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Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Norway Spruce Plug Seedlings for sale, approx 6-12″ tall. Norway Spruce have aggressive root systems which make them good for erosion control. This characteristic also makes them fairly drought tolerant once established. Individual Packaging Options

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Norway spruce is a very fast-growing evergreen with a deep green color. When mature they are usually magnificent trees. Originally from Europe, they are widely adapted to many northern areas of the US. If you want a larger, faster-growing seedling for your event, Norway's are the pick. However, they can not tolerate drought until well established Alberta Spruce - slow upright grower to around 6' tall, more green foliage, 4 to 5 feet wide. Weeping Norway Spruce - great for any focal spot in landscape. Norway Spruce - medium grower, grows 16 a year once roots are established, takes pollution well, ideal near a stree

Welcome to Ohio Trees, buy evergreens quality direct from the grower! Ohio Trees is a locally owned evergreen tree nursery located in the heart of Carroll County, Ohio. We feature a great selection of quality trees to choose from. Delivery options and online ordering are available. We are a member of The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association Norway Spruce - Picea abies. Has dark green draping branches; fast growth rate; prefers full to partial sun; does best in moist, well drained soils; often grown for timber, shelter belts, wildlife, and ornamentals. Zone 3-8: 6s: $0.70: $1.00: $2.20: ABP/BT36: $2.15: $2.45: $5.10: Serbian Spruce - Picea omorika. Zone 4-7 Needles are dark green. The Norway spruce is one of the fastest growing evergreens. This species is typically dense, making it a great choice for a privacy barrier or wind screen. The Norway spruce is hardy as well. It is drought tolerant, easily adapts to a variety of soil conditions and is considered to be the most disease-resistant of all evergreen trees

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  1. Enter Your ZIP Code. for store information. Description & Documents. collapse. #3 Norway Spruce Shrub a wide pyramidal spruce which is medium to fast growing. Will produce large cones as it matures, commonly used as Christmas ornaments. Prefers moist, sandy, acidic, well-drained soils. Shipping Weight: 1.0 lbs. Brand Name: Northern Family Farms
  2. us 40, and grows well in damper soil and climates than Colorado spruce does. It is tolerant of shade and stays dense right to the ground for many, many years. With its stunning blue needles, it makes a wonderful lawn specimen.
  3. The Norway spruce hails from Europe. And while this species does grow in Norway, the name is a bit of a misnomer. This tree grew in Eurasia, the Black Forest and other parts of the continent long before making its way to Norway around 500 B.C
  4. Colorado Blue Spruce Transplant - Majestic 2-1 6/12″ From: $ 70.00 Read More; Colorado Blue Spruce Transplant - Wolf Creek 2-2 12/18″ From: $ 85.00 Read More; Norway Spruce Transplant 2-1 8/14″ From: $ 70.00 Read More; Norway Spruce Transplant 2-2 10/16″ From: $ 90.00 Read Mor
  5. Sometimes called a Norway Pine. Often used in reforestation projects. Scotch Pine. The Scotch Pine is great ornamental evergreen tree and is great for Christmas. Spruce. Colorado Blue Spruce. One of our most popular trees. Magnificent silver blue-green needles. Norway Spruce. The fastest growing spruce tree. Ideal for wind breaks. Serbian.
  6. Wholesale Norway Spruce Trees. Norway Spruce can grow 80 to 100 feet tall and spread 25 to 40 feet, though some listed cultivars are shrublike. It is the official Christmas tree used each Christmas at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Small-diameter branches sweep horizontally from the straight trunk which can grow to four feet thick
  7. Norway Spruce. The Norway Spruce is a pyramidal tree that can grow to a height of about 60 feet in cultivation. It's suitable for cold climates and will thrive even through the harshest winters in the USA. On the other hand it doesn't like heat and isn't a good choice in the southern parts of the country

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The Norway Spruce is our favorite and best large evergreen for windbreaks in the eastern 2/3 of America, and in much of the world in the proper climate. We love this tree!! 15 year old Norway Spruce 35 ft tall. The Norway Spruce is a fast growing (2-3' per year) evergreen that has dark green needles that are 1 inch long, and can grow up to 5. Norway Spruce Trees for Sale Online. The Norway Spruce is a large, pyramidal Evergreen tree with long, cylindrical cones that hang like ornaments from the weeping branches. They are easily seen against the dark green foliage. This sun-loving, 50-foot tall tree is often used for windbreaks, privacy screens, or hedges in large-scale landscapes The Norway Spruce has fast growth rate when young, slows down with age, fairly dense when young, becoming a bit more open with age. Soil / Climate: Very cold hardy. The Norway Spruce tolerates acidic soils well, best in well-drained, sandy soils, large trees transplant easily, prefers cooler climates, full sun Cold Tolerant Evergreen Growth Why Norway Spruce Trees? For starters, the Norway Spruce Tree can grow to a large height in as little as three years. It will continue to grow rapidly to a mature height of 50 feet. And since it's a dense tree that easily blocks out wind and neighbors, it's ideal for use as a privacy barrier, windscreen, or even a traditional showpiece. Plus, you'll enjoy its.

Spruce trees are wonderful! They may be a tad prickly on the outside, but Piceas are colorful and reliable. They come in all shapes and sizes too, offering a wide range of garden-worthy options. Picea abies: Norway Spruce. The magnificent Norway spruce populates much of Europe and is commonly used as a holiday tree Norway Spruce Christmas tree farms near you ⭐ in USA Filter by sub-region or select one of the tree types. You can find afghan (eldarica) pine, aleppo pine, arizona cypress, atlantic cedar, austrian pine, balsam fir, black hill spruce, blue ice, blue spruce, burkii cedar, canaan fir, carolina sapphire, cedar, coast redwood, colorado blue spruce, concolor fir, cork bark fir, danish. Norway spruce has a rather extensive range in Europe, growing from Scandinavia to the Balkans to the Alps. It is a cool climate species and is found at elevations of 3,300 feet to 7,500 feet. Most propagation is by seed. Rooting is difficult and a challenge. For grafting, Norway spruce is a preferred understock for a number of spruce species Norway Spruce is a tough plant. Needles emerge bright green in spring turning a glossy dark green. Plants prefer full sun and cool moist soil but are adaptable. The vigorous root system makes this an ideal rootstock plant for grafting superior Colorado Spruce cultivars. A large scale tree useful in open areas such as parks and golf courses Picea abies - Norway Spruce is one of the nicest evergreens you can plant. Nice pyramidal form and dark green needles makes it a favorite. Norway Spruce is extremely adaptable and very cold hardy. Versatile trees work well when planted individually in a landscape or planted in groups to form windbreaks. Grows 40-60 feet tall. Item # HT-7104-NWS Shipping Size: 18-24 Inches - Jumbo - GROWING.

Norway Spruce Z 3 to 7 H 40-60' Picea abies. Norway Spruce is a graceful pyramidal evergreen. Norway Spruce is the fastest growing of the spruce and can grow up to 3' per year. Pyramidal and graceful when mature. Norway Spruce have beautiful spreading branches with drooping twigs. The needles persist for 3-4 years and are dark green and blunt. Affordable Trees is a local family owned business serving Indiana. Pickup evergreen, shade, flowering trees or have them installed. 6-7' Norway Spruce - 10 for $3488 installed 4-5 ft Emerald Green Arborvitae - 10 for $988 installed (Special Price

Swanson's Evergreen Nursery, located in Niagara, Wisconsin is a grower of quality wholesale evergreen seedlings and transplants for your tree farm. We offer spruce, fir, pine, cedar, fraser fir to supply tree farms and Cut-your-own Christmas Tree Farms. Formerly Gress Evergreen Nursery - Peter and Joey Swanson continue a tradition of quality seedlings and trasnplants Norway Spruce Trees; Colorado Spruce Trees; White Spruce Trees; White Pine Trees; The featured trees above are prime example of just how beautiful our Evergreens can get, and stay Evergreen trees retain the majority of their needles throughout the winter. Spruces are used as a traditional Christmas decoration for millions of homes Potted Trees. KP Tree & Nursery also offers various potted fir trees such as Canaan, Korean, Concolor, Fraser, & Balsam Fir. For information and pricing on potted trees, please contact us! 616-550-9693. kptree@altelco.net All Forests Begin with Seedlings! The main focus of our business is the growing of quality seedlings and transplants. We are dedicated to providing quality planting stock for Christmas Tree Growers, Reforestation, and Homeowners throughout the Midwest

I planted 30 Norway Spruce 3 yr. old seedlings in a row 6 feet apart running east to west in an open pasture for a privacy wall 7 years ago and at that time I researched spacing of these trees and found instructions to thin every other one after 7 years leaving an 18 ft. between trees Balsam Fir. This is a great native conifer that is easy to grow, has soft needles, and, of course, has the desirable balsam smell. It is our experience that it is the best tree to grow as a christmas tree and is a great specimen tree. It can be grown in a variety of sites and likes to grow in Maine. We also grow canaan fir and fraser fir Paradise Tree Farm has been one of the leading retail and wholesale tree farms located in Seville, Ohio serving landscape contractors, wholesalers, retail garden centers, and municipalities for over 23 years. We have over 60,000 trees in stock including Shade Trees, Ornamentals, and Evergreen Trees. Over the past 23 years of business we have. The Norway Spruce Tree is commonly known as one of the fastest growing spruce trees. Shop our seed store for the best-selling Norway Spruce Tree Seeds for sale. Our low tree seed prices, cheap shipping and expert staff make us the #1 spot to buy Spruce Tree Seeds online

The Norway Spruce is our favorite and best large evergreen for windbreaks in the eastern 2/3 of America. The Norway Spruce is a fast growing (2-3' per year) evergreen that has dark green needles that are 1 inch long, and can grow up to 5 ft a year in a good weather year. It never drops its needles but keeps them on for up to 10 years High Ridge Farms 172 Davis Station Road Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 Tel: (609) 259-9204 Fax: (609) 259-749 EVERGREEN TREES. Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center carries hundreds of varieties of trees and shrubs. We have compiled a list of our best-selling varieties to help our customers with their landscape purchasing. Please note, the plants listed below are only a portion of all of the varieties that we carry in our nursery from early spring until. Tree Seedlings, Saplings and Transplants From protection to privacy, find the trees you need. For over 30 years, we've lived by our motto Rooted In Quality. Add privacy, create windbreaks, and place amazing beauty and colour around your property with trees from H. Richardson Tree Farms. Easily o.

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Hello, we are trying to plant some evergreen trees near a pair of existing black walnut trees. So far, most of the seedlings or transplants we have tried have died (white pine, norway spruce, blue spruce, balsam fir, white spruce). Last year we tried some red cedars as we read they are supposed to be resistant, but they didn't do much better I am having with some Norway Spruce trees that I planted last fall. If you have the time, could you please give me your thoughts and advice? Last fall, I asked someone at a local nursery what type of tree would be good to plant near some other very large pine trees (60-70 feet tall). The area gets about 3 hours of sunlight a day Oriental Spruce - Picea orientalis | Zones 4 - 7 (Very Limited Supply) Pyramidal evergreen of slow growth rate when young but up to 12 per year once over 8' tall. Dense, compact habit with small dark green needles 1/4 to 1/2 long. Requires little pruning. Adaptable to many soils as long as they are moist & well drained 7 - 8'. $439.00. Black Hills Spruce. Small dark green needles. Drought tolerant. Works well in small areas. (30'h x 15'w) 6 - 7'. $339.00 In business since 1988, Paint Creek Nursery has been providing quality seedling and transplant stock to foresters, landowners, and concerned citizens. The bulk of our stock is grown from seed sources collected in West Central Wisconsin (Zone 4). Our goal here at Paint Creek is to grow shrubs and trees that benefit people and our environment

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Norway Spruce For Sale. Norway Spruce Trees are true northwoods giant that can reach 90+ feet. The conical shape exhibit. Norway Spruce Picea abies The Norway Spruce is a true northwoods giant that can reach heights of 90+ feet. This conifer has the same conical shape as the White Spruce, but exhibits its signature drooping branches as it matures Merwine Farms & Nursery offers Wholesale and Bulk Evergreen Trees direct including Spruce, Pine, Hemlock, Concolor Fir, Arborvitaw and more! View tree grade photos. Questions & Ordering: Phone (570) 656-9222 Norway Spruce Conservation #2 20'-22' Serbian Spruce Tree Grade Photos: Serbian Spruce Commercial #1 1/2 16'-18' Serbian Spruce. Order between 101 and 200 Norway spruce seedlings. Order between 1 and 9 Fraser fir seedlings. Order between 101 and 200 Canaan fir seedlings. Sale Item. Order between 51 and 100 Fraser fir seedlings. $1.14 $1.14 (0.0 on 0) Welcome to our online store

Norway Spruce. Norway Spruce is a large, openly branched evergreen recognized by its drooping branchlets and large cones. This hardy, adaptable tree thrives in moist conditions, but will grow in clay or sandy soils. Norway Spruce is the fastest growing spruce we carry but it's not as dense as other spruce trees Norway Spruce. The Norway Spruce has over 100 forms and varities that have been named, and is considered the most important species on the European Continent. Although the tree is not native to the Western hemisphere, it is commonly planted here. Needles are dark green in color, grow on drooping branchlets, and are 4-sided FALL TREE SALE - $45 (Canadensis, Pa.) TODD PRICE NURSERY, WHOLESALE NURSERY STOCK Norway Spruce, 6-8' b & b, semi-sheared, $45.00 Special fall pricing on a... Allentown Pennsylvania Garden & House 45 $

Myers Spruce Trees For Sale. Meyers Spruce thrives best in Zones 2-8. The Meyer's Spruce is a relatively recent addition to the United States. Though originally a native of China and Russia, it has found increasing popularity in the United States, particularly in the eastern US Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a tough conifer that makes for an easy-care landscape tree in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 7.It is also planted extensively for forest restoration and windbreaks. Planting a Norway spruce is easy because it competes well with grass and weeds and requires no site preparation Spruce trees also make for an interesting topic of discussion for anyone interested in debating the line between native and invasive plant species. Two of the most common Spruces planted are the Norway Spruce and the Colorado Blue Spruce. The Norway Spruce is native to Europe. Each tree is planted near the center of a 10 by 10 square. Norway spruce trees support a wide variety of wildlife. They are important as winter cover for deer and small game including grouse, hare and woodcock. Song birds and fur bearers also frequent these forest types. Norway spruce also makes a good roosting tree for hawks and owls Treaster's Tree Farm 44889 Wakeman, OH. We are a choose and cut tree farm. We grow colorado spruce,both green and blue, fir, white fir (abis concolar) scotch Pine ,white pine; norway spruce. Helpers are there to provide assistance in selecting cutting, and moving,loading trees on cars. All weather drive & parking near trees

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  1. About Norway Spruce. A native of Northern Europe, the stately and tough Norway Spruce is a large, fast-growing, and commonly cultivated tree throughout the U.S. and Europe. Norway Spruce's wholly dark green needles lend a dark and brooding aspect to the tree's attractive pyramidal form. Norway Spruces can grow to heights of over 200 feet, and.
  2. Fort Wayne Trees provides the fast growing trees all with the best customer service possible at a low price. Come by and see our tree farm near Fort Wayne, Indiana - just past the County Line on 14 and buy trees today
  3. e what kind of spruce you are looking at, check the cones
  4. 20% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: Accounts Opened in Store: One-time 20% off discount is not automatic; you must ask cashier to apply discount (bar code) at time of in-store purchase.Accounts opened online, via Text-to-Apply or QR code: You will receive one-time 20% off coupon/promotional code, which may be used in store or online. Max discount is $100 with this offer
  5. Norway Spruce trees will grow fast (up to 2 feet a year) and provide a large, attractive evergreen presence in your yard. Wild songbirds will appreciate the cover and a food source. This is a long-lived, elegant and hardy tree with a graceful form. Norway Spruce will provide you with beauty and interest
  6. Norway Spruce is one of the most cold tolerant plants we grow, thriving in temperatures as low as -50 degrees! Norway Spruce is quite unusual in its appearance and seems to grow more like a true fir (hence the species abies which is the genus for true firs).Unlike with most Spruce, the needles lay flat in neat rows and the branches also develop in a mostly horizontal form

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Buy Weeping Norway Spruce online. Weeping Norway Spruce is a slow growing evergreen with exceptionally rich dark green needles and very showy cones. It is characterized by its weeping, spreading branches and if staked it can reach 10 to 15 feet tall. An excellent specimen plant. View Available Similar Plants The All-Around Favorite Spruce Why White Spruce Trees? There's simply nothing bad about this tree. The White Spruce is one of the most beautiful and practical evergreens you can add to your landscape. Incredibly tolerant and providing both ornamental and functional value in colder climates, it's the perfect tree for anyone in zones 2 to 6. The White Spruce will grow, no matter what. This tree. Norway spruce seedlings or saplings can range anywhere from $0.30 to $8 each, depending on age and size. Factors that affect the price. Age. Purchasing a Norway Spruce, just like any other tree you purchase at a local nursery, as a larger tree, can be generally more expensive compared with buying it as a seedling. The most common purchase is in. Norway Spruce is a tough plant. Needles emerge bright green in spring turning a glossy dark green. Plants prefer full sun and cool moist soil but are adaptable. The vigorous root system makes this an ideal rootstock plant for grafting superior Colorado Spruce cultivars. A large scale tree useful in open areas such as parks and golf courses Colorado Blue Spruce (Available Fall 2021) View Tree. Black Hills Spruce (Available Fall 2021) View Tree. Serbian Spruce Norway Spruce View Tree. Eastern White Pine View Tree. Eastern Red Cedar (Available Fall 2021) View Tree. Trees. Windbreak Trees; Evergreen Trees; Shade Trees; Seedlings; Fruit Trees; Shrubs; Advice. Ordering Information

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Norwegian Spruce Trees For Sale. Norwegian Spruce trees thrive best in Zones 3-7. The Norwegian Spruce tree, or Norway Spruce tree (also commonly referred to as the European Spruce) is a large evergreen tree that can grow quite tall, typically higher than 160 ft.It has dark-greenish blue needle-like leaves and in the wild is commonly used for reforestation Chester County Trees is a family owned and operated evergreen tree farm located in Coatesville, PA. We grow a variety of popular evergreen trees for sale to local homeowners, companies, tree landscapers, and farmers. All of our evergreen trees are fresh dug, ball and burlap (B&B), and grow well in the Chester County, Pennsylvania area

Give us a call today! Address: 4271 210th Ave NW, Oak Grove, MN 55303. Phone: 763-442-8694. OPEN BY APPOINTMENT DURING THE GREEN SEASON. CALL TODAY. Mon-Fri - 9pm-6pm. Sat - 9am-6pm. Sun - 2pm-5pm Cut Trees. Blue Spruce; Canaan Fir; Douglas Fir; Fraser Fir; Norway Spruce; Sheared White Pine. Spruce, Norway Coniferous. Picea abies. Norway spruce is a large pyramidal evergreen conifer native to the mountains of northern and central Europe (including Norway). It has been used extensively as a landscape tree in eastern Nebraska where it's distinguished by its large size and its pendulous, droopy branches

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Fort Wayne Trees has the best trees at the best prices—hands down. All our prices include delivery, installation, and a one-year gaurantee. Norway Spruce $ 395.00 - $ 1,350.00. Select options Details. Green Giant Arborvitae $ 325.00 - $ 975.00. Fat Albert Spruce $ 495.00 - $ 625.00. Select options Details. Eastern Redbud $ 425. Spruce trees have stiff, short needles that look crisp and polished year-round. Eastern White Pine trees feature long, soft, green needles that your kids will want to cuddle! Cold-hardy Canadian Hemlock trees grow into wise-looking fellows with pendulous branches that sway in the breeze Engelmann Spruce (Picea engelmannii) Engelmann Spruce is a tall, narrow and densley branched tree. Growing to a maximum height of 150 feet, this tree has blue-green needles, which are very fragrant when crushed. The Engelmann is used as an ornamental, landscape or Christmas tree. (zones 3 - 6 Welcome to Srb's Trees. We offer quality trees, at affordable prices, to local and out-of-state landscapers as well as the DYI homeowner. In addition to our wide selection of evergreens and shade trees, we offer services and advice to ensure your tree stays healthy and attractive Specializing in large-sized, mature tree nursery stock: Delivered * Installed * Mulched * One Year Warranty. For over 25 years, Poul's Landscaping & Nursery has been growing trees and shrubs in our own Lake County nurseries so that we can provide a consistent supply of quality plants to our landscape design/build clients

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  1. Get free shipping on qualified Spruce Tree Trees or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. Norway Spruce Potted Evergreen Tree (4) Model# SPRNORAQT. Evergreen Nursery Black Hills Spruce Potted Evergreen Tree (23) Model# SPRBLHQTS. Spring Hill Nurseries 2.5 Qt. White Spruce (Picea), Live Evergreen Shrub, Green Foliage.
  2. Hanauer Tree Farms is a family-owned, award-winning grower of Christmas trees. We specialize in selling wholesale trees, specifically evergreens. Within that we offer a diverse line up of carefully selected species and cultivars available in Christmas trees, containers and B&B. We do not mass product for the Big Box stores
  3. We produce Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine, Austrian Pine, Douglas Fir, Serbian Spruce, among others. View the wide variety of trees. 310 Lieb Rd, Carrolltown, P

Trees To Please is a nursery, garden center and Christmas tree farm, growing and selling Maine native evergreens, flowering annuals, perennials, fall mums, shrubs and shade, ornamental and fruit trees. We are a commercial evergreen tree grower for landscapers and garden centers in Maine. Our native evergreens are also available for residential. In the beginning I planted balled and burlapped three foot Colorado Blue Spruce trees. As the years went by, I decided to diversify into other spruce varieties as well as deciduous trees. Now I grow four spruce varieties: Colorado Blue, Serbian, Norway, and Black Hills Spruce. I also grow Maples, Pears, Three Trunk Cherries, and Kentucky Coffee.

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Elegant columnar selection, highly valued as a specimen, perimeter planting or accent plant. Slender, uniform growth habit with dense branching to the ground. Dark green needles are slightly curved on closely set branches. Makes an ideal windbreak or privacy wall. Highly recommended for cool climates with a short growing season Smaller trees, like the Dwarf Alberta, are perfect for cozier spaces, while massive evergreens, like the Norway Spruce, need the extra space. Shop Evergreen Trees For Sale with Garden Goods Direct Evergreen trees are easy, low-maintenance options for sprucing up your yard Black Hills Spruce 3'-4' $85 Black Hills Spuce 4'-5' tall $110/ea. Norway Spruce 4'-5' tall $110/ea. Techny Arborvitae 5'-6' tall $150/ea. Price is for pickup only but we also offer delivery and planting if needed. Trees, Evergreens, Windbreak, Pine tree Columnar Norway Spruce will stand like a sentinel near your front door, pool, or patio, giving structure and solidity to the landscape and providing a deep green counterpoint to other plants' brighter flowers and foliage. This low-maintenance evergreen tree always looks polished and maintains its crisp, clean, columnar outline without you ever.

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  1. Trees, Shrubs, & Plants Trees, Shrubs, & Plants Installation Taylor Landscaping provides Louisville, KY homeowners, business and property owners with quality, expert landscape installation. Taylor landscaping has hundreds of trees, shrubs, and plants for you to choose from. This page only contains a portion of the selection. Please call today for more information and a [
  2. We have six varieties to choose from: Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Canaan Fir and White Fir. We still have a great variety of other types of trees available in all sizes. We also have a large selection of trees up to 20 feet tall! All trees are individually priced according to variety, size and quality
  3. Fresh Seeds - Colorado Blue Spruce, Picea pungens glauca, Tree 200 Seeds (Hardy Evergreen) $21.00. $21. . 00. FREE Shipping. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. Solution Seeds Farm New Heirloom 50 Seeds Rare Bonsai Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) Seeds Evergreen Tree Seeds. (Not Plants or Tree

The Black Hills spruce is a variety of the more widespread white spruce found naturally only in southwest South Dakota and a small portion of northeast Wyoming. While not as widely known as other spruces, this ornamental spruce can be planted just about anywhere that the more common Colorado spruce will grow If you join the Arbor Day Foundation (for just $10 for a 6-month membership) you get to choose 10 free trees to either be mailed to you or as a gift for someone else. You'll get to choose between flowering trees, wild bird garden trees, White Pine, Norway Spruce, White Fir, Oak trees, American Redbud, Autumn classics, Douglasfirs, or a mix of. Norway Spruce is a classically festive plant that works as a great screening tree. Out of their orange-brown stems they produce long needle-like leaves which boast exceptionally dark green colouring. The cones have a reddish hue before maturing to a deep brown. The Norway Spruce is guaranteed to grow strong and tough in any region and in most soil types, but we recommend you avoid chalky soil

8 product ratings - Colorado Blue Spruce | Small Tree Seedling | The Jonsteen Company. $8.99. $4.60 shipping. 290 sold. 100 FAST GROWING NORWAY SPRUCE TREE SEEDLINGS 15-18!! GROWER DIRECT!! $133.00. 12 watching. 25 FAST GROWING NORWAY SPRUCE TREE SEEDLINGS 15-18! Norway Spruce trees are one of my favorite evergreen trees. They make a great screen when you want to create privacy. Although they look beautiful when they are young, they look even more so as they mature. Stately and elegant is how I would describe them. Norway Spruce Features Norway Spruce Christmas tree farms near you in United Kingdom. Filter by sub-region or select one of the tree types. You can find afghan (eldarica) pine, aleppo pine, arizona cypress, atlantic cedar, austrian pine, balsam fir, black hill spruce, blue ice, blue spruce, burkii cedar, canaan fir, carolina sapphire, cedar, coast redwood, colorado blue spruce, concolor fir, danish noble, douglas.

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