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One Platinum, Elite High Gold, High Gold, Gold, Silver, or Bronze plaque will be awarded to every Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, and Line routine. For Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, and Line routines, corresponding adjudication pins will be given to each participant $75 entry certificate to the Soloist who receives the highest score. If a contestant performs two or more solos, only the highest scoring routine will place in the top overall awards In the dance competition world, I'm what's called a Special Awards Judge. There are usually at least three judges at competitions who give their critiques of dancers' performances and issue numeric scores and sometimes I'm assigned to do that, but usually I am the fourth judge who is tasked with the job of watching the dancers for something special that deserves an award of its own Special awards are awarded based on stage presence, costume and overall performance rather than by score. Choreography Awards will be awarded at each adjudication throughout the competition. The choreographer (s) will be awarded a special plaque as well as a cash award Top scoring routines are sometimes awarded prize money and/or scholarships for dance education. These routines may also be eligible to advance to a higher level (e.g., national) competition. Awards are usually issued in the form of trophies and plaques or, less frequently, as medals

Evolve Dance Competition recognizes the Top 10 in each age category, and presents cash awards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest scoring solo, and duo/trio entries in the Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior age categories. In order to be eligible for these high score and cash awards, entries must be from the Intermediate or Advanced divisions These awards include special qualities in dance that caught their eye. For example, emotional expression, excellent clarity in tap sounds, super staging in a large group etc, excellent potential in a dancer, etc Adjudication Awards All routines will be adjudicated by three of the DanceMakers judges. Solo routines will receive an adjudication score on their studio score sheets, but will not be announced for an adjudication award. All soloist will receive a participation award SPECIAL AWARDS. Judges Special Awards: Uniquely crafted awards from our judges acknowledging individual & group achievement presented at every awards ceremony! Viral Video of the Event: The routine that exemplifies the WOW factor at the competition INSPIRATION Award At times there is one dance that stops the room! The INSPIRATION Award will be given to the piece and its dancers that energized, captivated, and inspired the audience and judges most! The recipients will win a complimentary entree to bring another masterpiece here at HEAT for the following year

This award is inspired by Mia Michael's quote, When your spirit dancesyour body will follow, and is given to a soloist that inspires us throughout the competition because they truly dance from the heart. Passion speaks louder than turns, leaps & tricks and High Demand appreciates that and would like to recognize that quality in a dancer These catchy dance award names are just some examples of the types of competitions you can create to encourage others to bring their best moves to the dance floor. Arts Ed. Ballet Awards. Ballet Black Awards. Bird College of Dance. Bravo! High Point Award. Clarin Awards. Dance and Drama Awards

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Discipline awards will be presented to group routines in the 12 & Under and 13 & Over age divisions for the following dance genres BALLET, JAZZ, TAP, HIP HOP, ACRO, MUSICAL THEATRE/SONG AND DANCE, CONTEMPORARY/MODERN, LYRICAL, and OPEN/SPECIALITY The Act 1 Encore Award will recognize dancers for making a positive impact in their community. Studios registered for National Finals 2021 with at least five group routines (small group, large group, super group or production) may nominate registered dancers for this award The Royal Dance Competition wants to recognize the beauty of the dancer through a special photogenic award! Winners are chosen in two age groups: 12 and under, and 13 and older. The photogenic awards winner may be featured on The Royal Dance Competition's website and marketing material and will receive a trophy

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  1. Special Awards will be given for: Judges Choice : If the judges see something exceptional on stage, it will be noted during the presentation of awards. Choreography : Award to the routine that shows an exceptional story or concepts of steps
  2. T/B/A Stoughton, Massachusetts. T/B/A, Stoughton, Massachusetts, 02072. Event Type: Competition. Start Date: 02/25/2022. End Date: 02/27/2022. Spirit of Dance Awards provides a fun, fair, and exciting competition for dancers of all levels! Why Spirit of Dance Awards
  3. This will be awarded to dancers ages 11 and under AND dancers ages 12 and up. • Pro-Amateur and Adult routines will be adjudicated but are not eligible for high score awards. At each regional and national competition Turn It Up Dance Challenge recognizes unique and entertaining performances with our special awards

AWARDS: 8 is an adjudicated competition. Each dance will be announced at the awards ceremony with their adjudicated score. There is a possible 100 points from each judge with a grand total of 300 possible points. GR8 (294 and above and only in the Live It level at each competition, positive vibes dance will recognize the top 10 highest scoring routines for each age & size division containing at least 10 or more routines. for any age and/or size division containing between 5 and 9 routines, positive vibes dance will acknowledge the top 5 highest scoring rotuines. special awards. there is a $40. The ADCC (Association of Dance Competitions and Conventions) is a nonprofit association supporting excellence in the dance convention and competition industry. Elite Dance Cup is a proud member of the ADCC and delighted to participate in the Studio of Excellence Awards. To be eligible a studio must enter a minimum of 8 groups or lines No matter what styles you specialize in, today's competition and convention offerings are as unique as your dancing is. Dive into info on 107 events with performance opportunities and master classes galore.Competition Category Key:A = AcroB = BalletC = ContemporaryCHE = Cheer/Pom/Etc.DT = Dance Tea..

Special Judges' Awards Tournament . Judges' Awards will be handed out for outstanding work at each regional. The dances in the following categories are entered into a tournament. The winners are announced at our Nationals. The six categories are: 2021 Dance Competition . Register Now. Excel in Motion 2021 Awards Prize Description; The Shaffer Studio: Plaque/ $250 Competition Voucher for Nationals: This will be awarded to the studio that shows support, encouragement, professionalism and shares their love for dance with others throughout the event. This award is in honor of Mr. Doug Shaffer who has shared his love of dance with others for many years CATEGORY AWARDS. Trophies and Award Pins will be awarded to the FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD PLACE finalist in each age division of each dance category. In addition, all dancers will compete against an adjudicated scoring system. Each judge is allocated 100 points. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Award Pins will be awarded based on the combined scores.

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Dance Trophies, Medals & Awards Online Sale. A fantastic range of Dancing Trophies, Medals and Awards available at a massive Up To 50% OFF trophy shop and other online suppliers' prices. Direct Source is the UK's No.1 online supplier of medals, trophies and awards with an extensive range of dance trophy awards at the lowest prices This will be awarded to dancers ages 11 and under AND dancers ages 12 and up. • Pro-Amateur and Adult routines will be adjudicated but are not eligible for high score awards. At each regional and national competition Turn It Up Dance Challenge recognizes unique and entertaining performances with our special awards An Improv competition will be held before awards at Regional competitions. Registration for the Improv Competition will be done only onsite at Retail/Registration. The fee for the Improv competition will be $30.00. Each dancer will be given 30-45 seconds of music to improv either Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Tap, or Hip Hop

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This mixture of age, breadth of dance experience, and extensive background in performing arts contribute to the diverse range of feedback our judges will offer all competitors. Please note: The scoring and special awards are at the full discretion of the judges and are final. Scoring Procedures & Adjudicatio All American Talent Awards is celebrating over 35 seasons of showcasing developing talent from studios across America. Come join us for all the fun & excitement! Studio owners agree that the All American Talent Awards is known for producing well organized on time professional events in a stress free friendly family environment with a reputation. Special Award Ribbons will be created by the judges for routines and individuals that will be awarded at the beginning of each awards ceremony. *POWER PAK: Power Pak Invitations will be given to deserving dancers selected from solos and duo/trios in the Advanced Division only Jun 20, 2021 - Amazing Dance Award Certificate Templates Dance Award Certificate Templates, Individuals often get confused on preparing certification. They usually think that they need to design the certific... #danceawardcertificatetemplat

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  1. Fly Dance Competition is the newest competition to hit the market! With a focus on running professional events, having a competition that runs on time, & getting valuable feedback from our expert and well rounded judges, JOIN US FOR OUR 2022 Season! . At FLY... -We wont start before 7am or start awards after 10:30pm
  2. *Special Awards - Given at each awards ceremony at the discretion of the judges and competition directors. *Photogenic Award- Teachers should submit a 5×7 or 8×10 color or black and white photo with name, age, and studio name on the back. The photogenic award will be given during the last group awards ceremony of the event
  3. IDA (Industry Dance Awards) PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD-This award is presented to a Small Group, Large Group, Line, Super Line or Production that the judges decide best represents the entire competition with exceptional talent, choreography and showmanship. The winner will receive a virtual award packet and certificate
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REVELRY: Judges Special Award that prizes excellence in entertainment. CHOREOGRAPHY: Judges Special Award that prizes excellence in choreography. GENERAL RULES & REGULATIONS-To compete at Revel a dancer must be registered for the entire convention.-All competition entries must be registered under a studio America's Best Dance Crew. Turn It Up Dance Challenge. So You Think You Can Dance. World of Dance. America's Got Talent. Fusion National Dance Competition. Choose a name that will relate to the particular dance form to be awarded. The link of the name with the award form will help people and the dancers understand the perspective behind the. There will also be special judges awards and choreography awards, as well as various awards recognizing choreography, artistry, showmanship, technique and entertainment value. The Power of Dance strives to be a family-oriented competition, and any dance that is overtly sexual or lewd in nature, promotes violence or bigotry, or includes. • Performers must compete on designated date and time to receive an overall award and be considered for all special awards and scholarships. • High Demand Dance Competition reserves the right to change a competition's venue, date and/or location at any time. HD management will communicate any changes if necessary with registered studios

*If two or less competitors are in a division Wanna Dance Canada reserves the right to combine divisions for high scores. Special Awards. Special awards will be given to dances throughout the day which grab the attention of our adjudicators, for anything from excellent costuming to amazing extensions. Special awards are not based on scores two groups per studio will be chosen to dance again in the final one showdown. this is not done by score, but by entertainment value. the final one will receive a cash prize of $750.00. rising star awards. high gold: 100-88. gold: 87.9 & under . overall awards: first overall: $50 cash prize. second overall: $25 cash priz Lost checks will be reissued once the 90 day time frame has expired. Awards left behind will not be sent to studios; all awards must be picked up prior to the conclusion of competition. SPECIAL AWARDS. The following special awards will be given in the 12 & under and 13 & over age classes: Costume Awards - awards for creative or original costumes RONA Dance Club won very authority prizes at the 1st edition of Movmnt International Dance Competition. Ivet Ivanova won scholarships for Greece, Macedonia a.. Regional Overall Awards, Scholarships, And Cash Awards. The following awards are given in Recreational, Competitive, Elite and Pro Am and in all age divisions. Overall, Top 3, 5, 8, 10, 15 or 20 will be recognized in each division based on the number of entries. Vocal and Song & Dance entries will be excluded from the regular overalls and Title.

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  1. Competition Awards. If you are planning a dance competitions, here are some ideas for the awards to offer. Trophies: If you organize a dance competition, consider getting higher quality awards from a reputable supplier. Trophy choices include ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, ballroom, square dance and highland dance, to name a few
  2. All Star Dance Alliance Competitions will present the following overall awards at their final showdown (Battle, Big Show, Finale,etc.) at National Championships (4) Victory Cups - These will be awarded in the Advanced Level to the overall highest scoring routine in the Petite (8 & Under), Junior (9-11), Teen (12-14) and Senior (15-19) age.
  3. Note: this division does not include high scores or overall high scores. Dancers in this division are eligible for Special Awards, Judges' Awards, the CdLS Spirit Award and the Key to Success Award. AGE DIVISIONS. Divisions are based on the dancer's age as of the date of the first Regional competition they attend

Each Session All participants in each routine are rewarded for their performance Special awards Dance it out award Adjudicators choice award Top Score Awards Top Score Award for each Dance Style (Novice, Part-Time & Competitive) Junior - 11 and Under, Senior -12 and Up Overall Awards Novice 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be awarded in Mini, Junior & Intermediate age divisions Solo - 1s Intrigue Dance Intensive reserves the right to use any media taken during the convention and competition for promotional purposes. Special Awards. category must have seven or more entries Division Overall Awards. If there are 1 or more entries in a division, overall awards will be presented for each qualifying age group and division. Rules & Regulations Southeast Showdown Dance Competition's mission is to create an inspiring atmosphere for all performers to showcase individual talents and strengths. Our commitment to developing new and old relationships while supporting studio directors and dancers in a stress-free environment. Our competition is fast-paced and relaxed

Step Up 2 Dance Awards 2020. Reserve your room for. JUNE 26-27 2020 Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort One San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ 85225. Reserve your room now, before they sell out! MENTION Step Up 2 Dance for the special rate of $85.! Plus $15 Resort fee VIP Dance reserves the right to alter any policy or rule at any time for any reason deemed necessary by VIP Dance. All cities, dates, and venues are subject to change at any time should it be deemed necessary by VIP Dance. Upon entering any VIP Dance event, customers must agree to comply with all rules, regulations, and policies Inclusion Level - Division is for dancer with special needs. Adjudication only. Novice Level - Division is for beginner dancers who take 3 or less hours of dance per week and have had limited or no competition experience.. Intermediate Level - Division is for intermediate dancers who take 5 or less hours of dance per week and have have previous competition experience

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  1. Team of Kids with Special Needs to Compete in Dance Competition: 'They Are Showing the World They Can Do Anything' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines
  2. Awards: Highlight the most impressive dance accomplishments or awards you have received rather than listing every competition you have entered. Training and education: Dance-related education and training are most appropriate for this section, but you can also include other traditional education and degrees you have received
  3. The Showstopper competition experience you know and love is now also virtual! You will receive the complete experience with full stage setup, special merchandise, live award sessions, and personalized routine introductions. The Showstopper Virtual Dance Experience is open to anyone from around the globe, including independent dancers
  4. imum of 5 routines in each age division for solos.

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  1. KAR - Kids Artistic Revue - America's Favorite Dance Competition & Convention KAR Dance Competition - Pigeon Forge, TN National Title Competition - 7/4/2021 Overview Sign I
  2. Design Your Own Trophy! Low Price Guarantee. Same Day Shipping Guarantee
  3. Awards will be held for each block. Special awards and adjudicated awards will be announced shortly after the final routine performs. Awards will be sent directly to the studio unless otherwise specified. A password protected livestream for overall awards will be announced at the event. Links will be sent to studio directors via email
  4. Competitive Dance ; 2021 Competition Season ; Showtime Staff ; Showtime Wear ; Contact Showtime ; Make A Payment ; 2021 Results . Competition #1 Competition #1 Competition #1. 17 Iconic Platinums . 3 Platinums . Costume Award . 3 Special Judges Awards. Scholarship Award . Studio Excellence Award . ID Icon Award. 4 Call Backs to Nationals . 6.
  5. SPECIAL AWARDS. We know that your traditional 1st, 2nd, 3rd place is important, but we feel that giving out special awards to recognize your dancers for other things are just as important. Fierce Technique, Choreography, and Showmanship are just a few
  6. Entry for these special awards should have been processed during your act entry period and will not be accepted at the door. If you still need to enter for TOP Entertainer or Photogenic you must email us at office@talentonparade.com prior to 5:00 pm (CST) Monday, April 5 with entry details

With top judges who understand what it takes to grow dancers, cash awards and studio incentives, This Is It is your perfect competition. Throughout the season, a portion of all proceeds will go to The Chance 2 Dance Foundation , allowing the dancers to have an impact on their community The following performances are now entered in a pool of candidates to potentially become nominated for its respective category in this year's Industry Dance Awards. At the end of the competition season, the nominees will be chosen by a special panel of judges. The official nominees for the Industry Dance Awards will be announced on September 6. We also give a trophy to the top 3 in every dance style, age category, as well as the top 10 of the day. We finish every competition with our large Inspiration award trophy for the routine that inspired the judges the most. 5.) Do you offer special awards? Yes, we offer both special awards (inspiration awards) as well as runner up awards


January 16, 2021 4:56 AM. Read More. KAR Great Holiday Sweepstakes. All holiday season, KAR is giving BIG gifts to 30 lucky fans! In KAR's Great Holiday Sweepstakes, fans can nominate a special person within the dance community throughout the month of December for their chance to win up to $10,000. December 01, 2020 7:46 PM. Read More These are fun, exciting and challenging master classes in todays latest dance styles. At every Regional competition, outstanding dancers are awarded scholarships to summer intensive programs, special awards, prizes and title awards. Those dancers adjudicated with Gold or higher automatically qualify for Nationals Night One Preliminary and Special Award Winners of the 2021 Miss Utah Scholarship Competition Posted on June 11, 2021 by Miss Utah Organization Miss Provo and Miss Deseret received preliminary awards during the first night of The Miss Utah Scholarship Competition held at the Covey Center for the Arts on June 10, 2021 2021 PHOTOGENIC RESULTS. Congratulations to the winners of our 2021 Online Photogenic Contest sponsored by Move Society Apparel! Thank you to all of the participants for sharing your beautiful photos with us. Introducing Graceann Hammer, 2021 Mini Division Winner. View All Winners At our America Loves To Dance Awards you can pose for that perfect picture as confetti falls from the sky! VIDEO/PHOTO SPECIAL During the COMPETITION ONLY you can preorder your performance videos and photos for an incredible, discounted price of $8.99

The UWEC Dance Team competes in various competitions throughout the season such as the St. Thomas Invitational, UDA Spirit of America, and UDA College Cheer and Dance Nationals. Below are the results from past competitions. 2019-2020 Season Results: UDA Spirit of America, Minneapolis, MN Hip Hop - 1st place Jazz - 3rd Place UDA Nationals, Orlando, FL Hip Hop Finals - 5th Place Jazz Finals. All competitors are judged through live video critiques. We are one of the few competitions that do both ordinal and adjudicated scoring. We also have special awards including, Judges Specials, Titleist's, TE Elite Team, Entertainer of the Year Award, Top 5 / Top 10, Overall High Score, etc STORM DANCE COMPETITION. ZOOM AWARDS! Please note that the awards ceremony for Sunday July 12, 2020 is delayed. We will begin at 8:ooPM EST. Thank you. Awards will begin promptly at 8:00PM EST (13 July at 8:00AM SGT). (our special judges awards), high score awards,. 24 SEVEN DANCE CONVENTION & COMPETITION - ATLANTA, GA. Congratulations to those who received Class Scholarships: Tap - Ally, Kayla, Emily N., Ballet - Addison C., Desiree, Jazz - Crystal, Kristina! Congratulations to KK who was an audition finalist in the Junior Room and was awarded a scholarship! Competition Awards at 24/7 included

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COMPETITION SEASON RESULTS: For the 2020-2021 season, our teams and dancers earned wide recognition at the competitions we attended. The MOVE Company Team received countless first place scores, all numbers placed in the Top 10 or 5 at our regional competitions, won various special judges awards, and received a slew of high-platinum and diamond adjudication awards including Overall High Scores. As for the competition side of things, we are a fully digital competition that uses DRC video judge for all your critiques and also offer a very reasonable media package! We offer unique awards to allow numerous opportunities for competitors to be recognized, including: adjudicated awards, category placements, overall awards, titles, studio. Local dance competition team, studio director bring home awards. After the COVID-19 pandemic caused the Dance Studio of Union Parish's competition team to press pause, the local dance studio re-entered the competition scene at Dance Teachers United's national event. The team returned to the parish with an armful of trophies After each block we will present adjudicated awards, judges choice awards, and judges special awards. All overall awards and Title winners will be announced via LIVE stream online following the event. Dance costumes will be optional. Dancers may choose to wear team leotards for each routine. No points will be deducted

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It is FREE to submit. Age divisions are Mini (6 - 8), Junior (9- 12), Teen (13 - 15), and Senior (16 and over) Age as of December 31st, 2019. A studio or dancer can enter 1 solo per dancer (any dance genre - a maximum of 3 minutes). Registration opens May 1st, 2020. Submission Deadline: May 8th, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST Competition Awards. Critics' Choice Awards - Sponsored by Dance Magazine. Adjudication Awards will be presented to all competing entries who meet the Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver, Silver and Bronze criteria. (13-15), and (16-18) will receive a special award and a $250 gift certificate (excludes solos and duo/trios) LADM Competition Health & Safety 2021 Competition Season Paisley Black Dance Force . Junior Miss Masquerade Jillian Davis Panama City Dance Academy. Teen Miss Masquerade Caroline Cunningham Encore Performance Company. Miss Masquerade Baylen Crance Labelle Performing Arts. Results. Special Awards. Steven Boyd Memorial Award Winner. Talaja. Level 1: Level 1 Company is a new division of our company dance team offering novice/intermediate dancers the opportunity to train and compete with less class and competition requirements compared to our Advanced Level 2 Company. The requirements are 2.5 to 3.5 hours of training per week and will attend 2 local regional dance competitions, as. Force Dance Tour (Dance Convention and Competition) offers the country's most sought after teachers and choreographers, and introduces you to the industry's newest and emerging talent! Classes provide a comprehensive variety of dance disciplines that will offer your dancer the best of convention offerings that are available today

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Awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd with lots of special awards and highest score trophies to be won. We run our Dance Challenge on the day for an extra chance to perform. Performers will learn a routine from one of our judges and is a great opportunity to learn new styles in a fun environment There were too many special awards to count, choreography and entertainment awards galore and several wonderful memories made throughout the season. Most importantly our studio was given the honor of being named a Studio Of Excellence at On Point National Talent Competition About our team. Going into it's 6th season, our competition team is a positive learning environment intended to advance our dancers' training. They receive more opportunities and unique experiences and are also expected to show a greater commitment than their peers. Our teams have won several top 5 placements and special awards, but most.

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KDC dance teams have consistently performed well and succeeded in the elite-level at regional and national competitions, winning many High Score Awards, 1st Place Overall, Platinum and Diamond Awards. Our choreographers have also been awarded with many special awards in recognition for their innovative and creative routines American Dance Awards was founded in 1979 with the concept that competition would be an educational tool to inspire dancers and their teachers to be the best they could be.As we enter the thirty third season, our philosophy still remains the same. Competing at American Dance Awards is all about opportunities These awards are usually given without regard to final score. The topics of these awards (e.g., Best Costume, Best Choreography, Most Original) are often determined by the judge who issues them, although some competitions have fixed, standard topics for special awards. Titles. Dance competitions often bestow titles upon select dancers

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by Admin 2 • June 6, 2021. Elite Dance Company (Dillon, SC) went to compete in the Dance Machine Reimaged Tour during the Hartsville, S.C. stop and won multiple awards. Dance Machine is powered by America's National Dance Championships Family of Competitions and Conventions. This is their 21st year of dance competitions and Elite Dance. About Us. We at Backstage Competition have been spreading our love of dance for the past 10 years. Throughout the decade, we have continued to grow into a competition that is enjoyed by directors, dancers, and families alike. Our main goal has always been to have a fun, fair, and organized competition For the past five seasons since we launched the competition team program, our teams and dancers have earned wide recognition at the various regional competition events we attended. The teams received countless first place scores, won various special judges awards, and received a slew of high-platinum adjudication awards Don't Stop Me Now Lockdown Dance Competition Congratulations to all our winners!! If you have placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd or have won an award, please e-mail us your address to receive your medals and awards

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