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I've compiled a list of the Top 30 Most Valuable Football Cards From the Junk Wax Era (1987-1994). Let me know what cards you think should be on the list!My. The JUNK WAX ERA (late 80's - early 90's) produced A LOT of cards. But despite the overproduction, very iconic cards came out of the era. Legends like Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr. & Barry Sanders filled these inexpensive packs. Now, these cards can bring big money in GEM MINT condition To this day, the 1990 Score Lindros Future Superstar and the 1990-91 Upper Deck French Sergei Fedorov Young Guns cards are two of my favorite worthless junk era items to pick up. While hockey junk wax and it's rookie classes haven't exploded the way that NBA cards form the same time have, these two cards remain icons of the period and. Unaffectionately referred to as the Junk Wax Era, the period of 1987 to 1993 proved to be the ultimate bubble in sports card history. It has been estimated that tens (maybe hundreds) of billions of cards were produced annually (the private companies that produced them never released production figures) and sold so cheaply, that their.

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  1. But what was a common production number of cards for sets in the junk wax era? How many cards were they printing? Some companies did divulge this information, though it was rare. Occasionally, they would even flaunt it. For example, the 1992 Collector's Edge football set printed cards with serial numbers, creating 100,000 of each card
  2. Cards You've Never Seen: 1992 Topps Debut '91 Todd Van Poppel Promo. 1 May. It isn't too often that you get a look at the prototypes and mockups of Topps' oddball and direct market sets of the Junk Wax era. One of my favorite sets and one that I wish could've continued through the 1990s is the Topps Debut set, featuring each player.
  3. ed by recent eBay sales for PSA 10 specimens. 1989 Topps John Elway (#241

No one realized they lived through the Junk Wax Era, until the bubble burst and prices plummeted. It is quite a cautionary tale. Diamonds In The Rough: Valuable Cards From The Junk Wax Era. Just because it's known as the Junk Wax Era doesn't mean all the cards are worthless. Recently, some of these cards have been surging in value 1990 Score Football Factory Set Case: $48: 1990 Score Wax Case: $60: 1990 Pro Set Wax Case: $60: 1991 Score Football Factory Set Case: $60: 1991 Upper Deck Football Factory Set Case: $60: 1991 Upper Deck High # Factory Set Case: $100: 1991 Upper Deck Wax Case: $100: Any NFL Football Junk Wax (Price Per Box) $2.5 View popular eBay auctions for Junk Wax Era baseball cards. 30 Great Baseball Cards from the Junk Wax Era. Click on the images or listings below to shop for cards on eBay. 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly RC #131. As the idea of the rookie card really started to catch on in a mainstream way, the 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly was at the forefront These are the 15 Most Expensive Football Card sales from the Junk Wax Era on eBay last week Jul 5 - 18, 2021. Wednesday videos cover the top 15 Baseball Card..

The Junk Wax Era: 7 Years of Collecting That Almost Collapsed the Hobby. Generally considered to have lasted from 1987-1994, during the Junk Wax Era card companies were printing 3x as many cards as before. First, Barry Larkin, Mike Greenwell, Greg Maddux, Barry Bonds, Ruben Sierra, Rafael Palmeiro, Matt Williams, and Bo Jackson all had rookie. Junk Wax Cards offers a range of collectible and memorabilia products including baseball cards, gaming cards, sports and gaming memorabilia, hobby supplies, and protective card supplies, specializing in the junk card era. Be sure and ASK US for something you are looking for, as we might just have it in stock 1991 pacific pros, football rookie card, HOF, junk wax, PSA. Posted by Todd Tobias. Todd Tobias is a longtime hobbyist and PSA staff member who is constantly on the hunt for vintage lacrosse issues and autographed cards for his American Football League (1960-1969) collection 100 Vintage Football Cards in Old Sealed Wax Packs - Perfect for New Collectors Brand: Topps. 26 answered questions Price: $17.49 Get Fast, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime & FREE Returns Return this item for free. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition.

It's the harsh truth of the Junk Wax Era. MORE: Ranking the 13 best sets of the Junk Wax Era Speaking of the Junk Wax Era, there are many opinions, but no official start or end to the period And, he has one of the strongest cards of the Junk Wax Era in the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey, Jr. RC #1. At the time of its release, Upper Deck charged $1 for a pack from the 1989 Upper Deck set. A notable feature of the set was high-quality player images, including the photo of Griffey Junk Wax Cards 300 followers junkwaxcards ( 2254 junkwaxcards's feedback score is 2254 ) 99.9% junkwaxcards has 99.9% Positive Feedback As an avid collector, for the past 40 years, my goal is to treat others, how I'd expect & hope to be treated, as well While junk wax era baseball cards have made an undeniable comeback in the past year, the fact remains that many of the cards were heavily overproduced.

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Don Lever's Rookie Card - A Hobby Anomaly Panini Revives Gridiron Kings Football Rookie Card Booms and Busts From 1990 1989, 1990 Topps Active Career Batting Leaders Sets are Rare Junk Wax Era Gems 1991 Topps Turns 30 - Rip for Chip? Or Hunt for Errors? The Ten 1990's Baseball Issues that Killed the Player Collector Completist 1975 Hostess Panels: Errors, Variations and Populations of. 1990 Score - The Value of Junk Wax. The 1990 set was just the second year of Score football (following up the legendary 1989 set), but it is truly the definition of junk wax.. The 660-card boxed set can be had for less than $10 on eBay, almost 25 years after it was released. The main set takes a big hit because the top Score. Id like to know more about junk wax specifically top Hockey cards but also Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer, actually all cards from this era. Olympics, Boxing, Wrestling etc So which junk wax baseball cards in your collection should you be submitting to psa for grading? Source: m.media-amazon.com. 1990 topps football cards wax packs box unopened oh, and there were more than enough 1990 topps cards to go around — still are, in most cases — though, in retrospect, probably not as many as their competitors pumped out These are the 10 Most Expensive Football Card sales from the Junk Wax Era on eBay in the first half of 2021. Wednesday videos cover the top 15 Baseball..

Here is the latest installment in the PSA Blog series called Diamonds in the Junk, where we crack some junk wax, review the results, relate them to the hobby today and have fun along the way. THE SET The most recent addition to our Diamonds in the Junk series involves a box of 1990 Score Series II football cards This was also the case for most of the late 80s and early 90s cards which again comes back to the Junk Wax era we've talked about before. Yes, there will also be some knock-offs for this card and a lot of ungraded cards , but you'll also find graded cards that will go only for a couple of hundred dollars, even in the highest conditions Oh yeah, and the flowing script and color palette of these cards make them a Junk Wax classic. @kuchemJ: The '89 Topps looks like the back of the letterman jackets in the '70s and while it was. But these cards aren't all football, and they don't tilt toward the later Junk Wax years of the run, at least not by much. In the in-between are goodies like six 1985 Topps baseball wax packs, three 1982 Donruss wax packs, two 1981 Topps baseball cello packs, and three 1989 Upper Deck baseball packs List, analysis and buying guide for top baseball cards from 1984 to 1993, the hobby's Junk Wax Era. Includes Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Thomas

<p>Huge stars of junk wax football card lot. montana, jackson, moon, sharpe, carter. Great way to start a football card collection or add to yours. Over 30 cards!!</p> The football card sets basically were pretty awful with the exception of the 1972 design, which built on the bold block lettering and bright colors similar to many late 1960s and early 1970s consumer products. However, in my opinion, Topps football cards of this era were really just below par because the pictures were not very good A Sports Card Boom That Became A Junk Wax Era The current sports card boom isn't the first time a boom happened -- and that boom eventually became a bust. Bob Morris. Apr 4 Also, in 1989, Pro Set hit the market with its first football card set. That was followed by a company called Impel releasing a basketball card set, NBA Hoops Vote. level 1. raaj_mahal. Op · 2m. Just got back into card collecting And Bought a random assortment of junk wax era packs (20) via eBay. Somehow got two Brett Favre RC's from consecutive action packed brand packs. Seems a caught a break since PSA 10's go for over $100 currently and these babies are in good shape Steve purchased a mix of junk wax boxes and other 1990's products. Check out the recent purchase from Steve Snekser at Dave and Adam's Card World. 1-888-440-978

See also: The Top 30 Baseball Cards from the Junk Wax Era. Supply and Demand 101. To put it bluntly, everyone who wants a 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Michael Jordan has three of them. Even if they were just one per box, tons are out there. Literally. Today, they can be found for pennies on the dollar During the Junk Wax era, Topps released limited collectors' editions sets, from 1984 - 1991, that become known as Topps Tiffany cards by collectors. The sets included the exact same cards as the basic Topps issue, except the Topps Tiffany cards were printed in Ireland on premium white cards stock with a glossy front Legends FanShop carries trading cards wax boxes for all major sports and games, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, PokeMan, Vanguar In my new role of sommelier of junk wax, I would say the 1990 Fleer football set combined forceful star density and design with delicate hints of chase cards before finishing with a lovely sense of nostalgia. For $7 per box you can hardly go wrong, and truthfully you can probably find boxes for less I can remember during the junk wax era in which dealers would go to stores, buy a full box of cards that sold for 50 cents per pack, then turn around and sell them at their store at a higher price. Even if they bought them direct, they'd mark up the cards higher than the suggested retail, such as when 1990 Fleer football cards were priced at $1.

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I went to my LCS picked up the latest issues of the baseball, football, and basketball Becketts, a few 5000 count monster boxes and some penny sleeves. Well, I found out that the Becketts were almost useless for my cards because they all fell within the Junk-Wax Era, 1985-1994. Only the very best cards from those sets were listed with prices MORE: Ranking the 13 best sets of the junk wax era of baseball cards In this current roller-coaster hobby climate, though, it's hard to know which price is a fast nickel and which price is a. He provided some intel into the rarest sports card wax packs. Rarest Unopened Baseball Wax. 1952 Topps - Not necessarily the rarest, but most desirable 1953 Bowman Color - Ten times rarer than a 1952 Topps pack 1956 Topps and 1958 Topps - Really tough to find. Rarest Unopened Football Wax. 1955 Topps All-American, 1953 Bowman - Both are super. Boxing Cards. Golf Cards. Soccer Cards. Tennis Cards. We feature a large selection of sports card boxes, cases, sets, and packs from all sports including baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards. Whether you are looking for new hobby boxes or vintage sports boxes, you will find them in our vast inventory of sports cards The Junk Wax Era of NBA trading cards is a forgotten time in the basketball trading cards industry. While NBA cards rarely get their due in comparison to the MLB counter, there's been several.

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JUNK WAX BOX Subscription Box. This box was $40 shipped. You can get this box for $35 if you sign up for the monthly subscription. Please Like, Subscribe and.. Some of the top cards include Rookie Cards of Brett Hull, Ray Borque, Pelle Lindbergh, Dennis Savard, and Joe Sakic. Wayne Gretzky cards from his Oiler days as far back as his 1984 Topps card. Hockey was huge during the junk wax era and those years of the early 90's yielded some awesome Rookie Cards from Legends like Jamr Jagr, Martin Brodeur.

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Basketball collectors definitely had the better mail-in offer from Fleer in 1991. Football collectors had the opportunity to get a pin, while baseball collectors could've gotten (10) heavy-duty top loading album pages. True gems from the junk wax era From what he's seen among junk wax targets, Kasaoka said, Collectors love 1989 Fleer Baseball - Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson (possible Marlboro ad) and Billy Ripken (possible FF card), 1989 Pro Set Series 2 Football - all the same rookies of 1989 Score at a fraction of the price, 1986 Topps Baseball - even gem mint graded commons go. We can use Wax Boxes in quantity, Junk Wax Cases, Factory Sets, Hand Collated Sets from the Early 1980s (1980-1985) Basketball Product 1980's and 1990's Insert Era 1993-94 and Up. Premium Stuff Please. Refractors, Numbered Cards, Autographs etc.. Call us at the office for any questions - 203-751-9198. 8/6/19 Junk wax baseball cards didn't get their name because they're rare and valuable. In fact they are quite the opposite. With the baseball card popularity exploding in the late 80's and early 90's, card companies printed 2 to 3 times more 90's baseball cards than previous years Gary Sheffield Rookie Card Outlook . As we spoke about earlier, just like the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards, Gary Sheffield's rookie cards victims of the infamous Junk Wax Era. While this tends to drive down value, look on the bright side, the cards are much more affordable

BREAK #4002 | 2021 PANINI LUMINANCE NFL FOOTBALL CARDS LIVE HOBBY BOX BREAK. Another mail day results in vintage and junk wax gems! PSA grades, auto card, and other PC items! 10 mins ago. Break #5201 2021 Hit Parade Platinum Football Card Box Break #nfl P2J Sports Cards. 1 hour ago The 2008 Set Find - a huge run of 1956 to 1980 Topps sets, plus a complete collection of Mets cards. And very recently: The 2020 Top of the Shelving Find - nestled safely on the top shelf in a dusty warehouse filled with junk wax was this absolute gem. This a gorgeous unopened 1971 Topps Football Cello Box Baseball Junk Wax Value Lot - 100 cards in unopened packs. Each of these lots contains 100 or more cards in unopened packs from the 1980s and 90s (this is usually 7 packs of cards, averaging 15 cards per pack). Each lot will contain at least ONE pack from 1987 or earlier. Packs may include wax packs and rack packs Wax packs, also called unopened packs, are collectible cards still in their original packaging. Similarly, trading-card boxes are unopened boxes of cards. Buying wax packs and trading-card boxes involves a little bit of risk and suspense, and a whole lot of self-control—you won't know what you've bought until you open the pack, but.

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Unopened Wax Boxes and Sets from the 1970's, 80's, 90's and today. All unopened wax boxes and cases (Even Items from the junk years) Minimum Required. All unopened factory sets and updates sets (Even Items from the junk years) Minimum Required. All Non-Sport wax boxes from all era' Buy 600 Football Cards Including Rookies, Many Stars, & Hall-of-famers. Ships in New White Box Perfect for Gift Giving. Includes an Unopened Pack of Vintage Football Cards That Is At Least 25 Years Old!: Packs - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase By the time 1990 score baseball cards hit store shelves, bo jackson was in full bloom on both the baseball diamond and the football gridiron. Junk wax baseball cards didn't get their name because they're rare and valuable. 1990 score mlb collector set 704 baseball cards + 56 magic motion trivia cards. 1990 score baseball hobby wax box 36 packs.

When San Diego Padres pitcher Matt Strahm began ripping open wax packs of baseball cards in 2018, he fell in love with the hobby. Strahm is now host of The Card Life, a new TV show about sports card collecting Cardboard Legacy is sports card and memorabilia company involved in collecting, buying, selling and trading. It was founded in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. We are operated out of central Wisconsin and could not be more excited to be part of one of the most fun and fast growing hobbies. Specializing in Basketball, Baseball and Football. Baseball Card Exchange's current inventory of unopened baseball product from the 1980's. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser Reed from BBCE always says 1988 Donruss is the most available of the junk wax still. Truth. Over the last 13 years, the only products I've ever been offered in quantities of 100 cases or more (other than the Myland closeouts) are 88 Donruss BB, 87 Topps BB, and 91/92 Stadium Club HK

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  1. The downside was that most hockey cards from 1990-91 were produced in such vast amounts that it is considered the start of the Junk Wax Era for hockey cards. Yet not all hockey cards issued during the 1990-91 season are worthless. In addition to some great rookie cards, there are also some hidden gems and a legendary chase card
  2. one thing i decided to do was pick up 5 of the random basketball dollar packs to approximate opening one of the walgreens five dolla junk boxes. 75 cards for $5. YOU DON'T GET THE RANDOM PACK OF HOOPS OR THE 1:4 CHANCE AT A LAUNDRY SWATCH BUT WHAT THE HECK, THE FIRST PACK I GOT WAS FANTASTIC, WHY NOT TRY AGAIN

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  1. In 2 of the boxes the bottom card of each pack had a wrecked upper corner. In the third box the top few cards of each pack had a really ugly low-ink issue on the back. I'm not upset or anything, them's the breaks, but I'd really just like some info on the patterns of how cards get distributed into packs, packs into boxes, boxes into cases
  2. Interesting take on estimating some junk wax era production numbers. I don't remember where/when, but remember being told that around 10 million cards of each 1987 Topps player were produced. More like Gazillions of cards. There will never, ever be a shortage of them
  3. In my many years in the hobby, i have come to believe that there are junk wax cards, and there are junk wax cards. After the courts came down on fleer and donruss for issuing their inaugural cards with gum in 1981, topps was the only game in town when it came to pulling confections from your wax packs. 1990 topps black ink errors (detail) view.
  4. Introduction The Junk Wax Era is usually described as a seven-year period from 1987-1994, give or take a few years. As the general populous became convinced of the long-term investment potential of sports cards, the manufacturers (e.g. Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer) began printing cards in multiples over previous decades. Young boys would cut lawns, shove

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  1. Junk wax was just baseball cards to 9-year-old me buying cards in the summer of 1986. By buying cards, I mean using the change from grandpa's cigarettes to buy some Topps packs. It started as simply trying to accumulate cards, but it progressed into chasing the big-time rookies of the 1980s and '90s
  2. My current collecting in mostly junk wax and the odd rookie single that I pick up. I still collect team sets from my teams; Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, Red Sox and Everton FC (English soccer). I am big into vintage cards. I have a few different personal collections revolving around cards from the 1960's, 70'sand early 80's
  3. r/CollectibleCards. This subreddit is dedicated to all types of trading and collectible cards. This includes sports cards and any other trading cards. PSA grades cards, hot industry news, YouTube videos, unboxing, trade requests, help understanding the value of your cards and more! 111
  4. JUNK - all 1988 -1996 Unopened Wax, Cello and Rack Boxes & Cases MODERN - all 1997 to present Unopened Wax, Cello and Rack Boxes & Cases We're Buying Football Publications, Memorabilia, Tickets, Programs & Miscellaneou
  5. His 1990 Topps Rookie card without his name printed on it, or better known as, the No Name on Front. These are considered to be extremely rare and valuable. How many of these cards actually exist is unknown. Since it comes from the Junk Wax era, when sports cards were extremely over printed, finding one in a pack today is very unlikely

Buy prices are per 5,000 cards: Football Pays $16.00. Hockey Pays $7.00. Baseball Pays $5.00. Basketball Pays $7.00. Pokemon Pays $250.00 (only 10% can be power/energy cards) Yu-Gi-Oh Pays $50.00 The 1990 Topps #414 Frank Thomas No Name on Front card is pretty legendary for anyone who grew up collecting cards during the junk wax era. I hope, someday, that the card will find its way into my personal collection. In the meantime, it's an exciting card whose history was pieced together by incredibly dedicated members of our most excellent. 1956 Topps Football Cards as Baseball Cards 1 day ago Bill's Baseball Card Blog. Syracuse Area Inventors! 1 day ago The Topps Archives. American-International Intrigue Hidden Treasures of the Junk Wax Era. 1990 Pro Set Jim Morrissey #754 - Does It Exist? 1 year ago Things Done To Cards. a super 1971 topps super rich allen 1 year ago. Father and son combining junk wax with a new age of collecting. Base cards still matter and so does the love of the hobby. We love the White Sox, Chicago Bears, Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, Carlton Fisk, Robin Ventura, Jim Abbott, Rickey Henderson, and Jackie Robinson. My son is trying to collect the following sets: 2019 Score Football Base Set The latest package came with a couple of fun unopened junk wax era packs. I set aside a 1991 Studio pack for another day, but immediately opened the 1994 Sportflics hobby pack. I'll show off the pack in full at some point on APTBNL, but I will spoil that I ended up with this Todd Zeile card that I needed

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You are buying one lot containing 300 or more Baseball Cards in UNOPENED PACKS that have never been touched by human hands, opened, or searched.Packs will be in good condition and come right from factory boxes.Shipping is Free and within 1 BUSINESS DAY or less.WE PACK ALL OF OUR ORDERS PROFESSIONALLY WITH BUBBLE WRAP or a BoxTO ENSURE A SAFE DELIVERY! Sports cards are like graduation for kids who were flipping sneakers. The investment in sports cards will eventually outpace sneakers in the flip game. 2. Nostalgia: Sports card lovers from the '80s now have kids. Nostalgia is a big driver of purchase behavior. It's why toys like GI Joe reboot every 30 years or so This card, printed on the higher end stock. Unfortunately for collectors, emmitt smith rookie cards come from the height of the junk wax era and are readily available for relatively low prices. We are your source to emmitt smith hockey cards. Emmitt smith football cards have been popular with collectors Joe Montana prices (Football Cards 1990 Pro Set) are updated daily for each source listed above. The prices shown are the lowest prices available for Joe Montana the last time we updated. Historic sales data are completed sales with a buyer and a seller agreeing on a price

1977 TOPPS CHARLIES ANGELS SERIES 3 UNOPENED WAX PACK. $9.99. Add To Cart. Compare. 1978 CELLO PACK TOPPS BASEBALL A.L. CHAMPIONSHIPS PSA 9. $399.99. Add To Cart. Compare. 1978 CELLO PACK TOPPS BASEBALL ALAN ASHBY-TOP PSA 9 Here is how I would sort the football cards: After opening up the football cards, I know there is a long road to sorting. First I search for PC, NY Giants. Pile One. I then take out the inserts or hits for Pile 2 and 3 is if there is a jersey or auto hits. After that I take out all of the non autographed/ jersey rookies making up Pile 4 By the way, thanks for sharing your posts. It is fun following along with your rips. I have bought a few junk wax boxes to rip over the last couple years as well. Even if you don't hit a gradable card in the box it sure is fun ripping away. If you are looking for a new box to rip, I would suggest the 1992 Topps Archives basketball box We are always looking to purchase collections large and small. We can use unopened packs of 1952 Topps Baseball or a pallet of 1988 Donruss Baseball Wax Cases. While we specialize in unopened product, we also buy complete sets, vintage singles, graded cards, autographed memorabilia, and more

This Week in Sports Cards #4 - Post War Cards [] wax from the east coast and not from cello, rack, jumbo, or factory cases. Unlike the 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken FF Error, there are no known markings, case numbers, or specific print dates that the hobby has pieced [ 1990 Pro Set Football 685 Emmitt Smith Rc Dallas Cowboys Rookie Card. 1990 Nfl Pro Set Football Bill Fralic 389 On Kronozio. 20 Super Facts About The New England Patriots Mental Floss. Junk Wax Gems Uncovering The Best Of The 1980 S And 1990 S Sports. Troy Aikman Rookie Cards Worth The Most An apparent overproduction time period in the '80s and '90s was dubbed, The Junk Wax Era, by many collectors, and card collections were often dismissed as worthless. However, a number of standouts do exist from that time period. A look at a recent online baseball card auction can help determine value. Quick Fact About Us. Thanks for checking out All Vintage Cards! With this blog, i hope to share all of my past and current sports card collecting experience. I started collecting cards back in 1985 and quickly became obsessed with the hobby. A few years later I was setting up display cases at the local card shows alongside some grizzled veterans of the space Looking to Buy Junk Wax Boxes. (Columbia, MO) Hi. I'm looking to buy junk wax sports card boxes. Whether it's baseball, basketball, football, hockey or non-sport I'll buy if the price is right. Let me know what you have. A few photos are fine if you don't want to make a list - all I need is an idea of what you've got and your asking price. Thanks

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Buying Vintage Baseball Basketball Football Cards, Unopened Wax Boxes $0 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. Instant cash for junk cars + free towing! 844-905-1313 $1 (san jose east) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite. Unopened Cases, Boxes, Packs. There are 65 lots in this category. If text is red you are high bidder, if green the bid reserve has not been met. Lot 743 - 1973-1976 Topps Baseball West Corp. Fun Pack Unopened Cello Boxes (4) with (20) Packs Each - Stars Showing

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Sale price $169.99 Regular price $179.95 Sale. BCW Thick Toploader 3x4 108pt. Sale price $6.99 Regular price $7.99 Sale. Cardboard Gold - Card Saver I (Pack of 50 semi-rigid sleeves) Sale price $22.99 Regular price $29.99 Sale. 2018-19 Hoops Basketball Blaster Box I didn't have many choices to choose from. 2021 Topps Series 2 blasters, there was three of them, I already acquired what I needed from that so no longer needed it. 2021 Score football, that seems to be the one product I can find and have way too much of 177 Sports Cards and 9 APBA Pro League Football Cards $300 (Lavergne ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $70. Huge Sports Card Lot - Sealed wax etc $2,000 (Smyrna ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1. Instant cash for junk cars + free towing! 844-905-1313 $1 ( ) pic hide this. Hockey card collecting was on a precipice during the 1989-90 season. It hadn't yet taken the plunge into the abyss of overproduction, inflated prices and rookie cards of practically anyone who got within 10 feet of an NHL uniform — succinctly known as the Junk Wax Era. Hockey cards were rapidly becoming more and more Continue reading The 15 Best Hockey Cards from 1989-9 Football Card, Jr. Seau, 1990 Topps cards, signed, Autographed Instant cash for junk cars + free towing! $1 ( city of san diego ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Few local results found. 1990 Pro Set Football Series 1 Wax Box.

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8 reviews of AAA Collectibles I have been going to AAA Collectibles for over 2 years now. They are my main source for sports memorabilia and cards! Every time I'm there I am pleased with the service I receive. They are more than willing to help you with anything you need from a $1 purchase to a $1000 purchase. This is how every card and sports memorabilia shop should be Last year I opened a wax pack of this stuff, hoping to find cards for my then-unfinished 1988 Topps set. Time has passed, and there's still a huge empty space in my box. No, I didn't make a want list for the set quite yet, as it would be too embarrassingly large Then like all parents they manage throw away some junk. One of those happens to be shoebox of 1987 cards along with 1988s and 1989s. It when I got older I rebuilt the set buying wax boxes, packs, and single cards from sport card shops, places like now-closed down K-Mart which had older wax boxes for sale at the time, garage sales, and Ebay

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Welcome to Net54baseball.com.These forums are devoted to both Pre- and Post- war baseball cards and vintage memorabilia, as well as other sports. There is a separate section for B Selling and Trading - the B/S/T area!! If you write anything concerning a person or company your full name needs to be in your post or obtainable from it. The purple Classic cards are from the 1991 board game. About 9 years ago I was able to pick up a complete edition at a garage sale for $1....had all the cards plus a gameboard that looks like a baseball field. I have been gradually trading those away over the years, but still have a small stack of those remaining. July 16, 2021 at 10:41 P