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this is the coolest diy tutorial i have ever shared! i am so in love with this idea i came up with! using tissue paper and fabric starch you can make the coolest tissue paper window art! it is cheap, easy, and COOL! and your kids can help you do this just know it won't look as good as the sample below. nope i didn't let my kids do this one - but they are 1 & 3 yr olds. maybe your kids. How to Make a Fantastic Stained Glass Window With Tissue PaperMy Amazon Shop link for Youtubers: https://amzn.to/2WURFP

1. Start with any boring old window. (this is my kitchen window) I recommend cleaning the glass first. 2. Enlist the help of two (or more) small children to paste tissue paper squares on the window. (we used a mixture of water and Mod Podge to paste) 3. Stop for nourishment and rest when needed HOW TO MAKE STICKY CONTACT PAPER ART. Cut up some pieces of tissue paper. I like to use all different colors but if you were studying a particular color it would be pretty to have different shades of that color. Next, peel off the backing on some contact paper and tape it to a wall or window

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How to Make a Fantastic Stained Glass Window With Tissue Pape

  1. DON'T THROW AWAY THE TISSUE PAPER! There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate tissue paper into your art. Here is a tutorial of one of the most basic ap..
  2. Challenges of window film: - Can be pricey, especially for large windows - Extreme temps may affect performance. Cornstarch & Lace or Tissue Paper. For very inexpensive and removable option, turn to your kitchen cupboard! Adhere lace or tissue paper to your windows with a simple paste of cornstarch and water for completely customizable results
  3. Tissue Paper Stained Glass Art Technique #1. Begin by taping a large piece of wax paper to a table. Then place out bowls of liquid starch, along with paintbrushes. Model how use the materials by painting a little bit of liquid starch onto the wax paper. Then add a tissue paper shape and add a bit more liquid starch on top

Bright colorful squares make this rainbow tissue paper window art pop! Hang these in your window and even the cloudiest of days will feel a lot brighter. These sun catchers can be made by kids of all ages, but are especially loved by toddlers and preschoolers. What you will need: tissue paper squares sticky paper That's it! Just 2 things! The process: Cut the sticky paper into circle shapes. This tutorial is about how to make a art work using tissue paper. It is really easy and fun. The materials used are available at home.Other tutorials:https:/.. Tissue paper is translucent, inexpensive and readily available, but for a more realistic, glass-like look, colored cellophane can be used. Instead of cutting a simple rectangular frame for your window, create the look of a leaded glass panel by cutting intricate patterns from the black paper, or add strips of black paper or shaped paper punches. assorted colors of tissue gift wrap paper. scissors. white glue. med/large sized artist paintbrush. How to Make your stained glass window: 1.) Start with a piece of black construction paper. fold each edge in about 1 1/2 inches and make a crease in the folds. 2.) Cut one of the corners diagonally and cut the inside creases to make a frame Place the torn tissue directly on to the prepared area of the window, smoothing it into the wet starch. Work small areas of the window at a time, painting on the starch and laying in the tissue. Mistakes make for interesting designs! Continue to paint the starch and lay the tissue until the design is complete

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  1. Don't peel off the lining yet! Once your design is traced, it is time to peel of the lining and reveal the sticky side. Tape the design to a window with the sticky side facing out. The next step is to created your colored pieces with tissue paper. Trace pieces of tissue paper from your template to match the sections of the stained glass design
  2. Bring on the tissue paper for this adorable stained glass art project! What I like about this simple craft is it requires very little time, effort and supplies. My children were able to put these Tissue Paper Stained Glass Art for Kids together so quickly that they wanted to make more and moreso we did! Let's get started
  3. 2. Cut tissue paper into squares. 3. Cut the middle out of your shapes, this will leave the middle open for your tissue paper squares to be glued in. 4. Place tissue paper squares in a collage style on the back side of your shapes, glue edges so that they all stick together. 5. Allow to dry, hang in your window to display
  4. If you do not wish to make a border, simply cut your tissue paper into a shape and hang it in a bright window. X Research source If you'd like to make a border, follow the steps below: Cut a simple shape out of a sheet of black paper
  5. Using tissue paper and contact paper, kids can transform a window into a colourful piece of Valentines art for the sun to shine through. If you've been following along with us for a while now, you know I love crafting with tissue paper

To make your Stained Glass Tissue Paper Cross: 1. To start with, have your child rip small pieces off a tissue paper square/sheet. Make sure you have enough colored pieces to work with. 2. Now using your Cross stencil or template, outline a Cross on the transfer sheet, and cut it out. 3 This tissue paper stained glass craft is made on wax paper. It's easy for kids to make and beautiful hanging in a sunny window! We made tissue paper stained glass the other day, before our beach trip, and it was such a simple and fun art activity! Plus the stained glass looks beautiful hanging in the window! 4. Faux Stained Glass With Tissue Paper. If your kids just want to make something simple and colorful to hang in the window, this project is perfect - and all you need is colored tissue paper and some other simple supplies! The finished result is quite pretty too. At first glance, you wouldn't even guess it's made from tissue paper. Step 5 - Let the paper dry. Step 6 - Make a frame for your project. Use 2 pieces of cardstock and cut a hole to fit the paper. The paper will need to overlap the frame. Place the paper on one piece of the frame and glue it in place. Step 7 - Add string to the top of the frame so you can hang your project then glue the ends in place To prep, peel a sheet of clear contact paper (approximately 9″x12″) and place it sticky-side-up on each child's desk. Place a black Christmas tree frame ( download a free template) in the center of each contact paper sheet. Place tissue paper and star cutouts in containers that are easily within reach of all students. That's it

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  1. Kite Paper - This pack of Waldorf window star paper contains enough to make a lot of window stars. Glue Stick; Note: Kite paper is recommended for making Waldorf window stars. Although tissue paper and origami paper can both be substituted, they can fade and lose their color. Kite paper can retain its color even when placed in direct sunlight
  2. Kid's Crafts bright colors, markers, paint, rainbow, sharpie, stained glass, tissue paper, window art. Search the site. 15 Awesome Balloon Science Experiments. 10 Playful Learning Activities for 2-Year-Olds. 16 Halloween Activities For 5 Year Olds. 10 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids
  3. This tissue paper stained glass craft is made on wax paper. It's easy for kids to make and beautiful hanging in a sunny window! We made tissue paper stained glass the other day, before our beach trip, and it was such a simple and fun art activity! Plus the stained glass looks beautiful hanging in the window!! The idea for this tissue paper stained glass craft is from MaryAnn Kohl's great book.

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1. Cut or tear a variety of small pieces of tissue paper. 2. Open the laminator pouch, and carefully arrange the pieces of tissue paper on the plastic. It doesn't matter if they overlap, since this just creates a more interesting result as the colours mix together. Try as far as possible, to make sure that the paper doesn't spill over the. 1. & 2. Sketch out your design and place it under the glass window to use as a guide. 3. 4. & 5. Cut out large ovals, 1 circles and different color green leaves in tissue paper. 6. Cut small oval holes in the large ovals and then use that smaller oval as a guide to cut out the same size oval in a different color Today we made a Tissue Paper Window Collage and experimented with shades of colour with tissue paper, all with the theme of Valentine's Day in mind. We used tissue paper and clear contact to create a heart window collage and when the sun shines through, shows the different shades of reds and pinks created by overlapping the tissue paper

How To Make Tissue Paper Art Stained Glass: First, gather your supplies and grab a seat at your table. Help your child cut squares or triangles out of the tissue paper. You can cut out any size you'd like. I kept my pieces to about 1-2 inches. Once you have your paper squares/triangles cut out, start covering one side of your plastic bag with. To make tissue paper bleeding pictures you simply need some brightly coloured tissue paper, torn roughly into pieces, some water and a paintbrush! Make sure you find the tissue paper that is likely to let the dye run when it gets wet (often the cheap and cheerful stuff is the best for this!) Ours actually had a warning on the packet to take.

This tissue paper stained glass craft is made on wax paper. It's easy for kids to make and beautiful hanging in a sunny window! We made tissue paper stained glass the other day, before our beach trip, and it was such a simple and fun art activity! Plus the stained glass looks beautiful hanging in the window! Once the apple is completely filled with tissue paper pieces, I take a second sheet of tissue paper and stick it on top of the tissue paper. This helps to seal all of the pieces in place. As a final touch each child trims the excess contact paper from the edges of their apples. The newly trimmed apple is ready to hang in the window Rags or paper towels. Directions to make cellophane stained glass windows: 1. Cut your cellophane up into different shapes. (Look at the fish Chuck cut out.... Just kidding! I did this while Chuck was sleeping.) 2. Mix equal parts dish soap and water into a container The tissue paper is delicate though, so you'll want to protect the backs of the stars with some wax paper or contact paper if you'll be using them as ornaments. I only made two stars, but I think this would be it would be fun to make a bunch and fill a whole window in your home or classroom When done, your stained glass art can be hung in a window on a sunny day. You'll need: A plastic bag. Sticky tape. PVA glue. A bowl. Tissue paper in two or three of your favourite colours. A paintbrush. Scissors. To make: Cut a large square (approx. 30cm by 25cm) from your plastic bag and tape down the four corners to the table

Make a pretty fall tree that is beautiful window art as well. Using tissue paper and construction paper, this pretty tree craft is perfect for even the littlest hands. This is a great art and craft project to do while talking about fall, trees, colors and even texture. Supplies for Tissue Paper Fall Trees: Brown construction paper Oct 15, 2016 - Image result for +making stained glass using mod podge and tissue paper. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Home Decor. Wall. Wall Art. Antique Window Art. . Choose board. Save. Saved from guidepatterns.com. 10 Ways To Make Giant Tissue Paper Flowers. 1. Coat the back of the drawing in a small amount of baby oil. Use a cotton swab or bud as the brush. Turn the paper over to the back. Dip the swap into the oil, then coat sections at a time of the back of the drawing. Continue until you have covered the entire back of the paper

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Cut tissue paper into 1 inch squares. Make sure to use a few different colors. Stick the tissue paper onto the fish making sure to overlap the pieces. Trim off any tissue paper that hangs over the black outline of the fish. Hang up on a sunny window. Finished craft on the window! Picture above goes with bullet # Tissue paper is a wonderfully versatile medium for artwork which can be used in so many ways, either on its own or in combination with other art materials. It's translucent qualities give its colours a brightness and luminosity and also make it perfect for layering. It also lends itself perfectly for use with texture. Fo Stick your suncatchers onto a window with double-sided tape and enjoy the beautiful fall colors as the sun shines through the tissue paper! We love how easy this fall craft is! To make a slightly different spin, use your contact paper to preserve fall leaves you find outside and display them on your window

Tissue paper is more translucent than regular paper or heavy cardstock. Light will shine through the tissue paper and create a beautiful glow. Look for colored tissue paper in an arts and crafts store, or get some gift wrap tissue paper from the greeting cards and gifts section in your grocery store or big box store Materials: 8 squares of kite paper. clear drying craft glue. Place one square of kite paper in front of you. Fold the paper in half creating a sharp crease. Then open the paper. Fold the paper in half again the other way, creating a sharp crease. Open the paper. Bring 1 corner to the middle of the paper making sure the edges of the corner touch. How to Make your Own Fake Stained Glass Windows: tissue paper, laminate, and use puff paint for fake metal maybe? Saved by Kira McIlhany. 327. Stained Glass Paint Making Stained Glass Stained Glass Projects Stained Glass Windows Painting On Glass Windows Château Fort Window Art 1 Cut small pieces of colored tissue. Cut various colors of tissue paper into small pieces. If you are making themed suncatchers (e.g. Valentine's day, Easter, autumn, etc.), use colors of tissue paper that go with your theme. For this tutorial, I chose reds, pinks, and purples to make heart suncatchers for Valentine's day Encourage her to keep the tissue paper within the window frame. 6 When the heart is filled with tissue paper, place a second piece of contact paper over the whole thing

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  1. ating the tissue paper together
  2. craft knife. scissors. cross template (or just draw your own) helpers. Directions: Find a helper to tear tissue paper into small pieces. Roll out a piece of wax paper that is double the width of the template. Spread glue onto half of the wax paper using a popsicle stick. Piece by piece add the tissue paper until all the glue is covered
  3. utes. At that time, the tissue paper will fall away (and can be discarded) and you will be left with a pretty, swirly piece of art. Use Bleeding Tissue Paper to Make Beautiful Art
  4. To make your Easter egg suncatchers start off by tearing bright tissue paper into strips. You can make the paper strips as thick or thin as you like. Tissue paper is fabulous to use in suncatchers because the colours really come to life with the sun shining through them and when they overlap you get some great colour mix effects too

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Contact paper and cellophane stained glass windows Our weekly baby and toddler music class has now morphed into a music and craft class. The kids are getting more mobile now, so we figured it was good to give them something to make and do with their hands Create some beautiful stained-glass effect hearts for your window! This is a really easy and popular art idea and was achievable and fun for both my 3 year old and 1 year old, which is always a real bonus! Even better, it just requires two materials, tissue paper and a piece of contact paper! (sticky back plastic. Directions For How to Make Christmas Bleeding Tissue Paper Art. 1. First start by layering your tissue paper onto a piece of white cardstock. I like a thick paper like this one (90 lb) so that the water does not seep through the paper too much.. NOTE: You will need bleeding tissue paper to do this project. Not all tissue paper will work for this craft A Rainbow Stained Glass Window from The Artful Parent . Tissue Paper Stained Glass from Fun-A-Day! Easy Faux Stained Glass Idea for Kids from What Do We Do All Day? Sharpie Art with Photo Paper from Happy Hooligans. Stained Glass Art with Toilet Rolls from Powerful Mothering . Rainbow Window Art from Hands On: As We Grow. Creative Painting. Hanging in a window, the stained tissue stars produces a dramatic effect. Even a four year old child can do this multicolored stained glass looking craft, as long as an older child helps build the framework of the star with drawing paper

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4. Rip tissue paper into small pieces. You'll want to use at least 3-4 different colors to get a good stained glass effect for your ornament. 5. Cut a piece of contact paper a little larger than the size of the popsicle stick square. Cover the sticky part of the contact paper with the torn tissue paper pieces. 6 Then mix that into 3/4 cup of boiling water. Instant paste. Paint on a thin coat of the cornstarch mixture directly on the window pane. Then smooth on the tissue paper, gently pressing out any bubbles. Next, gently paint another coat of the cornstarch mixture over top of the tissue. Allow to dry Step 2: Overlap different colors of tissue paper to create new color combinations, sprinkle glitter to add sparkle, and create flowers with doilies.Seal the bag shut. Step 3: Place the bag between two pieces of aluminum foil. Cover with an old towel. With an adult's help, iron the sandwiched bag for about 15 seconds. The bag will melt and hold your collage in place Prepping this craft: Remove the rim from the plate so that it's a flat circle. Using the black construction paper, cut small triangles for the ears and bat wings. They don't need to be fancy! Cut small squares from the black tissue paper One of the most beautiful parts of every cathedral is the stained glass window above the entrance, called a Rose window. Your child can create their own work of beauty based on these centuries-old works of art. Instead of cutting glass, they can use tissue paper and repeated shapes and patterns for a similar glowing effect


9 Pieces Birds Suncatcher Kit for Kids, DIY Stain Glass Kits Effect Paper Crafts (9 Cutouts, 16 Tissue Papers) for Kids Window Art Classroom Art Crafts Birthday Gift Toys Party Favors 6 x 2 inch $9.99 $ 9 . 9 Looking to jazz up your windows this summer? Here's 16 super cool window crafts for kids that look just like stained glass! Follow our Art for Kids Pinterest board! After running across some really cool faux stained glass crafts for kids online recently, I knew I had to put together a roundup to share How to make stained glass tissue hearts: Use a piece of wax paper, or an old cereal bag as a work space. Cut tissue paper into 1.5″ - 2″ squares. Cut a heart out of the middle of the Cardstock. Paint glue around the edges of the heart opening. Continue to paint glue and add tissue until the entire heart opening is covered Cheap and cheerful, tissue paper is great for ripping and scrunching, sticking and moulding, and for making suncatchers and flowers and cards and lots more. My little girl liked nothing more than tearing up tissue paper, rolling it into a ball and sticking it down to make something for me, and you'll see one of her first attempts - a pretty pink tissue paper heart - below. 15 years later it.

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Nothing illuminates the room like the soft glow sunlight streaming through a stained glass window. Although making true stained glass cannot be an afternoon project, you can create the look of stained glass with a few household items. Turn any picture you color translucent with a coating of baby oil Two, 9×14″ sheets of clear contact paper per child. one cross frame cut out of black construction paper per child. various colors of 1″ tissue paper squares (make your own or buy pre-cut squares here) scissors. To begin, peel and set one piece of clear contact paper sticky-side-up on each child's desk. Carefully place the cross frame. Sale:$12.50 - $36.00. Also known as glassine, our translucent kite paper is an art paper that can be used for making kites, lanterns, transparency pictures, origami, folded Waldorf window stars, paper flowers and more. Much heavier than ordinary tissue paper yet the light shines through and the colors glow with a warm and rich radiance Window An Elegant View Shop Windows. Meet Mia. Mia welcomes the new season with poetic flair, a zest for newness and comfort. Your happy place is our design journey. shop now. Spring Spa. Our bath collection brings that spa lifestyle to your bath, taking care of all the little details you're looking for. A touch of self-love ensures you start.

Find Wallpaper Background Other tissue paper on Zazzle. We have wonderful designs for you to choose from to make your tissue paper fun & exciting Borough Market is London's oldest market and licensed for weddings. The impressive, high-ceilinged Market Hall has a 250-person capacity, while Three Crown Square can host up to 200 people, and has Dried globs of glue can block light from passing through the tissue paper. 6. Let it bleed. Once the glue is dry, it's time to have a little more fun with our window's colors. With tissue paper, you can add a little water using a paint brush, cotton swab, or syringe to create cool color bleeding effects While the paper heart is still folded, make a parallel cut about 1″ inside the heart. This will give you your window frame. Save the inside paper heart cutout to make a smaller version. Open the Valentine craft heart and center it on a piece of contact paper. Place the squares of tissue paper inside the paper heart on the contact paper I usually cut my contact paper a bit larger so that I can use the excess to stick it to the window. After your frame is in place let your little ones create their stained-glass rainbow art by placing squares of tissue paper onto the contact paper in a rainbow pattern

Instructions. Wash your glass with mild soap and water or rubbing alcohol; let dry. Cut circles of various sizes from the tissue paper using either a die cutter or a template. Cut out enough to cover the jar (s). Place a thin layer of Mod Podge down on the jar in a small area. Place one circle down on the top and smooth lightly with your brush How to make tissue paper stained glass art. Keep your kids busy with this cute craft! The longest part of this craft is cutting up the tissue paper. Other than that, the steps are easy and don. Step 3: Cut out the inside section of your cross along the pencil line you drew to make your window for your stained glass. Step 4: Roll out a section of clear contact paper and cut out two rectangle sections that will completely cover the stained glass craft. Remove the backing from one piece of contact paper and place it sticky side up on your tabl As you layer the tissue paper, the other pieces will show through. This can create some really beautiful art and interesting effects. Encourages play - Many of us did tissue paper crafts as kids, but few people use it for art as adults, so making tissue paper art can help trigger those fun feelings from childhood. Play is so important, even. This project is not only easy to make but also budget-friendly. You likely already have everything you need for the art, such as basic craft supplies and a collection of multicolored tissue paper. We made our project on paper cut to 18x24 inches, but you can adjust the size to fit your space

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Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids. Almost 300 tissue paper craft ideas for kids! Plenty of free kid's craft ideas using tissue paper to make all sorts of fun art projects Make these fun and very easy window clings to hang in any room of the house. Halloween Window Craft : - A quick Halloween decoration that kids will enjoy making, this paper Halloween window craft is sure to spook. Hanging Snake : - This is a relatively easy project to make. Hang it in your room near a window to catch a breeze 4. Attach bits of tissue paper to the contact paper in any color or pattern scheme that you find appealing. 5. Cover with another piece of contact paper. 6. Sandwich with glue to inside of black papers, make sure to align cutouts. Allow papers to dry. 7 How to DIY Paper Christmas Window Decorations from Free Template. Here are a roundup of Paper cutting template for Christmas decoration, you can use them to decorate window and door window glass, walls, Christmas trees or hanging in room for a Snowy atmosphere. Having fun there

To make an authentic shoji paper shade, the choice of paper is important. Papers made from rice or the more widely available mulberry fibers are typically used to make shoji window treatments How to make a Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart: Cut a heart from colored paper. Tape a square of contact paper to the table sticky side up. Stick the part of the paper outside the heart cutout to the contact paper. Tear or cut tissue paper into small pieces. Stick tissue paper pieces to the contact paper that is showing inside the heart cutout Make a 2-inch fold in a piece of green cardstock or construction paper. Draw leaves on the folded edge. If you used 12-by-6-inch tissue paper for the flower, the leaves should be at least 4 inches long and about an inch at their widest point. Cut out the leaves

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Test your glass paint on a piece of paper first. Mix it with a bit of Mod Podge to make it more transparent. Mix until you get your desired transparency level (keep testing on paper until you are happy with the results). Use the glass paint and small brushes to fill in the desired areas of your faux stained glass with color and let dry These fall tissue paper suncatchers are fun and easy fall crafts for kids.They'll enjoy making a leaf, apple, acorn, and pumpkin! Doing this project goes along perfectly with reading these fall picture books, too.. It's a great fine motor activity for preschool and kindergarten children, and simple enough for older children to create with minimal assistance COLLATE AND FOLD THE TISSUE PAPER. For the leaves, stack four sheets of tissue paper, alternative colors (gold, green, gold, green). Fold the bottom edge of the paper up, using the existing creases in the paper as a guide. Crease it firmly—use your hand, the pencil, or a bone folder—and repeat, folding from the bottom, until you get to the end There were really only 5 things we needed: a very large sheet of window cling, lots of colored tissue paper, a sponge brush, some Modge Podge and a pair of scissors. I didn't take photos of this part, but, we first drew out a large cross on the back of the window cling material backing-paper, using a board for the straight edges, and a round.

Stained glass art for kids. Brighten up a dreary winter day with a stained glass craft for kids!This stained glass art for kids is fun to make with the whole family from preschoolers and kindergartners to elementary age students in grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.This stained glass for kids will announce the beginning of springtime with a spring craft for kids, or get. Students will make faux stained glass hearts using construction paper and tissue paper. By: Andrea Mulder-Slater. Paper Heart Window Decorations. Nothing says Valentine's Day like windows plastered with paper hearts. I still remember loving the bright red and pink shapes that decorated the glass in my elementary school classroom

The kids will love making this easy and cute tissue paper art and fish craft. It's a great craft for encouraging creative thinking. The kids get to pick rocks and seashells (optional) and are challenged to make different under the sea creatures with them 1. Print (or trace out each layer with your tracing paper) onto your card stock/tissue paper. Number each layer to your outline along some inconspicuous border. 2. Cut out each layer (don't forget about the borders!) When cutting (for blades like exacto knives), aim for one deep, clean pass for a spot (with extra scrap paper padding underneath) When spring finally arrives, that means we can dive headfirst into our favorite spring crafts for kids: homemade suncatchers! Making decorative crafts like these is the perfect way to add a little cheer to your home, and we guarantee that kids will love these colorful crafts.<br /> <br /> There are tons of ways you can make your own suncatchers, depending on the craft supplies you. 5. When the glue is dry, gently bend the plastic sheet and peel the découpaged tissue paper away from it. 6. Invite your child to trace a heart onto the tissue paper, then use scissors to cut it out. I attached the suncatchers to our window with double-sided tape. They make me smile, and I hope they will make you smile too! Save This Craf Cut a piece of contact paper slightly larger than the butterfly. Peel the backing off and stick the stained glass frame to the sticky side. Cut a variety of colors of tissue paper into small squares and place on the contact paper, overlapping a little to cover completely. Take a second piece of contact paper, peel off the backing, and place it.

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5. Cut out a frame from your construction paper and use double sided tape or glue to adhere it to your artwork. 6. Hang it up in a window! Tips. In addition to drawing the intersecting lines, you can use your marker to make various designs and patterns on your artwork. Try making hearts, polkadots or swirls I guarantee it will make them feel special. More Paper Craft Ideas: There are so many things you can create out of paper, and we have several tutorials showing you how. Like How to Cut 8 Pennants from 1 Sheet of Paper, this Hanging Bird Garland, and this 3D Paper Art Bunny. Take a look around and see all of the Paper Craft Tutorials we have Stained Glass Paper Window Decoration - Decorate your window over the holidays with this beautiful Santa Claus stained glass paper window decoration. Stained Glass Star - Another easy to make craft for small children. Stained Glass : - Glue and paper are all you need to create beautiful 'stick-on' stained glass. You can try three different. The children can then glue tissue paper or colored cellophane over the holes to create a perfect stained glass effect. For an easier option the teacher can place waxed paper on the back of the egg and let the children paint through the holes with fluorescent paint. The picture above has been created with waxed paper and fluorescent paint**.*

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5. Add tissue paper squares to the glued wax paper until all the glue is covered. 6. Now spread glue all over the other side of the wax paper and fold over on top of the tissue. 7.Smooth out the paper and let it dry. I put some heavy books on top to help it dry nice and flat. 8. Glue the cross to the wax paper, let dry. Then cut out the cross. 9 Step 3: Cut and Glue on Tissue Paper Squares. Now, take your tissue paper and scissors and cut out many small squares of tissue paper. Then, using glue, layer them on to the kite so there are no gaps. Glue on more construction paper strips to cover up where the tissue paper overlaps the construction paper. Ask Question Make imitation stained glass with black glue! Try this unique craft technique with kids and create numerous window decorations and suncatchers. I've tried many different ways of making imitation stained glass. I have never tried the real thing, true, what with all my other crafting hobbies, but have always liked to paint the odd design [

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On the side with the knot, cover it with glue using a glue stick, and place a tissue paper layer on top, lining up the edges, and press onto the cardstock. Repeat with the other cardstock bat. Step Three: Place a small piece of double-sided tape in the center spot of that first layer of tissue paper that is attached to the cardstock end If you are making multiple butterflies, you can pile up the paper and cut them all at once. Step 5. Draw the inside of your butterfly. This will show you where to cut to create the holes in the butterfly where you stain glass will go. Step 6. Cut your sheet of wax or parchment paper. Make sure it is large enough to fit your butterfly Materials to Make an Easy Rainbow of Hearts for Your Window. View my Amazon shopping list with the exact items we used to make this project! 65 lb. 8.b x 11″ or 12″ x 12″ cardstock (you'll want 10-20 sheets, depending upon the size of your window) — if you don't have cardstock, you're welcome to use removable vinyl instead They may be a little more expensive than tissue paper, but they are cut to the correct size to make the points for the window star and are easier to work with due to the heavier weight. Once together, the star created by the individuals in my class looked absolutely beautiful on the windows

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