a used tractor and weather you are buying a tractor for heavy duty farm work or for light duty work. John Deere 4M Series vs. Kubota MX Compact Utility Tractors . Kubota is used with 554 hrs, john deere Kubota also have their brake above the accelerator pedal, which could be dangerous in the event of.

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Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:57 am Post subject: Re: mahindra 1533 vs kubota L3301 vs nh workmaster 35: I just bought a Kubota 3301. I have had it about 3 weeks now and it is a great tractor. I looked at all the rest and narrowed it down to NH , Kubota and John Deere. The N H dealer would not work on the price and I did not like the new J D dealer after the change over The John Deere 3038E compact utility tractor is a step up from the likes of the John Deere 3032E and the John Deere 3005 compact utility tractors.The JD 3038E is a highly versatile machine that is perfect for any landowner (or commercial contractor) that has a wide variety of jobs that need to be performed. This is mostly thanks to the large array of attachments that are compatible with it The Kubota dealer quoted me a new BX25S which includes a front loader, backhoe w/thumb and 16 bucket, 54 standard mowing deck and a tooth bar for the front loader for $20,475 before tax. The JD dealer quoted me a new 1025R tractor with a loader, backhoe and 54 drive-over deck for $21,700 before tax. I have to buy the thumb from a non-JD dealer John Deere 3025E vs Kubota L2501 Comparison. Take a look at a review of the tractor capabilities on the affordable John Deere 3025E Compact Tractor versus the Kubota L2501 » kubota bx2380 vs john deere 1025r | HSS_HRMS Login. Home; About Us. Technologies; Vision; Consulting; Trainin

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John Deere 1023E Specifications and Reviews. The john deere 1023e tractor has Yanmar TNM Series diesel engine. This tractor helops in reducing implement change time and allows mounting of multiple implements. The john deere 1023e vs 1025r tabular representation is listed below. You will find tractor model specifications and their differences. I have kubota, john deere, and multiple case tractors. And kubota wins by far. I never need starting fluid or have to plug it in. Even when it's negative outside. It will start. My second favorite is my case 995 with loader. That thing will run forever 50G Compact Excavator. 50G. Max. Digging Depth: 3.53 m (11 ft. 7 in.) Zero-tail-swing design make this compact extra maneuverable and plenty productive in places with tight spaces. Choose the tracks that are best for the way you work. Rubber tracks traverse virtually any terrain, including paved surfaces. Steel tracks and steel tracks with.


The front of the JD 1023E can work with either a John Deere D120 front end loader or a John Deere H120 front end loader. The rear hitch is a limited category 1 that has a max safe lifting capacity of 650 kg (1433 lbs). The slightly larger model in this 1 series is the John Deere 1026R sub-compact tractor This is for tractors built by Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM) for other companies 1 Allmand Tractors 2 BGU Tractors 3 Cabela's Tractors 4 Donvita Tractors 5 Harman Tractors 6 Keroty Tractors 7 Lamborghini Tractors 8 Mahindra Tractors 9 Millennium Tractors 10 Montana Tractors 11 Nibbi Tractors 12 RK Tractors 13 Scorpion Tractors 14 Zetor Tractors 15 References 16 External Link John Deere vs: 15.9% Farm Tractors have John Deere: compare John Deere Farm Tractors. Factory: Grovetown, Georgia, Usa Yanmar 3tnv88 vs: 0.2% Farm Tractors have Yanmar 3TNV88: Engine Cylinders: 3 (1.46 lower than average) vs: 4.46 Kubota L2800. John Deere 3032E. vs. Kubota L3800. AgTrac AT3024. vs. John Deere 3032E. Popular Items