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12-12 From Seed is a misnomer if you're trying to force your cannabis to flower early - 3 weeks from seed is the earliest time a plant can start flowering after the switch to 12-12 Make sure to let your young marijuana plants get a minimum 2-3 weeks in the vegetative stage before changing them over to flowering If you haven't heard this term before, 12/12 from seed means giving your cannabis seedling 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark each day from the moment of germination. Providing a 12/12 light schedule initiates the flowering stage and causes cannabis plants to start making buds 12-12 simply refers to the hours of light and darkness a cannabis plant is exposed to - 12 of each. Normally, a cannabis plant is exposed to an 18-6 light cycle. This tells the cannabis plant conditions are good for growth, and it focuses on building up size and foliage The idea is to get a new seedling to start flowering as quickly as possible, so it takes less time to harvest. There's just one major problem 12/12 from seed causes stunted growth and small yields. This results in yields that are often less than 1 ounce per plant, even under strong grow lights. So it is as you want my friend :blush

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Starting the grow under 12/12 allows you to start your next crop of seedlings in the same tent as the maturing plants. It saves time and electricity. This fast grow system allows you to harvest 4-5 times in 365 days using a 12/12 regime If you are growing your cannabis indoors from photoperiod seeds, the flowering stage starts when you change to a 12/12 light schedule (this is when the plants receive light for 12 hours and are in total darkness for 12 hours). If you use autoflowering seeds, the plant's genetics determines when this period begins

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To flower photoperiod plants early, most indoor growers put the plants on a strict 12/12 light schedule. Meaning 12 hours under the lights followed by 12 hours of complete darkness. Auto-flowering seeds, however, are different. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds don't require a change in light to enter the flowering stage in their life cycle You simply have to take a cutting from any number of plants. Place this cutting into potting soil and let it grow on its own for a few days. Then, force flowering with a 12-hour period of darkness.. Again, if you choose to grow from regular seeds, you'll change up the light cycle from the 18-6 you used in veg to a 12-12 cycle (12 hours on and 12 hours off up until harvest); autoflowering varieties won't require this change as again, they flower when they are mature enough What is the stretch? Stretching is what we canna-cultivators call the natural vertical growth spurt put on by cannabis plants during the early stages of flowering, and more notable in Sativa varieties and Sativa/Indica hybrids.Most varieties that display this characteristic will finish stretching by the third or fourth week of 12/12 photoperiod and start to fill out the bud sites, while some.

A cannabis clone is an exact reproduction of the original mother plant that is used for propagation of the plant. A cannabis clone, also commonly known as a 'cut' can be manipulated in various ways in order to come up with a desirable phenotype that will yield a high THC or CBD content. Cannabis clones can be especially weird for a first-time cannabis cultivator since they exhibit a growth. Growing time for outdoor cannabis largely depends on the strain. The quickest varieties, like autoflowers, can be done in as little as two months. Photoperiod strains always take longer, and as a rule, grow bigger and yield more. On average, photoperiod cannabis takes anywhere from about 3-4 or even 6-plus months So if you must have the original gear from Sensi be prepared to spend over $20 a seed otherwise you can get the same strain for $5 a seed from Sannie. Sannies Jack Herer Grow - Why 12/12 From Seed. I am going to be growing this Jack Herer strain from seed with a 12/12 lighting schedule only Bone meal, as the name suggests, is a fertilizer made up of ground animal bones: usually beef, but other animal bones (like fish bones) may be used. Today, most commercial bone meal products are in the ratio of 3-15-0. One of my favorites is the Jobe's Organic bone meal fertilizer with a 2-14-0 ratio The tried and trusted tactic is to expose plants to 18-24 hours of light a day during the vegetative stage. Once you are ready to force your Cherry Pie into flowering, switch to a 12-12 cycle. You must ensure that the plants remain in 12 consecutive hours of darkness each day

Apply urea to corn seeds indirectly. Only apply urea to corn indirectly, by spreading the urea onto soil at least 2 inches (5 cm) away from the corn seeds. Direct exposure to urea is toxic to the seeds, and greatly reduces the corn plant's yield 1. The Vegetative Stage of Your Cannabis Plant Week 1 - Week 4: Vegetative State . Depending on the genetics you're growing, there will be a growth period of around 4-5 weeks, during this time your cannabis plants will focus on developing green matter such as roots, branches, foliage, and establishing itself structure-wise prior to flowering.. All of these parts of a plant are essential to.

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If you have room, plant again when the first corn plants have three to five leaves. This usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. You will need 1 to 2 ounces of seed for every 100 feet of row. Do not use seed saved from last year's sweet corn as these seeds will not grow a good crop Wait until temperatures stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit before planting the seeds in the garden. Loosen the top 6 inches of soil with a shovel and mix in a 6-inch layer of well-rotted compost...

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Grow with Jane is the most useful grow journal app for Cannabis growers. With reminders, fertilizers, grow logs and more, you'll succeed growing from seed to harvest. This intuitive Cannabis grow app makes things easier, guiding and helping you throughout the whole harvest process. Ideal for cannabis growers Developing juicy buds are the flowering phase of the cannabis crop. This phase largely depends on the type of seeds used with regular seeds, demanding a change from 18-6 hours light regimen to 12-12 regimen for flowering. Autoflowering seeds do not require such changes as flowering occurs upon maturity Specifically, you can force sex a plant to determine its gender before flowering the whole thing. To force sex a cannabis plant, simply place its clone in a 12/12 light cycle (12 hours of light/12 hours of complete darkness). This photoperiod manipulation signals to the plant that it is time to start flowering whether the plant already. Navigate Growing Marijuana Tips for more useful tips on how to keep your cannabis plants healthy! Important Reminders. There are a lot of growers that start treating their cannabis to budding conditions as soon as the lighting cycle is changed to 12/12. Most often, growers see more gain in growth While simply changing to a 12/12 light cycle will induce flowering, there is a trick to jump start the process. Between the switch from an 18/6 to a 12/12 light cycle, let your plants sit in total, uninterrupted darkness for 36 hours. This will cause the P FR to drop substantially, giving the plants a strong signal to flower. After the 36 hours.

By following a few simple principles and tips, the experience can be made easier and more rewarding. (12/12) can easily finish lighting for auto-flowering seeds, and more. by Danny Danko. The flowering stage is the moment we all have been waiting for. For you, as a professional grower, this is the most important part of growing marijuana. Let's discuss how you can take care of your flowering cannabis and grow the best yield ever. When your plants switch from the vegetation to the flowering stage, the growth will eventually get slower. When the plants start to develop flowers. How to Grow Lima Beans From Seed . Lima beans have big seeds, and they can be direct sown 1 to 2 inches deep. Space bush varieties about 4 to 6 inches apart, although you can also scatter the seeds in a wide row and thin them, if necessary Use this step by step autoflower grow guide to go from seed to harvest . Week 1: Germination . It takes usually 3 days for autoflowers to germinate. This process is when the seeds come alive. The root travels into the soil and leaves sprout above ground. To start germinating your seeds, you will need the proper soil mixture

Growing marijuana outdoors is great because you won't need to spend a ton of money on it and you can rely on the power of the sun. If you have access to a sunny spot in a private yard or even a. Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 10-32 weeks, or about 3-8 months, to grow a weed plant from seed. It'll be quicker if you start with a clone or an autoflower seed Sweet corn seeds can appear shrunken and shriveled; before they can germinate, they must slowly plump up with water. To help them along, soak dry seeds in water at room temperature overnight before planting (Image 1). More Planting Tips: In the warmer climates, direct-sow seeds in mid-May: The cobs should be ready for picking in late August or. Grow with Jane is the most useful grow journal app for Cannabis growers.With reminders, fertilizers, grow logs and more, you'll succeed growing from seed to harvest. This intuitive Cannabis grow app makes things easier, guiding and helping you throughout the whole harvest process.Ideal for cannabis growers Growing Marijuana Tips was founded in 2012 with the following goals in mind: To become a trusted online resource for people who want to learn how to grow marijuana. To provide reliable and easy to understand marijuana growing tips and advices. To create a place where medical and recreational marijuana enthusiasts can come and help each other regarding marijuana growing and other topics in the.

OpenGrow tests, reviews and interviews. This forum is to let suppliers have their products tested by OpenGrow members. Examples are seeds, growing systems, lighting, nutes, etcetera... For more information contact info@opengrow.com (new topics can only be created after approval) 1,529. posts. 630 CMH canopy distance in 6 tips for growing clematis Clematis are long-lived perennial vines and they have an important role to play in any flower garden. As they scramble up trellises, climb over arbors and thread themselves through other plants, clematis weave a rich tapestry of color and texture Depending upon the heat and light given, it could take the seeds anywhere from five to fifteen days to germinate. 3. Water Accordingly. When starting your petunia seeds, you should place a tray of water beneath the seed starting tray. This allows the seeds to absorb water from the bottom of the tray without being disturbed. 4. Count to Thre Seed germination - For an outdoor grow it is best to think ahead and get the seeds germinating indoors so that you have strong seedlings ready for the first good frost free night of Spring. Seedling and vegetative grow outdoors - Getting you marijuana off to a good start will keep hem healthy and strong right through to harvest Using adequate amounts of compost before planting improves both the soil quality and nutrient store in the garden bed. A 2-inch layer worked into the top 12 inches of the bed works well

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  1. Mix one pound of homemade fertilizer (made above) to a gallon and a half of water. Stir to mix well a couple of times a day. Place your bucket with the lid on in an area where it is protected from extreme cold or heat. Allow your compost tea to steep for five days
  2. Plant your tomato seeds in a starting mix. Wet your seed starter mix or potting soil with fresh water until it is moist. Fill a seedling starter tray with a moist mix or soil. Poke one hole in the soil of each cell—the hole should be ¼ inch deep. Insert up to 3 seeds into each hole with a tweezers or your fingers
  3. Also known as broad beans, this type can take a little longer to mature - up to 5 months before it can be harvested. Ianto grows massive beans on 6-foot tall vines and can be eaten dry or fresh.Masterpiece produces enormous pods on 3-foot tall plants.Windsor is the classic fava bean. It grows in an upright, non-branching habit and matures earlier than others in 75 days
  4. How to Fertilize Tomatoes. When fertilizing tomatoes while planting, mix the tomato plant fertilizer in with the soil at the bottom on the planting hole, then place some unfertilized soil on top of this before placing the tomato plant into the hole. If raw fertilizer comes in contact with the roots of the plant, it can burn the tomato plant

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  1. g, and setting fruit, they need 1 to 2 inches per square foot of water (about 1.5 gallons) per week. Water in the morning, and try to avoid wetting the leaves, as wet foliage encourages fungal and other diseases. If possible, use drip irrigation to keep plants consistently and evenly watered
  2. ant hybrid) Flowering: 8 weeks from seed (according to seedbank) LED Light/Tent grow setup. Soil Medium. I am on week 9 of flower about to hit week 10 tomorrow. Trichome Status: Sugar leaves are coated in amber. Buds: Very little amber, 90%+ cloudy 10% clear give or take a little
  3. And the last method is to go by the seed breeders schedule that is supplied on the seed packaging. This schedule usually is just an approximate number and depending on the growing conditions your plants can take more or less time to fully mature but like a general guideline, it can be used to know approximately when to start looking for all.
  4. Indoor Yield. Outdoor Yield. Flowering Period. 65% / 35%. 14 ounces per square meter. 14 ounces or more per plant. 7 - 9 weeks indoors, end of October outdoors. It is a bit of a mystery as to why exactly this strain was named after an aggressive Russian assault rifle, as the AK-47 strain is actually more on the mellow side of things
  5. Buy Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds For Sale! Rocket Seeds is a trustworthy seed bank, with faith and trust, you purchase marijuana seeds. In Rocket Seeds, together with safe and quick distinct delivery strategies, we offer the best quality cannabis seeds for sale at fair costs

Original Sensible Seeds' Bruce Banner #3 Detailed Grow Diary. I was a little surprised at how long it took for Bruce Banner #3 to reach maturity - a full 12 weeks. That seems like a long time in comparison to many of the 10-week strains out there, but the quality is worth it. The Vegetative Stage: 5 Weeks From Seed Autoflowering seeds grow into cannabis plants that begin to flower on their own within just 2 to 4 weeks of germination. They are the opposite of photoperiodic plants, which are generally referred to as classic varieties, including Sativa and Indica seeds. Sunwest Genetics have been crossed with a ruderalis strain so that they produce flowers.

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Planting Seedlings. Cannabis seeds cultivate best when temperature is at 78°F (25.5°C). They should also be planted at a depth that is just twice the size of the seed. Aforesaid, root development is fast for the whole period of the growth stage of the seed. Because most of the progress happens below ground, the plant will appear to grow. More spring tips: Rossi offers these tips to get your lawn off to a good start in spring: Stay off your lawn until it dries out. Foot traffic on soggy lawns can damage grass and cause soil compaction. Rake up surface debris that shades grass. You don't need to rake aggressively. Seed thin areas and damaged spots The appearance of the fine, white pistils are the first recognizable sign that a marijuana plant has begun flowering - click on the image above to enlarge it and see the pistils in closer detail. The plant in the picture is a feminized, autoflowering Pineapple Express plant, and is approximately 5 days into flowering Germination Tips. The germination process is expedited when seeds are kept warm. Once seeds are ready for the grow medium, place the seeds about two inches deep in the medium. It is crucial to keep the seeds moist but not soaking. If the seeds dry out, the process stops there Marijuana seeds are dicotyledonous. The seedlings will acquire energy through a process that breaks down food material stored in the endosperm of the seed. Here, the seedlings have plenty of energy and don't need any addition of nutrients from fertilizers right away. The role of creating energy is assumed by its cotyledons or baby leaves

Seed Pods; The spots where you can put your seeds, these pods are set just like the hydroponics where the seeds are not exposed with soil, but with seed plugs and water. It has filter holes that offer spaces for the root growth of each seed as they germinate and start to sprout. Water containe A. Frozen tips should be picked and thrown away. These spears, although not poisonous, are off-flavor. Q. Can I start asparagus from seed? A. Yes. You can grow your own plants by planting seeds 1/2 inch deep and 2 inches apart in the row. Start the seeds in the spring when the soil temperatures have reached 60°F How to Plant Blueberry Plants. Plant blueberries at exactly the same depth as grown at the nursery. Dig the hole twice the size of the roots, and back-fill with a rich compost mixture. If compost is not available, use the finest bark mulch you can find, and add 10% peat moss. Once planted, continue to add fresh compost as a top-dressing to. While the original took 12 weeks just to flower, she puts in a turbo and grows eagerly to reward you with up to 150g super-potent Haze bud in a short 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest! Just keep it on the light side with feeding because despite her thirst for nutrients she can be a bit sensitive to overfeeding

If the 12/12 continues then the plant will produce its flowers. As long as 12/12 continues the flowers will grow larger and more plentiful. This is part of the cannabis plants evolution and how it has taught itself when to flower. Naturally as a grower we want lots of flowers so we need to put the plant through a light cycle of 12/12 James February 26, 2019. Wait until your plant is roughly the size you want it to be then start the 12/12 on light. The 12 hours on and 12 hours off puts the plant in the budding process. Do 18 hours of light to 6 hours of dark until you want it to bud then switch it to 12 on and 12 off. Cheers When this 12/12 photoperiod occurs, the plant is naturally stimulated to flower. As long as 12/12 continues the flowers will grow larger and more plentiful. This is part of the cannabis plants' natural cycle. Naturally, as a grower, you want a large quantity of flowers, and you achieve this by introducing the 12/12 light cycle Continue growing the clones as you would a regular pot plant from seed. Monster Crop Option #2: At about three weeks into the flowering stage — 28 days into the 12/12 bloom cycle (that's 12 hours of light, 12 hours of dark) — choose your best female plant. Sterilize your cutting tool with rubbing alcohol 5. Take Cuttings From The Terminal End Of The Plant. The best place to take cuttings is from the younger shoots at the very end, Cleary says. I like at least three or four nodes, and cut at a 45-degree angle with clean scissors or X-Acto Knife. He makes the last cut right at the lowest node on the cutting

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Fertilize Overseeded Areas. Avoid weed & feed products; the pre-emergent herbicides inhibit seed germination. Starter fertilizer, such as Pennington Ultragreen Starter Fertilizer 12-22-8, delivers essential nutrients for new grass.Phosphorus supports vigorous root growth, while nitrogen fuels top growth and greening Use the thinned onions as green onions. I usually start my onions in pots by sprinkling a pinch of seed over the surface of a six-inch pot that is filled with a moist potting mix formulated for seeds

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To seed, you can either use a rotary spreader, a drop spreader, a hand spreader, or spread by hand. Make sure you choose a variety of seed that blends nicely with your existing lawn. Bermuda grass might be great, but it probably doesn't blend all that nicely with Fine Fescues. It's best to stay away from cheaper brands of seed Once you're ready to hit the flowering stage indoors, simply change the lighting regime to 12/12. Week 1: By reducing the light, you've basically tricked the plants into thinking that the season has moved on and that winter isn't too far away Spring is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing is essential to achieve a healthy, green lawn. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and what to avoid can be tricky Mix Your Seeds The best way to avoid overplanting - which causes weak and spindly grass plants - is to mix one part seed and three parts potting soil in a bucket. This gives you a seed application rate of approximately 10 to 15 seeds per square inch and results in the healthiest-looking grass patch repair

Bean weevil is ⅛ inch long, light brown and mottled; its larvae is a tiny white grub. Grubs feed inside pod then adult weevils form and emerge. Remove and destroy bean plants immediately after harvest. Be sure seeds are free of weevils before planting. • Holes in pods; seeds are hollowed or eaten. Lcyaenid pod borers or corn earworms That's it. All you need to do now is determine your lawn size to know which spreader is right for the job. The Scotts® Whirl™ Hand-Powered Spreader is excellent for smaller yards, anything coming in under 1,500 square feet.; Tackle those of medium size, 5,000 square feet or less, with a Scotts® Turf Builder® Edgeguard® Mini Broadcast Spreader.; For more substantial areas—up to 15,000. While the seeds are being sown. Fertilizing earlier will provide your grass seeds with a nutritional boost that can help as they try to take root and establish themselves. Here's how you do it. Before installing your new turf, till the starter fertilizer into the ground with a hoe. Be sure that none of the fertilizer goes deeper than.

Growing Regular seeds you will usually have 50/50 or 60/40 chance of getting male or females. I found over the years from every 10 seeds I would pop I would get 4 to 5 females from the 10. Growing regular seeds you're going to need to be able to sex the plants but do not stress it is easier then it sounds Cloning Weed During The Vegetative Phase. The best time to clone cannabis plants is during the vegetative time in which the plants are ready to start flowering. Obtaining cuttings from a plant that is vegging will ensure a successful and fast rooting. It is best to take the cuttings approximately 6 to 8 inches tall near the bottom or the bottom. By nature, marijuana is a sensitive plant, from the time the seeds are put into the soil, until harvest time. In this guide, we'll identify twelve common marijuana leaf problems with solutions for fixing them. If you're serious about cannabis growing, you should check out this fantastic growing guide. It helped me to have much healthier. Use a 10-10-10, 6-12-12 or 5-10-15 grade in your garden rather than a specific analysis fertilizer for each vegetable. These three grades give excellent results with most garden crops. Use additional nitrogen as sidedressing for beans, corn, cabbage, collards, turnip greens, cucumbers, squash, lettuce, okra, pepper, eggplant and tomatoes

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The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group formulates, stores, and distributes nutrient, specialty, and industrial inputs and corncob based products through our strategically located facilities and extensive network Michigan is great for growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. MSU Extension offers many resources including the Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program, the Smart Gardening initiative and a gardening hotline at 1-888-678-3464 The best time to fertilize an apple tree is in the fall once the leaves have dropped. If you are fertilizing apple trees with a 10-10-10, spread at the rate of one pound per inch (5 cm.) of trunk diameter measured one foot (30 cm.) from the ground up. The maximum amount of 10-10-10 used is 2 ½ pounds (1.13 kg.) per year

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Scotts is a global leader in the lawn care industry offering a wide variety of products including lawn fertilizers, plant foods, mulches, grass seed & much more Marijuana grow room conditions Be sure to keep your grow room between 70°F- 85°F (21.1°C- 29.4°C) during the day. It is OK to have a 5-15 degree drop at night. Relative humidity should be in the 45 - 55% range. Also, be sure that your grow room or grow tent has adequate ventilation A high-nitrogen lawn fertilizer for quick grass green-up may put shallow-rooted, fertilizer-sensitive azaleas at risk for burn. Herbicide-containing weed & feeds or crabgrass preventers designed for established lawns may burn or otherwise harm germinating seed and seedlings

If you're growing photoperiod cannabis plants outdoors, these day lengths aren't always ideal. Photoperiod cannabis thrives with 18 hours of grow-phase light and 12 hours of light during bloom phase. If they only get 14 to 15 hours or less of light per day in grow phase, development will slow and the plants could begin flowering The Cannabis Grow Bible. by Greg Green. The Cannabis Grow Bible fully explains both the art and science behind growing high-grade pot. Author and aficionado Greg Green blends a thorough understanding of marijuana botany with practical advice on coping with the day-to-day demands of maintaining a high-yield garden, and offers proven methods that maximize both yield and potency Locate your LED grow lights at the furthest distance from the seedlings (~36) - this keeps heat and light intensity levels lower and helps prevent seedlings from drying out. Once roots have been established and sprouting has started, the lights can be moved closer (usually within the first 2-3 weeks) If the packaging recommends 1 tsp per gallon, use 1/2 tsp per gallon of water. This is the procedure we follow for seedlings after they reach about 1-2 weeks of age in seed starter mix. Like you said, if you sow seeds in a nutrient-rich medium, you likely won't have to add any fertilizer until the plants are much larger After harvesting early-maturing vegetables such as salad greens, radishes, peas and spinach, gardeners can plant other crops in midsummer for fall harvest. You can successfully grow some root crops, greens and other vegetables from late June, July or August plantings.How to plant vegetables in midsummer for fall harvest

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Bermuda grass is one of those grass varieties that have extensive growth and so is popularly found on lawns, parks, sports fields (especially golf courses) and pastures. Though it becomes dormant in winter, it has the ability of 'coming back from the dead' once the temperature rises. The methods and tips outlined here will help you know methods for growing Bermuda grass In late spring or early summer, sow seeds in warm, fertile and well-worked soil that contains plenty of nitrogen. Sow early sweet corn varieties one to two weeks before main season varieties for a.

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Grow tips. Cover her basic needs of water, light, and humidity and you'll have your very own Blackberry bush within no time. More experienced growers can attempt some light defoliation to help light access. Ideally, she'll do her best with 18 hours of light daily. Make sure to go easy on the nutriments and start flushing two weeks before. Week Five. You'll know your plant is in the full-flower portion of the cannabis flowering stages during week five as the original buds get bigger and new buds develop along the main cola. At this stage (or at the end of week four), your plant will also start producing trichomes, so you'll start to smell a distinct odor After the seeds sprout, they should be thinned to the following guidelines: French or Signet varieties 8 to 10 inches apart, and African varieties 10 to 12 inches apart. Use landscape scissors or small garden shears to cut the seedlings out, as pulling them out can disturb the roots of the seedlings left behind

In general, autoflowering seeds grow faster than regular cannabis seeds. Indoors, these marijuana seeds can go from germination to maturity in less than ten weeks. However, some autoflowering seeds grow faster than others, and seeds autoflowering aren't the only fast-growing options An ideal fertilizer ratio for fruiting tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants is 5-10-10 with trace amounts of magnesium and calcium added. Liquid organic fertilizers can be watered-in around the base of plants or applied directly to crop leaves as foliar feeds. Solid fertilizers can be applied as a top dressing or band of fertilizer around the base. Seed to Stoned - Topping Autoflowers, Is It Worth It Stay Moderate with Extra Nutrients . Feeding autoflowering strains only conservatively are your best move. Due to the genetic traits of the ruderalis subspecies, autos don't really need higher amounts of extra Nitrogen during vegetation as regular cannabis varieties do. After all, autos. The three primary nutrients in the fertilizer formulation percentage are represented by three numbers respectively. For example, a 15-15-15 solution would mean that it contains, 15% nitrogen (N), 15% Phosphorus (P), and 15% Potassium, (K). And the same goes for a 20-10-5 solution, 20% Nitrogen, and 10% Phosphorus and 5% Potassium The first step, of course, is to get some seeds or clones to get you started. Once you obtain these, you have to select a growing method: 1. Plain Dirt. This is the traditional method of growing anything. Just grow the marijuana as you would any other plant. Use good soil, and make sure that you keep it watered and properly fertilized