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  1. FirstWorldWar.com A collection of primary documents that mark the course of the war. Included are archive documents signed in the late 1830s which bore relevance to the outbreak of war some 75 years later, as well as memos, letters, treaties and the text of speeches throughout the war and beyond. League of Nations Photo Archiv
  2. T his archive of primary documents from World War One has been assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List (WWI-L). I nternational in focus, the archive intends to present in one location primary documents concerning the Great War. T his site is linked from EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History
  3. World War One Primary Source Documents. The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Eyewitness Account Bonjove Jevtic. The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinanc Eyewitness Account Count Franz von Harrach. The Narodna Odbrana Agenda. The Dual Alliance. Anglo-Russian Entente. Entente Cordiale. The Triple Alliance. Franco-Russian Alliance Military.

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This archive of primary documents from the Great War period is international in focus.The intention is to present in one location both primary and relevant secondary documents between 1890-1930. Please read our disclaimer : When you cite documents from this archive, you may wish to consult the Online Citation Styles Guide, for MLA, APA, Chicago and other style manuals The Lusitania was one of dozens of ships sunk carrying American passengers and goods. Mobilization for War. The United States entered World War I on April 6, 1917, when the U.S. Congress agreed to a declaration of war. Faced with mobilizing a sufficient fighting force, Congress passed the Selective Service Act on May 18, 1917 World War 1 Primary Sources [ http://wwi.lib.byu.edu/index.php/Main_Page] This archive of primary documents from World War I has been assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List (WWI-L). International in focus, the archive intends to present in one location primary documents concerning the Great War

Digital collection of the British Library. Includes 491 searchable primary sources including musical scores, maps, drawings, photographs, diaries, documents and more pertaining to WWI. WWI and WWII Posters: Library of Congress Digitized propaganda posters from WWI Locating Primary Source Material World War I Materials in the SSC In addition to materials in the Sophia Smith Collection (sse link at bottom), there is an abundance of primary source material in Neilson Library. Use secondary literature for leads on primary sources How to find published, translated sources such as memoirs, letters, etc. Start in the Cornell Library Catalog's Advanced Search. Recommended Example Search #1. In box 1 type= World War 1939 Ital* (the asterisk means that the system will search both Italy and Italian and Italians); Use the pulldown menu and set it to subjec

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Primary source documents included on this site generally come from the holdings of the National Archives and are in the public domain, except as noted. Teaching activities on this site have received the CC0 Public Domain Dedication; authors have waived all copyright and related rights to the extent possible under the law Docs Teach World War I (National Archives) Primary sources and teaching activities on various aspects of the war effort. The First World War (The National Archives U.K.) Records, personal stories, and photos from the British National Archives Students will explore the main events of World War One using primary source documents. Enduring Understanding: Students will understand the causes, effects, and main events of World War One. Essential Questions: What is the significance of the the main events in WWI? Materials Included among the 1914 documents are the various declarations of war, as well as Count Franz von Harrach's memoir of the events surrounding the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. America's 1914 policy of neutrality is also well documented

FirstWorldWar.com A collection of primary documents that mark the course of the war. Included are archive documents signed in the late 1830s which bore relevance to the outbreak of war some 75 years later, as well as memos, letters, treaties and the text of speeches throughout the war and beyond 1. To help students understand the war from the point of view of soldiers in the trenches through analysis of photographs, war poetry and memoirs. 2. To encourage students to explore the power of visual images, including propaganda posters, political cartoons and postcards, that emphasize how governments and civilians prepared for total war International primary source documents in the University Pennsylvania Libraries collections and Online sites The developing Web presence of significant repositories of data, history, and images on the First World War

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Covers many aspects of the war, with efforts at interactive presentation. WEB WWI Sites - Links to Resources [At BYU] WEB The World War I Document Archive [At BYU] has hundreds of documents. WEB Documents of World War I, [At Mt. Holyoke] WEB Balkan History Documents, 1456-1997 [At Mt. Holyoke] Hague Conventions, [At Yale Atomic Bomb. Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II. Correspondence (Top Secret) of the Manhattan Engineer District, 1942-1946. This link opens in a new window. Decision to Drop the Atom Bomb. Ground Zero 1945: Pictures by Atomic Bomb Survivors. Hanford

Large compilation of European primary documents. Topics include prelude to war, road to war, world at war, war poetry, home front, towards a conclusion and aftermath. (1839-1919; English transcriptions and translations) Deutschlandlied. German National Anthem adopted 1922, though it was written earlier The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II A Collection of Primary Sources: National Security Archives. Digitized documents that pertain to the use of nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. Scroll down on the home page and look under the heading Documents. The Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945. World War I Call Number: D 521 .C587 2008 Primary documents from the World War I era bring to life the causes, events and consequences of those tumultuous and violent years primary source document. T oday I read in the newspaper that Germany and the Allied powers are going to sign a peace treaty at the Palace of Versailles. Basically saying that the Allied powers won the war. The treaty was signed in June 28 1919. some of the treaty said that The German army was limited to a maximum of 100,000 men, and a ban. Treaty of Versailles: Primary Documents in American History On June 28, 1919, Germany and the Allied Nations signed the Treaty of Versailles, formally ending World War One. This guide provides access to digital materials at the Library of Congress, links to external websites, and a print bibliography

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This collection contains over 2000 images taken from January 1943 to November 1945. Germany: National Socialism and World War II. Historic Government Publications from World War II, Government Information Resources. Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement Digital Archive. About 100,000 digitized documents A German Deserter's War Experience: Fighting for the Kaiser in the First World War by Julius Koettgen In 1913 Julius Koettgen, a pacifist and a socialist, was drafted into the ranks of sapper battalion No. 30. He dutifully fought in the ranks of the Kaiser's armies during 1914 and 1915 and saw action in France and Belgium where he describes the terrible events which were to become known as.

Investigative Question: What messages were communicated to different audiences through propaganda posters during the period of World War I? Primary Source Learning Practices: 1. Students will work in groups to complete a document analysis sheet as they view and discuss a sampling of posters. 2.Students will engage in the inquiry cycle stages of. World War I DBQ Using Primary Source Documents DOCUMENT-BASED QUESTION This question is based on the accompanying documents. It is designed to test your ability to work with historical documents. Some of the documents have been edited for the purposes of the question. As you analyze the documents, take into account the source of each document and any point of view that may be presented in the. 1. Search World War, 1914-1918 -- Personal narratives to find available sources (regardless of author). OR. 2. Search by Author if you are looking for someone specific. Buhl has works by these authors. Government Officials. Georges Clemenceau. Herbert Hoover [before he was president; on war relief] David Lloyd George. Thomas Masaryk. Woodrow Wilso This handout from the National World War I Museum and Memorial, written in the style of a breaking news alert, explains the events of June 28, 1914, when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. WWI in the Middle East: Analyzing Primary Source Documents 9 - 1

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Daily Mirror, The Declaration of War, August 4th 1914. Austro-Hungarian Documents on the Outbreak of War, 1 July 1914 - 27 August 1914. The Belgian Grey Book, Diplomatic Correspondence Respecting the War (July 24-August 29, 1914) The Russian Orange Book, 1914 Find History Books: The Basics. Use Library Search to find books owned by Temple University Libraries. You can search by author, title, subject, or keyword. To search for books about World War I, the best way to search is with the phrase World War, 1914-1918. Once you find a book that seems useful, check the list of Subject links in the item's.

Lynch Law in America (primary source) World War I (primary sources) Recruiting Posters for African-Americans (primary source) Prohibition and its Effects; 1920's Happines Marriage-Sanger-Movies Concern (primary source) 1920's Immigration Restriction-National Origins (primary source) 2006 Immigration Restriction Muslims (primary source World War One. Supported by over 500 historical sources from across Europe, this resource examines key themes in the history of World War One. Explore a wealth of original source material, over 50 newly-commissioned articles written by historians, teachers' notes and more to discover how war affected people on different sides of the conflict

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World War II : Documents. Agreement Between the Governments of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the Provisional Government of the French Republic on Certain Additional Requirements to be Imposed on Germany; September 20, 1945. Agreement Between the United Kingdom and the Union of. Download File PDF World War 1 Dbq Documents World War 1 Dbq Documents This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this world war 1 dbq documents by online. You might not require more mature to spend to go to the book initiation as well as search for them. In Page 1/2 Combine keywords describing your subject with such words as sources, letters, speeches, writings, documents, diaries, papers, etc. For example, searching for World War II and diaries will locate diaries written during World War II. Search for key people as authors Over 500 important Documents in the HIStory of the US. The Age of Explorers (-1600) Colonies (1600-1760) Revolutionary War (1760-1785) New Nation (1785-1820) Antebellum America 1820-1850. A Nation Divided (1850-1865) Reconstruction (1865-1880 American Voices of World War I: Primary Source Documents, 1917-1920 / Edition 1 available in Hardcover, NOOK Book Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. ISBN-10: 1579583091. ISBN-13: 9781579583095. Pub. Date: 03/01/2001. Publisher: Taylor & Francis. American Voices of World War I: Primary Source Documents, 1917-1920 / Edition 1.

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The Role of Women in World War 1 - Home. The best known effect of the war was in fact was the opening range of jobs for women. When men were called to fill the requirement of soldiers, women were needed to fill the job gap that the men left behind. Although they were an important part of the workforce, they were limited to what jobs they could. Photo restoration by TX Unlimited, San Francisco. The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II. A Collection of Primary Sources. National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 162. Edited by William Burr - 202/994-7000. Posted - August 5, 2005. First Updated - April 27, 2007 The History Learning Site, 31 Mar 2015. 15 Jul 2021. The memories of soldiers who fought in the trenches in World War One are a fascinating source about life in the war. Primary source memories from World War One have given historians a vast resource to use. Whilst asleep during the night, we were frequently awakened by rats running over us

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Arizona World War One Alien Registration Index (partial) Arizona, Military Discharge Records, ca.1918 - ca.1989 from FamilySearch; for Apache, Gila, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal, and Santa Cruz counties; coverage varies by county. Arkansas World War I Discharge Records Index from the Arkansas State Archives View 202642516-World-War-I-DBQ.pdf from GERT 876 at Defence Authority College for Women. Sachem Central School District World War I DBQ Using Primary Source Documents DOCUMENT-BASED QUESTION Thi

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1. (A) analyzes a theme in United States history to explain patterns of continuity and change over time. 2. (A) develops historical questions on a specific topic in United States history and analyzes the evidence in primary source documents to speculate on the answers To begin, introduce WWI posters (see also powerpoint presentations: Causes of WWI, U.S Enters World War I, and US Homefront during WWI ) Students should fill out discussion questions on 1 of these sources (see primary source analysis worksheets) Show and discuss Your Liberty Bonds will Help Stop This! Discuss student answers World War II Resources Primary source materials on the Web. Original documents regarding all aspects of the war. Dedicated to combatting history by sound bites. New! Questions about these files? Or the ones on Hyperwar? Interested in volunteering to help add files to the sites? Click the link above to visit our new forum

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The identification of the causes of World War I remains controversial.World War I began in the Balkans on July 28, 1914 and hostilities ended on November 11, 1918, leaving 17 million dead and 25 million wounded.. Scholars looking at the long term seek to explain why two rival sets of powers (the German Empire and Austria-Hungary against the Russian Empire, France, the British Empire and later. Approximately 2,100 digital images of World War II era France and Germany taken by Thérèse Bonney and digitized from the archive at the Bancroft Library. The negative files targeted for scanning contain Bonney's work chiefly in France and Germany at the end of the war, approximately from 1944 to 1946 Guidelines for Primary Source Paper - uml.edu The Global Cold War Primary Source Paper Guidelines A primary source is an original document from an earlier time period that has not been written or Helping the world grow since 2012 Call/WhatsApp/Text +1(838)201-9170 The Global Cold War Primary Source Paper Guideline a comprehensive and readable source record of the world's great war, emphasizing the more important events, and presenting these as complete narratives in the actual words of the chief officials and most eminent leaders presenting documents from government archives and other authoritative sources..

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This site presents hundreds of primary-source documents and images from all over the world relating to World War I, with particular emphasis on military, diplomatic, and political dimensions. Government documents are arranged both chronologically and by type, including treaties and convention proceedings from 16 countries The World War I Document Archive is heavy on diplomatic correspondence and treaties, military records, and matters of political economy; English-language sources predominate, although all the warring nations are represented. The site's diplomatic history is traditional but broad; it is to the credit of its creators that it effectively. This Duke University Library site features primary source documents and links to other resources concerning women in the Civil War Civil War Primary Source Documents Comprised of over 110,000 pages, this database focuses on the Civil War as it was fought from 1861 to 1865 and represents both Northern and Southern perspectives ARTICLE 3. If one, or two, of the High Contracting Parties, without direct provocation on their part, should chance to be attacked and to be engaged in a war with two or more Great Powers non-signatory to the present Treaty, the casus foederis will arise simultaneously for all the High Contracting Parties. ARTICLE 4 Would you like to receive a Jackdaw catalog? Checkout our hottest specials! Holocaust: Kristallnacht to Liberation. Price: $61.50. Click here for more information... Struggle for Civil Rights: 1954-1968. Price: $61.50

World War I Overview p.2 REFERENCE SOURCES-Contemporaneous Histories/Documents Edmonds, James E., et al., compilers. History of the Great War Primary sources - provide first-hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation. They are created by witnesses or recorders who experienced the events or conditions being documented. Often these sources are created at the time when the events or conditions are occuring, but primary sources can also include autobiographies, memoirs, and oral histories recorded later to World War I limited civil liberties within the United States. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.6-8.1 • Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources. •Learning Outcomes •Students will be able to define propaganda and explain how it helped get the U.S. involved in WW1. •Students will be able to analyze. The Medical Front, WWI - all medical aspects, military and civilian, of World War One, the Great War, including the Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919. The Medical Front WWI T his Section of WWI/WWW is concerned with the publication of primary documents of the Medical aspects, Military and Civilian, of World War One, the Great War, The First World War You can also search the Library's online collections using terms including World War I or Great War, or look for specific subjects or names, such as Woodrow Wilson, doughboys, trench warfare, or Over There. To analyze primary sources like these, use the Library's Primary Source Analysis Tool. Documents. I Did My Bit for Democrac