How to know if you're a victim of witchcraft

Am I Cursed? How to Tell If You Are a Victim of Witchcraft

  1. The key to a successful visualization is emotion. If you have been the victim of a curse, it has probably caused a lot of misery. You can channel the misery to work in your favor. And you can use the visualization to transform it into positivity. Also, the more real you can make it, the better it is
  2. Other effective method is putting on a new white and a little water bowl, then dip your index finger in olive oil and, following this, proceed to drop three drops of oil on the plate with water, if droplets sink or make strange movements, you may be being affected by any practice of black magic
  3. Signs of Witchcraft in your life However, this is only one of the ways you might be a victim of witchcraft. It's quite possible that enemies of yours contact these evil fake spiritual healers in order to place spells on you. I know this brings a bad image to spiritual healers in general
  4. How can you tell if someone performed witchcraft on you? Depending on the skills of the witch it can sometimes be quite hard to discover. However, since most modern witches are part of the Wicca Religion and their beliefs state that any bad-stuff they send to anyone else will eventually be returned threefold, it happens less than you think
  5. How To Know If You're A Victim Of Witchcraft: Signs of Curses and Spells July 27, 2017 Leave a comment Does your life and everything around you have recently changed to worse and you suspect that someone could be doing witchcraft on you
  6. d under siege. When witchcraft is at work you don't know what to do at times. You may feel disoriented, confused, or lost

HOW TO KNOW IF YOU'RE A VICTIM OF WITCHCRAFT. It's pretty hard on a normal person to tell and but with a clear mind and reflection on your life. You can tell. If not they get a free consultation session with me {Nalongo Nduga}. Maybe you don't need to know but perform cleansing and protection witchcraft rituals Feeling at home in nature is a good indication that you have witch potential—when you're in it, you feel compelled to bath in the river, touch the trees, lay in the moss, put your feet in the ocean, listen to the birds, and appreciate the sound of dew in the trees

How to Know If I'Ve Been a Victim of Witchcraft

Top 7 Signs of Witchcraft and being a victim of black magi

Jun 28, 2020 - How to tell if someone put a spell on you? Learn the signs and symptoms of black magic and find out if someone has used witchcraft or Black Magic on you. List of signs of being cursed and how to know if someone did brujeria o root works on you easily. Video and Information There are some initial signs one can identify when witches spells are at work in an individual. For one, fatigue and the lack of energy is immediately noticeable. This may come from lack of sleep due to spiritual disturbance - another sign of spiritual attack How To Know If You're A Victim Of Witchcraft: Signs of Curses and Spells. Does your life and everything around you have recently changed to worse and you suspect that someone could be doing witchcraft on you? Do you know the unmistakable signs that someone is making black magic? Would you like to know the definitive method to end with any. And maybe sometimes they choose to exercise it. Maybe even on you. It's certainly reasonable to want to know when you're the subject of a magick spell, especially a negative or coercive one. If you don't know about it, you can't counter it. (At least, not specifically.) Pre-warned is pre-armed, as they say. It's a legitimate question Witchcraft, too, is based on ancient religious practices and is basically misunderstood by those who don't follow those practices. In Europe, which is the area I know best, that ancient religion still exists and has continued in the form of Wicca, another religion you can research on Google

You may also find it helpful to contact a therapist so that through meditation, hypnosis, astral travel, and other techniques they will be able to help you make the good energies return to your life again forever. But if you're that serious about it, think about it like this. Mama Tamika is a African spiritual High Priestess and is a specialist in white African magic to remove: black magic. You're always collecting things. Unusual pebbles, shells, strange twisted sticks, bird feathers, bones, coins, scraps of fabric or paper, old stuff, things other people wouldn't give a second glance to. And cats or other animals. You are drawn to animals, and they are drawn to you. You have a natural rapport with creatures 3. Just plain worn out. If you've slept eight hours, had a tall cup of coffee and you still feel like you've been run over by a truck, witchcraft could be attacking you. This is one of the ways witchcraft comes after me. I've learned not to give in by laying down for a nap that turns into four or five hours of witchcraft-induced sleep There's a reason why so many Christians are sickly, divorcing, kids running crazy, having crazy financial problems, committing suicide and enduring all types of mental disorders: many of them are under spiritual attack from real witches. It's time for you to understand the stakes and learn how to protect yourself, and how to fight back and WIN

How Can You Tell If Someone Performed Witchcraft On You

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures How To Know If You're A Victim Of Witchcraft: Signs of Curses and Spells. How To Know If You're A Victim Of Witchcraft: Signs of Curses and Spells. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Witchcraft attacks originate from somewhere because of the actions of somebody. Words spoke to you, for example, can release demonic assignments that attack your life. Sometimes witchcraft attacks come from those people you know that are controllers. Controllers, you know who they are, will waste your time You'll know you the victim of witchcraft. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Again, it by the deceptiveness of drugs that a person is made to appear to have powers.It is little wonder since Satan is the father of lies

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  1. o, and you can join a group called pagans and witches. they offer great beginner articles that should set you down your path
  2. It's actually important to know how to cleanse yourself from a curse. Today I am going to explain to you exactly what a curse really is, main types of curses and how to know if you are cursed. And if you're asking 'how to remove a curse from myself', you'll get the answer here. Let's begin
  3. How To Know If You're A Victim Of Witchcraft: Signs of Curses and Spells. How to tell if someone put a spell on you? Learn the signs and symptoms of black magic and find out if someone has used witchcraft or Black Magic on you. List of signs of being cursed and how to know if someone did brujeria o root works on you easily
  4. Well, am gonna be simple and direct on this , with my experiences, witches target different aspects of your life as an going to explain below. 1: career. You may have noticed that some people are highly educated and simply can't get the right sala..
  5. published in 1486, judges at witchcraft trials should take precautions against being bewitched by the accused. Always wear protection: A wax medallion containing a bit of salt blessed on Palm Sunday, worn round the neck, will defend you from Satan's wiles [tricks]. Otherwise, you yourself could end up on the wrong end of a witch hunt

Often, witchcraft is a matter of family bonds! You might be victim because someone close to you: your mom, your father, your siblings etc is a witch and is eyeing you negatively! My experience with witchcraft started early in my age, about 7 to 8 years of age! Vivid dreams did I always have where I would b saving people in danger We have a responsibility to know about this spiritual wickedness and guard ourselves against it. With that said, here are eight signs you are under a witchcraft attack right now. 1 3 Warning Signs Someone Is Dabbling in the Occult. There are only two sides God's and Satan's. Be sure those you lead know who they are consulting. Amanda, a 28-year-old Los Angeles resident, prays nightly and believes in Jesus. She also chants, goes to Kundalini (yoga), meditates with a group and is into crystals I know firsthand as my own mother was a victim of brujeria in the early 1980's. win the battle and uphold the fight within spiritual warfare-and these are words of caution-just make sure that you're in the right ! My husband is a victim of witchcraft and hypnotist. The woman put some potion to his sandwich and drink Try any and all of these: At dawn and sunset, burn sage or bay leaf as a cleansing. Sink into a natural source of water (a creek, river, or ocean, for example) and let the water carry the curse away. Use selenite to cleanse and break the curse. Create a tea of hex-breaking herbs steeped in water to cleanse your home

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  1. I don't know where in the world you are, but there is one consistent thing about witchcraft - it only works if the victim believes in it. By the power of suggestion, possibly backed up by local tradition, you think she is controlling you
  2. A number of people have their own thoughts on what a witch and witchcraft is. With the advent of Christianity, Witchcraft along with Paganism and Wicca were targeted. A few religions will tell you that a witch is bad or satanic and will just do magic for evil intentions or to harm another person
  3. Step #5: Talk To Your Family. Find information about witch ancestors by simply talking to family members. Sometimes another family member has already done research and built a family tree. If you are really lucky, there might be a story about a witch ancestor or witch hunter passed down through your family tree
  4. How To Know If You're A Victim Of Witchcraft: Signs of Curses and Spells. Read the entire article here: https://lovemagicworks.com/find-someone-witchcraft-on..
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  6. Being a Targeted Individual. What to do at each phase. Phase 0 - Non Target. Phase 1 - New Target, but unaware. Phase 2 - Evident attacks but target confused. Phase 3 - Target begins to know about gang stalking. Phase 4 - Target has a full understanding. Phase 5 - Living out rest of life. Being a targeted individual is a once in, no.
  7. Generational curses are a tricky subject. They're often misdiagnosed and misunderstood by modern witches and this makes breaking these curses even more difficult than breaking your average curse. As with most things in the craft, knowledge is power, so today we're going to dig into the reality of these curse

3: Types of Witchcraft. 4: How to Know if You Are Under a Witchcraft Attack. 5: How to Pray to Destroy the Power of Witchcraft and Release Your Blessings. 6: Over 100 Powerful Prayers to Destroy Witchcraft Attacks Against Your Life and Release Your Blessings. 7: And lots more If ever you feel threatened by witchcraft, you don't need to fret 15 Signs You Are A Victim Of Gaslighting. 3. You feel confused and disorientated. 4. You feel threatened and on-edge, but you don't know why. 5. You feel the need to apologize all the time for what you do or who you are. 6. You never quite feel good enough and try to live up to the expectations and demands of others, even if they are. Well, it can, but not how you think. If someone believes they are the victim of witchcraft, like a curse to make their life worse, or something, they will likely get depressed or anxious and their life will take a downturn due to these problems, w.. Signs to look for a Satanist can be things such as time-loss MPD/DID. This might be a sign of early childhood trauma. Research into this if you're not aware. Christ said you will know them by their deeds. They often slip up. Now a MPD can be a clean-cut preacher, having no idea of other hidden personalities

So you're not a 10 in every which way. But you're probably pretty spectacular in some way, and definitely good enough in most areas of life. If ever there were a time to stop beating yourself up. If you're surprised by your obsessive thoughts or you're feeling overwhelmed by feelings you didn't expect to have, a love spell may be to blame. Love spells might seem like something from a movie, but they can be very real and sometimes people aren't even aware of the energy that they are putting out into the universe If you're not completely happy with your teacher, leave. And if you experience any sort of abuse, speak up. You don't deserve to be harmed, emotionally or physically. You're priceless, precious and sacred. What is the difference between black magick and white magick? Magick and witchcraft aren't black or white, good or bad. They just are

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The majority of people who play the victim do so unconsciously, or unintentionally. Even so, the victim role does involve a tremendous amount of manipulation and string-pulling. People in relationships or friendships with victims often report feeling like puppets who mold into whatever the victim believes they are or wants them to be If you're just embarking down this path and waking up as a Lightworker, and you're just learning to connect with your guides, angels and your higher self, know that being a Lightworker can be as simple as shining light. Sometimes sharing positivity, being kind and compassionate, helping, serving, and loving others is the perfect service If you're new to witchcraft, or curious to find out whether you're related to a witch, exploring your ancestral line is a fascinating place to start but, before delving into your family's history, it is important to think about whether you believe these men and women were actually practising witches or not Accusations of witchcraft were used against women, says Rousseau, in ways that were extremely dangerous and terrifying. It was really about getting power from them, and getting land back. So, to use a word like that in an empowered way, even today, you have to know you're safe to do it Question: How can I practice witchcraft without my parents knowing? By hiding in plain sight. This includes your tools and equipment. Your altar can be an ordinary crate. You can take an ordinary basic stick and consecrate it, and you have your wa..

6. Comments. Black magic also known as witchcraft is usage of supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes and to perform malicious practices to destroy someone physically or mentally or. Witchcraft is the practice and belief in magical abilities. Witches and wizards are often labelled as pagans who were entrusted with devil's work. It dates back to classical antiquity, when women who held views against the church were labelled as witches and regarded as the portents of misfortune who were socially ostracized and even burnt to. Dating as a Witch Is Hard, You Guys. 6. The Salem witch trials had nothing to do with real-life witchcraft. In spite of our relentless fascination with the trials, in pop culture and literature. This is copy of my answer to similar question- It's very clear from your question that you don't know what is witchcraft. In what way and by whom witchcraft is coming to disturb your sleep? What anyone is going to gain? In modern days there is not.. 4 Reasons why being a Kitchen Witch is Awesome! You get to cook, eat and make recipes as part of your magickal practice. People love to eat, and sharing your craft through your cooking is a really great way to get people interested and on board with what you're doing

Am I a Witch? 13 Signs You Are One - Exemplor

To know the difference between black magic and white magic, it is important to know exactly what magic is: Magic is the art of bringing about a change using the forces of nature Magic as such is neither good nor bad. It is the use of certain forces, in order to obtain certain modifications that can direct it towards the good or to the evil Tell a friend or family member where you're going. Take your cell phone along if you have one. Consider having a friend accompany you. Trust your instincts. Taking these precautions will help make your online experience safer. Any risk in using Intercessors for America's online web tools to connect with others is assumed by you This indicates that witchcraft is structurally opposed to the priesthood and the sacrificial rituals that would later be fulfilled in Christ. Witchcraft is the opposite of Israel's priestly vocation to know God intimately (Exodus 19:6), to hear from him and to communicate with him (e.g. Amos 3:2)

Energy Vampire Tactic #4: Emotional Evocation. The primary goal of energy vampires is to trigger an emotional reaction—the more intense the emotion, the stronger the energetic charge with which it can feed. Shame and guilt are two of the most potent weapons an emotional vampire can use to sap your life force These evil black magicians or witches use spell work to manipulate, harm, and eventually kill innocent people, who seldom come to the realization that they have been victimized using black magic. Black magic affects every part of your life, targeting and blocking your mind; your health is targeted, your luck, your destiny, your finances, your. Witchcraft - Witchcraft - Witchcraft in Africa and the world: The same dichotomy between sorcery and witchcraft exists (sometimes more ambiguously) in the beliefs of many peoples throughout the world. Again, witches are typically seen as particularly active after dusk, when law-abiding mortals are asleep. According to traditional Navajo belief, when a witch travels at night, he wears the skin. If you go to the store to buy Meat, don't run to the Milk section or the Junk Food aisle looking for it. The Meat Section is the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Milk Section is likened to those who will not preach on sin and Hell, just a feel good message. The Junk Food Isle is the outright false doctrine AKA the prosperity gospel, name it and claim it, the Hebraic Roots movement and other. Score 0-1: You're safe. Judging by your answers, you would probably have avoided any accusations of witchcraft. However, you may well have known others accused of the crime, or even have been called as a witness against them. Score 2-4: You're raising concerns. Your answers show that you would not have been immune from an accusation of.

Am I a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, or Something Else? - Exemplor

I know what it is to battle the demonic and I have come out on the other side. Everything I know indicates to me you people are in the middle of something you cannot handle and you seem to enjoy 'bragging rights' on it. Think whatever about your wife but she sounds like some kind of spiritual catalyst for dark forces if what you state is true 7 psychological phrases to know if you're dating a narcissist. Lindsay Dodgson. 2017-03-01T17:32:00Z so it can be difficult for the victim to identify before it's too late. It can start with a. A witch usually likes to have a book for spells, moon phases, colors, candles, rituals, recipes, deity information, notes, etc to keep and refer to. This is called a BOS or Grimoire. You can put whatever helps you with your craft in it. There are a lot of ideas on the web

As soon as you recognize you're a victim of an attack take the appropriate measures to counter the effects before they become any worse. Symptoms of A Psychic Attack. There are several ways you can tell if you're being attacked. A very common sign is getting the sense that you're being watched 4 Witchcraft Dangers That You Need To Know. by Avery Hart. In magical circles, it's far more common to discuss the spiritual dangers of being a witch than the mundane dangers. Sure, spirits, spells, and astral mishaps seem like more pressing dangers than things in our physical reality but there are some dangers involved in practicing the. Sometimes, you may be a victim of witchcraft, by your own friends, neighbors or people who by envy want to see you ruined, or even killed. You do not realize at the moment, until you feel these symptoms with intensity; nevertheless one has to pay much attention to give solution or to prevent misfortunes Witchcraft in Europe & Colonial America . Talk of witches often brings the famous Salem Witch Trials to mind, but punishment for practicing witchcraft was not unique to colonial Massachusetts. A strong fear of witchcraft was prevalent in 15th century Europe where strict laws against witchcraft were put into effect One day I Heard a voice tell me, stop playing the victim and be the victor. I had come to believe a lie, which was the situation rather than the promises of God. And not only that but I also did not know how to do warfaring prayers against the enemy, which included the witches and warlocks

Witchcraft needs to separate and isolate its victim from the influence of friends and family in order to be most effective. One who is being controlled feels the loss of personal identity and self-esteem. Depression and fatigue quickly follow as the super spiritual controller gives abnormal attention to those she desires to manipulate That is the physical manifestation of witchcraft . So how do you know someone is doing something ? Well, I know most of you don't believe in dreams and have some scientific explanation for them but beware we are spiritual beings having a human experience as it's important to note so as to understand what am gonna explain below. 1: eating in dreams You're a witch. Wiches wont tell of their witchcraft. We leave it to victims. The one who killed dog 2 October 22, 2018 at 3:15 pm. At least you didnt have to face the wrath of that witch John Bradstreet anymore. Danforth April 27, 2018 at 1:13 pm. You are a witch. The only way to tell someone is a witch is from the victims

Wanda Albano Heavily influenced by voodoo, Kulam practitioners may use black rag dolls in their curses and spells. Kulam is a kind of witchcraft practiced in the Philippines. Witches who use it are called mangkukulam and are often feared for their use of black magic. In modern times, however, there has been a move to revamp the image of this practice and present it under a more flattering light A hex is intentional, cast by somebody who has an intimate knowledge of witchcraft. A curse, meanwhile, may not be deliberate. In the right conditions, you can place a curse on a person even without meaning to. Such is the power of words and emotions. A black magic healer can remove both the hex and the curse How to Recognize Witchcraft is a passionate plea to fellow Christians to fearlessly identify witchcraft where it may be found, so that they may avoid operating in it or coming under its influence. This personal testimony is honest and powerful, and will give you insight into the disturbing power and control that one held over another

4. Sacrifice: One item that shows what you're willing to offer to have the bag do its work. Source: Sorcery and Shamanism . Black Magic Hex Bag. You'll need: Small black fabric bag. Pieces of dragon blood resin. Dried rue, basil, wormwood and nettle. A pentacle made of metal or wood. Focus on your target as you put the items into the bag 13. Feelings of Being Watched Is a Sign of a Curse. If someone is spying on you, they could be sending spirits and animals to watch you. If you get the feeling you are being watched, even when you're home alone, this could be a sign of a curse. Don't let this scare you! Read on to learn how to break a curse or hex

Do you feel mentally unstable? Check this quiz out to see if you can stand on your own Stern gives the following signs for victims of gaslighting to look out for: No longer feeling you're the person you used to be. Questioning whether you are being too sensitive. Feeling that everything you do is wrong. Always thinking it's your fault if things go awry. Apologizing all the time even when you don't need to The Salem Witch Trials took place in Salem in the Province of Massachusetts Bay between 1692-1693. Historians believe the accused witches were victims of mob mentality, mass hysteria and scapegoating. The Salem Witch Trials began in January of 1692, after a group of girls began behaving strangely and a local doctor ruled that they were bewitched If you or your significant other is a victim of black magic, Mama Tamika will help you remove the black magic from your life with fast results. Mama Tamika is a African spiritual High Priestess and is a specialist in white African magic to remove: black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, evil spirits, evil eye, negative energies and bad luck, all curses

Well, first of all, relax. Chances are really good that you're not going to be the victim of a magical attack at all. Here's why: it takes a certain amount of skill and effort to magically attack someone with a curse or hex, and honestly, many people aren't interested in putting forth that much work, and of those, many do not have the skill level required for a magical strike Here the maleficium, the key factor of witchcraft, is usually not a direct (real or virtual) interaction between the two persons involved, in other words the malefactor and the victim. Instead, it is carried out through a mediator who is employed by villagers to perform the witchcraft, or to use the local term megcsináltat ('to have someone.

4,850. 113. Jul 1, 2021. #5. Lynx said: Yes witchcraft is real and yes there is a certain power in it. That doesn't mean a really bad time is the result of witchcraft though. Sometimes life just really sucks. Sometimes the parts that suck come real close to each other Telling if a person is a witch is not usually difficult, as witches are very open about their craft, they use specific greetings, they are open about life an.. Review the following tell-tale signs: 15 signs you are a victim of gaslighting. 1. Something is off about your friend, partner, son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, colleagues, boss, or another person in your life but you can't quite explain or pinpoint what. 2. You frequently second-guess your ability to remember the. Above all, we have tried to consider the perspective of the victims - that is, those who were accused of witchcraft. We consider the circumstances in which alleged witches were accused, and the power of both neighbourhood accusation and elite sanction (James VI and I's book on the subject of witchcraft, Daemonologie, published in 1597, is a case in point)

10 signs that she's a witch - The Washington Pos

3. Touch Test. The touch test worked on the idea that victims of sorcery would have a special reaction to physical contact with their evildoer. In cases where a possessed person fell into spells. Yes, says Pam Grossman, author of 'Waking the Witch' and self-described witch. The witch is a notorious shape-shifter, and she comes in many guises, she writes The kingdom of babylon is a parent to kingdom of jezebel. Learning how to overcome witchcraft is a process and a journey. To see what your friends thought of this book, However, I had to sort through my feelings of anger and of being a helpless victim. Overcoming Witchcraft (Combating Spiritual Strongholds) [Joyner, Rick] on Amazon.com Witchcraft is an amalgamation of all practices, performed in the preferred method of the individual practitioner. If you practice witchcraft, you're a witch, and you're welcome. If you don't, you can come here to learn how, and you're welcome Once you enter the trance state, you can summon an entity by calling it by its name or visualizing it into maninfestation. 2. Visualize the vampire. Vampires can be visualized into a visible state when you're lucid dreaming/astral projection/in a trance state. Start by visualizing a red gemstone, such as a ruby

How to know if I have been the victim of a spell or

Victims are often hidden away, but it is possible you will encounter individuals or situations of concern. Knowing how to 'spot the signs' could save lives. The indicators below should be considered together and even if you are able to apply one or two or even three of the indicators to a person they are not necessarily trafficked Step 1: Wear Gloves.. Protect yourself with a personal ward before you begin. Try to limit the number of tools you use to put the curse together. Cast a protective circle, if you feel the need. Prepare materials to refresh your household wards, if you have them, because they'll need boosting after you're done There was a pattern that emerged from the witch accusations and trials. Victims of witchcraft were mostly young girls and women whose symptoms were fits, hysterical visions, and spectral visits. The victims then typically accused other women (and some men) of witchcraft A psychic attack is the sending of negative energy with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon a person or their family. Such harm can include the emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental state of a person. These negative energies are typically projected in the form of thought, based on jealousy, envy, anger, and other emotions

How to Know If You've Been Victimized by Witches Spell

Using your own blood when you're not 100% healthy. Every drop of blood you lose will further damage your health, so make sure you are perfectly fine before even considering blood magic. Safety tips. Don't collect more than a few drops of blood at a time from your fingertip. Sanitize your skin before breaking it 3. Tune in to your own feelings. If you've encountered a psychic vampire, there are physical and emotional side effects. You might have a relationship with an energy vampire if you display any of the following symptoms: Heavy eyelids and an increased need for sleep. Decreasing levels of self-confidence or self-esteem BREAK THE LINK: This is where your treatment begins, when the sorcerer does their black magic / evil eye, they mark the intended victim with an invisible force, this creates a link between the targeted person and the unseen world. The sorcerer will probably have many victims so they may have many links, especially if the sorcerer is made up of many people - families practice these dark arts.

The European witch hunts have a long timeline, gaining momentum during the 16th century and continuing for more than 200 years. People accused of practicing maleficarum, or harmful magic, were widely persecuted, but the exact number of Europeans executed on charges of witchcraft is not certain and subject to considerable controversy.Estimates have ranged from about 10,000 to 9 million 1 Sam. 15:23-26 For rebellion is like the sin of divination, defiance, like the iniquity of teraphin (witchcraft). Because you rejected the Lord's command, He has rejected you as king. 24 Saul said to Samuel, I did wrong to transgress the Lord's command and your instructions; but I was afraid of the troops and I yielded to them They know this all very well because they have done it all through their life. Here is the one-stop checklist that they refer to while looking for the next person they can benefit from. Read on to know how you become the victim of a narcissist and let us know if you can relate to it The more you demonstrate that the attacks against you are wrong, illegal and just plain cruel, the more wrong, illegal and cruel they will become. In order to survive, it may be helpful to take a lesson from those who survived the Holocaust. When the Holocaust got underway, those who fled early suffered the least and recovered the fastest ***See below the Symptoms of Black Magic to know if you're under any control or manipulation*** The only solution to crush the power of the witchcraft bindings is through deliverance. This message would address the issues of the witchcraft bindings and bring liberation to them held captive in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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